Can I find a page by phone number

Step-by-step instruction. Search for a person. By the number of his mobile phone

On the social network. Our relatives, friends and acquaintances can be registered. If we have the task of finding a person, knowing only his phone number. How to do it in this case?

I hasten to inform. This data is quite enough. A new mechanism was relatively recently implemented, which significantly facilitated the search process. It is enough to save the number on your mobile phone, and then start synchronization. After that, they will show us if there is a page with such a phone.

How to find a person in by number?

Is it possible to find a person’s page in by phone number?

Social network is trying to provide users with maximum privacy and security. For this reason, many popular ways to search for a page by number stopped working. In 2021, only one method remains relevant. The import of contacts. We tell you how to find a person in VK by phone number.

To search for a person by number, you need to make this number to the contact list on the phone. Instead of the name of the contact, you can drive any number, letter or word. This will not affect the search. It will be possible to find the user under the following conditions:

If at least one of these conditions is violated, the owner of the number on the social network cannot be found.

To start searching for a page in VK, you need to use the mobile version of the application. First, the user needs to enable the synchronization of contacts according to the following instructions:

  • Open section “Profile”.
  • Select the icon of three horizontal lines in the upper corner of the screen.
  • Below select the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “Account” section.
  • In the section “Other”, select “Contact synchronization”.

First of all, the user needs to give permission to access the apps to the contacts (click on the “Allow” button). If this window did not appear, then the resolution was given earlier, and this item is automatically missed.

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In the window that opens with the heading “Contact synchronization”, three points will appear to choose from. By default it will be active “not synchronize”. The user needs to select the “only contacts” item, and then click “Save”. After that, the synchronization of the contacts will be completed, and you can start a search by number.

To search for the owner of the number, the following actions must be performed:

In the list that opens in the “Contacts” section, all users will be reflected whose numbers are contained in telephone contacts. However, their names will be taken from the social network, and not from the list of contacts in the phone, so it may not be easy to determine which page belongs to the desired number.

Important! In addition to imported contacts from the phone, this list will contain other similar profiles. Thus, the social network is trying to protect its users from the connection between the number and the page. Therefore, it is recommended to use a phone with a small number of contacts to simplify the search. The fewer contacts, the easier it will be to find the desired page.

To find some data about a person by phone number, we recommend reading a special instruction.

How to find a person in VK by phone number

Despite the strict confidentiality policy, the social network makes it possible to find a person by number. In order for the implementation of the operation to end with success, it is important to clearly follow all the requirements of the instructions. And to consider a specific method is recommended from the very first option.

The search for a person by number is possible only if the user made such data open to other members of the community.

If the first option does not give the desired result, you should proceed to the next. But at the same time, remember that it is far from always possible to find a person’s account. Especially often a similar situation occurs in those situations when the user closes his page from prying eyes.

Through the search for VK

The structure of the search system inside the social system is implemented in such a way that to find the right person, the user can indicate the name, gender, age, but not at all the phone number. However, these are only those parameters that are located on the surface.

But it is worth digging deeper, as before any user is the opportunity to find another person by number. To do this, you should use not a separate line of the menu, but the search line itself, where the phone number is usually entered.

To find a person by number through the search for VK, you will need:

  • Open the VK page.COM/Search.
  • Pass authorization in your own account.
  • Enter the number in the search bar.
  • Press the search button.

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If the system detect a person with the indicated phone number, then he will certainly be displayed in the issuance. If the search did not give a result the first time, it makes sense to sort out different options. For example, using the “eight” or combination “7” at the beginning of the room.

A similar method of searching VK is available in all versions of the social network, both on the computer and on the smartphone.

Via Yandex or Google

Almost all accounts created on the vastness of the social network, including available through the issuance of Yandex and Google search engines. This was done in order to provide traffic to the official website.

Private user who is looking for another person’s account in VK can use this chip to search by number. And in order to perform the operation, you need to open your favorite search engine, and then enter a request that will consist of:

Ultimately, the request should have a format type of 7-XXX-XXX-XX-XX SITE: VK.Com. In this case, the hyphen in the numbers of the room does not need to be used. This may complicate the search process.

Just as in the case of the Interais of the social network, you can try different variations of the room. It happens that after replacing “7” with “8”, the account appears in the issuance. Then it remains just to click on the name of the account.

So, if the desired person indicated the number and made the page open, then the link to his account will appear the first in the search engine. On the contrary, if the user considered it necessary to hide the information, find it will not work.

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Through synchronization of contacts

If you plan to search from a smartphone, this method will be perhaps the most productive. You can find a person on the social network through the synchronization of contacts, which is performed in a few steps:

Now it remains to choose the business card of the person whose number was previously recorded in the phone book. If everything is done correctly, its account will appear in the search results.

When using this method, it also makes sense to experiment with writing a number. After all, each person indicates in different ways his data. Someone uses the “eight”, and someone-the combination “7”.

Using a phone with an empty list of contacts

The final search option is very similar to the previous method, in which the synchronization of contacts was used. Such a method has a lot of advantages, however, in the notebook of an average person there may be several dozen and even hundreds of phones.

To narrow the search, it is recommended for a while to clean the notebook, leaving in it only the number of the person whose account wants to find. Business cards can be loaded into a cloud. So they will not be lost.

Having cleaned the phone book, we repeat the operation described above. That is, we create a new contact, open the VK application, set up synchronization and perform the import of contacts.

If everything is done on your part correctly, and the desired person did not block outsiders access to his page, his account will certainly appear in the issuance.

How to find out the phone number of a person in VK

So that the user can definitely find out the contacts of a person, he can use several popular ways. As mentioned earlier, they have their pros and cons that can be seen also below.

In the profile of VK

Find out contacts through the account is quite problematic. To do this, there are only two ways to find out and determine the number through a personal page, your own profile of the social network.

First you should find out and study all the information that is already on the user page. It can be hidden. In order for the number and other data to be displayed, the “Contacts” tab is responsible. If the user does not have the necessary information, then you can use the circulation directly by number. However, it is worth noting such an option that there are still several ways besides these two, but they have a big minus. There are a lot of manipulations. What preference to give is a user business. However, they should also be considered to be in all weapons:

  • Through a mobile application. To do this, the user needs to enter the phone using a mobile application, go to his profile, and then open the personal page of the very person whose contacts would like to know. Next, the user needs to find a button with information that resembles button I. This page needs to be scrolling until a combination of the mobile phone number falls out;
  • By searching for a computer. If we consider the process itself, then it is similar and almost exactly the same as viewing using the phone. There are some differences that consists in the fact that the user needs to open the profile of the desired person, and then slip to a point that reflects “show additional information”. Then it remains only to scroll the wheel and find the necessary information quickly.

These methods do not always work, but only if the user previously activated that some users can see the reflection of the phone number.

Through Yandex. People

This method can be used only in cases where the user does not know the phone number at all, and he is not indicated on the user page. There is a service called Yandex. People. Its main essence is that there are a lot of people on the service, the data of which are collected from different social networks. It is necessary to drive the address of residence (city), the last name and the name of the desired character in the corresponding windows. After that, it is worth slipping for “search”.

A person will automatically open a list of all users who are in one way or another with a similar surname and name on social networks. The user can choose the required name and find out the number of his phone. It is only necessary to double.Check that information about a certain user is looking for.

Details about this service can be viewed in this video

By. Instagram, Skype

Often there is such a situation that the user is registered on a social network, which needs a full range of data, for example. Instagram, Skype, after which it does not want to fill completely or just forgets to do it.

For such people, there is a method by which in the future you can find out almost all the data through other messengers and portals:

  • Open Skype, after which we slip to the upper menu;
  • The user opens a tab with contacts in which you can slip to add a new user;
  • The person will open the opportunity to find the right contact using the entire database and the Skype reference book. Video server.

Important! It remains to enter the right user and wait for the person to load all the necessary data. As a rule, the user opens all the information that is quite a lot. Among this information there are, as well as links for the transition to other pages, including Most often stored the most complete information about the user, including his phone number. The same manipulation can be done through other social networks, for example, Instagram.

Through sites about work search

It is not so difficult to find a job in modern society, because there are various sites for finding work on the Internet. On such resources, people lay out profiles in which they tell the maximum amount of information about themselves in order to somehow attract the employer, including indicate their mobile phone number. As a rule, a mobile phone number is the most mandatory and important stage during registration.

Note! It also applies to freelancer. Only they need to indicate a little more information than ordinary users. For example, also on the site it is necessary to indicate the name, address of residence, and so on. Including, by the way, the phone number.

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This option is quite advanced, because many users attach not only their data, but also pages from social networks in order to fully open to the employer. It is also worth paying attention to not only in order to find out the full such information, the user may need to register on the exchange in the status of the customer.

Search through the VK application

The third way is to use a mobile application of VK to search. The procedure is as follows:

Save the desired number in the contacts of the smartphone.

find, page, phone, number

Then we enter the profile and open the “Friends” tab.

Select the “Add Friend” item and click on “Contacts” (here you need to give VK permission to read contacts).

In the list of contacts, we are looking for the desired number. If a person has a profile in social networks, the function “add” next to the number. It remains to press her and send an application for adding to friends.

Mobile applications

Using smartphones on iOS or Android, you can search for your Google account by phone number. As in the browser version, information will be received only if you are looking for your account and indicate a personal phone. There are no differences in two operating systems, so consider the instructions for any smartphone.

The most convenient applications for the restoration of the Google profile are either Chrome browser or Gmail postal service. The instructions as an example use the mail, but the process will be identical for the browser.

Search for people VK by phone number

To date, there are two main methods of searching for users on an attached phone, differing from each other with the complexity and accuracy of the result. Over, if such options do not suit you, you can always resort to the standard methods described by us in other articles on the site.


This method for the most part relates to the search for people using a photo of the profile, for example, through search engines. For its implementation, in addition to the number itself, the surname of the desired person indicated on his page will be required.

Note: the method is equally suitable for VK on any platform.

    Leave the VK page and under the authorization form use the link “Forgot the password”. To access this opportunity, the Password field should be cleared.

Note: the city and place of work can also be used to identify the page in the search process.

Note: The complexity of the search depends on the popularity of the account, the uniqueness of the photo and the indexed information from the questionnaire.

The described process will bring proper results only in cases where in the settings of the desired person activated indexation of the page by search engines. Otherwise, no data will be displayed during the search.

In addition, many users do not use their real photos as the main image of the profile, which may arise problems with the detection of the desired account. In this case, you should manually check the pages for their compliance with other known information.

Import of contacts

Unlike most methods of searching for VK, this method can only be used through an official mobile application on a smartphone. Over, the search process is possible only if the owner of the page desired does not have a restriction on imports in the privacy settings.

Adding contact

    Launch the standard “Contacts” application on your mobile device and slip to the “” icon in the lower right side of the screen.

Note: Contacts can be added both by hand and by synchronization from other accounts.

    Open the official mobile application and preliminarily fulfill the authorization on your page. After that, through the control panel, go to the main menu of the social network.

Other activity

During the use of an account in the social network under consideration, each person leaves a lot of traces of activity: likes, reposts, decoration for groups and pages of people. This list can be very impressive and therefore it does not make sense to consider each option. However, it is still worth considering that such information can be used to track the user of interest.

To fulfill tracking with maximum efficiency, be sure to combine methods, for example, adding a known user’s known name to a search by image. One way or another, the options we consider are all available, not counting other illegal methods, the use of which is always accompanied by some risk.