Amazfit Bip watches how to connect to the phone

Setting and Management Xiaomi Amazfit BIP. Instruction in Russian

The device, thanks to numerous functions, facilitates human life with an active lifestyle. Complete instructions for configuring Amazfit BIP from Xiaomi contains the maximum overview of the characteristics and capabilities of Smart hours from Xiaomi.

Indicator Value
Type Smart watch
Compatibility iOS (from 9), Android (from 4.4)
CPU MediaTek
Control Sensor, LCD display
Wireless communication, version Bluetooth, 4
Vibration There is
House / strap Plastic / silicone
Glass Resistant to scratches
Moisture protection WR30 (spray, rain)
Screen/diagonal/resolution IPS, sensory, with backlight/ 1.28 ″/ 176 × 176
Sensors Accelerometer, Compass, altimeter, built.In pulsometer, GPS
SIM cards slot Not
Camera Not
Applications Mi Fit
Type of power AKB, Li-Pol, 190 mAh
Applications and notifications Sports settings, achieving the goal, lack of activity, new SMS, incoming call, unlocking the smartphone screen, pulse measurement, sleep monitoring, Shagomer and calorie counter.
The price of Yandex.Market 3950

Model Amazfit Bip Lite represents a light version of the original device. It does not have GPS, but is equipped with moisture protection of 3 ATM, smaller dimensions and a larger battery capacity (200 mAh).

A way to connect a smart amazfit bip bracelet to the phone

To connect the Amazfit to the smartphone, you must download the application from the Play Market. Mi Fit.

Go to the application page and click on the “Install” button. You can start it from the Play Market page. At the entrance to the program you will need an account MI. If you already have it, you need to log in.

Or register a new one. The application will offer us to choose the view of the connected device from the list, you need to specify the “watch”. And choose a model of smart watches on the phone screen.

On Amazfit Bip, we also need to confirm the conjugation. Click on the green button, and the connection process can be considered completed.

At the same time, they will publish a short vibration that speaks of successful conjugation. Most likely immediately the application will try to update the clock of the clock, since they are produced by developers quite often. And serve as a means of data protection, since Amazfit models are also equipped with Wi-Fi module.

How to charge Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip

To ensure guaranteed and fast synchronization of the smartphone and Xiaomi smart watches, it is desirable that they are completely charged.

To make up for the battery capacity of the device from HUAMI, you should use the docking station that is included. The clock is located at the station, and the USB connector is connected to any power source, for example, a laptop or Power Bank. Of course, it is provided for recharging from the network.

amazfit, watches, connect, phone

When placing in the docking station, it is necessary to ensure that the metallic contacts of the watch are located strictly at the same level with the contacts of the recharging unit. Upon reaching the full charge of the battery, an appropriate message will appear on the Xiaomi Smart hour screen.

The manufacturer promises that a fully charged battery will allow you to work out the gadget in active mode within 14 days.

How to Pair AMAZFIT GTS 2 Mini with Android Phone – Get Bluetooth Connected

amazfit, watches, connect, phone

Disadvantages of the watch amazfit

The smart watches of Amazfit have long been in operation and users have enough experience to share the opinion that they are wrong with them.

Amazfit Bip U Pro Features. How to Setup & Connect with Phone, Custom Watch Face, Zepp App Settings

  • Small font that is not tuned on the clock. It is quite difficult for people with poor vision to read the menu items. Especially on the main screen, where a lot of information is concentrated;
  • Many did not like the thick frame around the screen in many models;
  • The alarm clock is tuned through the application on the smartphone (not in all versions).

In general, the reviews about Amazfit watches are good, although when they connect with a mobile phone, some problems arise. But you can solve them quickly enough, having read the recommendations in the article.

What you need to connect amazfit to the phone

Having dealt with the modeling number of Amazfit watches, you should proceed to the procedure for connecting to the smartphone. Of course, the gadget can be used separately, but full functionality will be able to demonstrate itself only in conjunction with an additional device.

As you can see, there are no special requirements for connection. All presented points are quite predictable. The smartphone will be used as a device for analysis, the Bluetooth sensor is needed for pairing, and the Internet to download updates. It is also necessary to install additional software, since without a special application it is not only impossible to get an analysis of training, but also just connect the clock to the phone.

Setting notifications

Amazfit BIP allows you to receive signals from the main applications installed in the phone. This function is controlled in the Mi Fit application:

  • Find your Smart hours in the list;
  • Go to “App notifications”;
  • Set access to programs from which you want to receive notifications;
  • In the “My device” tab, you can connect a notification of incoming calls;
  • There is an opportunity to get a reminder that it is time to stretch;
  • When you achieve the goal, the gadget will inform about this;
  • The device can make a signal about the loss of communication with the clock.

The signal of the incoming message will be vibration. On the display you will see the contents of the alert. To read it, you need to brush your finger up. A short message will be displayed completely, but the long time will be torn. The functionality of the gadget allows you to accommodate the text with a length of only two screens. There are also restrictions on the perception of some characters, but the main text will be clear. If you are inconvenient to read the message right away, it can always be found later in the “Dials” tab. Memory of Smart hours contains up to 10 posts.

Amazfit BIP communication is not provided, but the incoming call will be visible, like the number and the name of the subscriber. If you speak at the time of the call, it is inappropriate, you can disable or ignore the call.

Characteristics of Amazfit Bip


A restrained design is a small rectangle, the entire surface of which is occupied by a touch screen with an oleophobic coating. Porous rubber bracelet, but the surface is smooth, that is, non.Absorbing skin discharge. The strap can be replaced with any suitable. Charger in the form of a docking station.


Five brightness levels. Color or monochrome. The principle of action is similar to readers on E-Ink-the image is also visible when the display is turned off in the reflected light.

In the hours there are 9 options for the dial and there is the possibility of loading your own.

Gorilla Glass 3 Glass does not require protective films, does not scratch, does not stick with his fingers.

With a size of 320320 points, the screen sensor supports the poles.


The manufacturer declares a capacity of 190 mah, which is enough for working in standby mode for 45 days, in constant use mode. 10. Average time from charging to charging according to statistics. 21 days.


What is distinguished by Amazfit Bip from ordinary bracelets is a built-in GPS receiver. The determination of the place is supported both by the American GPS system and the Russian GLONASS. The gadget remembers the track, so there is no need to take a smartphone with you for training. After synchronization, data about the clock movements will be transmitted via Bluetooth.

Pulse sensor

Located on the back cover of the clock. The principle of operation is like other similar devices, but rebuilt quite accurately, users checked its readings with breast sensors.


IP68 water protection. In the clock you can even plunge to depths up to 30 meters. And about the bath, the soul and other household winds you can not worry at all.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Questions Answers
Is it possible to connect Amazfit to Samsung Health? Mi Fit and Zepp are not the only applications with which you can synchronize the watch. To connect them to Samsung Health, open the Mi Fit application and log in to “Add accounts”. Select Google Fit, then Samsung Health. In Samsung Health, it is convenient to track the pulse and the number of steps passed.
How to connect Amazfit Pace to a computer? Everything is easy: take a USB cable to combine gadgets among themselves. Then the automatic installation of drivers will begin, after which the internal memory of the device will become available to you.
How to make the screen constantly show the time? Always O function is available on some SMART hours. To activate it, go to the gadget settings, then select “Always on the display” and turn on.

Now you know how to connect Amazfit watches to a smartphone or computer. Before you start synchronization, make sure that both gadgets have a sufficient level of charge.