Bixby Samsung how to disconnect on TV. How to completely delete Bixby?

To do this, press and hold your finger on the empty section of the home screen, and then make the swipe to the right to get to the left panel, which is the Bixby Home. There is a switch in the upper right corner. just turn it off.

  • On the main screen, we slip through an empty place and hold the press until the settings menu opens;
  • Pull to the right to the settings page of the left panel of the main screen;
  • Disconnect Bixby Home.

How to delete bixby from the phone?

To do this, click the Bixby button and in the assistant program you need to go to the menu. Go to the “Settings” section and turn off the Bixby Voice Voice switch.

The history of the appearance of the function in the world and the information about the assistant appeared in March 2017 a few days before the Samsung smartphones Simsung S8 and S8. Bixby appeared in contrast to existing applications such as Siri, Google Assistant and others. Over time, the number of models used increased and the functionality has improved. According to the developers, by 2020, all devices will be equipped with an assistant.

Today the voice assistant is available in more than 200 states. including in South Africa, Canada, Australia, England, etc. D. Initially, he worked in the DPRK and the USA, but subsequently spread to other countries.

Today the development trend is preserved. In addition, South Korean developers are working on updating software and expanding its functionality.

Many are interested in when Bixby will speak in Russian. At the moment, the assistant understands English, Chinese and Korean. As for the expansion of the list of languages, while this issue depends on an indefinite time. Samsung representatives only promise to expand the list, but it does not reach real actions. In the near future it is planned to test Italian, German, British and Spanish. As for the appearance of Bixby Samsung in Russian, and when it will be released in the exact dates.

What Samsung models support the application

Initially, the assistant functioned only on two Samsung devices. S8 P S8 Plus. Subsequently, this list has expanded. Today the application works on such models of the company’s smartphones. S10, S10, Note9, S10E, A9 Star, A8 2018, A7 2018, A5 2018, A5 2018, A6, A6, J7, Tab S4, J7 Top, Tab A2, W2018 and a number others. The number of Samsung models supporting Bixby is constantly expanding.


For Samsung TVs

Let’s figure out how to disable unnecessary vocal accompaniment, and try to put our knowledge in practice to start on Samsung TV.

We go into the settings of our TV in this way: Settings → General → Accessibility → Voice leadership settings. If the switch is green there, then the option is included. We transfer it to the “gray” position. annoying Комментарии и мнения владельцев will disappear.

As the Samsung technical support service is kindly, by default, the option turns on if you hold the volume change button on the remote control. “Bench” is a very subjective concept (and someone from an early age is used to adjusting the volume in this way), therefore, in the fact that the audio collection is turned on from time to time in addition to your will, there are no special surprises. But why it still works like this, bringing inconvenience to users from year to year. of course, that is another question.

How to turn off Bixby home shortcut

The way for English versions of the menu will look like this: Settings → General → Accessibles → Voice Guide Settings → Voice Guide.

In general, this instruction is more useful for those who use new models (since 2016 inclusive) of TVs. Old series of TVs can have a settings menu that looks a little different-in any case, look for the category “accessibility” or “special opportunities”. They can be inside their own categories. usually it is a “system”, “general” or “additional settings”.

The model and serial number of the TV can be viewed either on the factory plate on the rear panel of the device, or from the menu: Support → Appeal in Samsung. At the time of the release of the article, the serial number in the menu is indicated only for the models of the series H, J, K, M, N, Q, LS, R, T. Knowing the model and serial number, from the resource Samsung Download Center, you can download the manual with descriptions of all menu for your device.

For LG TVs

Let’s see how to remove sound accompaniment on LG Smart TV. We go to the menu: Settings → Availability → Audio descriptions. The switch may be in the provisions of “.”And” Off.”, Choose to your taste.

In LG TVs, the command is noticeable in that it turns off the free movement of the cursor along the menu-if you see that some functions requiring free movement of the cursor have become unavailable, check the settings of audio descriptions. When the function is turned on, a hint usually appears that the cursor mobility will be limited.

For some regions, setting may not be available, and in some, an additional volume switch and audio descriptions can also be offered.

Way for the Menu in English: Settings → Accessibleity → Audio Guidance.

Also, an assistant is available here, allowing to turn on or off the possible display of subtitles for the video in which they are available; turn on or off the mode of increased contrast; adjust the “transparency” of the settings menu.

How to enable voice accompaniment

We go to the same menu, perform the same actions, but instead of turning off, we turn on. When this function is turned on, any ordinary action on your TV (channel switching, decreasing or increasing volume) will be accompanied by a voice commentary, and the corresponding line of the menu will usually be highlighted in green.

To change the settings on a modern TV, you can also use voice control: Bixby so far understands the teams only in English, “Alice”. in Russian. To use Alice, you will need the account of Yandex.

We hope this article has given an exhaustive answer to your questions regarding Smart TV voice support. If you still have any questions-leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will definitely answer you.

Settings Amazon alexa.

(Image provided: Tom Management) If you want to configure the Samsung TV using Alexa, you need to connect the TV to your Amazon account. First, select Alexa as a voice assistant.(Image provided: Tom’s leadership)

Scan the QR code on your phone or go to Amazon / Com / US / Code page on your phone or computer and enter the code on the screen. Enter your account, and the Samsung TV will be tied to your ALEXA account.(Image provided: Tom’s leadership)

It is worth noting that Bixby is a new assistant, it is not so popular and has insufficient functionality in comparison with competitors, including Alex, Cortan or Siri. But the developers try to improve their product and improve it with each update. The main goal is to create a truly smart voice assistant.

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What to do if the TV shows and there is no sound?

If you turned on the TV, but there is no sound, first of all, exclude simple oversight and check the volume settings. Remote control with a volume increase. If this did not help, then either the TV or the control panel itself is faulty.

bixby, samsung, disconnect, completely

How to turn off Bixby on Samsung Galaxy A50

bixby, samsung, disconnect, completely

It is easy to do this. Open the “settings” and go to the “Applications” category. There find “Bixby widgets” and click on them. After that, you will have access to the “Turn off” and “Stop” button.

Useful information for users

If it is not possible to turn off the voice accompaniment and Комментарии и мнения владельцев without the help of specialists, as well as remove duplicate signals, you can contact the official technical support service. There, experts will give a detailed consultation on the issue.

You can contact directly with a consultant by number 8 800 555 55 55, consult on the topics of interest through e.mail https: // www.Samsung.COM/RU/Support/Email/.

It is possible to contact the operator through the group in https: //, go to a page with technical support, find a point with a service center and get an answer to the problem personally.

Voice Assistant. universal software for remote operation of a television device. You can turn it off using the above instructions. For each TV, it will have its own.

Why reassign the button?

Since the voice assistant is not popular, many Samsung phone owners want to reassign the button. There was no such opportunity earlier, the allocated key did not support programming. But then the developer added this function to the firmware.

How To Disable Bixby on Samsung

⚠! To reassign the key, you need to download and install the last OS update. On the old versions of the operating system there is no similar possibility.

What actions can be “hanging” on the button?

  • Launching one of the installed programs.
  • Turning on and disconnecting the display.
  • The launch of the Google assistant.
  • Transition to a full screen mode.
  • Activation of a flashlight.
  • Launching the camera application.
  • Voice call to the selected number.
  • Fast screenshot.
  • Inclusion of a soundless regime.
  • Transition to settings.
  • Launch of a two.optic regime.
  • Opening the last used program.
  • Moving to the dispatcher of tasks or to the main screen.

There are many possibilities. The new reprogramming function of this button has become popular, many owners of the devices have already changed the action assigned to it. Next will provide instructions for users. instructions: how to reconfigure the Bixby button

Bixby button reassignment allows you to fully use this key. The whole procedure is simple:

  • Run the assistant.
  • Open the menu of additional actions indicated by three points.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Click on Key.
  • Available of pressing once and twice. Choose a suitable option.
  • In the new menu, find “Open”.
  • The first line in this section is responsible for the appointment of a particular application, the second. for installing its own command.
  • Click on one of the options, choose a program or action.

The procedure has been successfully carried out. Now it is possible to use the button as it is convenient for you. The action performed can be changed at any time, it is enough to repeat the described operation. It is proposed to reassign both single and double pressing to maximize the possibilities of an additional key.

Kenet Wilson (written articles: 122)

Founder and administrator of the portal, editor and expert. A specialist with a higher technical education who has practical experience in working with technology. After graduation, she worked in several IT films, where she began to lead her blog. This is later grew into several information sites, on one of which you are now and are. The main task of Ken is to verify the authenticity of the information specified in the articles submitted by the authors. View all author notes →

How Bixby works

It is worth noting that the application is not Russified, therefore, it recognizes only English. Why did not work in the developers have not yet expanded and limited themselves to some list of countries. But, at will, owners of smartphones can use technology, but in a foreign language.

Bixby can be turned on by means of the voice command “Hey Bixbi” or by pressing a special key that you assigned in the program settings.

After starting, say the desired command, for example, “Open Google Music”, after which the service will begin to open the corresponding application.

If the program did not understand your team or the request was incorrect, then the assistant will notify the error and offer to repeat.


The program has a wide list of functions and capabilities. It is in no way inferior to the popular Siri or an assistant from the Amazon. At the moment, the features of the virtual assistant are in three components of systems:

information on the listed services is presented below.

Bixby Voice

Bixby Voice Samsung is a voice functionality. That is, the following opportunities are opened for the user:

  • Launch of the installed application, for example, gallery, camera.
  • Send a voice command to make a call to a certain contact.
  • Dial SMS by means of voice input.
  • Request information on weather.
  • Record a remark in the calendar.
  • Edit the image and t.D.
bixby, samsung, disconnect, completely

The developers are constantly modifying their product, today at least 3,000 different teams work, while the list is gradually expanding. With each update, a set of voice control functions is larger.

Bixby Vision

How the Samsung Bigsby camera works? This is a special Vision system, where the working component is a telephone camera. Thanks to the function, the user can:

  • Translate the text by pointing the camera on it.
  • Identify and find out additional information about the photos taken. For example, you captured a landmark on the phone, then the assistant will offer to get acquainted with interesting facts about the historical place in the image.
  • Find additional information on the Internet about products, text or picture.
  • Recognize QP code.
  • Put the camera on the face and try on makeup or a funny mask.

Bixby Vision is working together with other programs, including search engines to obtain the necessary information.

Bixby Home

The third feature is Bixby Home. The function is a special tape, which is created taking into account your interests. Filtered information will be demonstrated on the main screen.

In fact, the presented tape consists of widgets. Scroll down and get acquainted with various interactive cards. At the same time, the user can change them, configure them, study. The tape consists of:

  • Popular messengers, social.networks and entertainment resources. You can add YouTube etc.D.
  • Installed programs. Install a telephone gallery, weather indicators, music, favorite application in the tape.
  • Reminders from the calendar.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Relevant news.

Samsung assistant has many opportunities and impressive functionality. Consider how the smart assistant is set up and activated.

Change of button

The change of key also occurs in the parameters of the assistant. Click on three points from above on the right side:

  • Go to Key.
  • Choose a convenient way to start.
  • On the next page, indicate the hot keys or select the default options.

The change of button is not available on all Samsung models. The option is provided from version, which is installed on S8, S9, S10, Note 8, 9.


You can completely turn off the program following the instructions:

  • Go to the menu and to the parameters of the assistant.
  • Enter the Voice category.
  • Drag the slider opposite the voice control, turning off the function.

Further in the “Key” section, select “Do not open” anymore by switching the toggle switch.

Kenet Wilson (written articles: 122)

Founder and administrator of the portal, editor and expert. A specialist with a higher technical education who has practical experience in working with technology. After graduation, she worked in several IT films, where she began to lead her blog. This is later grew into several information sites, on one of which you are now and are. The main task of Ken is to verify the authenticity of the information specified in the articles submitted by the authors. View all author notes →