Canon printer does not see the cartridge what to do

Printer repair

Let’s try to deal with this problem together. This nuisance may occur for several reasons. To begin with, we will determine what kind of case yours, which preceded:

  • The printer does not see the seasoned cartridge, and you have just printed a package and took out a completely new cartridge without visible damage. Perhaps you incorrectly installed it and did not match the contacts. In no case should you apply physical strength, if something does not want to return to your place, it is better to pull out again and try to carry out the operation a little differently, from a different angle, for example.
  • If you followed strictly according to the instructions, then there is a probability that the contacts on the printer or the print head were oxidized. Treat them with a cotton pad with impregnated alcohol and wait 5-10 minutes until it dries.
  • Another option, you independently tucked the cartridge, inserted it to your former place and even took all the measures against oxidation, but still, instead of the placed image or text, white sheets are going on. Why?

Now let’s look at what to do if the printer does not see the cartridge. First perform basic actions, and your problem can be solved after everyone:

canon, printer, does, cartridge
  • Turn off the printer and turn it on after 30-60 seconds, after conducting the initialization of the device.
  • When the device is turned on, remove and re.Insert the cartridge to the click.
  • Perhaps it is worth clearing contacts on the cartridge from paint or from oxidation products. To do this, remove the cartridge and wipe them. At the same time, you can clean and check for integrity contacts on the print head of the printer.

Contacts on the cartridge. When cleaning them, strong pressure should be avoided, since they can shift and do not coincide with the contacts of the print head.

If you have a re-refueling cartridge (PZK) and still gives the printer and writes “Replace the cartridge”, then it should be resetting the refueling counter, using a button or a simple closure of contacts on each cartridge. Snpch is zeroed with one button. For clarity of this process, we recommend watching a video for your specific printer model.

If there are no problems with original inkwells, and with PZK or SNPC, the printer still does not see the seasoned cartridge, then the contacts on the print head may not coincide with their position on the inkwells. Try to press the inkwell tightly using any spacer.

If after all these actions you have a “printer error, replace the cartridge”. Most likely, the chip is damaged and you will have to change it or the inklit entirely.

It is impossible to recognize ink cartridges

Possible reasons:

  • Discrepancy between the actual and electronic levels of ink;
  • Cartridges are not installed “before clicking”;
  • The problem in the chip. The installed chip does not correspond to the recommended;
  • The cartridge is poorly inserted into the printer carriage;
  • The chip on the cartridges is shifted, damaged or contaminated;
  • The battery from the SNPH has a low charge.
  • Repeat the process of zeroing;
  • Make sure that the installation of cartridges is correctly installed (before clicking);
  • Make sure in accordance with the marking of the chip of the factory sticker of the printer (check according to the compatibility table);
  • Pull out cartridges from the carriage and correct, clean or replace the chip;
  • Then you need to install cartridges re.Clicking. Replace the battery on cartridges (if any) and repeat the actions to reset the cartridges.

Additional solutions: actions with a crisp firmware: take the carriage to the position of the cartridge replacement, remove the cartridges and remove it from the carriage, install it back to a characteristic click; restart the belly.

canon, printer, does, cartridge

At the moment, it also has the opportunity to reflash your PU to a crispy option at home. Information on the link.

It is impossible to recognize ink cartridges

This error may occur for many reasons. It is easy to diagnose it, since the driver of the printing device will report this. If there is a LCD display on the device, then this message will be displayed on it and on it. Therefore, to the question: “What to do if the printer does not recognize the cartridge?”, You can give quite unambiguous tips. After determining the causes of such an error.

Why is not possible to recognize the cartridge? After refueling, the reason may be that cartridges were not installed before a characteristic click. Here the solution is extremely simple. To install them correctly until you hear a click that indicates that the cartridges are recorded completely.

The printer fails to recognize the cartridge of a certain color if the wrong chip is installed on it. It is more difficult to deal with this than with the previous problem. Different chips can be used for various printers, so it is necessary to use only those that are designed for a specific model. Using a table of compatibility of solutions for saving, you can determine whether the chip is suitable for your model. If not, then you should replace them with the necessary for adequate printing. Check compliance with the printer must be according to its factory sticker. There is the most accurate information about which chips and cartridges are used by your device.

It is impossible to recognize cartridges on Epson, Canon and other manufacturers after the first simple diagnostics. In this case, it is necessary to carefully check the chips in cartridges for damage, pollution or displacements. In this situation, you can easily fix everything, using the following sequence of actions. Take out cartridges from the carriage, install them in place, clean them from the mud with an eraser or replace, install the cartridge back to the click.

The printer issues a message that it is impossible to recognize the ink cartridges in the situation where the battery in the SNPC has a low charge. Fix it is easy to simply replace it. It is located above the cartridge block inside the printing device. This is usually a “tablet” and it is clearly visible. After that, the reason will be eliminated, and the seal can be continued.

If the printer has stopped recognizing cartridges, you can follow these recommendations sequentially. With a high probability, this will help to solve the problem.

Damping of the diapers

Sometimes the failure is given not by the cartridge, but by the absorber of waste ink (diapers). It can also be dropped. As an example of the operation, we will use the MP280 device.

Fix Canon Spongeless Cartridge: Ink Level Reset. Unclogging. Light Blinking. Only Use Black

  • First of all, download the Service Tool utility on the computer, since its use guarantees a positive result.
  • The procedure is carried out using the service mode. Turn off the printer from the power to go to it, then click the “Stop” button and, without releasing it, click “Start”.

Continuing to keep the “start”, release “Stop” and click it 2 times. In this case, the number 0 should glow on the indicator of copies.

Important! The sequence of activation of the service mode for other models of printers Canon is different, for specifically you can find on the Internet on request Printer Model Service mode!

Now the data will be reset. After performing the actions considered, approximately once a year, it is necessary to clean the absorber in order to prevent the spill of the developed paint.

Oxidized contacts

The main and paramount reason, due to which, after refueling, the printer does not see the cartridge, is considered the oxidation of its contacts. Contact oxidation implies by the fact that the cartridge contacts over time due to humidity accumulate poorly noticeable pollution. It prevents the normal contact of the cartridge with the printer carriage, as a result of which the printer cannot normally recognize it.

How to repair dry inkjet printer cartridge|clogged ink cartridge| Canon pg-745 ink cartridge

Remove the oxides from the contacts of the jet cartridge from the HP printer can be a simple eraser, and after cleaning, installation again. In the case when the eraser is not at hand, even a simple match is suitable for replacement. Break in half and gently rub the contacts with its plane with a plane. After cleaning, the cartridge contacts will acquire a clean and bright color, which will be noticeable even with the naked eye.

The printer does not print after refueling the cartridge

So, you tucked the old cartridge in ink, installed it, but the seal “does not go”. Not always, in such cases, you should put an end to the old cartridge.

The printer does not see the original cartridges

In cases where the cartridge is used for a long time, the cause of the malfunction can lie in insufficient ink. If they are precisely new (complete) and original, you should verify your actions with the instructions or contact the official support service of Epson, which will help solve the problem.

  • The wrong way to install a cartridge. The original kit should be inserted very easily, a characteristic click indicates the correct installation;
  • Loose fit of the cover of the cartridge compartment. However, it is not recommended to use the force that can lead to damage to the device;
  • When buying a new cartridge, the user can forget to remove the yellow protective film, which protects against pollution.

It is not recommended to buy components at unofficial points of sale. The buyer risks acquiring a cartridge that does not correspond to the printer model, is “restored”, which worked out, but was refueling by third.Party services.

In most cases, malfunctions are observed in the chip. Many owners of printed devices undeservedly forget to look at the panel, which displays the current condition of ink. If Epson does not see the cartridge, you should look at an affordable amount of resource.

How to reset the cartridge of the Canon MP240 printer?

When using refueling cartridges on the monitor screen, there will be a warning that cartridges are empty. The printer calculates the ink consumption programmatically and does not know the real filling of cartridges. To continue printing, you need to turn off the tracking of the printer behind the level of ink.

To do this, click the Stop/Reset button on the printer panel for about 10 seconds. The printer will stop tracking the level of ink in cartridges (for each color it is necessary to turn off the tracking separately). Remember that after disconnecting the tracking level of ink, you need to monitor their level visually, and you also lose a guarantee for the printer, t.To. In his memory, information is entered that non.Original or refitted cartridges were used.

In all Canon, the same problem, they do not see rebuilding cartridges, they need an original and a point. There is a special program (firmware) for reprogramming the printer, which drops the settings in such a way that the printer ceases to read information from the cartridges, and then you can use any non.Original or re.Dispatch cartridges.

canon, printer, does, cartridge

You need to reinstall the printer driver. Take the driver from the installation disk or download from the official Canon website.

Erroneous stereotypes

Internet resources often write that the printer Epson (Samsung, HP, Xerox) does not see the cartridge due to the use of non-original products. This is a marketing move. Compatible consumables in quality, resource, reliability are indistinguishable from the original. Therefore, if you are convinced that the cause of the failures in the wrong choice of a printing unit is an attempt to sell a more expensive cartridge.

The only condition: a compatible cartridge should be developed for a specific model and type of office equipment. Analogues are characterized by the same pros and cons of. Accordingly, the methods of solving problems are identical.