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Asian Boyz, Van Nuys. Asian Boyz, Van Nuys. Related posts: So I like an “Asian Boys, Van Nuys” I am an Asian, so thas a good one for me, I will like to find you on a sight so I can make a contact with a persons, I was going to tell thet joke, A sight mean looking through a sniper riffle joke. In August 1997, the leader of the Asian Boyz Van Nuys set, Sothi Menh, was arrested in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and extradited to the United States after fleeing the country in the preceding January. He was wanted for committing five gang-related murders in the San Fernando Valley in 1995.Founding location: Long Beach / Los Angeles, .

The Asian Boyz (ABZ), are primarily an Asian American street gang established by Marvin “Shy Boy” Mercado in the 1990s. The ethnic background of Asian Boyz gang members primarily contain males of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Koreans, Afro-Americans and Laotian descent.The Asian Boyz originated in Los Angeles CA, and additional factions already existing in states on the East Coast. Pacoima Van Nuys Boys (PVNBS, PVNBZ) in Pacoima area of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Pacoima Van Nuys Boys (PVNBS, PVNBZ) are a predominately Hispanic street gang in the Pacoima neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley in the City Los Angeles, California.