Android screen recording with internal sound

The best screen recording apps for your Android phone

A few years ago, it was difficult for people to record an Android screen, let alone directly upload those videos from an Android phone to social sites. All operations must be done on your computer.

And now, as Android phone has become a must-have device for most phone users, many apps are popping up one after another, including these Android screen recorders that record Android screen and make a video guide only on your Android phone. These screen recorders have their advantages and disadvantages, and finding the right one will be difficult if you have not clearly analyzed.

How to find the best recording screen on Android has become another question that bothers people the most. Based on the test and survey results, we select the 8 best screen recording apps in the Play Store for Android devices, so you can easily record your Android screen, including the internal sound.

Recording video from the screen on Android: the best applications

Good day!

I think that many people at least once wanted to record a video of everything that happens from the screen of their phone. Imagine, because you can capture a video call to relatives (and then show other loved ones who haven’t seen them for a long time), you can save the game playthrough (or make a video of the funniest moments), record live broadcasting, etc.д.

But, at such moments, as usual, there is never the right tool (application) at hand. Which in my opinion, is not good, because such a video can give you just as much emotion as an old soulful photo (as the popular saying goes “see better once”). Than 100 times heard!”).

Actually in this article I want to introduce a few very interesting applications that will solve this problem (the material will be relevant for phones and tablets on Android). And so.

Note: if you want to record video from your computer screen. I recommend that you read this article:

DU Recorder

Available at Without reservations, the top app for capturing Android screen videos:

At first start up you only need to allow access to the files.

By default it is controlled by popups, but you can also get by with the notification curtain.

In the main section there is a tutorial and a button to start the video recording.

First, you will need to give access to the microphone.

The notification curtain will show the control interface.

Bottom line: Great Android screen capture tool. A must-have.


Available at Another popular solution. It stands out because it has separate versions for Samsung ( and LG (, so use them if you have machines of these brands. Note, however, that the translation is lame in places.

On startup it offers a demo premium without watermarks or ads.

After clicking on the circle the control is shown.

It disables it by dragging it to the bottom of the display.

You have to allow “on top of others” to work.

You will also need to allow access to the drive and screen recording with the Android sound.

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There is a wizard for automatic parameter matching.

When video recording, a timer will be displayed next to the circle, tapping it will open items to pause or completely stop. You can take a screenshot on the fly.

Finished clip can be viewed or deleted.

No built-in player, just one of the installed players.

Bottom line: the original way to record Android screen video. Interesting control makes up for some shortcomings in logic and translation.

AZ Screen Recorder

Available at Demanding application that asks for permissions before installation.

You have to pay for the program, otherwise you will have to suffer from ads and other disadvantages. Do not forget to allow pop ups.

Controls are the icon on the left, clicking on it will open additional menu options.

You can pre-configure settings to record Android screen video.

In the notification window you will see buttons to pause and stop. The program will ask permission for sound and display beforehand.

The recorded file will open in a pop-up window where you can share, delete or edit it.

android, screen, recording, internal, sound

Bottom line: Lots of customization and a fairly user-friendly interface, but the ads are distracting. And there is way too much to allow it.

Recording video from Android screen recording video games

Available at Another way to make a video screen on your Android phone. Also requires permission for overlay, sound and display.

Best Screen Recorder For Android With Internal Audio [No Watermark. No Lag]

Shows horrible video ads on every startup. Will add a brief tutorial the first time.

The finished clip can be shared or deleted.

Intease habitually floats, gives a couple of buttons.

Total: No pause. No built-in player. That said. millions of users, apparently because of simplicity. There may be more features in the paid version, but I don’t want to buy it.

Game Screen Recorder

Available at Promises to work correctly in different gaming applications. Immediately asks for permission to use system functions.

At startup will show self-promotion, though without translation.

In the main section it offers to add applications/games.

The gear opens up quite rich settings.

Before you record something, you will be prompted in English to allow Over All mode (this is set by default).

Interes simple. one button. The first press starts the video recording, the second press stops it.

You can send the file to your friends or delete it. For viewing uses third-party players, if they are in the system.

Bottom line: Potentially not bad application, concise interface and extensive features. Worth a try for gamers.

How to record videos from the Android screen without software

Finally, let’s understand how to record video from the Android screen without any software. It all depends on the installed applications of the device itself. For example, Xiaomi has a native program.

So check the menu of your device, maybe everything you need is already included.

How to Record Videos From an Android Screen

You never know when you will need the ability to make a screen recording on Android. For example, this is a great way to visually explain how to work in an app, as well as an affordable option to save video broadcasts, webinars, conferences for replay. Depending on what’s more important to you in choosing a program for video capturing: simplicity, support for audio recording, a set of additional functions for processing footage. you can use the built-in options of the operating system or go to Google Play for more advanced mobile software.

In this article we tell you how to record video from Android screen without any additional programs, and also share links to 10 screen recorders with an interesting arsenal of features for screencasts, streamers, bloggers. All the tools under consideration are universal. suitable for smartphones and tablets from Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi, Nokia and other numerous brands from China and beyond.

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With all the features available in today’s mobile applications and Android versions, it’s still more convenient to record screencasts on your computer. And if you need to save a recording of an online event in really good quality, we recommend Movavi Screen Recorder, the multi-tool of the screencasting and screen-recording world. Click here to download Movavi Screen Recorder.

Phone screen recorder for Android

Recording the screen of your Android device is impossible without special software. Here is a list of such applications. you can find them on Play Market. Please note: they are listed in random order and are not related to the quality, functionality, or usability of a particular program.

AZ Screen Recorder

Program is free with built-in purchases. AZ Screen Recorder does not require root rights. You can record the phone screen for as long as you like, there are no limitations. The functionality of the utility is very extensive: you can pause the recording, select the resolution, bit rate, video speed and clicks display, record audio from the microphone. Free functionality also includes the ability to add images and text to your video and save the clip to your device or SD card. Extended functionality includes converter for GIF files, drawing option and more.

V Recorder

Free application; extended functionality available in in-app purchases. Screen video recording with sound is available. V Recorder allows you to change the aspect ratio of the screen, pause the recording, take screenshots. Available: image editor and flexible video settings. In addition to recording, the application provides features for editing clips trimming, speed control, hundreds of free themes, the option to draw stickers, filters, and much more.

Screen Recorder. No Ads

Screen Recorder. No Ads has a very simple interface. If the question of how to record video from the screen arises with someone who is new to gadgets, he will be comfortable with this minimalistic interface. You just have to start the recording and it will start after a short pause, the time of which is indicated by a countdown. The length of the video is not limited, there is an option to record sound. This recording program has more extensive functionality than it may seem at first glance, although all options are only available in the paid version, but the price of the utility is not high. On Android version earlier than 5.0 root access rights required.

Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is another answer to the question how to capture screen video without ROOT. Records video with no time limit, takes screenshots and converts content to GIF format. Free version includes video editor, audio recording, “picture-in-picture” option for broadcasting and drawing on the screen. Personal watermark can be created on the screen. Screen recording can be done in different resolutions up to 1080p.

Screen Recorder

“Screen Capture allows you to capture the screen of Android devices without requiring root rights. No video duration limitation. Can arrange video broadcasts, take screenshots, set resolution options from 240 to 1080 p. Pause option, can change the screen orientation. Recording starts after a short delay, a countdown helps not to miss the start time.

Screen Recorder. Face Cam Screenshot Capture

Screen Recorder. Face Cam Screenshot Capture. This is a free program that allows you to do screen recording with music and sounds, you do not need a root for this. Thanks to the “floating” button, you can record video from different apps without directly switching between them. There is a pause option, the ability to change the screen orientation and aspect ratio, to use a “picture-in-picture” if the user wants to broadcast. It comes with a video editor where you can cut, collage, rotate, duplicate fragments. There is also a gallery of stickers, memes, emoticons and filters to create clips.

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Method 1 ScreenCam Screen Recorder

After installing the above application, you can choose one of the methods of sound recording from the application:

android, screen, recording, internal, sound
  • Microphone: records sound only from external microphone.
  • Internal audio: record audio from both the internal audio and the external microphone. This is confirmed by the fact that it works on OnePlus, Xiaomi and Moto devices without rooting.
  • Internal audio (System app, R_Submix): This will only record internal audio, but your device must be rooted and you need to install the Magisk module.

To use only internal audio, run Magisk Manager and install this module.

Reboot your device and it should work.

Why your Android smartphone didn’t record audio from games

Android 10 (unlike its predecessors) has a new API called Audio Playback Capture, which allows developers to record audio from other apps (such as games). However, for non-system apps to record internal audio, game developers must manually register with a special Google service, which is not always quick, since you have to go through an approval process. Since most apps aren’t yet targeting Android 10, support for audio recording is available in a fairly limited number of apps. But over time, almost all popular apps are guaranteed to support the Audio Playback Capture API. But you can find out how to record video with sound without waiting for support for the option right now. By the way, have you already upgraded to the new version of the OS? Write about it in our Telegram chat.

Recording Android audio via capture card

Capture cards. They’re not just screen recording devices, since they basically serve as a bridge between your PC and the device whose screen you’re trying to record. Professionals often use capture cards, despite their price, simply because they allow them to record high-quality video, create live feeds, and record internal audio from any device they’re connected to, including Android smartphones.

Most capture cards have their own screen recording software, so the process of adjusting video and audio settings depends on the capture card you use. If you have Elgato capture card you can fully control the sound recording process using Elgato sound capture feature. This powerful tool will allow you to mix sounds from different sources, choose which microphones will be used during the live broadcast, and adjust the volume of the music and sound. However, if you want to use Elgato, you’ll need to make sure your computer is compatible with this capture card, as well as connect your Android smartphone.

Using capture cards to record screen on your smartphone can be too expensive, as capture cards are often used as part of professional gaming equipment used to stream or capture gameplay from Xbox or PlayStation 4 games.

How to do screen recording on Android

Taking a screenshot of your smartphone screen to quickly capture something important or interesting is no problem today. Almost all users of modern devices know how to do it. However, you can also make a video capture of what is shown on the display. This feature is also easy to use, but many users aren’t aware of it. Let’s bridge the knowledge gap.

It is worth noting that we will consider several ways to make a screen recording on Android, both built-in tools and with third-party programs.