Car DVRs with radar which is better

  • Best Inexpensive Video Recorders with Radar Detector
  • 1. INCAR SDR-40 Tibet
  • 2. Mio MiVue i85
  • 3. Inspector Cayman S
  • Best car DVRs with radar detector price up to 15000
  • 1. SHO-ME Combo Note MStar
  • 2. Street Storm STR-9930SE
  • 3. Inspector Barracuda
  • 4. Playme VEGA TOUCH
  • Best DVRs with premium radar detectors
  • 1. SilverStone F1 HYBRID S- BOT PRO
  • 2. Inspector AtlaS
  • 3. INCAR SDR-180 Manhattan
  • 4. TOMAHAWK Cherokee S
  • How to choose a black box with radar detector
  • What kind of car DVR with radar to buy

th place. Playme VEGA TOUCH: Features and price

Type Rearview mirror with screen;
Bands X, K;
Resolution 1920×1080 at 30 fps;
Functions Shock sensor (G-sensor), GPS, motion detection in the frame;
Viewing Angle 146°;
Screen 5 inch;

Playme VEGA TOUCH: Pros and cons

Top 10 DVRs with radar detector. the best models

Drivers quickly remember where radars are if they drive the same route every day. However, it is quite problematic to keep in mind the location of all devices in the city that control the speed of traffic. To get rid of this problem, drivers buy a gadget that warns about the located camera. Rating of the best radar detectors 2021 with a signature will allow you to quickly understand what is right for the driver.

How to choose a DVR with antiradar

Before considering the top of the best DVRs with built-in detector, you should get acquainted with the main criteria for selecting a device:

  • Manufacturer. To create combo devices use elements of the radar part, which need fine-tuning, so the choice is made only among reliable manufacturers.
  • Mounting. Since the gadget has 3 complete units, car owners should think in advance about how this device is fixed. There are models with suction cup and ZM adhesive tape. If they are made poorly, the device will fall off while driving. The suction cups fall off when the temperature changes drastically, but they do not leave any traces on the glass.
  • Storing information. It is worth specifying in advance where the video recorder with an antidradar records the shooting. convenient models with built-in internal memory or a slot for miniSD. This will allow you to expand your shooting range, because when space becomes scarce, the device simply erases the old recordings.
  • The camera. When choosing a DVR with radar detector, you should not forget about the quality of the camera. Cheap models always have 720p resolution and frame rate of less than 25 frames per second. It’s better to pay a little extra, but get a device with a good camera that you can use in case of an accident and see the footage.
  • Range of fixation. The best radar shows the device at a distance of 1.2 km, in cheaper models it is reduced to 600 m.

Attention ! When communicating with a consultant you should ask in advance, how often false responses are caused by interference.

Top 10 DVRs with radar

Devices with built-in radar works due to the GPS-module. The black box is connected to a computer, there appears a database with all the patrolled areas, the firmware is updated every 2-3 months, so that the information remains current.

At the same time, police devices do not detect these devices, and the manufacturers usually disguise them as ordinary cameras. To make the task easier, it is worth studying the top of the best DVRs with detector, which is based on customer reviews and the opinion of experts.

Inspector Scat SE

This device is suitable for drivers who do not like to change technology often. If you choose this model, you won’t have to worry about durability. It uses the highest quality components, and the camera is rated at 1440p. This model has an expanded set: it includes a cable for discreet connection, several types of clips and a case.

Digma FreeDrive 600-GW Dual

DVR hybrid is different in that it has a high quality shooting. The camera shoots in high quality even at a distance of 30m. Radar with detector has access to the Internet, it also connects to your smartphone for configuration and file control. The only disadvantage is considered a thin mount, which sometimes breaks during installation.

Artway MD-105

Considering what is the best to buy for a car DVR, you should also look at this compact model. It displays all kinds of traffic cameras and has a wide viewing angle. The gadget has a built-in microphone, and the quality of night shooting is not inferior to day mode. Users only complain about the lack of Wi-Fi module.

Note! The manufacturer guarantees that no police device will detect the radar.

Mio MiVue 812

The camera recorder works in several modes, among them is Super HD, which shoots at 30 frames per second. License plates of passing cars are visible even at a distance of 35 m. The radar detector warns the driver not only about cameras, but also about the location of patrols, lying policemen, different types of devices. Developers have provided for more than 60 types of objects.

Navitel MSR300 GPS

Users like this recorder with radar detector due to the fact that the device was placed in a slim body. The width of it does not exceed 6 cm, it is convenient if a person does not want to clutter the dashboard. Thanks to the night shooting mode a clear picture appears even in complete darkness.

Important! The radar with detector warns about the camera or other device 500 meters before the object. That is why it is not suitable for fans of fast driving, because they do not have time to react.

Inspector Barracuda

The device with an anti-radar and a data recorder entered the rating almost immediately after the start of sales. The gadget is made in Korea, so there are no complaints about the quality of components. It has an intelligent mode and warning about all types of objects that fix traffic violations. The memory card is provided for 256 GB, and the database is updated every day, so the information always stays up to date.

dvrs, radar, which, better

Artway MD-163 Combo 3 in 1

All what happens is recorded on the camera in Full HD, so you have to buy an additional memory card. The recorder has a 5-inch display, it retains not only a clear picture, but also bright colors, so in the event of an accident you can immediately make out who is to blame.

The viewing angle is 170 degrees, and the device has an expanded database. Not everyone likes the form of the recorder, but you get used to it quickly, also some users complain about the inflated price.

Telefunken TF-DVR33FHD

The developers of this combo DVR have created a special button on the device, which blocks files in case of an accident or other unpleasant event. This function appeared after swindlers learned how to hack such devices.

Important! Pressing the emergency button activates a special data encryption mode, it will protect files from even a skilled hacker.

Purpose of the DVR with antiradar

Let’s remember what task each of the devices performs:

The purpose of the recorder is to record everything that happens in front of the car during driving. In fact, it is a reliable witness of everything that happens on the road. Recording can help in accidents (with video it is easier to prove innocence), or just to avoid an unfair fine.

The task of the anti-radar is to warn in time about the presence of special devices ahead, which fix. violations (e.g. speeding). But this is not all. Modern anti-radar devices are capable of performing the following functions:

  • signal the use of special control systems by the police (within a few kilometers);
  • warn you about the presence of devices for photo fixation;
  • Detect automatic or manual radar operation.

As for the “combined” devices, the developers have combined the two functions described above. It remains only to decide which DVR with antiradar is better, and which model to give preference to.

Purpose of the video recorder with antiradar

Let’s remember what task each of the devices performs:

The task of the recorder is to record everything that happens in front of the car while driving. In fact, it is a reliable witness of everything that happens on the road. The availability of recording can help in accidents (with video is easier to prove innocence) or just to avoid an unfair fine.

The task of anti-radar. in time to warn of the presence of special devices, which fix. violations (for example, speeding). But that’s not all. Modern anti-radars are capable of performing the following functions:

  • signal the use of special control systems by police officers (within a few kilometers);
  • To warn about the presence of photo-fixing devices;
  • Detect the work of automatic or manual radar.

As for the “combined” devices, the developers have combined the two functions described above. It remains only to decide which video recorder with radar is better, and which model to give preference to.

Best portable video recorders

  • Viewing Angle: 110 °
  • Max resolution: 1920×1080
  • Format of the memory card: micro SD
  • in the package: there are no
  • Power supply: built-in battery, cigarette lighter
  • Surface mount: suction cup

There is a fastener on the adhesive tape. Can be attached to an invisible area near the mirror and folded. Thieves will not see.2. Easy to remove and install3. Settings are adequate

Compact size (in most cars you can hide it in a tinted area of the windshield, so you can not remove the recorder at all).2. Smart design (the recorder only, not the suction cup mount).3. Really easy to remove and put on the mount (without removing the mount itself).4. Does not hang.5. There are no broken files.6. Revealable image at any time of day, in any light. Cars are distinguishable; license plates are distinguishable in most cases, except when illuminated by an oncoming car).6. No problem with clogging the memory card with locked files (no shock sensor, so you can only lock a file manually).7. Reliable recording when power is applied (no malfunctions).8. No gaps between clips (using Class 10 card. In the enclosed instructions honestly says that the gaps between clips can be up to 2 seconds, if you use a card class below 6).9. Duplicate recording indication (LED on the body and a blinking icon on the screen).10. Sound recording easy to turn off and turn on the button on the body (due to the fact that the button is on the side to press it comfortably).11. Excellent build, quality plastic, in critical areas. metal. Does not squeak. Hinges are not loose, no rattle.12. The sound recording is of high quality.

Small, cheap, easy to put on and take off. The packaging and assembly is much better than the full counterparts with other names.

At night, especially when the road is not well lit. The picture is almost not visible, the quality is appropriate, when you turn off the ignition. resets the date and time, the native battery does not take out, the display is difficult to see something more detail, if necessary. only on PC.

Recording quality in the evening and at night is very bad. Better in the daytime, but the picture is compressed. small parts get lost. License plates are only read up close. Hangs.

No auto off screen function (this feature is described in the manual, but in my firmware no such). The running screen distracts me. It also consumes unnecessary power (which is important when the engine is stopped).2. I have to push the special button every time I turn the device on to cancel the sound recording. Unable to cancel sound recording at all (though this feature is described in the manual, but in my firmware menu there is no such parameter).2. Non universal connectors (power and USB). If broken or lost will be a problem.3. Main drawback. see. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Extremely inconvenient and flimsy mount2. Tight buttons3. Raw firmware. The device periodically hangs up and can only be brought to its senses by rebooting. Unfortunately, there is no firmware update on the manufacturer’s website.

Video quality. Worse than the Neoline Fusion and Gmini MagicEye HD50. They have a much better picture, especially at night.2. Power Socket. No mini-USB.3. Power cable. short. 4. USB flash drive can only be pulled out by removing the device.

The captured image is fuzzy (comparable in quality to no more than 480p or 575p). at the same time files contain really 1080p image very heavily compressed with lots of small artifacts. Of course it’s not fullHD (compared to camcorder). However, it is not a camcorder.2. Stamp (date and time) often merges with the sky. There is no possibility to turn on the background of the stamp or the border around the characters.3. The design of the suction cup mount is very unfortunate. Uncomfortable to attach to the window, the hinge is poorly fixed. Not suitable for most of our roads.4. Unfortunate tight membrane keypad (the membranes are metal). It is realistic to press the buttons only by holding the recorder in your hand.5. Non standard USB connector on the recorder. Only the cable from the set is suitable.6. Focuses on the drops on the glass.7. The (large) date and time are not displayed on the built-in screen during playback.8. The file names are not informative (just a serial number), date and time are also not displayed.9. Built-in timer lags quite a bit (about 2 minutes in 2 weeks).

No ability to rewind recording while watching no ability to protect the recording from being erased when using the suction cup mount. Shakes

The best video recorders with a wide viewing angle

  • Viewing angle: 160 °
  • Max resolution: 2304×1296
  • The format of the memory card: micro SD
  • bundled: no
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable battery, cigarette lighter
  • Surface Fastening: Velcro
dvrs, radar, which, better

Small (does not block the view), convenient attachment (easy to remove and hang back), the presence of full-fledged control buttons, easy to configure

The bottom line: the best DVRs with “antiradar

Paying attention to all price segments, we’ve selected four models that you should definitely look at when choosing a DVR:

Playme P600SG Inspector Barracuda Daocam Combo WI-FI Roadgid Premier SuperHD
Quality of video recording 5 4 4 5
Case 5 5 5 5
Convenient mounting 4 4 4 5
GPS Informer/Receiver 5 5 5 4
Radar detector 5 4 5 4
Extra Features 4 3 5 5
Average score 4,7 4,2 4,7 4,7

As a universal top hybrid with excellent radar and picture we recommend Playme P600SG. Slightly behind in the radar part, but produces a high-quality image in Super HD is another flagship. Roadgid Premier SuperHD. In the medium price range we recommend a model with a cool radar and a convenient set of additional functions. Daocam Combo WI-FI. And in the budget segment, we consider the most balanced combo device at the moment video recorder Inspector Barracuda.