Apple Watch 3 what colors are available

The main difference between the Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 2

Compared to the previous model, the iWatch 3 features a faster dual-core processor, wireless module and barometric altimeter.

It’s worth noting that there are two Series 3 variants available:

The presence of a built-in LTE module makes the third model of Apple Watch more sophisticated and gives the opportunity, regardless of the presence of the iPhone to make calls and use the Internet. However, the built-in electronic SIM-card does not work in our country, because Ukrainian operators currently do not provide eSIM service. Therefore, you will not be able to use the “smart” watch without tying it to your smartphone anyway. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the third generation with built-in GPS.

How to change the color and style of the Apple Watch Face in watchOS 3 [Video]

I really like the settings. To keep my Apple Watch looking charming, I carefully entertain it with attractive bands. I also continue to customize the style and colors of the dial to my liking from time to time to keep my smart watch at its peak.

There are two ways to customize the color and style of your Apple Watch. While one method is to do it directly from your smart watch, the other is to do it through the iPhone. Both methods are pretty straightforward. Let’s find out!

Apple Watch

In 2014, American professionals released the most anticipated novelty from Apple Corporation. Already during the first half of the year, the high-tech smartwatch has managed to win the hearts of consumers.

Today’s devices make it easy to manage notifications and alerts without disrupting business. Iwatch is distinguished by incredible technical characteristics and a large number of built-in applications.

Accessories are equipped with advanced processors, large displays, power-hungry batteries, and stylish straps. Numerous features are available to users that allow for flexible accessory profile customization.

Apple gadgets are equipped with a specialized gyroscope, accelerometer, pedometer, barometric altimeter, pulsometer. The built-in Digital Crown wheel makes it easy to navigate without overloading the interface. Siri function allows models to execute the owner’s voice commands.

In the iPhone 13 and mini models, the two main cameras are now positioned diagonally instead of vertically. The Pro versions still have the same recognizable triple lens element. The front-facing camera unit has been slightly reduced in size, freeing up some space for the work screen.

The base model and its mini version are available in 5 colors: red, blue, pink, Starlight and Midnight. The front of the model is protected by Ceramic Shield coating. Rugged glass on the back and aluminum in the case.

The eye-catching red iPhone 13 mini (Red). For creative types

It’s pretty bright. The rich summer-inspired red color is perfect for a gift and will definitely not go unnoticed.

Universal blue iPhone 13 (Blue). for any occasion

One of the universal coatings. The iPhone blue color will suit a person of any age, gender and hobbies. This shade can be compared to the evening sky or the sea on the horizon.

A delicate iPhone 13 pink (Pink). With a hint of dreaminess

A creamy, silky marshmallow color, suggestive of lightness and airiness. Despite the fact that most shades of pink are perceived as stereotypical, the creators of iPhone 13 tried to make it look neat and unobtrusive.

Midnight iPhone 13 (Midnight). “ than black”

It can not be called trivial black. A very deep, dark gray color scheme. It combines simplicity, brevity and mystery. It will be appreciated by both a student and an entrepreneur.

The cosmic iPhone 13 (Starlight) is the embodiment of starlight

When we look at the stars, we see light traveling a great distance. It shimmers, changes and beckons. The color scheme of iPhone 13 Starlight is not just a white shimmering shade, it plays with your imagination like distant stars.

What it means to have a red iPhone

In the days of cell phones, the color red did not have any hidden meaning. Except that the color was popular with women. A lot has changed since Apple took over the mobile industry: the red iPhone, for example, has become the norm and the color has gained meaning. The iPhone red is specially labeled (PRODUCT)RED because of a collaboration between Apple and a charity founded by U2 lead singer Bono.

Perhaps the most versatile color for any iPhone

Apple has long collaborated with (RED), but only recently started releasing special iPhones in red. Part of the proceeds from the sale of red iPhones goes to the HIV and AIDS Foundation, and more recently to the fight against coronavirus. The red iPhone is beautiful and stylish: for example, the iPhone SE 2020 in red looks the best in the line. If you like this color but are worried about being looked at obliquely, forget it. Red has long ceased to be only for women, and it also looks great with or without a transparent case. This iPhone always draws extra attention and goes great with any outfit.

For even more iPhone tips, check out our Yandex.Zen!

Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch review: the biggest screen and Fitness service

The next generation of the Apple Watch smart watch came out perhaps quieter than usual not so much was new in this model compared to the previous numbered model, the Watch Series 6. Actually, the main innovation larger display we have already mentioned in the report from the presentation, and there noted that in terms of hardware changes, we have nothing more to name. Except for faster charging and the USB-C connector on the included cable. And now the device has come to us for testing, and almost at the same time the Fitness service became available in Russia. So now we can not only explore the watch in person, but also try it in conjunction with the Fitness.

Releasing the Apple Watch Series 7, the manufacturer has removed the previous model from the line, but kept the cheaper SE version, as well as the very old Series 3, designed to be the most affordable way to get a smart watch Apple The SE sells for 25k or more, and Series 3 start at 18k.

For clarity, here are the specs of the Apple Watch Series 7 compared to the Series 6 (to see what has changed) and the main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. Recall that the Apple Watch SE is almost identical in features to the Series 6, but it lacks the ability to measure ECG and the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Interestingly, Apple doesn’t specify the screen diagonal of the watch in inches, limiting it to the area (1,143 mm)² and 904mm²) and case size (45mm and 41mm, respectively). But to compare with other models and calculate dot density, we need exactly the diagonal in inches. And, admittedly, the larger version of the Series 7 has nearly the largest area of any smartwatch we’ve tested.

Otherwise, as you can see, the Series 7 and 6 have virtually identical specs. Pay attention to the size and weight of the body. These two devices differ minimally, although the screen, as mentioned above, is larger. the engineers did their best!

As for a comparison with Samsung, here Apple devices would be in the lead on almost all points, if we had Apple watches sold in all the same variants as in the U.S. And due to the fact that in Russia there are no LTE-module versions on sale, we are also deprived of a choice between different body materials. So on this part Samsung Galaxy Watch4 breaks through.

The package

We had in our test was a variant of the Nike line. That’s why there’s the Nike logo on the black cover next to the name of the watch and the Apple logo.

Inside the super cover, as before, there are two boxes: one contains the watch itself and the charger, the other the strap. It is easy to guess that in our case it was a Nike strap with lots of holes. I must say, it’s more comfortable than a simple silicone one for those who like to tighten it on their wrist. Thanks to the holes the hand sweats less and the tightness of the fit can be subtly varied.

Almost no differences between Series 7 and Series 6 except for one important detail. The charging cable now has a USB-C plug on the other end, whereas the last generation and the Apple Watch SE used USB-A. First, the watch now charges faster, and secondly, it’s just convenient, since USB-C has been in MacBook chargers for several years, and in iPad chargers.

And, as before, the strap consists of three halves, so you can choose the optimal length for your hand. True, this is not true for all variants: if you buy a watch with a leather or metal strap, there will be no such thing.


So let’s move on to the main thing: the design. The increase in the display suggests that the body must have changed, but if you do not look closely, it is almost impossible to see the difference.

The watch is barely or barely larger than last year’s model, primarily on the long side. The thickness has not changed at all. Thus, for the increased display area does not have to pay anything.

Of course, all the usual controls and microphone/speaker holes are still in place. The back side also applies. The gauge block is identical to the Series 6 and is also made of ceramic, while the rest of the case is recycled aluminum plus glass.

Of course, first of all we want to pay attention to the screen. It does get noticeably bigger, and the bezels around it (with a nice curve) are minimal. Another thing is that if you don’t compare the Series 6 and Series 7 face-to-face, and just wear one model first, then the other, there won’t be much of a feel. Of course the watch is worth its weight in gold for every millimeter of usable viewing area, but to say that switching from the Series 6 to the Series 7 made us want to exclaim wow!, neither can we.

The manufacturer also emphasizes that the glass is now stronger, and the watch is generally better protected against impact. But we didn’t take the risk of verifying this, and there’s no other way to be sure of such improvements. Anyway, the direction is right.

Of course, the Apple Watch Series 7 fits all the same straps as all Apple Watch models since the Series 3. Here we note again how right this policy is, especially considering the cost of Apple’s straps. We can only change the watch, but the good, well-loved straps are saved.

We got new colors for the new model: now it’s a noble green, light creamy shining star and black with a unique shade of dark night. Also from the last generation remained dark blue and red Product(Red). Nike options only shining star and dark night. We had the last one on the test. In principle, an interesting color, blue-black, not flat. However, we still find the blue and green more attractive. A matter of taste.


The watch is available in two display sizes: 41 mm and 45 mm instead of the former 40 mm and 44 mm. Resolution 352×430 и 396×484 respectively, which in both cases gives a value of 326 ppi, more than enough for a wearable device. We had a watch with a 45 mm screen diagonal.

We did a detailed examination of the screen using measuring instruments. Below is the conclusion of Alexey Kudryavtsev, the editor of the section Monitors and Projectors and TV.

The front surface of the screen is designed as a scratch-resistant glass plate with a mirror-smooth curved surface to the edges. The outer surface of the screen has a special oleophobic (grease-repellent) coating (effective, much better than on Google Nexus 7 (2013)), so fingerprints are much easier to remove, and appear with less speed than in the case of conventional glass. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-glare properties of the screen are better than those of the Google Nexus 7 2013 screen. For clarity, here’s a picture of the white surface reflected in the off screen:

Apple Watch Series 7’s screen is darker (brightness from the photos is 101 vs. 110 for the Nexus 7). No double reflections, indicating that there is no air gap between the screen layers. When displaying a full screen white box, we measured a maximum luminance of 665 cd/m² (with bright backlight into the screen; the same amount was obtained in the flashlight mode), the minimum was 4.8 cd/m² (The first stage of adjustment, complete darkness). The maximum brightness is probably higher, but it is impossible to check this because the brightness measurement partially overlaps with the light sensor and the brightness is automatically reduced, and this function cannot be disabled.

As said before, the automatic brightness control by the light sensor always works. The user can only make adjustments to this function by selecting one of three levels. At any brightness level there is a modulation with a frequency of 60 Hz, but its amplitude is small (or rather, it may be large, but the duty cycle is low), so there is no flicker. The graphs of brightness (vertical axis) versus time (horizontal axis) illustrate the above (three levels of brightness):

This screen uses an AMOLED matrix active matrix on organic LEDs. A full-color image is created using subpixels of three colors red (R), green (G) and blue (B) in equal amounts, which is confirmed by a fragment of the microphotograph:

For comparison, you can see a gallery of microphotographs of screens used in mobile technology.

The spectra are typical OLED primary color areas are well separated and look like relatively narrow peaks, there is little color crossmixing:

Accordingly, the coverage is noticeably wider than sRGB, it is almost equal to DCI.

The data above is from images with the Display P3 profile prescribed. If the image has an sRGB profile or no profile at all, the coverage is corrected to sRGB:

apple, watch, colors, available

Accordingly, cross-matching of components is done to a greater extent:

As a result, typical images (with sRGB coverage) have natural saturation:

The color temperature of the white and gray field is about 7200 K, and the deviation from the Spectra of a completely black body (ΔE) is about 3 units. Color balance is good. Black is simply black at all angles. It is so black that the contrast parameter is not applicable in this case. When viewed perpendicularly, the evenness of the white field is excellent. The screen has excellent viewing angles with a much smaller brightness drop when viewed from an angle compared to LCD screens, but at higher angles the white is a bit bluish. Overall, the quality of the Apple Watch screen is very high.


Perhaps for the first time in the history of the Apple Watch, we say that the functionality of the latest flagship is not different from its predecessor. Simply put, there’s nothing the Series 7 can’t do that the Series 6 can’t do.

The comparison is only partly accurate, however. After all, Apple isn’t offering a choice between the Series 6 and 7 right now, last year’s model is out of the lineup. Sure, you can still find it at some resellers, but the price difference with the Series 7 is quite small, so there’s not much point in taking the Series 6, given the design improvements to the Series 7. If you already have a Series 6, of course there is no point in changing to a Series 7 as you won’t get any new features. Simply update to watchOS 8.

But since it did, we’ll tell you in this section about one important new feature that sets the Series 7 apart from the SE and Series 3, which remain in Apple’s current line, but we haven’t tested before. It’s an ECG measurement. For quite a long time we waited for this feature to appear, and even when it became available in principle on the Apple Watch, Russian watch owners still could not use it. So when we tested the Series 6, we didn’t tell you about it. But after a while the certification issues were resolved and we can now try it out on the new Series 7.

The app on the watch is intuitive. You just run it and put any finger on the wheel. After 30 seconds of measurement, you’ll be told whether or not you have signs of atrial fibrillation. You can see the ECG itself on the iPhone Health app.

You can also export it as a PDF to send to your doctor or take with you to your appointments. Here’s the ECG we got through the Apple Watch Series 7, followed by the ECG from the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and from the mobile ambulance. True, the last two cardiograms were taken in the summer, six months ago, but it’s unlikely that any changes have happened to the author’s heart since then (at least one would hope so).

If there are doctors among our readers, you can judge which device did the job better. But purely visually, to a layman who knows nothing about it, the ECG of the Apple Watch looks more like something done by a specialized machine by an ambulance crew.

And another Apple Watch feature, which is already available not only on the Series 7, but in general on all models with watchOS 8 support, is the Fitness service. It appeared literally recently, after the release of the watch, and we, of course, could not help but try it out.


So what is Fitness? At first glance, it’s just a set of video and audio workouts that includes classes of varying lengths, types and sports (from yoga and Pilates to power lifting) and with different trainers. The kit is constantly being updated and payment is monthly, 249 (the first three months are free). The trick, however, isn’t just in the content, but in its integration into the Apple ecosystem. Let’s explain with specific examples.

To get started with Fitness, you go to the iPhone app, which used to be called Activity and is now Fitness. It has a Fitness section with an icon identical to Workouts on the Apple Watch. We click on the icon and get an offer to subscribe. It’s done right there, literally in a couple of seconds. Then we see the main menu of video workouts. Here we need to select one of them.

Press Proceed and see the video itself on your smartphone screen (or even more conveniently use an iPad or Apple TV), the watch at the same time records our heart rate and shows your progress.

At the end of your workout you’ll see your basic stats on the watch, and they’ll be downloaded to your iPhone.

Of course, all the data counts in the Health app, affecting your progress for the day, so Fitness is a great way to tighten up your performance. After all, if you search for a workout on YouTube or other sources, it’s not certain that the watch will interpret it correctly, but here it will interpret the results with maximum accuracy.

But Fitness has one more useful feature. You can download audio workouts there and then use them directly from your watch by plugging in your Airpods wireless headphones.

In the screenshot above we see the Add button. Click on it to find a walk with Prince William in the Workout app on the Apple Watch (Media Library section).

To be honest, hitting exactly there is not very obvious, but it is worth once to understand, after which there will be no more problems.

And finally note that all completed classes in Fitness are marked with checkmarks, so you can easily find the course you liked, or choose something else. Well, all the music that sounds during the course is immediately visible as an Apple Music playlist, so you can easily find a track you like and add it to your music library. There are, by the way, workouts based entirely on the songs of any artist. A good choice for those who care about the soundtrack!

There is only one minus. precisely, not even a minus, but the feature. Training is only in English with subtitles (including Russian). If you can’t hear the language, it might be a hassle to keep your eyes focused on the fine text on the bottom of the screen when you’re practicing meditation. We want to believe that one day Apple will attract and Russian-speaking trainers, who will create their own courses. In the meantime, let’s consider it an incentive to master your English 🙂

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Battery life

Apple traditionally does not disclose the battery capacity, but indicates in the official specs: up to 18 hours of work. In reality, the watch with AlwaysOn off lasts just under two days, which means it needs to be charged every two nights. This is slightly less than the Apple Watch Series 6 is obviously affected by the increased screen area, which naturally drains the battery faster. And since the case remains the same, the battery is unlikely to have grown seriously.

Perhaps we should admit that by today’s standards, two days of battery life is not enough. Many smart watches of similar functionality live for three days or more. But the Apple Watch now charges faster: in half an hour it recharges up to 80%. Still, we hope that in the next generation, the manufacturer will come up with something with increased battery life.

Apple smartwatches have not changed in terms of features, but have gained a larger display (almost without increasing the size of the case) and have become more robust. In principle, it is quite logical that the manufacturer decided to slow down with the implementation of brand new features that require the addition of sensors or something similar. The Apple Watch Series 6 isn’t the least bit outdated in this area, so an Accent was made on improving the design. Probably a year later we will see just something new in terms of features, while the design will remain similar to the Series 7. It’s hard to see how else it could be improved without losing autonomy and retaining style continuity.

However, we can’t ignore that the arrival of the Fitness service in Russia and the ability to measure ECG (which wasn’t available at the launch of the Series 6) take the device to the next level. And overall, it’s one of the most advanced smart watches on the market. Their benefits include exceptionally deep integration into the Apple ecosystem and the widest selection of straps. The disadvantages are only a short battery life and high price. Those who are very confused by this should look in the direction of the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch Series 3 Unboxing. White and Gray Ceramic

Silicone straps

Cost from 3990 The most popular belts. and the best. You can argue for a long time about the substances that Ive and Co. are eating, but the shape and size of the silicone bracelet for the Apple Watch is close to the ideal.

Buying this watch with a good color silicone bracelet (about which below) can close the issue of finding accessories for the AW ahead of time. This is a very comfortable, versatile, unbreakable and quality belt for all occasions. And it’s not “sporty.”. Just a good.

Its disadvantages. in heat the skin under it can sweat, especially from dark colors. Well, it is more suitable for aluminum models than for steel, although there are exceptions.

Now, I didn’t say it for nothing about the importance of color choice. If you bought the AW with a black sports bracelet, you did the wrong thing. Whatever your watch, a black wristband is only good for one thing: the gym. In other moments it turns AW into a kind of dull sports tracker, which uselessly dangle from the arms of every third Muscovite.

What to get: as a win-win, I suggest taking the white bracelet for the silver AW Sport, dark gray for the black AW Sport, dark blue for the gold AW Sport and steel AW.

good wristband combinations for the aluminum silver Apple Watch Sport: Product RED, the new deep blue, snow white (not beige!).

Which sport straps to choose for the gold Apple Watch Sport: navy gray (cocoa), navy blue, beige, black (yes!)

And finally, the Sport straps for the steel AW: dark blue, dark gray, the new deep blue, white, red Product RED.

And for owners of black aluminum Apple Watch, I advise to buy any other model. Only the red strap looks okay with yours.

My verdict: silicone straps rule, with the right color match any situation and style. Well almost, with a suit is not the most fontsy, but bearable. Just don’t buy a black bracelet

Apple Watch 3 just recently came out and I’ve already been lucky enough to own one! I already have experience with the Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 38mm in a silver case, so I decided to upgrade my next model and chose the steel 42mm.

In Russia, the steel version of the watch is not yet available for sale, my model was bought in Japan.

The steel version of the watch comes in two colors: black and white.

Spot series in three: Black, silver and rose gold.

I used to think that the size was 42 mm. A version exclusively for men, that on a fragile woman’s hand they will look a bit heavy, and it is indeed true, but now I am not embarrassed by this, still with a 42mm screen I am much more comfortable, and to give the watch a more feminine look. I ordered some beautiful feminine straps on ebay.

Agree that for girls the ability to change straps. is very useful, because we like different styles of clothing, as well as our moods and color preferences are variable. Chinese brothers help us to save on original straps, which gives us the opportunity to have a supply of 3-4 replacement accessories, for the price of the original (and after buying the watch is unlikely there will be money for replacement accessories)

The new Apple Watch Series 3 is positioned by the manufacturer higher than their smaller counterparts, for the following reasons:

  • powerful processor;
  • In this regard, Siri began to speak, t.е. respond to voice requests (previously the answer was only in the form of text);
  • Improved retina screen, it became twice as bright (this is useful in bright sunlight);;
  • powerful battery (should last for 2 days of active use, to be honest, the Apple Watch Series 1 Sport lasted me for 2 days, too);
  • Water resistance: the watch can be used for swimming and showering (it is better to swim in fresh water, sea water can easily damage the watch);
  • Built-in GPS module;
  • Barometric altimeter (the watch is sensitive to changes in altitude, t.е. understand upward or downward movement and can take this into account when measuring physical exertion);
  • Microchip for wireless communications (the ability to work independently from the phone, but this is only possible if your operator supports this function. In Russia, none of the mobile operators yet does not support this function and it is not known when it will be)

I wrote more about the functionality of the watch in my review of the Apple Watch Sport Series 1.

This is what the watch packaging looks like now:

In comparison, the previous model had a very different shaped box, in my opinion, less compact:

When opening the box. Immediately we see the clock in this form:

The watch rests on such a plastic stand, which can later be used as a “base” for this watch:

Comes with the usual two strap sizes S/M and M/L:

Wireless charging station (it attaches to the back of the watch with a magnet and charges it that way):

The wire in the charger is now 1m long, my previous Apple Watch Series 1 Sport had a 2m wire length, but for me it doesn’t matter, so the charger will take up less space on the road.

If you, like me, change your watch model, then when you tether it to your iPhone, all the settings of the old watch. will go to the new, t.е. those screens you configured before. will automatically appear on the new watch.

By the way, the Apple Watch Series 3 is compatible with iPhone models starting with the 5S and you need to update to the latest version of iOS 11 to sync.0.1.

For those who are not familiar with smart watches Apple, let me explain: on your phone you can configure a lot of screens on your watch to your taste and color, to make it clearer show how it looks in the menu of the phone:

You can change the screens in your mood and need by the usual flipping, here are possible variations on this theme:

Screens with views of nature and the world’s various metropolitan areas change with the course of the day and the time of sunrise and sunset in your region, i.e.е. for example you have the London screen saver when it’s morning. on your screen saver it is lightening, daytime. The sun at the zenith and at sunset on the watch screen is a gradual setting of the sun and the night city, that’s what it looks like:

I’ll be honest with you, I like this thing a lot. A small thing, of course, but very nice!

Also an important feature of the smart watch is that when you slightly change the angle of your hand to see the time. the screen lights up automatically and you see the time and other information from the screen (weather or physical activity, time in another region, etc.).д.).

This is how a 42mm watch looks like on my hand:

For comparison, I’m showing the 42mm and 38mm dimensions on my hand with the same saver:

The main menu power button (the wheel) is now colored red for some reason:

To be honest, I was very surprised by this design solution, it looks a surprising red stain on the strict black color (on the steel color of the light watch model, in my opinion, red is even more ridiculous), I solved this issue for myself. by ordering a red strap, later I will add a photo with a red strap to the review (when on DO get to me).

Example of working with apps on the watch:

As I mentioned, pressing the “red button” takes us to the main menu, where we see icons of all the applications available on the watch:

Selected the weather (cities of interest in this menu you can adjust to your liking)::

I selected the Google Map menu and set the object I want to get to, the watch gives me the route:

This is what the back of the watch looks like (absolutely the same as before, nothing has changed):

The basic package comes with a black silicone strap that has a very comfortable clasp, all designed so that the clasp can not crumple or deteriorate in use:

When you swipe the screen from top to bottom: see the latest notifications (messenger messages, SMS, missed calls, the progress of activity updates).

If you swipe the screen from the bottom to the top, you will see the following menu:

Top left icon. the watch operates autonomously from the cellular network (a feature that is not yet supported by cellular operators in Russia).

Drop. clearing the wheel from moisture after interaction with water. Tapping on it, the phone says the action to be carried out with the wheel so that the water comes out.

And there appeared a mode “flashlight” from works in three variations: just a white screen, a flickering screen and a red screen. Checked mode. Really works as a flashlight in a dark room (another little thing, but nice).

For comparison, this is what the same menu looked like on the first model:

Useful functionality of the Apple Watch:

  • Answering calls without taking out the phone (convenient while driving);
  • receive SMS messages and from messengers to the watch and display them on the screen, the ability to respond to messages in short variants (ok, ok, no, of course, no problem) or the answer can be dictated, the watch transforms the voice into text (convenient in classes, meetings, in the cinema, theater);
  • Daily activity control, counting calories spent during the day;
  • the watch reminds of a needed rest or planned workout;
  • heart rate monitoring;
  • mobility (using maps, weather, Siri, making phone calls with the watch using Siri)

To summarize, the fundamental differences between the new and old watches for me personally:


  • large screen. For me it is much more convenient and useful;
  • I like the steel case more, first of all this model has a sapphire crystal, second. I like the feel of a serious watch, with the aluminum case I had the feeling that the watch is plastic and very fragile, also the glass and the case easily scratched, so I had to use a case. Now I do not need a case.
  • water resistance. In case of falling under the rain, washing dishes and in other cases of contact with water, the watch is protected!
  • The ability to work offline from your phone (I think many operators will soon begin to support this feature);
  • Improved calorie counting and heart rate measurement system;
  • response time. The watch is several times faster than its smaller brothers.

It seems to me that the differences between the models of the old and new series of watches at the moment are not fundamental (given the controversial situation with support for copying SIM cards to the watch).

Personally, the watch case and screen size are more fundamental for me, which noticeably affects the functionality.

But in any case the “smart watch” is more of a toy than a really necessary thing, although in our rhythm and lifestyle, perhaps soon it will become a necessity!

The price of my model in the official store Apple Store was 79 000 Japanese price, which in rubles at the current exchange rate of 40 000.

My review of the Apple Watch Sport Series 1, in which I wrote in more detail why I need and what is useful for me “smart watch.

Update from 16.10.2017, as promised. Hermes-style photos of the interchangeable red strap:

Three years ago I would not have believed it if someone had told me that I would fall in love with an Apple watch.

The first time I saw them at the presentation, I was disappointed with their shape and overall image.

In stores, I didn’t even try to try them on, I was just disgusted by their form factor.

I got used to a large, round yet sophisticated watch, without all the rhinestones and frills.

But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if we didn’t know that over time we. people, come to understand their “beauty”.

It all started when I was picking out a smart bracelet for my husband as a gift. After a long choice I leaned toward the Apple Watch, but as it turned out later, he absolutely did not want them, and I was already starting to fall in love.

I had studied so much literature, looked at them in storefronts. And that was it.

Here it is. The Apple effect: first you hate them, and then you completely fall in love with them!

There is one statement by Steve Jobs that I really remember, from my lectures on marketing at the institute:

You can’t just ask customers what they want, because by the time you do, they’ll want something new.

It’s about how Apple has never been particularly interested in what’s going on in the market right now, they know exactly what will be interesting later, so they’re making changes right now.

We are all human and firstly grumble at the fact that they take away our usual things (headphone jack, or remember how everybody screamed that they took away the Home button), and then we get used to it, and it seems to be the way it has always been. So that’s the magic of Apple.

I ended up ordering them blind, not measuring on myself, not choosing a color (because I had chosen a man before). I chose the 42 mm size, it has a bigger battery, and my hand is not as fragile.

There was, is and will be a lot of controversy about appearance.

For me. It’s the most beautiful smart watch, and among the ordinary watches I do not see for myself favorite options.

They’re versatile, very delicate, and with changing straps can match any clothing style.

I prefer the classics, they look great even with a sporty strap.

The case of my watch is made of golden aluminum, sporty strap color “pink sand.

Contrary to many people’s misconceptions, the color of the Series 3 is “gold,” and a different “gold! It’s not rose gold.

About rose gold. that awful color can be forgotten, it is no longer there, not even in the line of phones since the release of the 8 Plus, which I talk about and also clearly show the color change. here.

The thickness of the watch is not small, but it is not felt in the hand at all.

It’s like it was made for me, I can’t feel it at all and when I take it off to charge it feels like something is missing.

As I said, my wrist is not narrow, and when I first put my watch on, I realized that a 38mm would be small for me, and my hand seemed larger.

I must honestly say that when I bought it I clearly did not understand how it would make my life easier.

And now after three years of use, I can say for sure that you can live without them, but it is less pleasant))) They especially saved me when I broke my leg and was jumping around the apartment on crutches. I was always able to use it because I was wearing it and not able to have my phone with me.

I could answer the phone, read and respond to text messages.

When I cook, I always ask Siri to set the timer.

It was the coolest thing for me. taking my pulse! I had heart palpitations and I often felt like I was suffocating. But while they were putting me on Holter, doing ECHO’s of the heart, etc.д. everything was normal! But the clock showed that in the moments when I have these sensations. My heart would stop beating! Т.е. One moment the gap between beats is a fraction of a second, the next a couple of seconds. Thanks to this, I was able to get to the bottom of it and solve the problem, because all the doctors told me I was making it up.

But it’s really fun to make a joke or two.

The first two years I wore them almost all the time, even slept in them at night. I couldn’t understand how I used to live without them.And now I’ve hardly worn them for a year ((

1) I have solved health problems, and I measure my heart rate rarely;

2) I can’t wear them at work, I only wear them when on vacation;

3) the battery already poorly holds. They last about 1.5 days now, and I’m starting to feel like I charge them more often than I wear them. Although they did hold for 3 days after purchase;

4) the time goes on and they are just annoying, change of straps does not help much, and a huge pile of dials does not give pleasure, I use the easiest;

5) Movement tasks are annoying.

The first time I liked the chip with fitness, but over time I got tired of it, because close the circles on the movement I just had a problem, because it needs to wave their hands, and I have them kind of static, even when walking. With my husband specifically checked, under the same conditions, his circles close, I do not (

Thought a glitch in my watch, changed watches, everything remained the same.

And the funny thing was that my husband could stay on the couch all day and close all the targets, and I washed the whole apartment and could barely close half of them.

Right now, if you want to try the Apple Watch, I recommend getting one that is not the most expensive! Because they hardly change over time, you want variety, and they’re still the same, just thinner. And why pay more when all the major innovations in Russia do not work?

I’m thinking that nowadays you can pretty much buy a regular analog watch with smart features and that’s good enough.

I’ve decided for myself that with the look, price and capabilities of today’s Apple Watch, I won’t be buying myself a new one. I am quite enough of my old ones, they are even more WAGO! It works pretty fast, with the latest update to the latest axis, even less sluggish.