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The perineal raphe extends from the anus, through the mid-line of the scrotum (scrotal raphe) and upwards through the posterior mid-line aspect of the penis (penile raphe). Sometimes men write to ISNA, saying that they have a line down the underside of their penis, all the way to the anus, and they wonder if this is evidence of some sort of intersex condition. That line is called the “penile raphe.” From conception until 7 weeks, fetuses have no sex difference—the genitals .

That red line running from the base of your pecker to the scrotum is on everyman its their when your born as you have started puberty your entire penis is getting darker, the line will get even more noticeable, from now on. the white bumps are where hair follicles are going to start sprouting out. Oct 13, 2010 · Many guys who have been circumcised have a dark ring around their penises right below the head where the foreskin was cut. This coloration is totally normal, especially among guys who have a lot of pigmentation in their skin.Some guys also have different colorations on their penises, whether or not they are circumcised.Author: Emily Pisacreta.

The two corpus cavernosa contain the central arteries and lie on the top half of the penis. They are cylindrical tubes and are larger than the other spongy structure. The corpus spongiosum, which is under the two corpus cavernosa and surrounds the urethra, is the pipeline for both urine and sperm. The shaft of the penis is the part that extends out of the body to the tip of the penis. When flaccid (no erection) the skin on the shaft of the penis is loose and stretchy. While many people think that the shaft of the penis is not as sensitive as the head, some men have areas on the shaft that are highly sensitive.