Activate this device Xiaomi what to do

Checking if the bootloader is locked

There are several options to check Bootloader status. The following way of checking works exactly for Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3, for others you need to check yourself.

  • Open the device settings.
  • Scroll down the list to the bottom and find the line “About device“.
  • Press the item “Kernel” quickly several times.
  • You will see a menu, select “Software version”.
  • Here find the item “Fastboot lock state”, open it and find the bootloader status. Lock means that bootloader is locked, unlock means that it is unlocked.

The following instruction will check your smartphone’s status on Windows. Your mobile device should be in fastboot mode. Press 2 buttons at the same time. Power button and volume down button on the phone. Next:

  • Connect the device to the PC with a USB cable;
  • On your computer call the input line by pressing WINR;
  • Here type “cmd”;
  • at the command prompt enter “adb” and ENTER.

If the bootloader is locked you will see the status: Device unlocked: false. When it is unlocked, the status will change to “true”.

This device is locked Xiaomi how to unlock

On the web you can find a lot of custom firmware for a variety of devices. Some of them can be installed without any problems, the others cause bugs, because the device is protected or for other reasons. When installing unofficial firmware on Xiaomi smartphone users are faced with the message This device is locked, how to unlock it and install the necessary software. in the article.

“This device is locked” Xiaomi: What to do and how to unlock it on different phones?

This device is locked Xiaomi how to unlock? To extend the capabilities of the smartphone owners carry out the firmware, allowing to use additional software. Who uses Xiaomi phones (Xiaomi, Xiaomi), have to deal with the system message displayed on the screen after flashing: “This device is locked”. “Xiaomi, what to do?”. such a question will mentally ask himself a user of any model of the specified brand of smartphone: Redmi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 4a, Redmi 5a, as well as with the extensions note and pro.

How to unlock “This device is locked” on Xiaomi

Hello all! Today we will talk about unlocking Xiaomi smartphones in the status of “This device is locked. So, let’s go!

To unlock the phone Xiaomi, which after a properly executed reset options or reflashing without having done the proper preparation shows the screen with the message “This device is locked”, in fact, not difficult (if, of course, the function the owner of the device).

All you need to perform this operation is to guarantee that the accessory is in the area accessible to the Wi-Fi network and to have the password from the Mi Account connected to it.

activate, this, device, xiaomi

On the screen “This device is locked” shown by the security system of Xiaomi phones click on “Open Wi-Fi settings”.

In the list for turning on the Wi-Fi nets, look for the one that you know the password for, and touch its name. If necessary, enter the number of the security key in the window with this request, press “Connect”.

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With the phone online, go “Back” to the “This device is locked” screen and tap on the “Activate this Device” button.

In the background of the “Password” enter the password from the previously entered in the device Mi Account, and then click “Activate“.

After a few seconds, which are necessary for the system to test the data you have provided, the Initial Option Wizard screen of the MIUI operating system will appear.

Perform basic configuration of the phone to get the chance to use all of its features.

How to unlock Xiaomi This device is locked by changing the password

The way is possible with an active SIM-card, on which the Mi account is registered. If you do not remember which number the account was tied to, then on the lock screen press “Activate this device“. A new page will open with the Mi account and phone registration number.

To quickly resolve the issue you will need a second smartphone. Insert the SIM card with the desired number, turn on the phone, and go to the browser. Follow these steps:

After performing the above steps, the system will reset the old Mi account password. On the page that opens in the browser, the user will only need to enter and confirm the new password. After procedure completion you need to take phone with locked This device is locked, press “Activate this device” and enter the recently changed password. Next, you need to press the activation button and re-configure the smartphone (remember that after resetting all the settings are returned to their default values).

The procedure is simple and does not take much time. Even if you do not know how to unlock This device is locked Xiaomi, with the presented method it will take not more than 5 minutes. There is no need to contact the representatives of Xiaomi and ask for an unlock manually.

By the way, if you need to unlock Xiaomi This device is locked, but you have registered Mi account not on the phone, but on the mail, the algorithm of actions will be similar. The only thing that will change is the format of the information and the way to confirm the data. The methods are relevant for any model of Xiaomi smartphones, including Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro and Mi 10 Pro.

Proceed to unlocking

The manufacturer has approved your application, now it’s up to you. Make sure you have the Chinese firmware weekly. A weekly global software version, such as in the case of the Xiaomi Mi5, may also work. You do not need to open the bootloader for this software, because it is official.

The bootloader is unlocked with Mi Flash Unlock software. On many devices, it works the first time, even on the cheap models Redmi Note 5A and Redmi 4A. Switch your device to Fastboot mode and connect it to PC. The Mi Flash Unlock program window will appear on the monitor, it will ask you to agree to the rules, and then enter your Mi ID and password to log in. At the final step, you need to wait until the program recognizes the device, then click on “Unlock”. All, now there are no obstacles to installing the desired firmware, archive with which save in the phone memory, also need custom Recovery.

Visit a service center

In the official Xiaomi service center (or in any service center) they can easily unlock the Mi account and even unlock a specific phone. But it is not free. In addition you will need the documents confirming the ownership.

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How much does it cost to unlock My Account depends on the service: somewhere it is done for 1k. It’s so black that the contrast parameter doesn’t apply in this case. Call around a few services in town and find out where they will do cheaper.

FIX Mi Activate This Device | ByPass Mi Account Activation | Remove MI Account

Not all repair shops are bona fide. Before choosing a particular one, read reviews, find out the rates.

If you can, please contact a authorized service center Xiaomi. Only there can perform the procedure with a warranty. In addition, the official CSC has no resonance to deceive the customer.

Unlocking Xiaomi smartphones in the status of “This device is locked

Unlock the Xiaomi smartphone, which after an incorrectly performed reset or reflash without proper preparation shows a screen with the message “This device is locked”, is actually not difficult (if, of course, the procedure is carried out by the owner of the device). All you need to perform such operation is to have the device within the range of Wi-Fi connection and to know the password from the Mi Account connected to it.

    On the “This device is locked” screen displayed by Xiaomi smartphone security system, click on the “Open Wi-Fi settings” button.

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locked phone and forgot login and password what to do

Hello Eugene. If you yourself created an Mi Account and entered it into the smartphone, you did it either through your own email, or by providing the system with your phone number. something of this is the login to the Xiaomi ecosystem. Both in the first and second case, it is not difficult to replace the forgotten password, on the website of the manufacturer of the device for such a procedure are special tools. The article below describes the process using the mobile browser, but by analogy you can assign a new password to your account from your computer.

What to do if password is tied to a different phone number which is not at hand

Hello. If you know the password from the Mi Account you don’t need the phone number, enter the secret combination according to the algorithm described in the article and the smartphone will be unlocked. In all other situations, provide your own access to the mobile ID linked to your account, there are no other options.

I have access to the password and no access to the phone number and e-mail address is also no access can not remember Redmi 9t

activate, this, device, xiaomi

Greetings, Vyacheslav. In such situations it will not be possible to unlock your smartphone by yourself in any way. Take the device, its box, and purchase documents (receipt, warranty card), go to an authorized Xiaomi service center. In addition, you can try to send an online request with a description of the problem to the manufacturer’s technical support and / or to the contacts, which are listed on the page of the company’s official website, accessible through the following link.

Hello, Andrew. Without a password, in general, no way. The secret combination of characters must be restored, or rather changed to a new one, providing the Xiaomi security system with the proof of ownership of the Mi Account connected to the smartphone. Practically it is done according to the algorithm described in the article on the following link (the instruction demonstrates the work on a mobile device, but all the same can be done from a computer):

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Solve Activate This Device Mi account problem bypass lock | This device is lock mi account

In the case when it is impossible to perform the above procedure, you have to contact the technical support of the manufacturer, before your comment, Andrew, there is information on this subject.

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The essence of the problem is that the smartphone is locked, and any attempt to enter a key or code leads to its complete lock for a certain period of time, which increases in proportion to the number of incorrect entries. It’s also not uncommon to have a problem because of the inability to use the fingerprint sensor, which usually relaxes the user, causing them to forget the unlock data. There are a few basic ways in which you can unlock your device.

They differ not only in implementation, but also in nuances related to firmware versions. For example, the MIUI 7 version allows you to reset the protection via the standard “Forgot Password” button, while the MIUI 8 version does not have this button when you enter the Pattern Lock. So, let’s take a look at all the possible ways on how you can remove the unit.

Standard method of password recovery

So, if the pattern for unlocking the block is forgotten, there are two options.

For firmware versions up to MIUI 7, the option is simpler:

  • If the wrong pattern or password is entered, the owner of the smartphone will see a characteristic notification that the phone is locked (Phone has been locked).
  • Correspondingly, you should press “Forgot your password” to go to unlocking via Google or Mi.
  • Then you need to enter the authorization data to log in to your chosen account.
  • This is the end: you can install a new key or change the locking method.

Что делать если забыл Ми аккаунт в 2022 году

If firmware version is higher and you can’t press “Forgot password”, then you should use one of the following ways. Similarly, the above method works for a numeric or character combination.

Reset password via Recovery

Another option is a full reset of the device through the Recovery menu. For some devices it is available immediately after purchase, but in most cases you will need to request permission from Xiaomi to unlock your bootloader. We will tell you more about this in a separate article.

Using this instruction will completely delete all the data on your device and reset the settings. If you have valuable data on the memory card, you should remove it from the device.

A standard configuration reset is done as follows:

  • The device disconnects.
  • Buttons are clamped: the knob to increase the volume and turn on.
  • Now if your boot loader is activated, the “Recovery” menu will pop up.
  • In it, select the menu “WipeReset” and there click “Wipe all data”, which will lead to a complete reset of configurations and data on the smartphone.
  • After rebooting the device, the screen lock will be unlocked without any protection and the phone will be set as new.

In an extreme case, if the smartphone its owner is straining other problems, through the Mi Flash you can perform a reflash of the device, by which the password will be reset, but this is a separate topic that requires individual disclosure, t.к. it is much more difficult to install new firmware than to reset the configuration of the device.