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A/N: And there you have it. I hope I kept Goku and Bulma in character, without making Goku look like a hormonally out of control teenager or Bulma like a slut. Goku just liked the feeling he received from the activity, that doesn't mean he's gonna go around asking random girls to have sex with him or turn into a . Mar 15, 2014 · A few hours later we find Bulma and Chi-Chi are both drinking to try to get their minds off of things. They were unfortunately unsuccessful, for they were talking about the old days when they were younger and after they met the fallen saiyan. Bulma had even admitted that she liked Goku at one time.

Sexual Tension. The first week of travel was nearly over; it was the sixth day in space and both of the namekian spaceship's passengers were doing great. Bulma and Goku had been getting along really well, better than they had in the past. Read Chapter 4: The Kiss of True Love from the story The Get Together (Goku and Bulma Love Story) [DBZ Fanfic] by SuperSaiyanSonOmar (Son Omar Sharif Rogers) Reviews: 3.

Bulma's life changed when she met Son Goku on that fateful day. Now, it is time for Goku, Vegeta, and the last of their friends to say goodbye to her. Language. / The Otaku Institute / The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive / Fanfic Recommendations / Suto-ri Denkaku. A series of lemons between Gohan and Bulma that space through out the DBZ sagas. Categories: Lemon Characters: Briefs This is a fan site owned and operated by Goku Girl (©2001-2011). Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai is ©Toriyama Akira-san.