ASUS router does not see the Internet. Searching and eliminating Internet connection problems…


In this article I will talk about several possible reasons where the router does not see the Internet cable. This can happen both just like that and after disconnecting from the network. The indicator of this is not only the fact that a computer cannot open a single site. Visually, this can be seen on the external LED panel. the Internet light does not burn. So, he does not connect to him. The problem occurs on any models regardless of the manufacturer-TP-Link, ASUS, Zyxel Keenetic, D-Link. Also, one cannot avoid this and those who use routers from MTS, Beeline and such operators.

We will leave the situation behind the brackets when the Wan cable is not physically connected. In fact, the main reasons when the router does not see the wires from the Internet provider, several:

  • Inappropriate connection of the cable Internet
  • Incorrect type of connection of WAN and data for authorization by the provider
  • Fault in the network cable itself
  • WANRA Port Damage on a router

The router does not see the Internet cable, since it is inserted in the wrong port

If you see that the Internet lamp does not blink at all, then first of all make sure that the cable itself was correctly connected. Let me remind you that the wire that enters your apartment from the riser should be inserted into the connector designated as “Internet”, “wan”, “wlan” or the globe icon. How exactly it is marked, depends on the manufacturer. It is also often highlighted in a different color. Usually blue, but it is red, white, yellow.

We connect only a network cable to another device to another device, most often to a desktop computer.

Zyxel Keenetic


And here is an example where all ports have the same colors. In this case, they are easiest to confuse them. You need to focus on the designations. Computer sockets have numbers, while the Internet is a separate icon for the Internet cable.

You need to insert the wire completely to the characteristic click of the latch fixing it inside the connector. Only in this case, the contacts will be tightly connected to each other and the router will be able to see the cable.

“Without access to the Internet”-check the Provider settings on a Wi-Fi router

I will show on the example of TP-Link TL-WR841N, as always :).

First of all, we need to find out what technology your provider uses for connection. For example, in TL-WR841N in the WAN tab, you can specify one of the technologies:

And depending on what technology you choose, you can specify the additional information that the provider most likely provided when connecting. For example, if the Static IP technology, then the provider must give you an IP address and other information for connection. If the PPTP/Russia PPTP technology, you can specify the login, password, IP (if necessary). If the provider selects a dynamic IP address, then just put Dynamic IP and everything works. This is my case, the provider Kyivstar home Internet uses dynamic IP.

So you need to find out what technology your provider uses. How to do it? You can see in the documents that you received when connecting, you can look for information on the provider’s website, or you can just call and ask. Say that you are setting up the Internet on a Wi-Fi router, and do not know what type of connection and what settings to indicate in the settings of the router. You must provide the necessary information.

You learned what settings should be indicated, now for clarity, I will show how to indicate these settings in the router itself.

We go to the control panel of the router. To do this, we will take 192 in the address bar of the (if it does not work, then look at the address from the bottom of the router). Enter the username and password, by default it is admin and admin (if you did not change it).

We go to the Network tab, then “WAN”.

For example, I show the settings for Kyivstar home Internet (Ukraine). This provider, as I already wrote, uses dynamic IP. Therefore, in order for the Internet to work, opposite the Wan Connection Type: indicate the Dynamic IP, click the Save button, reboot the router and rejoice (I hope :)).

For example, the tuning for the Beeline \ Corbin provider.

As far as I know, this provider uses L2TP technology (Russian L2TP). Therefore, opposite the Wan Connection Type: indicate L2TP/Russia L2TP.

User name and password. indicate the data of your connection (most likely, you received them when connecting).

Server IP Address/Name:. VPN TP

Wan Connection Mode:. Choosing Connect Automatically.

Asus Aimesh setup cannot find or add node? Try this instead if it’s not connecting

To save, press the Save button.

After making these settings, everything should work. If I am not mistaken, then none of these providers uses binding to the MAC address. Well, if your provider is binding to Mac, then we read on.

Clon MAC address from a computer on Wi-Fi router

If your provider binds a connection to the MAC address, then for the operation of the Internet connection, you still need to clone the MAC address from the computer to the router. You can read more about the MAC address here.

In the router settings, go to the Network. Mac Clone tab. Click the Clone Mac Address button and the Save button. Reload the router.

Everything, the setting is completed. I hope you succeeded.


I tried to make this article simple and understandable, it seems to have happened. Most importantly, this is to post the material in the right sequence and remove the unnecessary information that will only confuse the reader.

How To Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Access On Windows 10. 5 Ways

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The computer does not see the connected LAN cable

In this case, when connecting a network cable, no messages and activity from the latter appear. The icon of network connections will be crossed out red, and if you bring the cursor on it, the inscription “No connection” will appear. Everything looks exactly the same as if the cable had not been connected at all.

Here the problem can be hidden in three places: both in a router or computer and the cause can be a damaged cable. First, check the serviceability of the computer itself.

Connect a cable without a router to it, directly. If the status of connection to the network has changed, then apparently the PC has nothing to do with. Or you can check on the contrary by connecting the cable through the router to another PC.

If the computer continues not to see the cable connected to it, regardless of their sources, then apparently we have problems with the network card. If necessary, you can always purchase and install another, especially since it is not expensive. But for starters, make sure that the computer really has a network card driver. You can check this by going into the device manager and deploying a list of network adapters. Make sure if your card is there. Its name may differ from what is shown in the figure below.

In some cases, the network card can be displayed, but there will be a yellowish exclamation mark near it. This suggests that the network card may not work correctly. You need to try to re.install the driver for this device. Download it from the official site of the manufacturer and manually install it.

Sometimes you can encounter the fact that the connector is burned out to connect the network cable on the router, or somehow damaged. There are often several such connectors on routers, so try to connect the cable to other. Perhaps everything will work.

The problem may be in the router itself, this is checked by connecting it to several different computers. If in all cases the connection with the Internet has not appeared, it is obvious that the perpetrator is a router. It may not necessarily be a physical malfunction, perhaps just something is shot down in the settings. Set up the settings on it and restart, then check again.

In this case, you must be sure that the cable itself is working. After all, he can also break somewhere, or have bad contact. You can look for another and check it. But the problem may be related to the settings on the computer. In some cases, a local network may be disconnected on PC.

Here you need, through the control panel, go to the network and the Internet section, open network connections. In the case when the “Disabled” status will be under the connection icon on the local network, then make a click on it with the right button and turn it on.

Typically, one of these recommendations necessarily helps.

asus, router, does, internet, eliminating

There is a constant identification of the network, or it is not recognized at all

Now let’s see what can be done if the computer notices the connection of the network cable, but you still can’t connect to the Internet. For example, we connected the cable and the status of the network “Identification” appeared. Everything seems to be cool and the network should soon appear! But time passes and nothing changes.

Another case when the computer does not identify the network and shows the appropriate status.

Usually, such errors are directly related to obtaining the IP address. On the computer, an automatic definition of network settings can be disabled, or instead a specific static IP address is recorded. For example, it may remain from the previous connection. But for a router, it is not correct and you will not be able to establish a connection with the Internet. DHCP may not work on the router itself, which automatically issues addresses to all devices. Again, you need to go into the settings and include this function, or manually enter all the necessary addresses on your computer.

To enable the automatic definition of IP and DNS addresses, you need to go to the control panel and open the section of networks and the Internet there. Next, go to network connections. You can get there in another way, do it as shown in the figure below.

Next, make a click with the right mouse button to connect the local network and open its properties. Then follow the actions shown in this figure.

Disconnect your network cable from the computer and again connect it. After that, the Internet should start working normally.

By crossing the same paths, in the same settings, you can manually indicate the address IP addresses. Only in this case, activate the use of the next IP. What address needs to be entered, we determine using the address at which the settings of the router are available. For example, router settings, it means the address should be inscribed in the likeness of this We just take the address and the last number is changed to another, for example 60.

DNS can also be indicated manually, they will have the same type: 8.eight.eight.8 and 8.eight.four.four.

There is no access to the Internet (a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark)

Or how is it displayed in the status “without access to the Internet”.

Such a message says that the cable is connected and everything works successfully, including a router, but there is no access to the Internet. Perhaps the router itself is not connected to the network, or has the wrong settings. In some cases, problems may be from the provider, so you can contact him and clarify.

Laptop side problem

A computer may not see a wireless access point due to failures in the operation of the operating system and for other reasons:

The network is disconnected by keys

By default, some manufacturers supply laptops with Wi-Fi modules disconnected. You can start them using a combination of keys.

Consider popular combinations for different manufacturers (may vary depending on the model):

Manufacturer Combination of keys
Asus FNF2
Samsung FNF9, FNF12
Acer FNF2
Del FNF2, FNF12
Lenovo FNF5

Some laptop models have a special switch. It can be on one of the side faces of the case or on the keyboard.

Turning on the adapter

Often does not seek Wi-Fi on a laptop because the module is disabled in the system settings. To activate it, you must go to the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. In the window that opens, select “Change of adapter parameters”. Click the right mouse button to a wireless network connection and select “Turn on”.

After activating the module, the laptop will begin to look for Wi-Fi access points.

Aircraft mode

This function appeared in Windows 10, and its spontaneous activation may be the answer to the question why a laptop or a regular computer does not see a Wi-Fi network. The aircraft regime icon is in the field of notifications. Activation/deactivation is clicked on this icon.

Checking the drivers

The laptop sometimes does not find a Wi-Fi network after updating the driver of the wireless module. In some laptops, it is combined with a network card, but more often this component is made in the form of a separate board.

To correct this problem, you need:

  • Open the device manager (Winr, and then enter DEVMGMT.MSC).
  • Open section “Network adapters”. Sometimes a Wi-Fi module is displayed in “other devices”.
  • Click the mouse with the right button and select “Update the drivers”.
  • Wait for updating the software.
asus, router, does, internet, eliminating

The driver is recommended to download from the manufacturer’s website. It can also be found on the network by the Publishing House of the component specified in the section “Information”.

VLAN auto.building service

This component of the OS controls wireless connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). If the WLAN service does not work, the operating system will not see the network available for connecting. In Windows 7, 8, 10, it is necessary to activate this component:

If the WLAN auto.building service has not started after rebooting, then the service is disconnected in the system configuration.

  • Click the Winr key combination and enter msconfig.
  • Go to the “Service” tab. Find the desired service in the list.
  • Make sure the checkpoint is installed near the service.
  • Save the settings and reboot the computer.

We perform diagnostics of malfunctions

Automatic network check in Windows allows you to identify simple problems with the connection. authorization problems, errors. To start it, click on the Wi-Fi icon with the right mouse button and in the list that appears, select “Diagnostics of Non-Stop”.

A message will appear on the screen about the successful correction of errors or the detection of problems that cannot be corrected with standard diagnostic means.

asus, router, does, internet, eliminating

Resetting the network settings

The reset of the network is what can be done if the laptop does not see Wi-Fi. Separately, such an option is provided in Windows 10. In order to use it:

asus, router, does, internet, eliminating

In Windows 7 and earlier versions, the OS can be reserved for network settings using the command line:

  • Click the Winr key combination. Enter CMD.
  • In the window that appears, enter the Netsh Winsock Reset command. Click Enter.
  • Wait for reports about the successful completion of the operation and reboot the laptop.

If the laptop has stopped seeing Wi-Fi, try to clean DNS-kesh. To do this, enter the IPConfig /Flushdns command line.

The operation is considered successful if the corresponding message appears on the screen.

Sometimes to restore the performance of a wireless adapter, it is necessary to reset the protocols of TCP / IP protocols. For this, the Netsh Intsh Reset C: \ Resetlog command is used.TXT. After completing the integration team, reboot the laptop.

Problem with Wi-Fi adapter

It happens that the phone sees an access point, but the laptop does not see, and the reset of the network settings did not help. In this case, you need diagnosis of the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. To do this, try to use a network card or connect an external wireless signal receiver. If the devices work properly, then the matter is in the adapter. It can be replaced or used by the external Wi-Fi receiver.

The reasons

If the laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi network, but without access to the Internet, then here you should think about the parameters of a computer or router. It is unlikely that problems come from the outside, from those who provide services. If a failure fails on the provider, then usually turns off users completely. Then it turns out that there is no access to the Internet via a router and the error looks different.

First of all, it is worth checking the router and all its connectors. Some kind of garbage or loose contact becomes the cause of problems. When the check is over, pay attention to the equipment settings. The problems are that some settings were reset to the standard values ​​or something has changed from the provider, and now you need to replace the parameters on the router. Less often the reason for this behavior is Windows parameters, but we will also turn to them. In general, we will gain all the reasons from simple to difficult and show methods of correcting errors.

Methods of solution

If the inscription “without access to the Internet” appears when setting up the router, this means that something was done incorrectly or something was not taken into account. It’s easier to completely run away completely according to the instructions for your router and provider to supervise all the parameters. If the problem arose after normal operation of the device, then you will have to check everything. from the cable contact to the network settings in Windows. It is better to go from the fastest ways to solve the problem to the longest or unlikely. Because it will be very disappointing for 20 minutes to completely reconfigure the router, and then find out that the cause of the failures was that the cable was slightly shattered in the nest.

Cable connection check and indicators

First inspect all cables. Check if they are tightly stuck in the connectors on the computer and on the router. You can get them and gently wipe them with alcohol, do the same with the connectors, only first turn off the equipment. This action is not necessary, wipe only if there are suspicions of dirt.

After visual inspection and sticking cables, you should pay attention to indicators on all devices. A pair of diodes should flash on the computer with the right connection. On the router itself, the indication depends on what the device works for your device. In general, you need to check that indicators do not show anything but green light in all available connections. If there is no indication somewhere or not the desired color, then the problem lies in the cable fracture or some damage. In the case of a computer, you should think about replacing, and if it is a cable from the service provider, you will have to call technical support.

Also check that each of the cables will be stuck in the correct nest. If you stick a wire from a computer into a connector from a provider, then there will be no Internet.

Personing to the network

Then we will talk about more complex ways of how to fix the Wi-Fi network without access to the Internet. Just first try to turn off the network in general, and then re.connect to it, sometimes this is enough for everything to work.

Reloading the device

If Wi-Fi connection is still “without Internet access”, restart the router. Before starting to delve into the settings of all devices, it is worth trying to solve the problem by rebooting. Restart your phone or computer, as well as the router. If the problem was in some small local failure, then it will be solved. Not every router has a power button, so some of them are rebooted through the web-intese or simple pulling out of the outlet. The last method is not very useful for equipment.

Network settings

Open the Networks Management Center and General Access. To do this, you need to clat the PKM on the connection icon in the tray. On Windows 10, you can open the start and write the necessary information on the search bar.

A new tab will appear in which it is worth viewing all available connections. Make sure there are no “gray” connections and they are all active and work. To enable, click on it with the right button and select “Turn on”. After activation, click PKM again and select the properties.

With an error “without access to the Internet”, check IPV4. In addition to him, there is also another version, IPV6, but it is almost not used at home. Click IPV4 twice to go to the settings section.

After you get into the settings, check that they are exhibited correctly. As a gateway, a router is indicated, the subnet mask is always standard, and you ask the address manually. You can try to change for an automatic connection, then the router will give out all the settings. Also make sure that you have two different options as a DNS of servers, preferably from two different companies. If the DNS server does not answer, then this will cause failures, which will lead to the inoperability of the Internet.

FIPS installation

If the connection occurs via a wireless network, then there is one important setting that affects the network operation.

  • Click on the wireless network icon in the tria.
  • Now choose “properties”.
  • Look at open tabs and find among them the Safety section.
  • Now find the “Additional Parameters” button.
  • Put the daw on the FIPS switching option. Next, you need to restart the device.

Updating the drivers

Connect your other devices to the same router. Any of those that you have in stock. If it turns out that everything works fine on other devices, this means that the driver does not work as it should. Go to the official website of the manufacturer of all your devices and download there the latest version of the drivers for your device. After installation, a reboot will be required.


The operator could have a reconfigure or a computer has accumulated some critical number of failures during operation. If so, then the reset of all accumulated information on the network will help so that the device begins to work “from scratch”. Click on the start and in the lower line enter “CMD”, click on the found program of the PKM and select the launch on behalf of the administrator.

  • Enter the first command: Ipconfig /Flushdns;
  • The second command write down Netsh Winsock Reset;
  • The last team is Netsh Int IP Reset C: \ Resetlog.TXT

After resetting the network parameters, restart the device.

Binding MAC address

In some cases, the provider is binding on MAC addresses. And if the Internet is gone on a new device, you need to change the MAC address by writing the address of the device to which there was a binding. Click Winr, enter DEVMGMT.MSC and clat on the OK button. Device manager will start, find the “network adapters” there, click on the full list for deploying, and find your main device. Click on it twice and select “Additionally”, find the Network Address line (network address). Write the necessary twelve digits on the right side. It remains to restart the device

PC does not respond to connecting LAN cable “No available connections

We connect the cable to the router and the computer, in the network connector, and no reaction. Connection status (on the notification panel). A computer with a red cross “There are no available connections”, which is displayed when the network cable is not connected, does not change after connecting the cable.

There may be a problem both in the router and in the cable, or the computer. precisely, in the network card, which is usually integrated into the motherboard. It is very simple to find out: it is enough to connect a cable to the computer from the Internet provider, not through a router. If there is a connection to the connection, then with the network card most likely everything is fine. Or connect to the router, the same cable is another computer. In this way, we will find out what the problem is.

If the computer does not respond to any connection of the cable (from different sources). it is possible that the problem is in the network card. You can buy and put a new one, they are not expensive. Also, go to the device manager, and see if there is a network card there.

You can call it differently. If there is an exclamation mark near her, then it works incorrectly. Try to reinstall the driver. Only you need to download from the manufacturer’s website and run the installation manually, and not through the task manager.

Maybe such that LAN connector does not work on the router. He can also burn. Try connecting the cable to all 4 LAN connector (usually on the 4 LAN router).

If you have connected several devices to the router on the network cable, and did not earn any Internet, it is obvious that the problem is in the router. Provided that the cable is a worker, proven. Perhaps something in the settings. Try to reset the settings and set the router again.

It may also be that the connection is disabled on the local network. Need to check.

Go to the control panel \ Network and Internet \ network connections, press with the right mouse button to connect on a local network and select turn on (if it is disabled).

After these actions, the Internet should earn.

Status “Identification”, or “Unidentified network” (without access to the Internet)

Another very popular problem, or even the most popular. We connect the network cable to the computer, and the constant status “Identification” (without access to the network) is displayed on the notification panel).

Or, the connection status becomes an “unidentified network” (without access to the Internet).

As a rule, such errors arise due to problems with IP addresses. Or, IP is already spelled out on the computer (for example, from the old connection). And there is no connection to the router with this IP. Or, on the router, the DHCP server is disconnected, and it cannot give you IP. In this case, you need to try to display automatic receipt of IP and DNS, or set these parameters manually.

First, try to display automatic IP and DNS receipt. We go to the control panel \ network and Internet \ network connections, or so:

Click with the right mouse button to connect on a local network and select the properties. And then we do this:

Pull and back connect the network cable. The Internet should immediately earn.

In the same way, you can try to prescribe static IP. Just highlight the item to use the following IP address and enter the IP. If you have access to the router at, then you can indicate for example address If access to settings for, then the address will be This is for an example.

Connection without access to the Internet (yellow triangle with an exclamation mark)

Connection status “without access to the Internet” as it were, speaks for itself, does not work on the Internet. But, there is a connection to the router. As a rule, this error may appear due to improper setting up the router. When there is no Internet connection. There is a detailed article on this issue.

Ways to eliminate the problem

There are several ways to eliminate the problem of the absent Internet, depending on specific circumstances. Everything that is considered below can be done independently.

Incorrect parameters IPV4

Malware usually leads to such a problem, which is why the network address changes. As a result, PC or laptop cannot access the Internet. To correct the situation, use the algorithm:

  • Go to the “control panel” (through the “Start” menu).
  • Next, the “Networks Management Center”, where to find the line “Change of adapter parameters”.
  • In the list of connections, find an unidentified network, click on it with the right button (PKM) and from the drop.down menu you need a “Properties” item.
  • Highlight the “Internet protocol version 4 TCP/IPV4”, click on the “Properties” button (it is a little lower and to the right).
  • Make sure that the IP addresses and DNS servers were selected automatically. Only this does not apply to the corporate network.

In solving the problem why the router does not connect to the Internet, it makes sense to change the IP type, change the last digit, and also clean the DNS cache. The changes made must be stored, otherwise they will not come into force. After that, the problem will disappear, provided that this failure was the reason.

Important! If the reason for the absence of the Internet is hardware breakdown, then the problem is eliminated only by contacting the service center.

Problems in TCP/IP

The problem lies in the software malfunction. It is recommended to reset TCP/IP settings. This is done like this:

  • The command line is launched, and on behalf of the administrator through the Start menu.
  • In the black window opened: Netsh int IP Reset Resetlog.txt, and then confirm the actions by pressing the Enter key.

Or you can introduce three teams sequentially:

The execution of these commands involves the rewriting of the keys of the register of the system. And that they enter into force, it is necessary to restart the computer (laptop) after the completion of the procedure.

Correction of the problem through the command line

Everything is to blame for the service provider

In some cases, the problem with the Internet appears due to the incorrect work of the provider. This can be identified when connecting a network cable to another device. If there is no network either, the reason is obvious.

Something is wrong with the drivers

Often such a problem is faced with laptop owners after a recent Windows reinstallation procedure or any other operating system. If you enter the device dispatcher, it will be seen that the necessary drivers are installed, although there is still no Internet.

You should reinstall the drivers, and they should be loaded only from the official website of the laptop manufacturer or motherboard to it.

Physical malfunctions

“What to do when I can’t connect to the router?»In most cases, users, asking such a question, do not even suspect elementary malfunctions. That is, the cause may be damage to the cable or the exhausted port.

Always ensure that the plugs are inserted into the nests tightly.

The virus blocked Internet access

What else can serve as a reason

In addition to all of the above, there are other factors that do not need to be discounted:

  • Balance. if the service was not paid (for various reasons), do not be surprised at the lack of Internet. It is necessary to regularly check the balance at the end of each month.
  • Technical work. it remains to wait, perhaps, preventive measures are planned or eliminating the consequences of a thunderstorm. A call to a hot fishing line for a trimmer will clarify the situation. As a rule, service providers are trying to notify customers about planned work on the official resource.
  • Random shutdown of the network adapter. it is worth checking its activity in the section “Network and the Internet”. It remains to activate it when disconnecting.
  • Infection with viruses. there is a software that does not allow a PC or laptop to connect to the Internet. The antivirus program should be set and regularly scanning.

In some cases, even a system firewall is able to prevent access to the Internet. It is worth turning it off for a while and will connect to the network again.

The reasons that TP-Link does not have an Internet connection, there may be many, as actually ways to eliminate the problem. Not everything can be done independently, but in any case it is worth it.

Hardware malfunctions

If the reset of settings does not help, then there are not so many options left. After checking the cable from the provider, connecting it to the computer, you need to check something else. Take your phone or laptop to another wireless network and try to connect to it. If everything works here, then only a couple of options remain:

To exclude the first point, try to take a router to one of your friends who exactly everything works for and install it there. If nothing has earned, then the wireless module could stop working. In this case, it remains to take it for repairs or buy a new. It is not known what will come out more expensive.

Problems on the side of the provider

When the reset of settings did not help, and in another place the device works fine, it remains to think about the provider. Call technical support, describe all the actions carried out and their result. It can be a failure in the server or router in your house or area. Usually the entire Internet disappears at once, but it also happens that it goes through the cable, but there is no wireless network. Tell us a technical support specialist about these problems. He will say what to check and what is the problem.

If the devices have just been connected and there were no problems, then this is a temporary failure. There are not so many ways to eliminate it. Retrilling the router and reset of settings will help if the problem was in the router. If the router still does not give out Wi-Fi, although there is a wired Internet on the computer, then the provider is to blame. He carries out repair work or errors have accumulated in the main distribution device. Wait a little, usually they repair this quickly. If the Internet does not appear, call technical support. The provider has a diagnosis of all devices that are on the line.

After all the stages of diagnosis, reset and call the provider, the problem will surely solve the problem. In rare cases, it happens that the receiver breaks in the devices themselves, like a laptop or phone. You can exclude this by connecting to any other network.

The Internet is not distributed via cable

It happens that the router connected by a wire does not distribute the Internet. Look at the LAN indicator. He can glow evenly or blink. then the distribution goes fine. Or do not shine at all. then the problem is in the router.

Try connecting the provider’s network cable directly to your computer, bypassing the router. Or connect through your router to another computer and see if the Internet is loaded. It is not ruled out that in your PC some kind of problem.

Difficulty can cause a faulty PC network adapter or unidentified drivers. Visit the “Networks Management Center”. We will tell you how to do it. It may turn out that your network adapter is not on its list. But there is an “unidentified device” with a yellow sign of exclamation. Then you need to install the driver. Find it on the site of the manufacturer of the motherboard PC. If you have a laptop, then on the manufacturer’s page. Download and put. If the problem remains, alas, you will need a new network card.

  • We call the line “execute” by pressing on the keyboard at the same time Win and R;
  • We prescribe the command: DEVMGMT.MSC;
  • The dispatcher and a list of all devices installed on PC will jump out;
  • We go to the section “Network Adapters”, where the network card should be located.

Problems in receiving IP addresses

The entire catch may be as follows: PC is difficult to get IP addresses. Often a certain address has already been set on it, or the automatic determination of the network settings is simply disabled. Is it so, will show identification. What is it?

Your router, when it works as usual, should be the main router of the local network. This suggests that its built-in DHCP server is active and assigns IP address to all devices. So, it may turn out that this server is inactive.

To find out all this, we must go to the settings. By clicking with the right mouse button, you will get into the “Networks and General Access Management Center”. Next, we do this:

  • select “Changing the parameters of the adapter”;
  • We pay attention to the “Ethernet” or “Local network connection” icon. with a cable turned off or problems with it, a red cross will appear under the icon with the image of computers;
  • We achieve that the cross disappears, which means that the cable is connected;
  • Click on the field with the right button and find the “properties” in the falling menu;
  • We highlight the “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” field, click on the “properties”;
  • In the new window, we note “get IP.adures automatically”.

It remains to click in this window “OK” and restart PC. Internet distribution problems are resolved.