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How to track the iPhone

How to track the location of the iPhone by phone number or using the “Find Friends” service. “Lighthouse” from operators. How to find iPhone using special applications. What to do for iphone security?

The need to track the place where the smartphone is located may arise in such cases:

  • The iPhone is in the child, and relatives want to find out where he is now.
  • The phone was lost and attempts are made to find it.
  • It was stolen and you need to catch a thief.

There are various search methods. But they are available only to those who are an iPhone user.

The function “Find iPhone”

This function is always present on the iPhone. To use it, you need to perform such actions:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the icloud section. You need to specify your username and password in the system.
  • Select the “Find iPhone” option and activate it by moving the switch to the right.

After that, the function will be activated and it can be used when looking for a phone.

If this procedure is not carried out in advance, then in the case of the gadget’s disappearance, it will not work to use it. If the function was turned on, then it will work only if geolocation will be turned on.

The following will tell you how exactly the search is used using this method. To do this, you can use several ways. The simplest is the use of a specialized application. To do this, you will need to ask a relative or acquaintance of the iPhone, download and install with his resolution the specialized application “Find iPhone”. To enter the system, you will need to indicate your Apple ID. Next, you need to take the following actions:

  • After starting the program in automatic mode, scan will be performed.
  • You need to wait for its end.
  • The proposed map will marked the location of the device that needs to be found.

If necessary, the user is given the opportunity to press the alarming button. Additionally, it is possible to find the route to the desired point. So that it is shown on the map, you need to click on the icon with the image of the car.

If there is no opportunity to temporarily lend someone else’s iPhone, then your gadget can be found using a desktop computer or laptop. To do this, it will be enough to use the browser. In this case, to find the phone, you need to take the following actions:

  • Launch a browser and go to the site icloud.
  • You need to enter your Apple id.
  • Choose “Find iPhone”.
  • A map will be shown, on which a special icon will be noted the location of the smartphone.
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The possibility of laying the optimal route to this place is available. The search will be successful only on condition that geolocation is included.

How to find iPhone by phone number without search function

Sometimes there is a need to find another iPhone. It is impossible to do this in standard ways. In some cases, you can use other search methods. There are resources on the Internet that allow you to search by phone number.

Little is known about them, therefore it is difficult to say whether it makes sense in their use. Perhaps, in extreme cases, it is possible to contact them. One of these sites is.Phone-Location. In order to use his services, you need to go through the registration procedure.

In some cases, the Google Timeline service can help. If the Google account was used on the lost phone, then data on the location of the gadget will be saved. To do this, follow the link and log in. After that, it will be possible to open the card and see when and where the iPhone was located. To do this, you need to know the login and password of the account, which was used at the stolen application.

How to find iPhone using the icloud service

Icloud will help to track the location of the device. It is he who will show on the map the place where the iPhone is located. To use these functionality, you need to remember the data from your account in iCloud. This is Apple ID and password.

We are looking for from a computer

To find a lost phone through a computer using iCloud, we pass through the above link and pass the authorization procedure. Shorters will appear on the screen where you need to select the “Find iPhone” item. After starting the application and the appearance of a terrain map, we select our iPhone in the “My Devices” menu. After a couple of seconds, the place where it is at the moment will be displayed on the map. For example, you could drop the tube near the car or leave it on a bench in the park. Urgently run there so that the legs do not “grow up”.

Three other useful functions are available here:

  • Reproduce the sound. Activation of the function will force the tube to give a sound signal. Very convenient when looking for a phone in grass or at home.
  • The loss mode. Displays a message on the phone screen, which will see the one who finds it. Indicate your contact details here. The tube will be blocked.
  • Wipe the iPhone. We recommend using this function if the price of the data stored in the device is higher than the cost of the iPhone itself.

This is quite enough to find a pipe, block it or turn it into a “brick”.

We recommend that you activate the loss mode immediately after detecting the absence of a tube. This will not affect the performance of geolocation.

We are looking for iPhone from another

At the time of loss of computer device, it may not be at hand. It is quite a standard situation. Do not be upset, we will be helped by the one who also uses the iPhone. We ask for the device, run the “Find iPhone” application on it, launch it and log in with our Apple ID. After a couple of seconds, a map of the terrain with a smartphone is located on the screen will appear on the screen. You can go in search.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

Unfortunately, we will not be able to turn on the turned off the turned off the turned off. To properly determine the current location of the iPhone should be online. If not so, its last position will be indicated on the map. You can move to this point and look for a lost device there. Unfortunately, a similar result will have to be encountered if the smartphone is lost in an area where there is no reception of the network signal.

How to use the Locator application in iOS 13

The “Locator” application is divided into three tabs. The first helps to look for friends and family members, the second. Iphone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Airpods, and the third. To manage personal geopolition settings. For the convenience of the user, the card is also displayed in each tab.

To find out where your friend or child is, open the “users” section and select the right person. Its address and location will be displayed on the map, and you will also see additional options.

  • Contact. Opens a contact card on the iPhone.
  • Routes. Redirects to the “maps” application, where it builds a route to the selected user.
  • Notifications. Allows you to receive notifications when a person comes or leaves a certain location. You can also configure the accuracy of the operation (in other words. The radius of action) of the notifications.

The same tab should use to add the right person to the favorites, disconnect your geopolitance and delete user.

The “Devices” tab shows all the gadgets that you and your family members use (for those who have connected a family account). Your current device is marked by the inscription “with you” and is available first on the list. There are several options for each gadget in this section.

  • Reproduce the sound. Includes a loud signal on the selected device. So it can be found in an apartment, store or another place near the owner.
  • Routes. Redirects to the “maps” application, where it builds a route to the selected device.
  • Notifications. Allows you to receive notifications when data on the geosition of the lost gadget appear. Works only with devices marked as missing.
  • Mark as the missing. Having activated the function, the user automatically begins to search for a lost device.

Also, with the help of the “device” tab, all data are erased and unused gadgets are deleted.

The I tab contains personal user settings. Use it to determine your whereabouts, turn off the option “share a geo” for all contacts and abandon requests for friendship from strangers.

Button “Name the current geopolition” also allows you to give the name to popular places, for example, home, work or your favorite cafe.

How to find your iPhone using the application Find iPhone?

Open it and log in using your Apple ID data

After the application ends the scan, the map with the exact location of all your devices will open

By clicking on the device, as in the case of iCloud, the version send alarming signals

The application has one wonderful function. By clicking on the button with the car shown on it, the application will send you to the card installed by default, where the optimal route will be built to the location of your iPhone.

The most important thing is to think about setting the function to find the iPhone in advance, because if it is not activated, only law enforcement agencies will be able to help you. Take care of your iPhone.

What changed

▪️ On the main page of the locator are now two tabs: users (friends and family members) and devices (your gadgets)

▪️ For each friend, three functions are provided: see contact, build a route before it and configure notifications

The name of the current geopolition can be set yourself

The first tab of the application shows the devices of your friends who agreed to share the geopolis.

By choosing a user, you can see its exact location. Even the address will be written under the name.

You are allowed to share a geo.Position with other users right in the locator

In addition, here you can quickly build the route before contact, as well as see its card.

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Plus, ask notifications either for yourself or for a person: about leaving the place where you are, or vice versa. Show when your friend has gone, plus share the geojet at a particular moment in time.

Alerts depend on the geopolit of the user and are triggered upon arrival or departure from a specific point

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▪️ In the device tab, you can additionally block the device remotely

The second tab indicates a list of all your devices. The design of this menu has also changed.

Here you can remotely reproduce the sound, build the route to the device, notify when detecting and mark the gadget for the missing. And also erase the device or remove from the list.

If the device is found, you will receive an appropriate message with accurate geolocation by mail

Attention: Removing from the list Find the iPhone is not accompanied by additional notification. The device will immediately disappear when pressing this button, but will return after the application restart.

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IOS 15 Find My iphone How to find lost iPhone?

Find iPhone by IMEI

If the previous methods have not suited you, then there is another option. A search by IMEI (this is a unique identification number of each phone consisting of fifteen signs). IMEI will allow you to find a GPS device, even if data transmission or geolocation were turned on.

IMEI can be found either from the documentation of the device, or by typing a USSD team #06 #. IMEI should contact the police, but for starters it will be better to try to use the service of searching for lost gadgets. We recommend that the tracierPlus or its analogues.

Functions of the application “locator

The first section of the program is dedicated to the search for people. In it you can find everyone who discovered access to their geopoli. To allow other users to see their location, you need to go to the settings, open the Apple ID. Family Access tab, find the function “Transfer of geopolition” and click. You can also share a location with individuals. To do this, it is enough to open a person’s number in the contacts and click “Share a geopolition”.

The locator also allows you to contact a person and send him a text or voice message. For this, the “Contact” function is intended. The user selects any number from the list of his contacts and performs the action he needs.

The Option “Route” shows the location of another person and paves the route to it. This is possible if both iPhone owners opened access to each other’s geopolit. The function is convenient in that it can build a route of different variations. For a car, public transport, taxi and walking, and will also calculate the approximate time of arrival.

The “Notification” tool sends the user a notification that the location of another person has changed. If the owner of the iPhone discovered access to his geopoli to others, then they will also receive a notification. In the same section, you can disable the broadcasting of your geodata.

The second section is “devices”. It contains information about all related user gadgets, as well as on devices of family members. Those who are provided with family access will be able to receive information about the location of the phone.

If the owner has lost the iPhone on somewhere nearby, for example, indoors, then you can use the function “play sound”. The phone will begin to publish a loud siren, it will not be difficult to find it by sound. The “Notification” function will send a man a notification if someone finds his phone.

You can also find the iPhone yourself using the option “Route”. She will build an exact path on the map to the location of the phone and indicate the approximate time for which you can pass or pass this route. In addition, you can enable the option “mark as missing”. In this case, the iPhone will be blocked, and its location will be easy to track. Only its owner can unlock the phone, so this method will ensure the safety of the user’s personal data.

If necessary, you can delete all the files from the iPhone using the option “erase the device”. This function is used in extreme cases. If the owner is important data stored on the phone, then this method is not recommended to use this method, since it will be impossible to restore files.

How to track anyone’s phone location without them knowing! This was used on me��


The functions “find iPhone” and “locator” noticeably simplified the life of lovers of “apple” gadgets. Now lost or stolen devices is not so difficult to return.

While the attacker racks his head how to unlock the found or stolen iPhone, you can start the application and see where your smartphone is located.

Of particular attention deserves the “offline access” option, which helps to track even the offset device.

Also, using the “locator”, you can use the functions of “parental control”. This will abandon third.Party applications, receiving the maximum capabilities of the company’s decision from Apple.