Android Auto how to remove the side panel. How to change the notification panel for Android

To turn off Android Auto, click the “settings” icon on the functions panel, then click the “Android Auto” settings icon (you may need to be drawn on the touch screen to the left to see it) and select a smartphone that you want to turn off.

Automatic shutdown setting (Android device)

  • Touch (settings) on the screen of the file / folder list.
  • Touch [power management].
  • Click the button displayed to the right of the [shutdown timer]. [Disabled] selected by default.
  • Choose the time in which you want the power to power the device to automatically turn off and tape it. Disconnected: this function is not used.

How to disable automatic switching on the “do not bother” mode on my Android device?

Automatic stop stopping

  • Open the “Settings” application of your device.
  • Touch the sound. Do not disturb. Turn on automatically. Note. If instead you see “the settings of the“ do not bother ”mode”, then you use the old version of Android.
  • Touch the rules.
  • Change the name, status and reduction of the alarm of your rule.
  • At the top, make sure your rule is turned on.

How to use

Let’s start the Android Auto review for the radio with the requirements for the phone and display of the car.

To use the system, the presence of the following elements is necessary:

    With Android from 5.0 and above. For better performance, the presence of a smartphone with a version of 6 is recommended.0 and more

  • USB cable (high.frequency).
  • The presence of Wi-Fi and the ability to connect (for a wireless connection). The option is supported by radio tape recorders 2 Din Kenwood, JVC and Pioneer.

According to information from the official Android Car website for April 2020, the connection is possible in more than 300 brands of cars. To clarify information whether your transport supports such a service, you can contact the manufacturer or read the user management.

Before using Android cars, check one more point. accessibility in your country. Today the application is supported in more than 30 countries. There is and there is a wireless connection here is not available. In other states that are not included, many functions are not supported.

Connection process

Now consider how to use the Android Auto application. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • Check what the car supports Android Auto. This can be done from Android link.COM/AUTO/Compatibility/. If you have questions about the use of the system, contact the local car dealer.
  • Check the connection speed. It should be high enough to use all services. If possible, connect the smartphone to Wi-Fi. From the Google Play store or connect the device to the radio tape recorder using a USB cable. The Android Car application is preinstalled by devices with Android OS version 10.0 and above.
  • Unlock the smartphone screen and connect it via Bluetooth.
  • Before opening Android Auto, the system asks to download and install some programs. Do it.
  • Confirm the fact of familiarization with the information about the application and permits of the application.

After the Android Auto connection to the multimedia system via USB Bluetooth is automatically turned on.

At the final stage, figure out how to start Android Auto. To do this, click on the arrow at the top on the screen of the car and follow the instructions.

For a wireless connection

When connecting the application on a wireless network, the algorithm of actions is slightly different. Take the following steps:

  • Make sure your smartphone meets the connection requirements.
  • Check the compatibility of the machine with the Android Auto application and the ability to connect via wireless network (not yet supported).
  • Connect the smartphone to a quick Internet.
  • At the first connection, use Bluetooth. Turn on the Blue Tooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Bring the car and make sure that it is in parking mode.
  • Unlock the smartphone screen and connect via Bluetooth.
  • Before turning on Android Auto, wait for program updates.
  • Confirm familiarization with security information.
  • Include notifications from Android Auto (recommended for normal operation).
  • Click on the arrow up on the radio screen and wait for the connection on the wireless network.

If you do not want to bind a smartphone with a head device, turn off Bluetooth.

How to use

Now we will figure out how Android car works and consider control elements. For convenience, we will pay attention to each moment.

Inte Wee

When starting the program on the smartphone, the main screen opens. Information is available here on the time of the path to the destination, a journal of messages and calls, a microphone, a button for the transition to the main screen or application.

To enter the radio panel, click on the symbol of the Android Auto program call (black dot). Standard applications icons appear on the screen. The most popular are in the upper row. If you need to add applications, be prepared that it will not always be easy.

Before using Android cars, figure it out and with the buttons on the front panel. They are below (left-to right):

  • Application launch panel (you must press on a black dot). Please note that there is a list of supported Android Auto applications, but it is extremely difficult to add software.
  • Widget for multitasking. Allows you to control content in one program and at the same time use another.
  • Notification center (call symbol). When pressing it, you can see the latest SMS, calls and alerts.
  • Microphone. To include the function of the Android Auto voice control, you need to click on this symbol or tell Okay, Google. In the presence of multi.line, you can click on it a special button.

Voice control

When considering the issue of how Android Auto works, we must not forget about the options of voice control. To use the function on the phone, do the following:

Using voice commands, you can call, send SMS or answer it, attach a route or turn on the music.

How to call

Android auto capabilities allow calls or take incoming calls. In this case, the interlocutor will be heard through the speakers. To call the radio display, do the following:

To check the voice mail or view calls, click on the Android Auto start button, click on the phone symbol and select the desired effect. If another person calls you during communication, click on the notification to answer. At the same time, the “old” challenge goes into standby mode. Keep in mind that the option does not support the set of numbers when talking. It only allows you to answer another call.

Sending and listening to messages

In the description of the Android Auto application, let’s talk about the functions of the list of messages. Upon receipt of SMS at the top of the display, a special icon appears in the form of a bell. To listen to the message, you must select and press the departure. If desired in Android Auto, you can send SMS yourself. For this:

  • Tell Okay Google or click on the microphone symbol.
  • Send the phrase to send an SMS or send a message, and then name the contact name (you can name the number).
  • Distract the message.
  • Make sure the system correctly heard the text (it will repeat it) and confirm the sending.

If SMS came during movement, and you decided to answer it, call a voice assistant, tell me to answer and dictate the text. When repeated, make sure that the information is obtained correctly and send SMS.


When considering what carpley and Android cars are, we must not forget about the navigation of applications for iOS and Android. The option with CarPlay for iPhone is a separate topic, so we will dwell on Android Auto in more detail.

To lay the route, do the following:

How to downgrade Android Auto and rollback to a working version with AAAD

  • Call the voice assistant.
  • What is the address or name of your destination.
  • Select the right option and follow the instructions of the system.

On the header display, take the following steps:

  • Enter the application launch panel and select Google Cards.
  • Click on the symbol of the magnifying glass to enter the keyboard.
  • Enter the address where you need to go.
  • Select the right option and follow the instructions of the system.

When considering what Android can do, we must not forget about the ability to issue information about traffic jams. To obtain the necessary data on the phone, click on three points and select traffic jams, and go to the settings on the machine display and go to the section of interest.

Uninstall apps from Android Head Unit

To exit the navigation mode, call the voice assistant and give him the command disconnect navigation.

We strongly recommend that you get used to using Google Maps. Because installing Yandex Navigator on Android Auto is a task with an asterisk. Especially for unprepared users.

Music management

One of the reasons why Android Auto is needed. listening to your favorite music, audiobook or podcasts. To include the desired track, call the voice assistant, tell him to listen, and then name the melody. If desired, music can be turned on manually.

One of the solutions is to go to YouTube Music by pressing the corresponding application.

Recent places

Android Auto capabilities allow you to view recent places where you were. To do this, click on the program call button, and then on the Google cards symbol. Click the search at the top of the display and look at the list of recent places.

Android Auto capabilities allow you to find a place near your car. To do this, start Google Meps, click on the search button and select the category and the desired result.

Ditles in the work: Solutions

Above, we examined the rules for using the Android Auto application, and what is it in simple words, so there should be no difficulties using software.

You tuned the navigation panel Android?

We love Android because it provides us with hundreds of ways to configure the device, exactly as we want. In my case, the power button on my Mi A1 is broken, and this application helps me a lot with instant locking of the device.

If you have similar problems with any hardware button, you can assign the same function from any side of the navigation panel. I hope this article helped you, configure the device to your taste. If you liked the article, comment on it below.

How to set up a curtain on Android

The notification panel on Android allows you to view warning from applications, as well as built into the system. Also, this curtain helps to quickly move from setting to tuning.

Android screen calibration. ways to configure sensor sensitivity

How to change the curtain for Android? To do this, follow a simple instructions:

  • First you need to unlock the phone. Only in this case there will be a complete access to the functionality. Please note that with a blocked screen, you can perform minor actions, for example, turn on or disable the Internet, configure the aircraft mode, reduce the sound.
  • Suffle the curtain on the side of the top-down on the desktop.
  • Next to the gear in the upper or lower corner (it depends on the model) there will be a pencil or checkmark icon. You need to slip on it, and then go to the section of additional settings. Here you can easily change the icons, add something new or remove unnecessary buttons.

The integration is understandable purely intuitive, it is easy to move, change.

note! Icons can respond to several types of touches. easy pressing, holding. In the first case, for example, with the Wi-Fi icon it will be able to turn on or disable it, but when holding the button for 2-3 seconds. You can go to settings.

Settings of the notifications panel

How to disable automatic text on my samsung?

Clean personalized data

  • General leadership.
  • Click on “Language and Entering”.
  • Click on the Samsung keyboard.
  • Click to reset the settings.
  • Click on clearing personal data.
  • Note. If you no longer want to display words with hints, you can disable the option of intellectual input of the text.
  • Click on the keyboard settings.

What does Android Car Mode do?

The automotive mode provides a simplified user integer with large buttons and quick access to the most commonly used application functions, such as “Favorites”, “Recent” and “Recommended” you can also search for voice commands (vocal search) on your Android device.

So that the phone does not distract you, configure the “do not bother” mode. If you need to look at the phone or touch it while driving, use driving mode with Android Auto. If your car has an Android car, use your car display, not driving mode.

How to launch Android cars

If you have figured out how to correctly configure Android cars, starting the program will not be difficult. Take the following steps:

  • Unlock the smartphone screen.
  • Connect it via Bluetooth.
  • Update the account and applications if required.
  • Turn on the notifications from the application and accept the necessary requests.
  • Get the car.
  • Connect the smartphone via USB cable.
  • Run the software on the screen and follow the instructions.

If Android 10 is installed on the phone, there will be no icons on the desktop. In this case, you need to download the Android Auto Application on the phone screen from Play.

Now you know how to configure Android cars, and what is needed for this. Take your time when performing work, because the performance of the software depends on its correctness and the possibility of connecting it to the head device of the machine.

Council Use voice control

Voice control is, of course, the safest and simplest way to manage Android Auto during driving, and depending on your car you can simply say “Okay, Google” or press the button on the steering wheel to start the conversation.

Click “Settings” through the multimedia system of the car, then “Access on the phone screen”, and on your phone you will see the display of the “Okay, Google” command. Make sure that it is included if you want to use voice control without hands.

Council Install a default music supplier

If you want Google Assistant to launch some playlists for you, but do not know how he finds out which of your musical applications with Android Auto support you want to use, perform the following actions.

On the Android Auto control panel, select “Settings” and “Access” on the phone screen, then touch the Google Assistant and Music on the phone. So, you can indicate music services by name if you need.

How to delete Android Auto: instructions

If the Android version is installed on the phone up to 9 inclusive, deleting Android cars is not difficult. But it must be remembered that with the usual removal by tugging into the basket, unnecessary data remains. Over time, they accumulate from different applications, and the device begins to slow down. So that this does not happen, you need to know how to delete Android cars from the phone.

  • Find the Android Auto program, which must be removed. If it is not visible immediately, press on the option button on the right in the corner (three points) and select the item show the system the necessary software should be in the list.

In this way, you can delete Android Auto from the phone and completely clean the device from the program traces.

Why not be deleted, and what to do

In Android 10, difficulties may arise with the removal of the program. The reason is that after installation it is prescribed in the category of systemic software. This means that completely deleting Android Auto from the phone without getting Root rights will not work. The only alternative option is to turn off the application.

To stop Android cars, take the following steps:

  • Enter the mobile device settings.
  • Go to the application section / dispatcher.
  • Find the desired program.
  • Click on it and click on the disconnect button.

We repeat once again that in this way it will not work to delete Android Auto. You just turn off the software and stop his work. At the same time, software continues to occupy the memory of a mobile device.

The only way to completely delete Android Auto is to make Root rights and use one of the available applications. Consider several options.

Root Uninstaller

Using the Root Uninstaller software, you can delete, hide or move system files. A prerequisite. the availability of Root rights on a mobile device. To do the work, take the following steps:

  • Install Root Uninstaller and enter it with the rights of a super sex.
  • Select Android Auto, which you plan to remove.
  • Click on the same button.

Before performing these steps, it is advisable to make a backup so that in case of problems there are quickly return to the required section. In the quality of the alternatives, software can not be removed, but frozen. In this case, it will disappear from the menu, but remains in memory.

ES conductor

ES program Explorer. a powerful application with an understandable integration that allows you to view, manage and delete files. To remove excess software, do the following:

  • In the side section in the library section, enter the Apps.
  • At the top, press on the user and thereby expand the hidden menu. Choose a system of systems there.

After that, make sure that Android cars are no longer on the smartphone.

Other software

In addition to the above, you can use other programs that can delete Android Auto in the presence of ROOT rights. As an option. Titanium Backup. The principle of action is the same as in the above. Before performing the planned steps, it is necessary to make a backup (this option is, and after delete the system application. In addition, the capabilities of the titanium backup allow you to move the files to the external medium, if this is necessary.

We examined above why Android cars are not removed from the phone, and what to do with it. If installed on a smartphone with the Android operating system up to 9, there will be no difficulties. In the case of 10, the software is prescribed in the system applications, which creates difficulties for the user. In this case, there are three ways. to come to terms with the presence of software, stop Android Auto or completely remove it by obtaining Root rights. The last option is risky, because the phone “flies” with a guarantee and will no longer receive updates.

Methods of turning off or rebooting a hung phone with a non.stroke battery

Depending on the manufacturer, the methods of reboot and shutdown are different. The smartphone model also affects the data status after restarting. Let us consider in more detail how in different ways to turn off the phone with a non.tutor.

Forced reboot (with loss of information)

Hard Reset. forced rebooting the phone with a discharge to the original settings. Relevant for iPhone and iPad. Should be used only in extreme cases when other methods do not help. After the process is completed, personal data will be erased.

Click on the lock button in the upper part of the case or side (depending on the iPhone model) and pinch “Home” in parallel. Within 30 seconds, the screen will go out and the “first launch” of the device will begin.

Reloading without loss of information

To restart the Android device without loss of information, you need to clamp the shutdown button within 5 seconds. The screen will be forced to go out and the initial screensaver will appear. Due to the hard shutdown, the load will last a little longer than the usual.

On the iPhone you need to clamp the “Home” button for 5 seconds to repeat a forced reboot.


This method allows you to restart the smartphone using the recovery menu. This is a spare option if the usual restart did not work. Clound the switch button for the smartphone along with the volume control. Depending on the manufacturer, you need to click on an increase or decrease in sound.

A logo with android and system menu will appear. We move up/down using volume keys. Select the “Reboot” item using the shutdown button. The phone will start turning on.

Using special software

or a tablet with an inexpressible battery and standard methods do not help, you can use additional software on a personal computer. For example, Regawmod Rebooter will allow you to control a smartphone and serve commands without the need to turn on.

You need to connect the device via cable to a laptop or computer. Installation of the driver will begin, after which there will be access to a number of functions. In the drop.down menu, you can select: restarting the phone, turning on the recovery mode, reset to factory settings.

Reloading without using the power button

The Google Play has special applications that allows you to put the function of the power button on the volume swing. Another type of application will help to assign a gesture for a accelerometer. For example, with a certain strength of shake, the smartphone will reboot or turn on the screen. We do not recommend experimenting with similar programs and use only for extreme cases.

Recommended: Disconnect iCloud to iPhone

The full range of the battery

The easiest and logical way is to wait until the battery is discharged. This is convenient if the charge was approximately 20%. In another case, you have to wait for a long discharge. If the phone case is very heated, it is advisable to try more effective methods, as this overheating can harm batteries and details.

Disconnection of notifications about Android updates

No less than the updates themselves, can annoy constantly about them. To get rid of unnecessary notifications, do the following:

  • Find the section “Application Manager” in the settings menu.
  • Select “GooglePlay” Services.
  • In the window that appears, remove the checkmark next to the “display notifications”.

Application manager in Android on this is all. As you can see, remove annoying updates of programs and notifications about them will not be difficult. I hope now you will receive a maximum of comfort from using a mobile device!

Full display of the phone screen on the header and the launch of any applications from under Android Auto.

Hi all.I have not written anything in the flight journal for a long time, I apologize to all my subscribers. Winter, it’s cold, it is not possible to drive a lot, it’s not a climate with the car too. Therefore, there is little information, but to write for trifles. this is not mine.This record will be devoted to the problem of displaying information from the phone on the screen of the head device and launching applications.It is no secret that many owners of modern cars are upset by the fact that multimedia devices installed in their trumpeted machines have extremely limited functionality. The fault of the policy of manufacturers who do not sleep, everyone thinks, as if to prevent our attention from the road with you. God forbid once again to look at the display of the car. And, probably, by and large, they are right in some ways. But this state of affairs in principle does not suit us and we are by hook or by crook try to circumvent these restrictions.In my car, as in all other Peugeot 3008 LL, officially imported into a multimedia system with support for three programs for communication with the smartphone of the owner of the car. This is Car Play for Apple, MirrorLink and Android Auto phones for smartphones running Android. Since I am a fan of Andryusha (may the owners of the “bitten apple” will forgive me), we will talk about the last two programs.I really like Navitel navigation program. Firstly, she has the most detailed maps of the regions, which manufacturers of other navigation systems cannot boast of, secondly, they regularly update and improve both the system itself and the maps, and thirdly, I am simply used to it and I know how to work in it. The presence of a huge display in a car and the inability to nullify the integration of the beloved Navitel discourages. Therefore, it was decided to soon or later look for ways to solve this problem and bring Navitel to the screen of the “head”.I must say that the MirrorLink application supports a very limited number of phones. Several Samsungs, several Sony, HTC, LG, a pair of huans, and mainly from a number of favorites, so buy a phone with MirrorLink for 3-5 thousand in the secondary market is another task, and overpay 20 thousand. for a new phone to throw it into the car and use the toad as a TV-box-navigator. In addition, according to users’ reviews, MirrorLink is very moody, it works unstable, regularly torn, and not all supports the programs, including no support for Navitel.Brezda of the Internet on the popular 4PDA website, I came across a topic dedicated to mirroring the phone screen on the head device using Android Auto. One craftsman on xDA.COM has created a wonderful phone program that, through the Android Auto integral, displays the mobile phone screen on the head screen. This Android Auto Mirror program is called (abbreviated AAM). This program is wonderful in that it can be put on almost any phone running Android at least 5.0, it only recently appeared, has small problems and bugs that are quickly eliminated, almost every day new, improved versions of the program with additions and corrections are released.It was this program that helped me solve the problem of mirroring the phone on the display of the machine and display on it any application installed in the phone. How it looks, you can watch in a small video with my participation.

Based on the experience gained, I made a small instruction with a detailed description of all steps. I am happy to post it here and I hope that she can help someone.

The display of the phone screen and the launch of any applications at ShSU via Android Auto using AA Mirror.

For drivers whose cars, more precisely, head devices support the Android Auto function (and they include Peugeot 3008 LL), there are good news, especially for those who cannot live without Yandex Navigator, Navitel or other programs, which are not in Android Auto.A project called Android Auto Mirror appeared (abbreviated.The essence of the project is to copy the smartphone screen through Android Auto on the radio screen. The sound also comes from the phone on Android Auto. The Android Auto Mirror program works from Android Auto and will not start on its own.At the moment, the screen sensor for the application displayed on the radio is operated only with a ROOT access on the phone. If there is no root-line, then you can run the applications through the AAR panel (on the radio screen is displayed on the left), but it will be possible to control them only from the smartphone screen.One of the minuses of such a solution at the moment is that the phone screen should be turned on. The program has just appeared and is currently actively developing. Noticed bugs are eliminated and the application of the application is improved. The application is actively discussed at 4PDA and XDA.It is impossible to remove the lower AA panel from the screens. And it is unlikely that this will become possible in the near future.

The following instructions are given for the installation and use of the Android Auto Mirror program.Reductions used in the instructions:

GU. car head device (display).Am. Android Auto application. Downloadaam. Android Auto Mirror application. Download

one. First of all, you need to get a Root-right on the phone, which you will use to display the phone screen on Gu. In the latest versions of AAM, the function of changing the size of the image of Screen Size, which also needs Root-right, has been added. For each brand of the phone, the procedure for obtaining a root-right has its own. Therefore, look for information on your phone on the Internet or ask specialists who understand these matters better than you.

In the AA application on the phone, activate the “Developer mode”. To do this, go to the application and press three dashes: