Applications do not open on Android what to do

What to do if applications do not work on Android

It so happens that games and programs on Android cease to be launched after prolonged use or do not work immediately after installation. About why the applications do not open on Android, the possible causes of problems and ways to solve them will tell Appsetter.Ru

If the application does not turn on the Android device, there may be several reasons. Among them:

The latter usually manifests itself with prolonged use of the application. The first and second. Immediately after installation.

Lack of RAM

The main feature is the black screen after installing and starting the application. The decision will be the restoration of part of the RAM by the closure of unnecessary working programs. You can manually do this in the smartphone settings or using special software, for example, CCleaner or Clean Master.

If the first method has not helped, it will be necessary to install special utilities Roehsoft Swapit Ram Expander or Swapper. They use part of the space on the memory card to expand the volume of RAM. Such an opportunity is supported by few smartphones. To determine whether the SWAP option supports the phone, you can install the Memoryinfo Swapfile Check utility, and remove it after checking. To work with these utilities, you need a ROOT right to a mobile device.

It is important to remember that when using this type and when solving such problems, the life of the memory card is significantly reduced.

The outdated version of the OS

The second possible problem, due to which applications on Android are not launched-the version of the OS is outdated. When downloading through the Google Play, the user will immediately be warned about what is not suitable for this OS. If the installation is made through an APK file that the program will not work, the user will only find out after the installation.

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To decide, the operating system is updated. In the phone settings, the “System Update” section is opened, and then click on the “Checking Update” button. If the new version is not, there will be a corresponding notification. Otherwise it will be proposed to install updates.

On different smartphones, the names of the sections may differ.

On the technique of some manufacturers, updating the firmware directly through the menu is impossible. It will be necessary to look for the necessary software on the company’s official website, download it to PC and update the phone through the computer.

Malfunctions in the work of the application or OS

Sometimes the phone does not open applications due to failures in their work. First you should drop the cache, then re.Start the program. It will be necessary to open “settings”. “applications” and find the right. Clicking on it open a page with information about the software and click “Clean the cache”.

If the problem is preserved after these actions, the programs are completed on the same page, clicking “stop”, and then open it again.

If the application still does not work, it is removed and loaded again.

In cases where not one, but many programs or games, the problem may not be in the work of the OS are not launched. You need to discharge to factory settings. It is important to remember that all user information will be deleted, so it is pre.Moved to the memory card.

How to fix Android errors in all applications

Random failure.- We need to restart the phone

If there is an error in all applications on your Android, do not worry. Please, first try to restart the phone.

There is another way to reboot the device based on Android.

Many smartphone models are made without a removable battery, which does not make it possible to extract the battery from the phone and thus restart the device. To carry out a forced reloading of the device and fix Android errors in the application, follow the following steps:

Clean the data and cache of applications

If the reboot of the smartphone did not help to correct Android errors in all applications, then try to clean the data and Kesh in applications.

  • Go to the “settings” on your device;
  • Next, go to the “Applications”;
  • Then you need to select the right application;
  • In the event that the application is already working, then click the “Stop” button;
  • Next, click “Clean the cache”;

Having completed all these steps, you can get rid of Android errors in all applications. Also, if this error occurs in a particular application, you can enter Google Play, delete this application and reinstall it.

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Fix Android errors in all applications through Tenorshare Reiboot for Android

Various kinds of errors that do not disappear during the usual reloading of the phone can occur on the Android device. If the above methods have not helped to eliminate Android errors in all applications, a program comes to the rescue that is able to correct the failure in Android quickly and easily. Tenorshare Reiboot for Android.

    Download and install Tenorshare Reiboot for Android on your PC;

Launch the reiboot program to your PC and click the “Android Correction”;

After that, some information appears that you need to complete. Then click “Next”;

After the load is performed, you need to select the “Fix now” option ”.

Reset of settings to factory

If the above methods have not helped you correct the hover of Samsen, make the data discharge. When resetting data from the memory, all files are deleted, the settings of the operating system are reset, and along with this, errors are removed. You need to copy your data in advance.

Click “General settings”. If there is no such item, go to the next step.

Select “Reset”. It can also be called “Archives and Reset”, “Archives and Reset” or “Privacy”.

Select “Database” or “Reset of the device”

Select “Reset”, “Reset device” or “Delete everything”.

And your device will reboot and data will be deleted.

We roll back the Google application to the previous version

Recently, most often, because of this application, failures and errors in the phone’s work have been observed. Let’s make simple manipulations in a minute and return the phone to work.

Our task: to roll back the current version of the Google application to the base, efficient and at the same time it is necessary to turn off the auto.Renewal so that the application does not immediately update again for the non.Working version.

We go to Play Google and look for the Google application.

We go into it and click the “Delete” button.

We roll back the Google application to the working base version

There is. Now we will not have a mistake anymore. But now you need to turn off the auto.Renewal.

Immediately click on three vertical points and remove the daw in the paragraph “Auto Refine”

Open the additional menu, turn off the auto updating

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Important! Turn on the auto updating again a couple of days after the error appears. Google should promptly release the correction, and for normal operation of the phone, it is important that this service is always relevant. Do not forget.

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Correct “The application after the update does not work”

After you noticed that your application has stopped working after updating follow the following actions.

Go to the Android settings menu

Go to the application section and find in the list your application or game that stopped working after updating

If you have Android 5.0 or New, go to the storage application

Try to first clean the apps of the application and check, the performance of the application

If the application has not earned, then return the Android settings to the application section and rub these applications, again check the application of the application

As a rule, after cleaning the cache and erasing data, the application or game again begins to work as if nothing had happened! If the application also refuses, then you should either reinstall the application, or wait for the next update where they will correct the error.

Insufficient amount of memory on the device

The lack of a sufficient amount of megabytes on the disk drive is a serious problem for the new application, especially the sufficiently powerful and voluminous. Even if it seems that the program for 200 MB should fit in the free 1 GB, the harmful system stubbornly does not want to accept the overall newcomer. In this case, you can:

  • Delete all unnecessary and clean the cache.
  • To transfer everything that is possible from internal memory to external sources, it is possible to a map of the smartphone’s memory, in the “cloud” or completely throw files to another device.

Reset to factory settings

If the solutions proposed above did not bring the result, a tablet or smartphone is dropped to factory installations. It is first recommended to transfer all personal photos, videos, contacts and other important information to the memory card, otherwise they will be deleted. Further, in the gadget settings, the “Memory and Reserve Copies” tab is opened, and in it they move to the “Reset to Factory Settings” section, where they choose and then confirm the implementation of the operation.

As a result, the user will receive an Android device that has returned to its original state. Now you can put the necessary programs on it and check their work.

What to do if Android applications do not work

New applications are constantly being developed and this, of course, is good. However, the devices market also does not experience deficiency and sometimes some applications are incompatible with specific devices. Developers do everything so that there are such cases as little as possible. There are other reasons:

If you install applications exclusively with Google Play, then everything will be fine, because in case of incompatibility of your device and program/game, the “Install” button will become inaccessible. You can download APK file separately and install. But this does not give any guarantees.

Lack of RAM

All applications have systemic requirements and for launch they need a certain amount of RAM. If it will not be enough, then the application will not start or will constantly fly out. You can clean it by closing all the programs that work in the background.

There are other methods. You can create a swing file using, for example, Roehsoft Swapit Ramexpander. It will take a little space on your memory card. This will be required to increase the volume of RAM. It will have a negative impact on the speed of your device and not every smartphone supports the SWAP files (swing file).

When using this method, be prepared that the SD card will not work long and have to change it.

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Old version of Android

Now there is already as much as the seventh version of Android, which answers the question why applications do not work on Android 5 or 5.1 All new applications are developed for the latest versions of Android. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly check the updates and upgrade to a fresh version. This can increase the productivity of the device and eliminate any bugs of the previous firmware version. Checking updates is very simple:

This method is not available to all devices. Sometimes you need to go to the developer’s website and check there. Then, using PC, set up a renewal.

Systems/Application failures

If the application suddenly stopped working or began to fly sharply, it is most likely a mistake in it. Then you need to completely complete it and start it again. For this:

If all applications have stopped working en masse, then it must be assumed that the malfunctions are larger and concern the system itself. Try to drop the settings.

In some cases, it helps. If not, the last option remains. Flashing. For each device this is an individual process, so see the instructions on the Internet.

What can be done if the application does not work?

When applications on Android are not launched, you can use several tricks that allow you to influence the program, there is no 100%guarantee that everything will work, but try to try. Consider the simplest options:

  • Roll up, restart the application. When using a certain program, it can be found. In the case when you turn the application, and then renew it again, it is re.Processed and there is a high probability of restoring the work. So, while in the program, click “Home”, and then through the list of curled applications (usually the left button), return it. If it did not help, then close the utility completely and start the program again;
  • Cleaning the cache. Quite often, when caching, certain errors or memory allocated for this task ends. To clean the section, you should: click on the “settings”, then in the category “Applications” to open “All”. TAP according to the necessary program and in the section “On the Appendix” click on “Clean the cache”;
  • Clean data. The execution procedure is similar to the previous method, so on the same page “On the Appendix” you must click on “erase the data”. Be prepared, when clicking on the button, all your settings in the application will be used, in fact it will return to its original state. Most often this method helps;
  • Reinstalling the program. In extreme cases, you can remove the application, and then re.Install it. This method is old as life, but still works. If the cause is not in failures with the system, then the option should eliminate the error;
  • Lack of updates. This can also include a new update. In some cases, the refusal of updates leads to certain errors that were eliminated in the following versions. Sometimes the situation is opposite, the utility was updated independently, and the update of the raw and the developer did not take into account something, so the performance has become partial or completely absent;
  • Blocking with antivirus. Most antiviruses with special suspicion relate to applications that do not have a signature and were not loaded from the Play Market (sometimes they are at risk). So the blocking of the program, after starting it, is a very likely consequence of the protective function of the system. You just need to add the utility to the exclusion of antivirus or remove it.

Obviously, you can also help you replace the operating system, flashing, updating the OS. In most cases, this procedure is not justified, since there are alternative programs or they are not so needed. In case of accelerated, you can set a new version of the system.

Thanks to such simple methods, it is possible to return the performance of applications. In other cases, you will only have to hope for the developer, which will take into account previous errors and improve the application of the application.

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