Bluetooth column does not connect to the TV. What to consider before connecting the speakers to the TV?

The smartphone has long ceased to be just a means of communication. They play games, watch a movie and, of course, listen to music. The phone speaker is not intended for loud reproduction of sounds, so many think about connecting the speakers to the phone. over, the market for portable audio devices simply teems with a variety of models.

So, you have become the happy owner of a portable audio system. There are four most popular ways to connect a Bluetooth column to the phone. 3 of them wired (through a USB port or AUX-cable), the latter is wireless (via Bluetooth). They most often use the wire houses, wireless. on the street, when you least want to think where to put the wires.

How to connect a USB column to the phone?

Only one mini-jack is provided on the smartphone (3.5 mm connector.), therefore, a regular stationary audio system cannot be connected to it: it requires the presence of two connectors of this plan. With portable columns (for example, models designed to connect to a laptop) easier. They are connected to the smartphone as follows:

  • Through the adapter and a special AUX cable. It is a cable with two mini-jacks at the ends: one connector is inserted into the phone, the second into the column. When it comes to stationary speakers that usually do not have their own power source, act according to this scheme:
  • Buy an adapter from a conventional USB on mini- or micro-USB;
  • Insert the corresponding connector into the phone and attach it to the other end to the columns (now the smartphone will become a power source for an audio device instead of a power grid);
  • Combine two devices using AUX cable.
  • Through AUX-Cabble. With columns that can lose music without an external power source, the same Aux cable without an adapter is used. If everything is in the lock, the inscription “Audio connector is connected” will appear on the smartphone screen “.
  • Through a USB cable. This method is also designed for devices with its own battery or battery. You can use even a charging cord if it is suitable. Typically, a USB cable is included with the phone, in which on the one hand there is a regular USB connector connected to a charger, and on the other-mini- or micro-USB. Disconnect the cable from charging, insert a standard connector into the column, the second in Smart.

Limited mobility is the main lack of connection through the wires, so more and more often users choose wireless devices.

Connection of the JBL column to the Bluetooth TV

For example, we will show how to do this on Samsung and LG TVs, but everything is done similarly on TV other manufacturers. Perhaps the name of the points in the menu will be different.

For synchronization of the TV and a portable column with Samsung TV:

  • Activate Bluetooth on the column by pressing the button with its icon (the indicator must blink);
  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings;
  • Find the inclusion point Bluetooth;
  • Activate it and start the search for devices;
  • Select the name of the column in the list that appears, click and wait for the completion of the conjugation.

On TVs LG, the procedure is slightly different:

  • Open the “sound” in the settings;
  • Click on the line “Sound synchronization LG (wireless)”;
  • Enter Bluetooth menu
  • Launch “Search” and click OK “.

Perhaps you will be interested to know if you can turn on the radio on the JBL column?

Connection of the JBL column to AUX TV

In almost any TV there is an input of 3.5 mm, so if there is no Bluetooth in your TV in your TV. You can connect the column using the AUX cable.

  • Insert one end of the cable into the 3.5 mm connector on the column
  • Another in 3.5 mm on TV
  • Turn on both devices
  • If the sound automatically did not begin to sound from the column, go into the TV settings and as source of sound (section “Audio”) select headphones or linear exit.

In this instructions, you learned how to connect the JBL column to the TV. We hope she helped you. If not, please write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

By the way, in one of the past articles we told how to connect JBL to a computer. We recommend reading.

What is a Bluetooth adapter and how to connect it?

Buy adapters are of two types:

  • With the battery. You can take anywhere, because it is easier to transport. In addition, it can connect to the TV without direct contact and keep the charge for a long time.
  • Through a USB cord. Requires direct contact with the TV, and also cannot be moved without it.

Here everyone needs to solve for themselves which one is more convenient. There is no fundamental difference in the quality or speed of transmission between them. Bluetooth adapter goes into the standard completion of most TVs released after 2016.

bluetooth, column, does, connect

Otherwise, to connect Bluetooth equipment, you will need to buy a special adapter. In size, it usually does not exceed a matchbox. Connecting it is very simple. Behind the TV there should be a small panel with the inscription Audio. You need to stick the wire coming from the receiver there. If you have an adapter on the battery, then a flash drive that is for it, you need to stick a carpet in a USB port.

How to find ordinary and wireless headphones?

We have already analyzed how to connect wireless headphones. But what if you have standard, wired headphones? Usually they all have a standard plug 3.5 (so.called jack 3.5), therefore there are 2 connection options:

  • The TV is equipped with a port under “Jack”. In this case, you just need to stick the plug in the appropriate port. After that, the sound will automatically switch from speakers to headphones. If this did not happen, then the port is rather damaged than the cord.
  • The TV is not equipped with a special port, but only with standard connectors for RCA wires (they are more often called tulips). In this case, you have to buy an adapter and connect the headphone already through it. Of course, tulips connectors do not have similar amplifiers, but they are enough to transmit good sound.
  • It is also worth considering such a nuance that if you have headphones combined with a set, then you need to insert a plug into the port from the headphones.

How to enable Bluetooth on LG TV

TVs today also differ from models of ten- and especially twenty years ago as smartphones of the last generation from disk phones. A TV today is a multimedia platform, with which you can not only watch films and programs, but also go online, use all kinds of interactive services like applications or games, view media content, communicate on social networks, etc.D. This was made possible thanks to Smart TV technology, which is equipped with all modern LG TV models.

One of the convenient functions of Smart TV in LG TVs is the ability to connect a smartphone, wireless headphones, columns, headset or other devices using Bluetooth.

Built-in Bluetooth modules are not provided in all LG TV models, and the availability must be found out before buying or in the user guide. But even in the absence, turning on Bluetooth on the LG TV is still real, you just need an external adapter that connects to the TV via mini-jack or USB port. After that, you need to activate the adapter directly in the settings of the TV.

LG TVs with Smart TV uses the Webos operating system. Firmware 1.0 and 2.0 (mainly in TVs released until 2016), only branded headphones allow you to connect via Bluetooth through Bluetooth. Later firmware (starting with 3.0) make it possible to connect other gadgets to the TV.

If you fail to turn on Bluetooth on your TV yourself, then the reason may be in an outdated firmware. In this case, we recommend that you contact the LG service center, where experts will help update the software on the TV.

Bluetooth inclusion on LG TV: instructions

Use DUAL SOUND in 4K Samsung TV: bluetooth & tv speakers. How to hard restart, bugs fix.

  • Enter the “Settings” / Settings menu (gear icon) using the remote control panel.
  • Select “Sound” / Sound (Pictogram “Dynamik”)
  • Select Bluetooth / LG Sound Sync.
  • Activate the function (select “VCL”).

To connect various devices to the TV: headphones, headset, laptop, smartphone, wireless speakers, etc.D., We need to do the following:

  • Enter the “Settings” menu. “Sound”.
  • Select the Bluetooth headgirling item.
  • Find the item “Choice of the device”.
  • Then press the “search”.

Wait until the gadget appears in the menu, which you want to connect.

Select it with a joystick on the control panel.

In some cases, for the first connection of the device, you need to enter a PIN code for synchronization. The corresponding window will appear on the TV screen. If you connect wireless headphones, a headset or columns, then the code will be indicated in the instructions. If you connect a smartphone, then the code will appear on its screen.

The laptop can also be connected to the TV via Bluetooth in an alternative way:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on a laptop and not a TV.
  • Select the “detection” mode on both devices.
  • On the laptop, find all the devices nearby.
  • Choose your TV among them.
  • Connect the laptop to the TV. Perhaps, to conjure devices, you will need to enter a PIN code.

If you want to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to the LG TV, then this can be done using an application for the lg tv plus smartphone (link to Google Play) designed to control the TV with Smart TV.

Important: this method is suitable only for televisions with Webos.

  • In the appendix, select the “Sound” menu item (icon “Dynamik”). “Choose a speaker”, and in it. “Agent Bluetooth”. The TV will be converted into synchronization mode.
  • Click “choose”, then wait until the device you need appear in the search field.
  • Confirm the operation.

To translate the sound back to the speaker of the TV, you will need to activate the reproduction option to the “Dynamik TV” item.

Correction 6. Try connecting Smart TV to another Bluetooth device.

Well, it may well be that the problem is in the Bluetooth device itself. To make sure of this, you can connect the Samsung TV to another Bluetooth device. If the connection is good and good, this means that something is wrong with the device itself. In this case, you may have to replace it if the warranty period has not expired, or purchase a new. Given what has been said, here are the steps to connect your TV to another Bluetooth device:

Confusion with Bluetooth lunards / speakers Smart TV 2019, 2018 and 2017

  • (Models R, N and M): Home Settings Sound Conclusion Sound List of Bluetooth speakers.
  • Smart TVs of 2016 (Models K): the main menu of settings Sound Additional Settings Dispatch of Wireless Dynamics of Bluetooth Audio Assembly.

Conjugation with another keyboard / mouse Bluetooth

  • SMART Televisors 2019 and 2018 (models N and R): Settings General Dispatcher of External Devices Dispatch input devices list of Bluetooth devices list.
  • Smart TV TVs 2017 (Models M). Keyboard: Settings common dispatcher of external devices Keyboard dispatcher Add the Bluetooth keyboard

Conjugation with another gamepad / controller Bluetooth

  • Smart Televisors 2019 (Models R): Settings General Dispatcher of External Devices Manager input Devices List of Bluetooth devices.
  • Smart TV 2016 (Models K). Keyboard: Settings System Dispatch input devices Add a Bluetooth keyboard and gamepad

So, this is all from this guide on how to fix the problem of the non.working Bluetooth on the Samsung TV. We shared six different corrections for the same. Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев which one has given a positive result in your case. In addition, these are somewhat useful tips and tricks of the iPhone. Tips and tricks for PC. as well as tips and tricks for Android what you should also check.

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How to connect speakers to LG TV

Modern LG TVs boast high.quality sound. Nevertheless, many owners of technology want to improve the audio system even more by connecting a column to the TV. This allows you to enjoy the voluminous sound of the highest quality.

Before you start connecting the speakers, you need to clarify what audio defects your LG TV model is equipped. The most common-digital HDMI connector, linear input (minijack) or specialized acoustic connectors SCART or RCA.

In the models of LG TVs with Smart-TV, it is possible to connect wireless speakers via Bluetooth.

HDMI. found in the most modern TV models and in home theater. Allows you to transmit information without loss of quality.

If you are going to connect a powerful audio center with built-in amplifiers to your TV.

Minijack, scart (comb) and RCA (tulip) are not intended for powerful audio systems. When using these connectors, you need to be especially careful, since if you connect acoustics to the TV with a power of more acceptable, there is a risk of damage or even decommissioning of technology.

The second one should pay attention to is the columns themselves. Acoustic systems are active and passive, and the method of connection depends on their type.

Active.type acoustic system suggests the presence of a amplifier and for power is connected to an electric network. In the vast majority of cases, such columns are connected to the TV using 3.5 mm inputs indicated by Minijack or TRS. In the event that such connectors are not provided on your LG TV, you can solve problems by buying an additional adapter “Minijack / RCA”.

Passive acoustic system not equipped with an amplifier, it must be purchased separately and connect the speakers first to it, and only then through the amplifier to the TV. In this case, there is a chance that the sound quality will not be optimal.

This is what you need to pay attention to when choosing an amplifier:

  • Its power should not be higher than the power of the columns more than a third. (Carefully read the user’s leadership to the columns, there is definitely this information there).
  • The resistance of the amplifier and columns should be equal.
  • The wire is very important, with which the amplifier will be connected to the TV. Experts recommend not using the cord with a section of less than 2 mm.

How to connect speakers to a TV using wires: instructions

  • Having decided on the type of connector, connect the HDMI, RCA or Minjack wire to the corresponding nest on the rear wall of the TV.
  • If you connect speakers from a computer to the TV, use your TV as a power source. To do this, connect them to any free USB port on the back panel.
  • Setting sound parameters on TV.
bluetooth, column, does, connect

How to connect wireless speakers to the TV: instructions

How To FIX Bluetooth Device Not Working On Windows 10

  • Turn on the TV with the remote control.
  • In the “menu” find the Bluetooth section and make sure that this option is active.
  • In the list of available devices, find a Bluetooth column that you want to connect.
  • Synchronize the devices.

After you have successfully connected the speakers to your LG TV, you need to complete the process by setting up the sound parameters in the TV itself.

  • In the menu, select the “Home” item (icon “House”).
  • Go to the “Settings” section (icon “gear”).
  • In the upper right corner, find the icon with three vertical points, and in it the “Sound” section.
  • In the Audio Excellence subsection, select “Audio output (optics/HDMI ARC)”.
  • Activate Simplink.

If you use an speaker system with support for Sound Sync sound synchronization:

  • In the menu, select the “Home” item (icon “House”).
  • Go to the “Settings” section (icon “gear”).
  • In the upper right corner, find the icon with three vertical points, and in it the “Sound” section.
  • In the Audio Excellence subsection, select “Sound synchronization LG (optics)”.

If you connect an audio system with support for synchronization of LG sound using Bluetooth, when setting up the parameters, select the “Sound Sound Sound (Wireless)” item ”.

Connection of the Sony column to TV

If you have a column of the XB 4 series, such as SRS XB43, then you can connect it to the TV in two ways:

AUX connection

With the first option, everything is simple. insert one end of the Aux cable into the column, and the other end, into the headphones on the TV (3.5 mm). The sound should go from the column automatically.

This is what this connector looks like on the column:

Please note that on the columns of the “younger” series, for example, Sony XB31 or XB33 there is no such connector, and you can only connect them to TV wirelessly.

Bluetooth connection

To connect the Sony column to the Bluetooth TV, your TV should have the corresponding opportunity.

As a rule, all Smart TV have a wireless module. If your TV is “not smart”, then you can buy a TV setup in which the Bluetooth adapter is built.

On most TVs, the connection process will be approximately the same:

  • Turn on the column and press the Bluetooth button on it
  • Go to the TV settings and go to the “Devices” or “Connection devices” section
  • Find the section of wireless joints there, turn on the Bluetooth and start the search for devices
  • In the list that appears, click on the name of your Sony column to connect.

Additionally, you can read how to connect headphones to the Xiaomi TV setting. This instruction is suitable for the column.

How to connect a column to a TV?

If the search engine directed you to this page, then you are faced with the question of how to connect the speakers to TV? And this is understandable, because despite the fact that many modern TV manufacturers equip their products with high.quality sound, a large number of technology owners seek to improve audio systems. They do this to enjoy more voluminous and at the same time the best sound when watching the TV.

So, you already have speakers or you are only going to buy them. Before connecting an audio system or selecting appropriate equipment, you should pay attention to the connectors that the TV is equipped with. Modern TV, Samsung and other manufacturers can also have various audio interprets.

What are the connectors

Looking at the rear panel of the TV, you will find some of the following ports:

  • HDMI;
  • Scart. colloquial name “comb”;
  • RCA. colloquial name “tulip”;
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC);
  • Minijack with a diameter of 3.5 mm;
  • Line LN or AUX;
  • Optical digital audio output.

Let us consider in more detail those connectors with which the speakers are connected most often:

  • HDMI. present in the latest TV and home theaters models. Provides the most accurate transmission of information, without flaws. This port is suitable for connecting a powerful audio system. Therefore, if you are a resident of a country house, and at the same time your TV is in a large room in which the family often watches films and collects noisy companies, then your choice is a powerful audio system connected to TVMi.
  • “Comb”, “tulip” and minijask are not provided for strong columns. If you close your eyes for this condition, then at best you will be unhappy with the sound, and at the worst. you will be left without a TV. Therefore, you will have to limit yourself to not very powerful columns.

Types of columns

Acoustic systems (AS) are 2 types: active and passive. This must be taken into account before choosing a connection method.

The active type column is equipped with a pre.installed amplifier and is included in a regular outlet directly using a cord and a conventional fork. Also in these models there is a pen with which you can control the volume level. Basically, such audio systems are connected to TV using connectors with a diameter of 3.5 mm, which are signed by Minijask or TRS. Many worry about how to connect columns to the LG TV that does not have an audio output. This refers to the budget models of this company issued in 2018. In this case, the problem is solved very simply. using the adapter “Minijas/RCA”.

Passive.type columns have no amplifier. You will have to buy this device separately, as well as connecting cables. The speakers are primarily connected to it, and then through an amplifier or receiver to TV. Sound quality in this case can partially or completely disappoint.

What to consider when choosing an amplifier (receiver) and wires:

  • The power of the device should not exceed the power of the audio system by more than 30%. All information can be found in the “User Manual”, which is included with the columns.
  • The resistance indicators of the amplifier and the AC should be the same.
  • The width of the wire designed to connect the amplifier to the TV should be 2 mm or more.

How to connect columns to a TV? How to connect headphones to a TV?

This can be done by any of the above methods. To find out how to connect the speakers to your TV with Smart TV, you should take into account the type of system and outputs available on each individual Samsung or LG model.

Keep in mind that Smart TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to use another method of wireless connection (of course, if the AC itself supports this option). The procedure is similar to the synchronization algorithm for Bluetooth, but in the settings you will need to enter Wi-Fi, and then find the required name and confirm the connection.

As you can see, you can connect any type of columns to modern TVs. The way out can be found even when the ports and modules do not match.

How to connect columns to a TV? instructions, whether it is possible to connect the speakers to TV. FAQ from EARPHones-Review

How to connect columns to a TV? The article shows a guide whether it is possible to connect the speakers to the TV. Hyde and tips for connecting speakers to LG, Samsung and other brands. FAQ from EARPHones-Review. Help and advice! Characteristics ratings reviews advice

JBL soundbar connection to TV via HDMI

This is the most common way to connect. Its advantages:

  • The sound panel is turned on simultaneously with the power supply (t.e. the soundbar does not need to be turned on separately)
  • Sound level adjustment on both devices is carried out using one remote control
  • The best sound quality compared to optical and wireless connection.

To connect you will need HDMI cable and the TV must have HDMI (ARC) TV. As a rule, all modern (and not very) TVs have it.

Connection of the soundbar to the Samsung TV via HDMI

Manage the soundbar from the TV remote control and launch it simultaneously with the inclusion of TV, allows branded technology from Samsung. Anynet. Usually it is already active from the factory, so in order for the sound to play from the sound panel, do the following:

  • One end HDMI cable Sweet in the HDMI Out (TV ARC) connector in the JBL 2 soundbar.1 (similarly for other models)
  • Another. to the entrance of the HDMI ARC of your Samsung TV
  • Turn on the TV and the soundbar should turn on automatically.

If the sound continues to play from the column of the TV, then go to the settings menu, go to the audio/sound section and, as a sound source, select external speakers.

Anynet is activated in the settings. Depending on the TV model, the paths may be as follows:

home. Settings. General. Management of external devices. Anynet. (HDMI CEC)

home. Settings. System. Expert settings. Anynet. (HDMI-CEC)

Connection of the soundbar to the LG TV via HDMI

  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI Out (TV ARC) sound panel
  • Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI ARC TV connector
  • Turn on the device power
  • On the TV, go to the “Settings” menu
  • In the “Audio” section, find the item “Digital Audio Exit” and install it in the “Auto” position
  • If necessary, set as a sound source not a TV speaker, but an external audio system
  • Turn on the SIMPLINK option on your LG TV in order for the soundbar to turn on simultaneously with TV.

Simplink. Protocol of household appliances via HDMI in Smart TVs LG.

You will find detailed instructions for connecting the sound panel to TV LG in the official instructions.

Connection of the soundbar to Sony, Xiaomi, Philips and other TV via HDMI

Above, we examined the process of connecting the sound panel to LG and Samsung TVs. Connection to TV other manufacturers. Xiaomi, Sony, Philips, Haier, will only be different, only the name of the points in the menu will be different.

Consider the example of Smart TV Sony Bravia:

  • Take the HDMI cable and insert it into the HDMI Out (TV ARC) Soundbara
  • Insert the other end into the HDMI ARC connector on the TV
  • Press the Home button
  • Go to the settings menu (installation) and open the “Sound” section
  • In the “Dynamik” point, select “Audiosystem”
  • In the paragraph “Digital Audio Exit”, select “Auto”

In order for the soundbar JBL 2.0 or any other turned on when starting the TV and you could control the sound from one remote control, do the following:

  • Open the settings menu (installation)
  • Enter the External Entrance section
  • Open the “Sync Bravia” item
  • Turn on Sync Bravia Management

Sync Bravia is the control of the Sony TV technique through HDMI, LG has a similar item called Simplink.

In the table below you will see the name of the protocols for managing the soundbar C TV of different manufacturers. Most likely this is how the menu items that will need to be activated will be called.

LG Simplink
Samsung Anynet
Onkyo RIHD
Sony Bravia sync
Hitachi HDMI-CEC
Pioneer Kuro Link
Toshiba Regza Link and CE-Link
Sharp Aquos Link
Panasonic Viera Link, Hdavi Control and Ez-Sync
Philips Easylink
Mitsubishi Net Command

JBL soundbar connection to the TV via Bluetooth

In order to connect the sound panel to the Bluetooth TV, two conditions must be met:

  • Bluetooth should have a soundbar (as a rule, all modern models have).
  • Bluetooth should have a TV (as a rule, everyone has TV with Smart TV).

If the TV has no wireless connection, then you can buy a TV set, for example Xiaomi Mi Stick TV, and already connect at least a soundbar, even wireless headphones to it.

The connection process for all TV is the same, only the menu items will differ, depending on the model and the manufacturer:

  • Click on the Bluetooth button on the sound panel (the indicator should start blinking blue)
  • In the TV settings, find the section “Connection of external devices” (“Bluetooth”, “Wireless devices and accessories”-may be called differently)
  • Click “Search for devices”
  • After the name of your soundbar is displayed in the list of available devices. click on it for interfacing
  • The sound should sparkle from the soundbar

In this instructions, we told how to connect the soundbar to the TV in different ways. If you have questions or something does not work out-write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will try to help.

Look for other TV instructions and columns in the Smart TV section and wireless speakers of our site.

In the preparation of the article, official instructions from Samsung and JBL were used