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Apr 03, 2017 · Adult therapeutic spanking is a subject which has had a reasonable amount written about it. An internet search will produce pages of ” information “. A lot of opinion is disguised as fact and, on the other hand, some scientific research which often has been performed by those who seem not to understand what adult spanking is about. The only thing I could relate spanking to was the abuse that I witnessed my mother perpetrate in my home. A therapist should explore whether there is a connection between your desire and the.

Not to be confused with Therapeutic, a calming spanking seeks to return an overly-emotional person's emotional state back to baseline. Therapeutic Also known as "stress relief", and not to be confused with Calming, a therapeutic spanking seeks to help someone release . That being said, this article will discuss Spanking Therapy. What is spanking therapy, how does it work, who can provide this therapy, and how it's beneficial to both the spankee and the spanker. First and foremost, what is Spanking Therapy? According to, spanking therapy is a way to produce an emotional release.

Therapeutic Spanking is designed to allow for the “warm glow," release of ten s ions, or even the catharsis that a spanking can bring. The actual pain is not usually the primary focus, though again, the intensity will be specific to the needs of the individual. Nov 21, 2016 · (Should he ejaculate during the spanking, it will be contained by the underpants, or a condom may be used. The spanker’s right arm is almost fully raised for maximum swing, her other arm exerts control by holding his body just above the hip and the forearm can be used to push his body down.