Applications do not work on Smart TV Samsung

Why Megogo does not work on the Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips TV. How to fix it?

The Megogo TV application for Smart-TV is one of the largest online cinemas in Eastern Europe, which is available for smart TVs of various brands. It is about this program, its capabilities and the cost of different packages, the features of the connection and refusal of services, as well as the likely problems during operation and will be discussed in this material.

The Film of the Resource has hundreds of thousands of films, TV shows and cartoons from world cinema manufacturers, but the developers do not stop there. The application collection is dynamically replenished with new products. IPTV online service provides access to broadcasts of about 200 TV channels from around the world: popular programs, shows and series.

Part of content users can watch free. Services based on paid subscription are also provided.

Navigation in the service is simple and concise, a built.In player is used to demonstrate a video that creates the effect of a home theater. The viewing management provides for the functions of rewinding forward/backward and pause, there are opportunities for setting up the quality of the picture, turning on/disconnecting subtitles.

On a note! Any user can add any movie to the Favorites, so as not to look for it for a long time to revise. In the “I Watch” tab, the story of views is preserved, where undergone ribbons are placed in the first positions.

In addition, the user of Megogo may be one of the first to see the novelty of the film industry, using the purchase of content on the terms of the preliminary order (tab “pre.Order”). For a much smaller amount, the rental of films for 7 days will cost. At the same time, the number of views is not limited in the framework of the paid week, but after the expiration of the lease term, the content will be blocked.

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To use the capabilities of the film-resource, registration of the profile on the site is required. In the future, thanks to an individual profile, the user will be able to manage subscriptions, control the state of the account, pay for the purchase or rental of premiere films.

How to eliminate problems and correct the mistake of connecting to the Samsung server network on the Samsung Smart TV device

If the problem is not related to the Samsung server, you can try to eliminate and eliminate the problem on your Smart TV device, following the solutions below.


The first thing you need to do is restart the Smart TV. Close the application that you are watching now. Turn off the Samsung TV. Wait a few seconds, then reboot it.

Method. Turn off and turn on your Samsung Smart TV and router again

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Fast restart will help update your connection and delete temporary files that can cause a problem.

  • Turn off the Samsung Smart TV.
  • Disconnect the TV, router and modem.
  • Wait at least 1 minute.
  • Now connect the router and modem.
  • After connecting to the Internet, connect the TV again.
  • Turn on the TV and restart YouTube.

What to do if Smart Hub does not work

Any software, including software in Smart Hub, cannot always work stably and at times there are still malfunctions. For example, it is not possible to get into the service menu, pages are loaded for a long time, the TV turns on and off or other problems arise or arise. On cases when Smart Hub does not work on TV samsung, there are several ways to solve to get rid of the trouble that has arisen.

Reloading TV

Sometimes a failure is random in nature, and rebooting the device will help to solve the problem. Turn off the TV from the power source for a couple of minutes, then turn on again and try to start the application.

Reinstalling the application

The method is suitable only for TVs on OS Tizen (2015-2018). When Smart Hub does not work with a specific program, it can be reinstalled, for which we perform the following:

  • We go to the Apps application panel and select a problem program.
  • Click and hold the central button of the PU (or “Tools”), in the menu that appears, select the “Repeated installation” item.
  • We wait for the end of the process, then try to start the installed application.

Change of Wi-Fi access point

The application may refuse to function due to the blocking by the provider of the IP addresses to which this software addresses. To check and confirm or refute the hunch, you need to connect to a different point of access Wi-Fi. You can also use another device as a modem or access point, for example, a smartphone. Having connected to another network, we check if the problem application works.


Reset Smart Hub on TV Samsung returns the device to factory settings, that is, after the procedure, all the settings and applications that were installed by the user, as well as errors will disappear.

Before performing, it is important to make sure that the TV is certified in Russia, otherwise the device can be blocked after resetting. Certification confirms the Eac icon and the model code ending on Xru.

  • We go to “Settings”.
  • We go to the Support tab.
  • Choose the section “Self.Diagnosis” and click “Reset Smart Hub”.
  • Introduce PIN television receiver (by default 0000).
  • We are waiting for the end of the process, then we leave the menu.
  • On the main screen, click on the “Apps” panel and in the notification window, click “OK”, note “Take everything” and “OK”.
  • We go to the Samsung profile and install the necessary applications.

Replacing DNS

The failure may also be associated with the incorrect operation of the DNS server. You can change the settings as follows:

  • Open in the “settings” from the menu, open the “General” section.
  • We go to the “Network”. “network state” tab, check if there is access to the network.
  • Click “IP settings”, click “DNS settings” in the settings window and select the manual input method.
  • In the line “DNS server” we enter 8.Eight.Eight.8 (this is a Google server for overall access), click “Ready”, after which “back”, we retain the changes.
  • Check if the Internet works.

Firmware update

If there is a new firmware for Smart TV, you can install it, and then try to start problematic software again. Consider how to update Smart Hub on Samsung TV:

  • We go to “Settings”, open the “Support” tab.
  • Choosing the Options Opening option and the option “Update now”.
  • If the new firmware is found, we agree with its installation and expect the completion of the procedure.

Having updated the software, we look at whether the problem has disappeared.

Additional recommendations

If not any of the above methods has been eliminated, you can contact the application developer. Contacts are usually indicated on the page with a description of the software in Samsung Apps, for which we press the button in the form of three points.

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As an option, you can use an analogue of a problem application. Samsung has a lot of software in the Samsung store, so finding the software with similar functionality will not be difficult.

Software failure

Users who are accustomed to the fur coat of smartphones and tablet PC are hardly adapted to the “thoughtful” menu Smart TV. Due to their slowness, consumers often simply ignore 50% program potential and are content with only traditional options, such as watching a film from a flash drive and connecting TV to PC. But not all performance problems can be explained by the specifics of the software shell-sometimes the speed of its operation falls due to internal errors on. In this case, the hovering of TV will most likely be accompanied by pop.Up windows that signal conflicts in programs.

  • When films are slowed down, you need to look at the screen. Perhaps the system will give a message about a software failure. Return to standard settings will not only help get rid of applications errors, but also positively affect the overall performance of the device.
  • Similarly, the system update is valid to the latest stable version.
  • If no manipulations have had an effect, you need to enter the service menu and look for the cause of the malfunction there. Remember that only a specialist can do this quickly and accurately.

Contact the application developer

If the recommendations are not helped above and the application still does not work, contact its developer.

Typically, the contacts are indicated in the detailed description of the application in Samsung Apps, for example, for YouTube-YouTubetv-Shelp@Google.Com. To open a detailed description of the application, find it in the Samsung Apps store, then select the button on the screen in the form of three points

(Hindi) How to fix apps not installing on Samsung Smart TV

In the window that opens, try finding the developer contacts: usually a site or email.

Smart TV does not work on TV

After the successful operation of the TV, the user may face the system failure, regardless of the manufacturer, whether it be LG, Samsung, Sony or another.

Where to start searching for a malfunction

There can be several causes of the malfunction and not all of them are decided by turning off the TV outlet.

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  • The most unexpected malfunction is the complete absence of Smart TV in equipment. This can happen when some grandmother calls the master and complains that her neighbor sees the Internet, but she does not. You can laugh at the problem, but this happens.
  • There is no connection with the Internet. Or there are errors in the connection.
  • Regulatory work for the service provider.
  • Router malfunction.
  • The need to update the router.
  • Lack of Internet.

Firmware update

If the measures above are ineffective, it is worth performing the system for the system, especially if its support is still carried out, and new versions of software are released regularly.

    Go to the TV menu, use the Support item, where select the Options Options.

The option with the installation of a new version of the software is an extreme measure, and if it did not help, the case is in the hardware component of your TV: for example, it has failed, which also requires a visit to the workshop.