Blank laptop screen what to do

What to do if the notebook screen goes out?

One of the main causes of this problem is a corrupted system file that prevents the operating system from booting, resulting in a black or blank screen. Reboot Windows to see if it is a temporary problem, and it will resolve itself after the reboot. If the problem does not disappear, clean the hard drive and reinstall Windows.

Black laptop screen occurs when the graphics driver is damaged or there is a problem with the backlight of the LCD display. If the image is displayed on an external monitor, there may be a conflict between the graphics driver and the laptop’s LCD screen, resulting in a black laptop screen, but still working.

How to turn on the laptop monitor?

With the doppler disconnected, the conditional access card has an individual number. devices from a laptop, it should automatically display an image on its own screen. Try to boot into safe mode (F8 key) and in this mode, in the screen settings, select your laptop screen as the main screen.

But you can usually wake up from hibernation mode by pressing the Power button (the notebook’s power key). This is the number 1 command to solve the problem. Also device can come out of sleep mode, if you open the lid, press any button on the keyboard, click on the touchpad or click on the mouse button.

The laptop began to go out the screen during work, what to do?

Can you tell me how to solve a problem with a Lenovo laptop. When loading Windows (after the logo appears) the screen goes out recently (you can hear the sound of the operating system booting).

What to do to turn on the screen, or already only in service? It all started after the laptop was connected to the big screen TV. Something must have burned up?

I should note that this problem is quite common. This can happen as a consequence of software reasons (software failures, wrong settings, etc.), and in view of hardware problems. In my experience, in most cases the problem is in the software.

Judging by your question and its description, you have the wrong screen settings. t.е. The notebook “thinks” that it is still connected to an additional screen and transmits a picture to it. Let’s try to fix it now.

[SOLUTION] Laptop doesn’t turn on. black screen. All the solutions

If you got to this article, it means you have faced the problem when the laptop does not turn on and a black screen. This is the most common problem with the hardware of the laptop, but to be more accurate with the hardware settings.

blank, laptop, screen

Thank you laptop repair service FIXIT.BY (Minsk, Belarus) for help in preparing this material.

Below we will look at how to reset the hardware settings. This method helps when the hardware settings are lost, but it does not help if your notebook was flooded with water.

In the article “The laptop does not turn on, the causes and ways to fix them,” we considered the physical problems associated with the black screen.

All actions you perform at your own risk, if you something are not sure better contact the service center. Usually the cost of laptop repair is significantly different from the cost of computer repair.

How to perform a hardware reset

Proceed as follows to perform a hardware reset.

  • Unplug your notebook from the mains or other power source. This includes disconnecting the laptop from the charger, as well as removing the battery.
  • Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds

Why is it necessary? It’s very simple. Your notebook stores the remaining charge in capacitors to preserve your settings. At switching on the notebook without a power source. this charge disappears and all settings are erased.

If this does not help, go to the next step.

Check the laptop screen

Check the efficiency of the laptop screen can help solve the problem with the “does not turn on your laptop and a black screen appears”.

This method is recommended if when you press the power button your notebook shows signs of life, i.e.Power LED, L/R LED, etc.д. start blinking, the cooler starts making noise.

In this case it is recommended to connect an external monitor and restart the notebook. If the laptop is turned on and booted OS, then the problem with the screen and without the service center you can not do without.

Reset BIOS settings

If the problem “does not turn on the laptop and a black screen appears” appeared after changing the BIOS settings, then you must simply reset and roll back to the factory settings. This action is performed in several steps.

For more information on “How to enter BIOS in Windows 10” or “How to enter BIOS in Windows 7” you can read in our articles.

  • Press F10 or F1 key for 10 seconds to enter BIOS.
  • Then press f9 or select “Load Setup Defaults” and press enter to return to the factory defaults.
  • Press f10 and enter. this saves the settings and restarts the notebook.

If these steps do not help, refer to the next step.

Reinstalling the RAM module

The image also can not appear because of the incorrect installation of memory modules or problems with contacts (very often this method helps to get rid of the problem “the laptop does not turn on and a black screen” after water or moisture on it, but before that make sure that your laptop is completely dry and in no case do not perform any action if it has not dried out).

Remove the RAM module, blow out the connectors.

And now let’s see how to remove the RAM.

    When disassembling the laptop the first thing you must do is to unplug it from the power supply, as well as remove the battery, and then only proceed to the very disassembly.

A little tip before you start disassembling the notebook. The bolts have different heights, so group them and put them in different boxes.

The figure shows how the compartment under the RAM looks like.

The RAM is held by 2 catches on the right and left sides, therefore, you must first bend these catches and only then remove the RAM.

The figure below number 1 shows where to unbend the clips.

The RAM is inserted at a 45 degree angle and must be firmly fixed in the slots.

After that it is necessary to press from above on an operating memory that they have worked latches and have clicked. After that you can proceed to the assembly of the laptop.

If those actions did not give any result, you need to reinstall your BIOS.

For this you need to visit the manufacturer’s web site, find and download the latest BIOS. In the archive is a readme file with detailed installation instructions.

Reinstalling BIOS should be performed in the last case, but in general it is better to apply to the service center, because the problem.The problem may be in the BIOS, and for example in the north or south bridge, the video card, etc.д.

P.S If you find that your notebook systematically shuts down and a black screen appears, I recommend you read “5 Causes of notebook abrupt shutdown”.

The screen on your notebook turns on, but there is no image

You press the power button, the cooling fan starts with its nice noise and then you get a black screen and nothing more. Most users at this point begin to panic and reboot. nothing wrong with that. But we recommend that you first rule out the problem with the OS. If you see that the screen is not completely black, and with a grayish tint, the problem is probably in the OS, because the screen itself works. If the color of your screen is the same as a completely turned off monitor, then the problem may be with your laptop screen. It is worth trying a hardware reset in this case.

How to perform a hardware reset

In order to successfully perform a hardware reset, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • Disconnect your notebook from all power sources. This is both the charger and the battery (it must be removed from the device).
  • Press the power button and hold it for 20 seconds or more.
  • Insert the battery into the laptop and connect the power source.
  • Turn on your device the usual way, if the OS prompts you to select the boot method, choose “Normal Boot”.
blank, laptop, screen

Why do such a procedure? It is very simple: the laptop keeps a small residual charge, which allows you to save hardware settings, even after a complete discharge of the battery. After holding the on/off button for 20 seconds we reset.

To check if the screen is working

If the screen is lit but there is no image, the problem may be with the operating system. Fixing such a problem will take much less time and will cost less as compared to replacing the screen matrix. So our goal is to rule out the most unpleasant outcome. To do this you can use the light indicators, which are on most modern devices. If the LEDs start blinking or flashing red, it might indicate a problem with the device. In this case it is worth trying to connect the laptop to the TV screen or another monitor (which is exactly serviceable). If the image appears on them, the problem with the screen of your laptop, so you have to go to the service center, to find out the causes and the severity of the breakdown.

It is worth noting that the failure of the screen without visible signs of damage or physical impact from the outside of well-known brands occurs rarely. One of the possible causes of damage is a failure of the plume. In other cases the most probable reason of damage is a shock of the case or its wetting. If you accidentally spilled tea or other liquid on your computer, then do not turn it on until it is completely dry. Otherwise, the moisture on the contacts will become a trigger and the board will simply burn out.

Why does the laptop screen go out when you turn off the charger?

This has to do with the power settings. The point of all this is to make sure that the notebook can last as long as possible on battery power. So the notebook display always gets a little dimmer when you turn off the charge, and after some time of inactivity it turns off altogether.

In a computer the video card is responsible for the image output on the monitor. Its malfunction may be the reason why the monitor screen goes out when the system unit is working. Most often the fault of the graphics card, which can lead to temporary interruptions with the signal output, is associated with overheating.

What to do if the laptop does not respond to anything?

If your notebook hangs and does not respond to anything, you can always solve the problem with a forced reboot. Most laptops do not have a “Reset” button like desktop PCs, so restart using the power button.

If the screen is gray, then, as already mentioned, it is most likely a hardware problemDiagnose

  • Unplug the power supply from the power outlet and from the machine;
  • Carefully remove the cover and remove the battery;
  • Press the power button for 25 seconds;
  • Now plug in the “battery” and plug the power supply to the socket.

Why do I get a black screen?

We will consider a number of reasons why the screen can be black or blank: Faulty connection to the monitor or screen Faulty video adapter driver update Faults related to recent system updates and installed programs

Check the cable that connects your monitor to your computer, as well as its power adapter. In general, if the computer turns on, but there is no image on the monitor is caused by the fact that the cord is broken or the monitor is out of order, it is easily corrected by replacing the components or repairing them. 2) BIOS problems.