Can I charge my phone with another charger

Can I charge my phone with a laptop charger??

Very convenient. if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you can charge it with the old charger. The only difference is the voltage and amperage, but more on that later. Even through the adapter Micro USB→USB you can easily charge the device from a laptop.

If you use a voltage converter

Even if you connect the laptop to a phone charger for charging, through a voltage converter (from 5 volts to 15 volts or higher), the charging current will be constant. The charging current will not change in any way. Again the phone charger will be overloaded.

Can you use a bigger charger for your phone?

The device can be charged with any 5 volt charger, regardless of the number of amps. It won’t take more current than it needs. Although this is a correct answer, many people are not satisfied with it because it’s not quite clear what the phrase “won’t take more amps than necessary” means.

You can charge it, but there is a risk. Devices without fast-charging support are not protected from the high voltage of 12 volts, they may even be enough to heat up a 9-volt.

What’s wrong with fast charging?

Fast charging creates inhomogeneity within the battery. It leads to accelerated degradation of the battery. Battery life can reach 1000 cycles at 1A charging, at 5A charging the battery life already drops to 600.

Most often it is possible. The compatibility of a smartphone and charger does not depend on whether it is produced by the same company as the smartphone itself. And if your phone supports wireless charging, then it was told by the manufacturer to charge from devices of other companies.

Can I charge a normal phone with the fast charger?

Yes, yes, that’s why smartphones at the end charge so long. Therefore, fast charging cannot harm your battery. Also some manufacturers, in order to reduce wear and tear, put in your smartphone is not one, but two batteries of different capacity.

Some batteries in older devices are sensitive to high currents and therefore can lose their properties relatively quickly due to excessive heating of the batteries and protection circuits. So it’s best to charge your regular push-button cell phones and similar devices with 1 amp.

Can I charge my phone with a 2.1 amp?

Important: Maximum current of 2.1A is given only when one device is plugged in. If two devices are being charged at the same time, the charger will “give” a current of 1A. If you charge your tech that is rated at 2.If you use a 1 amp charger, it will take longer to charge it.

Unlike PC, notebook can work autonomously, without electricity. When it’s well charged, it may as well share the energy with your phone. If there is a power outage, or you are in a place where there are no outlets, you can use the USB cable to charge your phone from your laptop.

Can I charge my phone with a laptop charger?

Very convenient. if you buy a new smartphone or tablet, you can charge it with the old charger. The only difference is in voltage and strength, but more about that later. You can also use the Micro USB→USB adapter to charge the device from a laptop without any problem.

  • Practice “partial charging”
  • While charging leave your smartphone alone
  • Fast charger should also be used carefully. you should not charge your smartphone to 100 percent with it
  • If you plan to stop using your smartphone for a while, charge its battery about halfway.

Choosing a charger, and why they come in different forms

We propose to take a closer look at the characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing a new charger.

Today, almost all cell phones, as well as smart watches, MP3 players and partly tablets are charged with a 5V power supply. Questions arise at the stage of selecting the optimal amperage of the charger. First let’s try to explain what it is, and what it is eaten with. The current strength shows us how much charge has passed through a conductor’s cross section per unit time, or to be more precise, how much current has been consumed by the device.

With the development of technology the possibilities of our components are developing in direct proportion, and the current consumption increases accordingly. If just a few years ago the cell phone served only to call or write SMS, today the small device in your holds almost the whole world: phone, GPS-navigator, music player, calculator, Internet access and many other necessary things in everyday life.

As power consumption has increased, manufacturers have been forced to increase battery capacity. Previously, 600 mA was enough for a phone, but now the average battery capacity ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 mA. Accordingly, for a 600 mA battery, a 500 mA charge was enough, but for a modern phone with a 5000 mA battery, a full charge with such a unit would take forever.

And now the most interesting question: “What will happen to my phone, if it came with a charger at 1A, and I will use the charger at 2A?”. The answer is obvious. the phone will be OK. All modern devices have, so to speak, protection, that is, charge control circuitry, which allows it to draw only as much current as necessary for your phone. The marking 2A on the power supply indicates only the maximum current that the power supply can deliver.

The power supply's amperage

So if you need 1.42 amps to charge your phone, it will draw that much, and not more, even if you use a 2 amp charger. If you connect such a phone in a unit with a rated current of 0.5 A, then it will take the maximum possible, that is 0.5 A, and will charge for longer.

The “wrong” charging myth

A little history at the end. Where did the superstitions about charging phones with the “wrong” charger come from?? The thing is, in the very beginning, when cell phones first came into our lives, all the batteries were low capacity, so there was no need for high amperage power supplies, and phones were not protected against too high amperage. Back then chargers were not rated more than 0.5A and usually had different connectors.

In the transition period, when powerful blocks began to appear, there were often problems when charging old devices with new blocks. The lack of protection caused the phone to receive its maximum current and the phones would simply burn out. Since it was a widespread problem, it needed a quick fix and the solution was protection (charge control circuitry).

So, if you need a power adapter for 2A for your tablet and 1A for your phone, go to Accessories at our website, buy chargers with current rating of 2A and safely charge two devices from one charger.

Keep your devices charged and stay connected!

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