Can I return my new phone

Can I return my phone within 14 days??

Hello, in this article we will try to answer the question: “Can I return the smartphone within 14 days?”. You can also consult free online lawyers directly on the site.

You should know the peculiarities of warranty service in order to understand whether there is a possibility under the law to return a cellular means of communication under warranty.

So, the warranty period is a specific period during which the manufacturer guarantees quality work and full serviceability of the phone. If the device is defective, it can be returned for repair, which will be free of charge if the defect is covered by the warranty.

Please note! The warranty period cannot be standard. It is set by the manufacturer on a case-by-case basis, depending on the features and functions of the appliance. In some cases, this is not provided, and then the seller personally establishes a warranty period and gives the buyer an obligation to do so in writing.

When issuing a warranty certificate, you need to pay attention to a number of restrictions:

  • The warranty may be issued only for the communication product, which was brought into the country legally, that is, purchased by the buyer in the service center of the dealer network. Such stores usually operate in different cities with the purpose of consulting customers, selling products, as well as providing spare parts for broken phones (if the failure is included in the warranty) at the expense of the manufacturer.

If the product was imported under the “gray” scheme, which is easy to check by the markings on the product, the warranty on the product will not be provided.

How to change your phone number on Instagram?

Before describing the operation by which you can regain access, it is worth considering the reasons for the need for this operation. Here are the main ones:

  • Loss of the phone. It is possible to restore the number, but it takes time. If there is no time to wait, you can get a second SIM card. Then without changing the number in the social network is not possible;
  • Changing operator. Here the reason is the advantageous tariffs or services provided. You will also need to change the cell phone in instagram.

After these manipulations, the person will need to notify contacts about the change of the number and update accesses to social networks.

Step-by-step instructions

If it is necessary to decide how to change the number in Instagram, it is necessary to carry out such manipulations as:

  • Runs the web version of the application on the computer.
  • The authorization is made.
  • Press the button with the little man to go to the profile.
  • Activates the button that allows you to edit the account.

The person is transferred to the page with personal data. This button must be scrolled to the end, until the field with the change of cell phone number appears. Then all you need to do is to enter a new phone number.

To which the account is attached

Changing the mobile number, which is tied to the page, is carried out just as easily. This process is carried out from a personal smartphone. The following actions are performed:

  • The social networking application is launched on the phone;
  • Authorization and login is carried out;
  • The transition to a profile is carried out;
  • Then you need to go to the settings through the icon on the right side of the screen;
  • Going to the Account page is performed;
  • Select the item to edit the page data.

Here you need to select the item aimed at changing. After that, a special identifier is entered. It is necessary to agree with it and to enter in a column the code sent to the new phone. After performing similar manipulations, you can use your mobile to enter the profile of the resource.

Without logging into the account

The recovery operation is allowed without logging in to the profile. This method is suitable if the person has not only changed the phone, but has also forgotten and lost the authorization data.

In such a situation, it is important to act according to the scheme to restore access. The solution to the question of how in instagram to change the phone number, consists in the following actions:

  • I need to go to the social network login page.
  • You must state your intention to do so on the support form.
  • The employees will send a link and a guide to action in the form of clear instructions to the e-mail indicated at registration.

This operation should be carried out on a PC. In this case the necessary resources and portals are located nearby. Thanks to this, the manipulation of changing the mobile is done in a couple of minutes.

How to return a working cell phone to the store

Question. Whether it is possible to return cell phone accessories to a store?

Answer. The return of such goods is possible if:

Otherwise it is not possible to return the accessory, even if it has been bought together with phone. If the store has lost the product, it may also refuse to return it.

Question. Is it possible to return, if it was bought in internet?

Answer. If the phone, bought in an online store is not suitable, then it can be returned within seven days. The buyer must discuss this with the management with a written statement. You can’t get money back for delivery, only for the goods. These issues should be stipulated at once, so that later misunderstandings do not arise. Money usually is received within 10 days on a card of the bank.

Question. After repair, the phone broke down again. How to be?

Reply. You can get your money back if the repair is not completed within the warranty period. Sequence of actions:

  • 1. Go to an authorized service center for your phone brand to order an independent fee-based diagnosis. It’s important to ask for an official record of the results and keep the receipt of payment. The report must contain information about the breakage, elimination of problems, etc.д.
  • 2. Draw up a claim on the basis of the information you received. All documents must be attached and taken to the salesman in the store.
  • 3. Submitting a claim and the device for examination (if required). Then you should expect a response within 10 days.

A technically complex product requires multiple repairs and entitles you to a refund. To return the phone in a store you will need a document confirming the breakage or repairs made earlier.

Lawyers recommend a thorough approach to the purchase of expensive technical goods, including. phones. You can return a new cell phone to a store only if it has a defect. If there is nothing wrong with it, but it did not suit the color, the seller has the right to refuse the return demand. In any such situation will not be superfluous advice specialist-legal expert.

The current legislation provides the consumer the right to a refund of money paid for the phone. But such return is possible only if there were defects in the phone. The deadline for unconditional fulfillment of the claim is 10 days from the date of purchase of defective product. However, even after the expiration of this period, a claim for refund can be filed during the warranty service period, subject to certain conditions

How to write a claim to return the phone?

  • Where to file a claim? You will need to determine the addressee who will fulfill the requirements of your claim. In accordance with the law, the claim, along with the seller, can be made directly to the manufacturer, or the organization importer.
  • What must be specified in the claim? Of course, these are the circumstances of the purchase, the nature of the defects, the facts of treatment within the warranty service.
  • What to ask for in a claim? You can ask for your money back or request a replacement, whichever you prefer.

Limited Liability Company “Telephone”

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Claim(demand) to return the phone

Between me and your organization 01.01.2018 г. was concluded a contract of sale of a cell phone brand Samsung A, identification 1111111111. The product was paid for and received by me on 01.01.2018 г. which is confirmed by the agreement and the payment check. According to the warranty card, the shelf life of the goods is 2 years. The specified goods are technical complex.

In the course of operation, the following significant defects of the goods were revealed:

At the conclusion of the contract, the existence of defects in the goods to be transferred was not specified by the parties.

According to the paragraphs of the Warranty and Warranty Card of the LLC “Soglasni Sadovnaya Srpska”, the warranty period is two years. 2 st. 475 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, an essential violation of the quality requirements is the detection of irremovable defects, defects that cannot be eliminated without disproportionate costs or time, or are revealed repeatedly, or appear again after their elimination, and other similar defects.

Thus, violations of the requirements for the quality of goods are essential.

In accordance with clause. 3 Art. 503 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in respect of technically complex goods the buyer has the right to refuse to fulfill the contract of retail sale and to demand the return of the amount paid for the goods in case of a substantial violation of the requirements for its quality.

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 8 п. 1 Art. 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 “On Protection of Consumer Rights” with regard to technically complex goods, if a consumer finds any defects in it, the consumer has the right to refuse to fulfill the contract of sale and demand a refund of the amount paid for such goods.

return, phone

On the basis of the above, in accordance with clause. 2 of Art. 475, п. 3 of Art. 503 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, par. 8 п. 1 art. 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 “On Protection of Consumer Rights” I hereby declare withdrawal from the Agreement and ask for a refund of 100.00.

  • A copy of the contract
  • The documents confirming payment for the goods and their transfer to the buyer.
  • Documents confirming a violation of the quality requirements of the goods.
  • Other documents on which the applicant bases his arguments

г. Yekaterinburg, per. Separate, 5

Gagarina transport stop

Can I return a cell phone is not of proper quality within 14 days after purchase?Does the seller have the right to insist on an examination?In this case, the examination will be conducted in another city and there is no way to be present at it.And also there is a suspicion that the phone was on sale before.Perhaps it has already been returned by someone.Thanks for the answer.

Pershina Svetlana, г. Buturlinovka Return Cell Phone Within 14 Days by Law

Can I return the phone to the store according to the law?

The well-known Consumer Rights Protection Law, namely Article 5, regulates such a provision. the user has the right to return unsatisfied goods back to the market within two weeks from the date of purchase.

Remember that the store administration may not like the replacement of the phone. This is why it is necessary to ask for a refund. Then you can agree to a compromise (choose to replace the device).

Also, the legislation establishes a list of non-food products that are not subject to return, this:

return, phone
  • vehicles;
  • pharmaceutical products;
  • Animals purchased in pet stores;
  • jewelry and jewelry;
  • technically complex items.
  • items of personal hygiene;

This list, as we can see, does not include cell phones, which means that the seller has no right to refuse to accept this gadget back. So, is it possible to return the phone back to the store if not

Return the phone within 14 days

After all, as practice shows, experts “phone” more often and more willingly agree to exchange actions, rather than to refund money.

These questions should be discussed with the managers of the outlet, not with hired sales clerks.

In order to count on exchanging your gadget, you should immediately make a purchase in a large chain store, not in a small, unknown shopping facility.To communicate with the manager or manager of the store should be calm and respectful. If they refuse to meet you halfway, it makes sense to write an appropriate claim related to the exchange or return of the product within 14 days to the management. It should contain specific reasons for your request.

Remember that any product, whether it is defective or broken, must be flawless. If management refuses to comply with your request, there is every chance of ending up in court.

How to return a working cell phone to the store?

In addition, the cell phone. it is not a telephone apparatus, which has an OKP code 66 7310.

Thus, cellular phones are not named in the clause. 11 of this list. Note that similar explanations were contained in the. published on October 22, 2010 on the official site of Rospotrebnadzor. It was also stated that the sellers have no right to refuse the consumer in exchange of the serviceable cell phone.

Then a detective story happened with the letter. it mysteriously disappeared from the site, and instead of it appeared an explanation that the publication of this letter. a technical error.

How can it be a technical error to clarify legal issues by an authoritative government agency. is unclear.

Is it possible to return the cell phone within 14 days?

When buying a new smartphone, the consumer hopes for its long and comfortable use. Sometimes expectations are not matched by reality, and the gadget disappoints the owner either by its incorrect operation, or factory defect, or inconsistency of the declared parameters. The user is faced with the question of how to return the phone to the store? When buying a new device, keep in mind that the device is classified as a technically complex product. You may return it only under warranty or if the seller so wishes. On the general basis of technical complex goods of inadequate quality returned within 15 days, counting from the time of payment for purchase. After the expiry of the thirty-day period, you can return such goods only if they are in good working order:. This being the case, you will not be able to return a properly working gadget that conforms to the package and documentation. However, with some knowledge it is possible to take back even a technically faulty device. According to Article 25 of the CPA, you can return and exchange non-food items within thirty days from the date of purchase, if they have not been exploited, if they are not included in the list of goods that cannot be replaced hygiene products, underwear, plants, etc. It is necessary to keep the receipt and the original appearance of the product and its equipment. To answer the question you need to understand the list of technically complex goods. It includes telephone sets and consumer electronics. The modern smartphone does not limit its functions to these concepts. The range of its purpose is much wider, and it is characterized as a portable transmitting station. Therefore, the device does not belong to the telephone sets and is not included in the register of technically complicated goods. It means that you can return a new, working order device to the seller, and get your money back, or exchange it for another model for a surcharge. The modern Android provides its user with many different possibilities, from voice communication to accessing the Internet from anywhere in the city. It is often difficult to check the correctness of all built-in applications at the point of sale. Most often, the buyer is only able to assess the external data of the model, the quality of sound and communication. Often a loan is taken to make such an expensive purchase. The more annoying it is to find a malfunction at home that was not found in the store. Keep in mind the return period. In case of factory defects, defects and malfunctions, you can return the smartphone to the point of sale during the entire warranty period. The seller can also refuse to accept back the defective device because it is a complex technical product. Then it is necessary to draw up a claim to the manager of the store. The claim shall be drawn up in duplicate and signed through the magazine of incoming correspondence of the store. This step is the buyer’s insurance against non-compliance with the deadline for filing a petition. Some shopkeepers-fraudsters refuse to accept defective goods back even after receiving a claim, citing that the breakage occurred during operation through the fault of the consumer. In this case, you’ll have to write a statement of complaint to the court. On the basis of a court decision, the store may face administrative responsibility. At the same time, do not forget that the judicial practice is very ambiguous in matters of this kind, so it can stand up for the rights of the seller. Large stores that value their reputation and customers find a compromise and accept substandard product. The following options for compensation can be offered:. If there is no sales or cash register receipt for the purchased device, you will need the testimony of witnesses to surrender it back. The new smartphone soon after purchase began to glitch, freeze, inform the owner of the error in identifying the memory card, do not hold the battery charge well, do not respond to touch on the touch screen, or the battery is hot and swollen? The listed malfunctions are the grounds for returning an improperly working Android. According to the clause. The seller can disagree with the fact that the device is of poor quality and appoint its own independent examination. In this case the buyer has the right to be present when the failure is analyzed. If it turns out that the device is malfunctioning due to improper use through the fault of the buyer, he will have to pay all the costs of the examination. The expertise can recommend the repair, replacement of components or re-flashing of the device. In these circumstances you also have the opportunity to get your money back, refusing warranty repair.

This can be done in the following cases:. In any situation the consumer has the right to appeal against the decision of the examination and to apply for a reexamination. If a new properly functioning cell phone is not liked in operation, it can also be taken and returned to the seller, guided by the Law on ZPP True, it will be quite difficult to do this under the prerequisite of the following conditions:. If all of the above requirements are met, you must submit your request to return the phone within thi days. Article Thus, based on this document, the buyer has the right to refuse a product purchased through an online store, at any time before it is handed over and the money is transferred to the seller. Once the buyer has received the phone in his hands, he has 7 days to return the gadget of appropriate quality, if he is not satisfied with the parameters or characteristics of the purchase. In case of a written confirmation of the transfer of the smartphone, the consumer can give it back within 3 months from the date of signing the documents. Definitely refuse to accept the return of the product online store can only in the case of an individual special order, which was intended for a particular user and can not be used by others. In this case, to get back a part of the money you can hand over the smartphone to a pawnshop. Credit for the purchase of expensive androids is a common occurrence. It’s not uncommon for stores to offer you a car loan to buy a cell phone without guarantors or income verification. Does such a deal have a reverse and is it possible to return the credit phone to the seller? The same rules apply for devices purchased by installment as for gadgets purchased in regular stores, with a slight difference concerning the bank contract. The return procedure will be the same as for a regular purchase. You should carefully study the credit agreement. Often the bank prescribes the conditions and procedure for returning the phone. Loan payments do not stop until the bank makes a final decision about premature termination of the contract and closes the credit account. The hassle and red tape associated with returning your device can discourage you from exercising your legal rights. To make the process simpler and quicker use the following tips:. If you buy a new phone, you should not forget about careful handling. Especially it concerns the warranty period. Unpack your purchase and put the box with all receipts and instructions in a safe place where they can be kept for the entire warranty period. You should not leave your device unattended in public places, where it can be stolen. The device should be used by the buyer personally. It is undesirable to give the cell phone to a third person who can break it. If you are going to buy a new product you should treat your purchase with seriousness and responsibility. Analyze the phone‘s features, read user reviews, and test drive the phone at the point of sale. These actions will keep you from disappointment in your purchase and return it to the store. Home Products & Services Returns & Exchanges How to return a phone back to the store? 1 Nuances for returning your cell phone to the seller 2 Can you return it within 14 days on these grounds? Filing a complaint 4 The return process. Documentation 5 Return of a working unit 6 Return of a purchase in an online store or purchased on credit 7 How to hasten a seller with an exchange or return?

return, phone

How to return the phone to the store?

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