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Hilti Firestop Board CP 675T cuts cleanly and installs easily—no dust, no fibers and no metal—all without power tools. It allows for easy re-penetration or cable mining from one side of the wall, and it can even be combined with Hilti Firestop Block CFS-BL to assure excellent ratings in atypical configurations. Wall & Fire Wall Sleeve Kits & Accessories Blocks heat penetration by chemically absorbing heat energy to protect structural steel and cable trays. Catalog Number Type FSP-EMAT 241/2” (622mm)x 20’ (3.05m)Roll FSP-1043 Fire Stop Pillow 3” thick, 4” wide, 9.6” long (orange bag) ‘CT’ Type Fire Wall Sleeve FWS (Fire Wall Sleeve) Shown.

A. It is Critical That No Wall Penetrations are Overlooked. Proper planning and sequencing will ensure that every penetration is correctly detailed. The following is a list of various wall enclosure penetrations that are frequently encountered on a project: Electrical . Wall Penetration Sleeve; Box Connector; Blind End Plate; Cable Dropout; Hold Down Clamps. Conduit Clamp & Bracket; Conduit Bracket; Hanger Rod Clamp; Bracket – 4 Holes; Bracket – 2 Holes; I-Beam Clamps. Hold Down Clamp; Expansion Guide; Light Duty; Heavy Duty; Dividers. Cable Bridge; Heavy-Duty Divider Hold Down Clamp; Heavy-Duty Horizontal.

Jan 15, 2019 · Commercial Electric's patented Flexible Opening Cable Wall Plate is used to install low voltage cables behind your flat panel TV, your amplifier, or 4.3/5(112). Choose from an extensive selection of metallic ladder tray with a variety of rung and bottom styles to choose from. Finishes include steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel to meet the needs of any application. Rail heights range from 4" to 10" and width sizes are available up to 36".