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Belle Harbour Newfoundlands got its name from the harbor that was just west of our Clear Lake, Iowa home. In October of 2012 we acquired 42 acres in Winnebago . Newfoundlands are prone to hip dysplasia (a malformed ball and socket in the hip joint). They also get Elbow dysplasia, and cystinuria (a hereditary defect that forms calculi stones in the bladder). Another genetic problem is subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS). This is a common heart defect in Newfoundlands involving defective heart valves.Origin: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

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Tenderheart Newfoundlands is located in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern Colorado. We have over a decade of experience in raising quality Newfoundland bloodlines. Our Newfie's live in the comfort of our home and fenced yard; our puppies are raised inside our home and handled from birth. We adopt and rescue all Gentle Giants and Little Giants, including Great Danes, Borzoi, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Greyhounds, English Mastiffs, Neopolitan Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, Fila Brasileiro Brazilian Mastiffs, Adronicus Mastiffs, South African Boerboel Mastiffs, Dogue de Bordeaux Mastiffs, American Mastiffs, Tibetan Mastiffs.