Android accounting guests at. How to add a second Google account on Android

Android has many functions packed in it, which most users rarely use and use. And one of the most useful and too often missing android functions. This is an opportunity to configure profiles in guest mode.

Just as you can have several accounts on your Mac or PC, you can do this on your phone and android tablet. And setting and turning on the guest mode on Android is also very simple. Just follow the following actions:

How to enable guest mode on Android

The actual process of configuring the guest regime on Android is very simple. All you need to do is to drag the notifications menu click on your avatar, and then click “Add a guest”.

The selection of “Add a guest” will transfer your Android phone to guest mode. What is the difference between the guest regime and the usual regime? The guest mode on Android limits the guest access to things such as your photos and personal data.

In guest mode, the user will still have access to all the functions and capabilities of the phone, but all your personal data will be blocked. For example, you activated the guest mode, and the user opened Gmail, usually your email opens, but in the guest mode the user will be invited to enter the system with his account.

The same in applications such as. Instagram and other things. In fact, think about the guest regime as an absolutely clean environment. No one in guest mode will be able to access your personal data stored on the phone if they want to use applications such as Instagram or YouTube, they will have to enter the system with their accounting data.

Starting with Lollipop (V5.0), the guest regime was integrated into the architecture of Android. This guest regime will create another space parallel to the existing user account. Since the guest regime is a completely separate space, user data, such as installed applications and applications data, will not be available in the guest mode. In fact, users cannot call by phone.

Now, unlike ordinary user profiles that you can create on Android, the guest regime is a temporary space. As soon as you enter the guest regime, make some changes and switch to the actual user profile, the changes made will be saved. However, when you turn on the guest mode again, Android will ask if you want to resume the previous session or start again. If you choose to “start again”, the entire previous session will be deleted and you will see a new screen.

How to enable guest mode on Android?

Since the guest regime is built into the operating system, it is very easy to manage it. If you are interested, you can enable the guest mode in the “Settings” section “Users and Accounts” “Users” “Guest”. Depending on the Android version, which you use, the deposit of the guest mode may differ slightly. In stock or next to the standard phones orroid orplus or pixel, you can turn on the guest mode:

When the user finishes using his phone, touch the user icon delete the guest to remove.

Although this is good, the disadvantage of the guest regime is that it is almost not distinguished. This means that you cannot choose which applications to launch or which applications to block. This gives you a completely new installation. In general, if you do not want to install another application and do not mind the lack of functions, try the guest regime.

Safety: Protect your confidentiality

SAFE: Protect Your Privacy. Very simple, light and convenient to use the application that provides a temporary guest space with applications from your choice. When turning on, except for the applications that you give permission, any other application is blocked properly. In fact, when the guest regime is turned on, users cannot even access the main screen.

What does SAFE make is special is that it is easy for it to use. Just open the application, go to the guest mode, select the applications that you want to allow and set the PIN code. Then switch the switch on the main screen and block the device. This is it. From this moment, users can use only selected applications. If you want to use other applications, you need to enter the PIN code that you have installed earlier.

As you can see, using the application is very simple. So, if you are looking for a simple and understandable application in the guest mode for Android, then SAFE is for you.

الovern: the application is free and without advertising.

What applications will help to create guest access

Friends and colleagues can quite often ask to use a smartphone, but it may not have a guest regime or second workspace. Then it is worth using applications that will help to facilitate this task. They create a guest profile, and also save personal information safely.

Among the most relevant, it is worth highlighting: “Ghosting. two accounts and a clone of space”, App Locker with the guest regime, as well as “Kid’s Shell”. These applications are available on Google Play. One of the best is App Locker. It will not only create another working space or profile, but also install the password to individual applications and functions.

Guest mode for Android, how to configure

Guest mode on Android. This is a function that can hide absolutely everything that is on the phone is personal, and at the same time save the smartphone in working condition. After the transition to the guest mode, you automatically hide all your applications, the history of visits, pictures, messages, etc. D. At the same time, allow you to use your phone from a family or a friend at the same time.

Using the Android guest mode is similar to using a separate phone in your main phone. As well as a separate user account on a computer or website, in the guest mode there can be different applications, files, widgets of the main screen, emails, etc. D. Guest users can still make calls, install applications and upload their own files, but nothing comes into conflict with your account.

Let’s look at how to enable the guest android mode so that you can get this neat alternative account that your friends or family can use when they need your phone. Switching to the guest mode is very simple, but before we start, let’s take a little more consider why you are using the guest regime.

Why should you use the guest android mode

Anyone who wants to share their phone temporarily may like the guest regime. Maybe you allow the stranger to borrow the phone to make a private call, and you do not want him to view your texts or banking information? Or maybe you have a child who likes to watch a video on your phone, but he has a habit of messing up in other applications, such as or messages?

The guest android mode is also useful if you want to distract from the phone for some time. Go to the guest regime (with challenges included in emergency cases) and enjoy zero applications notifications. Since your ordinary applications are not installed in guest mode, you will not have a temptation to open games during work or view social networks when you and your friends.

How to configure the guest android mode

Turning on the guest android mode is very simple.

Go to the “System” “System” “Additionally” “several users” and turn on several users if it is not yet turned on. Depending on the phone model, go to the settings and open the “Users and Accounts” section

Click “Add a guest” or “guest” (depending on what you see) to switch to the guest regime.

On the screen of several users, press the settings button next to the guest option if you want to turn on the phone calls. Otherwise, the guest will not be able to make or receive phone calls.

Another way of quick entrance and exit from the guest mode Android. Spend down from the top of the screen to view the notification panel. Expand it completely to view all the options, and then press the avatar button to choose a “guest”.

When you finish in the guest mode, but before choosing another account for switching, the guest button will change to “Delete a guest”.

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This is a simple way to erase everything that you have done in guest mode, so the next time you go there, it will be a completely new, fresh account record. If you do not delete the guest mode, you can still do this at the next opening.

What becomes common between accounts?

Each account on your phone is divided by updates included in applications and settings, such as information about the Wi-Fi network and conjugated Bluetooth devices.

This means that when one user updates the application, it is updated for all users. The same goes for wireless devices. Regardless of whether you or the guest or guest to the wireless network, you will both have access to the network, since the password is jointly used by both accounts.

However, texts, files, emails, music, videos, documents, photos and data stored in applications are not transmitted between guest and main accounts. You can open email accounts, download documents, photograph, etc. D. And another account will not see them if they do not switch to your.

Guests against users on Android phones

When switching to the Android guest mode or turning on the function of several users, you could notice the possibility of adding users. Users and guests are really similar to each other, but with one significant difference: it is easier to erase and restart the guest account.

Every time you switch to the guest regime, you are asked if you want to continue the session with the same changes that were made to it for the last time it was used, or you want to start again. This is not an invitation that you see when switching to the user profile. This is due to the fact that Android considers the guest mode as temporary, where you can erase it before each new use, while user accounts are designed for long.term use with their own applications and files.

Another difference is that you cannot send or receive texts in the guest mode of Android. Telephone calls can work if you turn them on, but there is no way to enable text messages. If you need another user account different from the main one, and you want it to send text messages, you will have to use another user account instead of the guest mode (and then turn on text messages for it).

Recall that these are the main differences between the user regime and the guest mode Android:

Guest regime is programmatic

If you have a version of Android less than 5.0, then you can use a program to configure the guest mode. The principle of operation of the program comes down to the fact that put a password or a graphic key on any action, but the program is easily customizable and it is possible not to enter a password every time. In addition, you can configure the lock not only to launch the program, but also on certain actions, for example, block the purchase of content in Play Market. Well, there is an opportunity to create profiles, thereby for each profile you can configure your own list of allowed actions.

The minimum version of Android for this program 2.1, so almost everyone will go.

What is a guest regime?

A guest profile on Android is about the same as a new PC with Windows or a Wi-Fi guest network on a router. It opens access only to the applications installed in the default smartphone. In other words, he transfers the smartphone into the “out of the box” mode, t.e. makes his settings as they were at the time of acquisition. In this case, current files, programs and other data are saved in the administrator profile. You can return to them at any time by switching to the corresponding profile.

In guest mode, a person can fully use the device. to study the intense, camera, go to their personal accounts, download and run programs. The guest profile settings are preserved until the administrator himself removes them or another guest session is launched or launched.

  • present in Android 5.0 and above;
  • Only one guest profile is available;
  • When creating a new guest profile, the data of the old are deleted;
  • Switching to the guest profile, you can start a session again or continue the previously created.

How to set up guest mode for Android?

Important: Guest mode is not present on all smartphones. For some reason, the manufacturer could exclude this function from the shell or move it in the settings, so the actions to create a guest profile on your device may differ from this instructions.

  • Go to the settings. users and accounts. users, select “Add a guest”.
  • The system will offer to immediately switch to a new mode. A badge will appear on the lock screen in the upper right corner, notifying which profile is currently active.
  • If you allow the guest to make phone calls, he will get access to your contacts and call history, but he will not be able to send text messages. Your personal media data will be hidden even if the guest tries to connect a smartphone to a computer using a cable.
  • You can switch to the administrator through the settings or from the lock screen: click on the current avatar and select another account.
  • Each time when switching to a guest account, the system will offer to continue the old session or start a new. When choosing the second option, the data of the previous session will be erased.

What is a guest mode for Android?

Guest regime allows you to configure the list of resolutions for the “guest”. Suppose you allow your son to play only certain games, and access to other programs, contacts, SMS to be blocked automatically. easily. For each guest, a certain list of applications is configured into which he can enter.

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Thus, you are freed from painful passwords “for each application”, they just no longer need to be placed. Go to the guest mode and calmly give your smartphone to someone else and no longer need to worry about the safety of personal data!

How to enable guest mode in Android?

This function is available only with Android 5.0 lolipop and above. If your firmware version is below, this instruction will not help you. For this there is a application about which will be written just below.

  • Open the notification panel and twice click on your avatar in the upper right corner;
  • Select “Add User”
  • Choose which guest will enter your smartphone: new or permanent. If you have chosen a new guest, then upon leaving it, all the data that was saved in it is deleted, and with constant, there is no.

To get out of the guest regime, again open the notification panel and click on your avatar.

Settings of the guest regime

You can configure whatever and anything. Any program or game and not only.

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For example, you can allow him to call or send SMS. To do this, go to “Settings” further “Users”, choose your guest, click on the button of its settings and choose “Allow calls and send SMS”.

Guest regime is programmatic

And finally, if you have a version of Android less than 5.0, then you configure the whole thing using a program “gateway (Applock)” The principle of the program is that you can put a password or graphic key on any action, but the program is easily set up and you can not enter a password every time a password. Also, you can configure the lock not only to launch the program, but also on certain actions, for example, block the purchase of content in Play Market. You can also create profiles, and only then for each profile you can configure your list of allowed actions.

The minimum version of the Android for such a program 2.1, so this option can be suitable for everyone.

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Today in our smartphones. all personal life. And when someone asks to use your gadget, you need to be prepared for this. Even if this is a close person, some photos and messages are probably not worth seeing for him. If you have Android, then just turn on the guest mode and don’t worry about anything

This mode creates a temporary account, which is in no way connected with your Google account. In fact, the guest will receive a completely clean phone, as if he had just bought.

Turn on the guest mode is easy:

  • Go to the settings and open the section “Users and accounts”. On some devices, this item is hidden in the “system” and the subsection “Additionally” or “Expanded Settings”.
  • Click “Users” and select “Add a guest”. Confirm the action.
  • By default, the guest is forbidden to make calls. To enable this function, click on the created account and put the desired check. Here the profile will later be removed.
  • You can quickly switch to the created guest mode directly from the lock screen or from the notification curtain. It is enough to press the account icon and select the right account.

If you have a smartphone blocking by fingerprint, face or code, then the guest will not go to your account. He will be able to work only in an isolated environment, where even to access Google Play will have to start a new account.

With it, you can protect personal data, configure profiles for different users on one device. Next, we will tell you how to enable the guest mode for Android and what to do if such an opportunity is absent by default.

How to create a guest profile

It should be understood that the guest mode is far from all smartphones. Therefore, if your Android does not support this functionality, then it makes sense to use special applications. Next, we will tell you how to enable the guest mode on Android (create a second working space) using the example of a Xiaomi smartphone. Instructions:

Open the settings and in the section “System and device” click on the item “Second space”. A page with detailed information will appear. Click on the “Create second space” button.

Choose a convenient way to switch between the main and guest account. For example, shortcut or password. After that, click “Next”.

If necessary, set the password for the second space, the imprint for the quick transition between the main and guest account.

This is where the process of creating the second space ends. To return to the main or guest profile, just press the “transition” icon on the icon. Depending on the privacy settings, it may be necessary to enter a password or scan fingerprint.

You can create only one guest account. Therefore, to make different additional spaces for several users will not work. To turn off the second space, go to the settings again and delete the additional profile.

How to use guest mode on Android devices

Android has been offering its own “guest regime” for a very long time, but not many people know that this function exists. Even those who do this may not know how to get access to it. So, in this article we will tell you how to use the “Guest mode” function on your Android device to protect your data from prying eyes. We will also talk about what the guest regime is, and talk about its advantages and when it should be used. Finally, we will show you how to disable, disable or delete a guest mode or several user accounts in your Android phone.

The guest regime is very convenient when your child wants to play a game on your phone, but you do not want him to get access to your documents or spam with your colleagues calls and messages. It will also help you transfer your phone to other people, not worrying that they will get access to your photos, contact lists and other data that is best to leave confidential. So, remember, this is how you can use the guest mode or multiple use mode on Android devices and disconnect, delete or turn it off when you finish with it.

What is a guest mode for Android?

The guest mode creates an additional user account on Android devices, but with less privileges than the source account. Guest users accounts are separated from your main Google account, which means that your list of contacts, call records, messages, files and photos cannot be available for such profiles. Please note that many Android manufacturers replaced the guest mode with several user modes on their devices. The latter is largely similar to the guest regime, but with one significant difference that we will discuss later in this article.

Firebase google authentication sign in using android. 2020

The advantages of the guest regime on Android

Guest regime allows the original user to transfer the device to others without prejudice to critical data. He also does not offer access to calls and text messages, which means that your child cannot spare your colleagues calls and messages from your device. What is most important, this prevents viewing your personal data with curious eyes, including contacts, messages, images and much more.

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The difference between the guest regime and the multiplayer mode on Android

Many manufacturers replaced the guest regime on their devices with several user modes. For the most part, they are almost identical on the principle of operation. However, unlike guest accounts, which are temporary and automatically deleted every time you return to the user’s initial profile, secondary users accounts remain on your device if they do not remove them manually. In addition, its own guest regime does not allow access to calls and messages, which can be (optional) is allowed by the original user in multi.user mode.

Add new users to Android

Note. As in all Android, the exact menu parameters can differ from one device to another depending on the Android version and the manufacturer.

  • Now you have successfully added a new account called “New User”. To start using it, click in the user’s name and click “Install now”. You can also click a “guest” to use the guest regime.
  • To delete a guest account (or any additional user account), click on the lever icon on the right and select “Delete user”. Confirm when you are asked.

That’s all. Now you know not only how to enable, activate and use the guest mode on your Android device, but also how to disable, disable and delete an additional user account.

On various Android devices, you can find the “guest mode” or “multi.user mode” option for other headings, including “System” “Additionally” “several users” or “Settings” “Users and accounts”. On clean Android devices, you can access this function by pressing your avatar on the notification panel, and then by clicking the “add guest” or “add user”, depending on the circumstances. However, the multiplayer regime is more powerful and offers more detailed control.

Share your phone without prejudice to confidentiality

You can turn on, activate and use the guest mode (or an additional user mode) on Android if you often borrow your phone to a friend, child or family member, but worry that they will spoil your personal settings or view your photos and video you also You can easily turn off, disable or remove the Android Guest mode on your device.

Meanwhile, Google also announced the guest regime for smart speakers and smart displays with support for the assistant. So check how you can turn it on right now. Finally, you must also check the best Android appatches for even greater confidentiality if you often transfer your phone to others.

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Why fail to create a profile

It happens that the user performed all the steps, acted strictly according to the instructions, but the Google account is not created on his phone or computer.

  • It does not have the Internet release on its electronic device. This happens if the user has changed network settings or converted his electronic device into an autonomous mode. In this case, he needs to enter the settings of his phone, pay attention to the upper part of the screen and remove the icon with the image of the aircraft;
  • Incorrectly introduced the username and password designed to enter the personal account;
  • Faced a malfunction in Windows. In this case, it is recommended to restart his electronic device and try to register your personal account again. And he can also connect to the Wi-Fi network available to him and continue to design his personal account through it.

Why do Google account need

Google account is a service that allows the user registered in the system to use the official Gail mail and other services that also belong to this company.

Having registered in the system, the user can:

  • Send mail messages by mail gmail, t.e. e.mail that belongs to this company and works on a mobile phone;
  • Use GMAP cards. over, in this application there are cards from around the world;
  • use a special Google calendar. With the help of such a calendar, the client can see the current date, mark an important event, create a reminder;
  • create copies of contacts of the phone book and save them in your profile. All data is saved in a special “cloud”. And from it, the client can use the Google disk and Google photo. On the disk, the client receives a 15GB of memory, where he can store all his personal data. Google photos stores all photos and videos that the user made on the camera of his cell phone.

over, even if the user loses his cell phone, then he can easily restore all the data. And you can read more about all the functions and advantages of the Google Account connection on the official website of this company, which is easy to find on the Internet.

Creating a Google account is incredibly simple. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the entire registration process in advance, correctly enter your personal data into electronic form. And if he is afraid to do something wrong, then he can seek advice to a specialist working in this service. The support service works around the clock and is always ready to answer any user question, solve any of its problems. Support Services are located on the main website of Google.

Creating an account on Google on Android will not take much time. Do not know how this is done? Don’t worry. Today’s lesson will help you create a Google account on Android without trouble. Below you will find instructions with screenshots.

Before proceeding. The account can be registered only by the user who is 13 years old and 18 years old to add a bank card. Why do you need to add a bank card to the account? Then it can be used to buy games and applications in the Play Store, make a subscription to Play music and pay for other Google services.

But since most Google services are free, including Gmail, documents, disk and photo, you can do without a bank card, without greater damage in functionality.

Creating an account in Google will take a few minutes. Take your Android phone, open “Settings” and select “Users and Accounts”. Next, click “Add the account” at the bottom of the screen and click “Google”.

A page will appear where you can enter the existing Google account or create a new. Select “additional parameters”, and then click “Create an account”. Then follow the instructions on the screen by introducing your personal information, select the user name and password, complete the process by agreeing with Google conditions.

  • Go to the settings of your Android Telephone.
  • Scroll down and click on “users and accounts”.
  • Click on the “Add account” button.
  • Choose Google.
  • Select “Create an account”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Enter the name, last name, date of birth and other personal information. The phone can be skipped.

After that the creation of the Google account will end.

After you perform all these steps, you will have a new Google account! Now you can download the apps and games with Google Play, send email, store photos in the Google cloud and much more. All these services will be available not only on the phone, but also on the computer.