Can I increase memory on my iPad?

See how you can increase the memory on your iPad

The iPad doesn’t boot and hangs on “apple”. How to fix If your iPad “died” and doesn’t turn on or doesn’t load beyond the apple screen, it’s definitely a red flag. Advanced users try to solve the problem on their own by reflashing the device. Some even manage to do it, but the minute of fame is too short.

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Why is the iPhone Wi-Fi broken and how to fix it What to do if one day the iPhone stopped connecting to Wi-Fi? If the iPhone suddenly stopped working Wi-Fi, or significantly reduced data transfer speeds, it’s a verdict for the smartphone owner. It’s one thing when there’s a problem with the firmware, and quite another when there’s a problem with your iPad.

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How to do complex repairs iPhone The consequences of dropping the iPhone can be very different: sometimes the display is broken, and sometimes the screen remains intact, but the geometry of the body is broken, resulting in the failure of various components. There are cases when the damage to the iPhone is so severe that it.

Why is there no sound on your MacBook? You sometimes see scenes in movies where the hero’s computer suddenly starts to smoke, or even catch on fire, and many people think that can’t happen in real life. But it’s not so! If you want to destroy any computer, you can, and a Mac is no exception. Napri.

Crashed my iPad? Don’t rush to change the entire display Most iPad owners don’t carry their tablets with them all the time, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t damaged. Of course, it’s less common than with iPhones, but it doesn’t take much effort to accidentally drop your iPad off the couch or off the table onto the floor. From that moment on.

Why does the iMac see a white screen?? Experts say Like all technology, Apple computers, contrary to the misconception of some, are not eternal. Yes, iMacs and MacBook Pro have a much longer battery life than their Windows counterparts. my 2012 13-inch BlackBerry is still in good working order. Not to mention the Mac mini.

What the MacBook keyboard looks like after a spill, and what to do about it Every time you sit down to drink coffee or another drink next to your macbook, there is one spilled keyboard crying somewhere. Well, really, you can be as careful as you want, one awkward move and Coca-Cola, coffee, tea or whatever else is already pouring into the MacBook keyboard. What would you.

What to do if you spilled water on your MacBook keyboard: expert advice Despite all the advice (including Apple’s own), many people continue to put their macbooks at risk of being drenched in tea, coffee, cola or other drinks every day. Yes, you can be as neat as possible, but one awkward movement, and the liquid is already penetrating inside the case.

How to replace RAM in iMac: everything you need to know Not everyone has a few thousand free to buy a computer from Apple in a medium or top configuration. And if sooner or later you do decide to add something to your Mac, it will most likely be the RAM. In the lower versions of the names.

Every iMac owner can face this problem Apple computers are known for their reliability and durability (unless you recall the “butterfly” keyboard in MacBook Pro), but over time owners still encounter certain problems, usually caused by the long life of the device.

Why does a short circuit appear in the iPhone and how to fix it A short circuit is one of the reasons why the iPhone does not turn on If the iPhone “lags” or works incorrectly. most likely, there was a software failure. Such a problem can be solved by reflashing the smartphone, if the computer “sees” it in the restore mode.

increase, memory, ipad

Every MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, or other computer sooner or later declares to its owner: “I can’t go any faster; I’m running out of disk space.”. Yes, it happens, as a rule.

What to do if iPhone has no network reception after a fall A broken screen is not the only problem that can cause a fall of your iPhone What do you pay attention to first of all, when you drop your iPhone? Most likely, most will answer that the screen. whether it’s still intact, or you need to run quickly to change the display m.

How to fix Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone If you don’t see anything in the “Wi-Fi Address” field, it means there’s a problem If your iPhone’s Wi-Fi stopped working, it’s no longer considered a full-fledged device, because most of the time your smartphone is connected to the web. In this case, either the slider to connect to the Wi-Fi station.

Broken iPhone screen? Here’s how you can save money? It turns out that you can not change the entire display! Despite the use of advanced glass and various Gorilla Glass, the screens of modern iPhones shatter almost as well as a few years ago. And even if drop tests show otherwise, it’s easy to lose your MacBook.

Why is the image on your MacBook dropping?? Every MacBook owner’s worst nightmare is when their computer won’t display a picture when you turn it on. Well, except for pouring water, coffee or other drinks on your computer, it can be even worse. And sometimes a real “combo” happens. if your MacBook fails to display an image on its screen, you’ll get an “image loss”

I got water in my iPhone. What to do? Moisture on the iPhone causes serious damage in the form of corrosion The accidental contact of the iPhone with water, causing the device to stop working, can cause concern or even depression to many users. All the same, not everyone will be pleased because of their own o.

How to change the back glass on your iPhone. Spoiler with a real laser! A familiar picture? And now look at the photo at the end of the article When Apple returned to the glass back of the iPhone, users were divided into two camps: some thought it was beautiful (it really is), while others were already preparing to replace the iPhone with a new one in case the phone fell.

Apple Pay does not work on the iPhone. How to fix? Apple Pay can fail one day. Why? Today’s iPhones are not only capable of acting as devices for communication and entertainment, but also to be a means of payment. Many Apple smartphone owners have stopped taking their bank cards out of their wallets altogether.

How to know if your MacBook has a bloated battery and how it’s dangerous It’s best not to joke about battery bloat Even if you handle your MacBook as carefully as possible, it’s impossible to keep its battery in perfect condition. Batteries are not eternal, and over time they begin to deplete their life, as the number of charge-r.

Physical capacity increase

Most users buy a iPhone in the minimum package, not to overpay, believing that the amount of memory is enough for them. In addition, Apple offers an extra 5 gigabytes for synchronization in the cloud. But over time, problems begin: photos, movies, music and programs fill up the memory of the device almost to the brim. The phone starts to slow down, the space is catastrophic, and users are disappointed with the purchase. One of the most radical ways to fix the situation is to re-solder the internal memory. So instead of a 128 gigabyte chip, you’ll get a 256 gigabyte one.

This option will not be cheap. The wizard will take the phone apart, remove the motherboard, and work with it. Just change one chip for the second will not work: “native” chip is inserted into the box and the technical information is rewritten from it. It is then stitched onto a new module using special equipment. The memory is prepared for installation, soldered and assembled the phone. If everything is done correctly, the smartphone will work with the new volume.

If some mistakes are made during the process, the iPhone will become unusable and you will not be able to restore it. So this option should only be used if you are confident in a repair shop that performs such operations. Otherwise you can lose your phone with all the information stored on it. The process usually takes several hours and requires not only specialized equipment, but also the professionalism of the engineer who will deal with the change of memory. This is the most difficult option, but the most effective.

Is it possible to increase the memory on the iPhone 6?

For example, on iPhone 5S, we can not install 128 GB of memory, but if your iPhone 6S has only 16 GB of memory, we can expand it to 128 GB (takes no more than 1 day to complete the work). Attention! Due to lack of demand, our experts do not install chips with 8 GB capacity.

The best iPad: Apple iPad Pro (11 or 12.9 inches, 2020) iPad Pro is absolutely the best iPad, but it is not cheap. Unlike others, it doesn’t have a home button and Touch ID, but it does use the front camera for Face ID, like most new iPhones do.

What to do if you run out of memory on your iPhone?

The easiest and most effective way is to back up and restore your phone from a copy. Go into iTunes, back up, and then “Restore iPhone”. Unwanted files are deleted, and the system is as clean as a baby’s tear again.May 11, 2016.

5 GB. free; 50 GB. 59/month; 200 GB. 149/month; 2 TB. 599/month (was 1490/month).

Is it possible to replace the memory on the iPhone?

The bottom line is that engineers are replacing the memory module, and although the increase is only possible in the range allowed by the manufacturer, it’s still very cool: for example, you can increase the built-in memory on the iPhone 8 Plus from 64 GB to 256 GB (that much is the maximum allowed by Apple).

How to live on 16GB: 8 easy ways to free up iPhone memory

  • Clear Safari’s cache and history
  • Reinstall apps.
  • Delete old messages.
  • Use special services.
  • Delete screenshots.
  • Listening to music in streaming mode.
  • Disable duplicate photo.
  • Forced reboot

Step-by-step instructions for expanding consciousness

It’s actually easier than it looks. The discovery of the method of memory augmentation is based on replacing the flash memory module of the iPhone.

From time to time, users contact a service center with errors 9, 14, 4013 and 4014 that occur when trying to reflash their smartphone. Usually this behavior signals that the nand-flash is damaged and needs to be replaced. Such repair is done with the help of rather labor-consuming and complicated process known in professional environment as BGA-repair.

  • As always, it all starts with removing the display, disconnecting the battery and disconnecting all cables.
  • Then the element is stripped and soldered from the motherboard. Here you need special care and accuracy, it is important to observe the temperature and accuracy of movement. One wrong move and not only the memory module can be damaged, but also the motherboard with it, and this is a completely different repair and at the expense of the wizard.
  • After the flash memory has been successfully removed from the motherboard, it is mounted on the programmer in order to recover the technical information about the serial number of the device.
  • Next, it is necessary to transfer the extracted information to the new memory module. For this use special equipment. If you do not do this, the iPhone will not accept the new part.
  • Important! You can not, for example, on the iPhone 11 Pro Max memory of 128 GB, as it is not supported by the model. In fact, you are trying to create a new modification of the smartphone, which of course Apple does not allow.
  • Next, the new memory is prepared for installation. To do this, use a programmer to check the readability of the copied information.
  • Then the layer of contacts, BGA balls are restored.
  • Power is connected to the board, and other loops check the functionality. And only after that do you reassemble the motherboard.

As you can see, nothing is impossible. Increase the memory of the iPhone? Lego, in one of the Apple Lab service centers it will be done within one working day.

How to increase memory on your iPad

A specialist disassembles the tablet to gain access to the motherboard. That is where the NAND memory module is located.

iPad is disassembled to get access to the motherboard

Removing protective screens from the motherboard

The old chips are “unsoldered” from the motherboard. The difficulties begin at this stage. it is important to maintain strict temperature regimes, otherwise you can damage the motherboard and components that are on it during disassembly. That’s why you can’t do without advanced equipment and heating.

Cleaning the place of the old memory module and preparing to install the new one

After getting access to the memory module, the expert checks it with a programmer. It is necessary to understand, whether it is readable by the equipment or not, because if the memory module is completely defective, it is impossible to read technical information from it, which includes the serial number of the device and other data.

The memory is tested with a programmer and the data from the old module is copied

Then the data from the old module must be written to the new memory chip (already larger capacity). This information is stored in a special memory partition. Then it is copied and written to the new memory chip using professional equipment. Only this way the new module will work with iPad.

You do not need to upgrade the memory, you can simply replace the module with a new one of the same capacity if it fails. But since you have to replace the memory anyway, why not upgrade? The only but very important limitation is that you cannot install a memory module that is not supported by the manufacturer. That is, you can’t put 1TB in the iPad Pro 2016, with a maximum of 256GB.

Before installing a new memory module, it should be tested with a programmer. it should read without problems. After that the module is prepared for installation (the BGAs are recovered), and it is placed on the board.

How to get more space on your iPhone without paying (3 tips)

Flash drives that improve iPhone memory

It is not possible to insert SD-card into iPhone, but it is possible to increase storage capacity with flash drive.

There are various small and lightweight flash drives on the market. Connect it to the Lightning port on your iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, 8, etc. Д., And you can easily increase the capacity of your iPhone from 15GB to 128GB, 256GB even more.

Since these are protruding attachments on the iPhone, they are not the most elegant devices. Additional options external storage for iPhone, you can check it in this article.

Clean out unnecessary iPhone files and system storage

Another effective way to free up space on your iPhone. Clean up unnecessary files and system files. Apple offers you some official guides to free up space with settings such as delete apps, change settings to disable the download option and store originalsA lot more.

Here we find a more effective way to clean iPhone storage with iPhone cleaner tool.

iPhone Cleaner is a utility for freeing up iPhone memory. It can scan and delete unnecessary system files on iPhone to make a slow iPhone run faster. You can also use it to scan and search for large files such as photos, videos, etc. Д., On your iPhone to make it easier to back up to your computer and easily remove them from your iPhone. For these unused apps on iPhone, it can quickly find and remove them with the corresponding data from iPhone.

  • Clean the iPhone storage from unnecessary files, system cache, etc. Д.
  • Delete all data without the possibility of recovery to protect your privacy.
  • Compatible with iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5/4, iPad, etc. Д., Running on iOS 15 and earlier.
  • Compress large files and make a backup on your computer before deleting from iPhone.

This short guide shows you how to clean your iPhone storage to get more free space.

Download this iPhone Cleaner to your computer for free. Run it after successful installation. Purchase a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer, and this software will detect it automatically.

If a pop-up window appears, just press “Trust” on your iPhone to get the iPhone working on your computer.

After that, it will display information about your iPhone, including capacity information. Click the Quick Scan Button icon, and this tool will launch a quick scan of this iPhone.

Wait a few seconds and the scan result will be complete. Here you can view the volume of junk files, apps, large files, and photos that are taking up space on your iPhone.

Tap the Erase button to free up space one by one.

If you want to preview detailed unwanted files and decide if you want to delete them, simply select the data types ( Erase Unwanted Files, Delete Apps, Delete Large Files and Remove Photos ) to scan from the left pane, and then run the deep scan.

Buy more iCloud space

If your iPhone storage is full, you can move some data from your local device to the iCloud service.

iCloud. Is a cloud-based service where you can back up your photos, videos, documents, text messages, and more.

iCloud automatically offers 5GB of free storage for each user. If you want to download large files, it’s your iPhone, to free up capacity, 5 GB is not enough. There are 2 options:

Upgrade your iCloud plan to get more space on your iPhone, as shown below.