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How to install, turn on and add a widget to the iPhone? Instruction

Most of the fans of Apple products are trying to work with their gadget using all of its features, which can save time and make the process of interaction with the device as convenient as possible. According to the description, the widgets. One of the most useful and functional features of the iPhone. However, many not so experienced Apple users do not even know what the word means. vidget, and what features does this option have?

The iPhone girl vs Android girl! If objects were people!

This article will describe what the widgets are and why they are good, explain in detail and show you how to find, install and add them. As always, we will illustrate everything in detail (using the iPhone 8).

Incorrect geolocation is most often related to the location of the object, and to a lesser extent depends on software errors. Here are the main reasons why iPhone can lie by displaying its true location.

  • You are in a hard-to-reach point. Though GPS and Glonass satellites, which help to determine the geolocation, are circling around the planet 24 hours a day, they can not always precisely determine the location of this or that object. If the iPhone shows the wrong coordinates, then try to move to a flatter area with fewer buildings or large structures. Keep in mind that under and above the ground to determine the location is not possible.
  • You are near the Kremlin. Many users have noted that they have some difficulties with navigation in the center of Moscow. Indeed, it turned out that when approaching the Kremlin the location did not work correctly and showed that the user is in Vnukovo (more than 30 km from the center). There is a version that the failure is due to the jammers of special services, which suppress the GPS signal.

How and where to check iPhone by IMEI (serial number) Apple’s site and not only

Good time to you all! The necessity to check IMEI arises firstly when you buy an Apple gadget out of hand, and secondly, in case you buy it from an unknown seller, for example, over the Internet. A proper check (for example, on Apple’s official website) will let you know if the device is original, if its warranty is not expired, and if you will be able to use support services.

NEW iOS 15 Weather App On iPhone

To “punch in” all the information mentioned, you just need to know the serial number and then use it to get the data either from the off. of the website or from other sources. What? You’ll find out in a moment! And yes, an important note, the information is absolutely free to everyone.

  • Tap and hold the weather widget on the Home screen and then drag it to Delete.
  • Go to the Settings menu of the Application.
  • Tap Weather.
  • Tap Memory Clear data.
  • Press OK.
  • Tap Unplug and wait for phone to power off completely.

How to set the weather on your Android phone screen?

  • Next, the Weather widgets.
  • Select the widget you want, tap on it and hold it down until you get the option to move it to your desktop.
  • Pinch the widget and release your finger.
  • Tap the cloud icon.
  • Allow the app to determine your location or add your current location yourself.

How to take dictation on the iPhone. Dictation in OS X and iOS: a definitive guide

Not long ago one could only read about voice typing in fantasy novels. But technology isn’t standing still. This field of technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and fortunately it has reached the common man. But with a caveat, in the box, this technology is still only implemented in OS X.

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It works pretty simple, you just dictate the text and the computer types it for you, all you have to do is to correct mistakes of misrecognized words and the text is ready. It’s been available on Macs since OS X Mountain Lion. I’ve been using this technology for a long time, and I like it a lot.

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The latest versions of OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite have “Enhanced Dictation”, it allows you to dictate on the fly, that is, without pauses. “Enhanced dictation” works offline, without transmitting text for recognition to Apple’s servers. You can speak text at the same speed with which you normally communicate. The main thing is to try to speak articulate, but you get used to it very quickly, and you stop swallowing syllables and endings.

Everything about this technology is good, except the limitation of use in noisy places or in the office. When there is a lot of noise around, the computer takes the surrounding noise or speech as words and dilutes your text with irrelevant typing. The second problem with the application is the people around me, who may not perceive a colleague muttering nearby correctly.

You have to adapt, either to type on the keyboard again, or to masquerade cleverly. I am helped in this by my iPhone headset, which works great with my Mac, and allows me to recognize text with a minimum of errors. Plus people around you don’t react so much to a colleague muttering near them thinking he is talking on Skype.

In order for this feature to work on your Mac. You have to turn it on. You can do that in your computer settings, go to computer settings and look for the “Dictation and Speech” tab. Check the “Enable” option and voila.

For your convenience you can specify hotkeys to launch dictation. For myself, I chose the option of pressing the “Fn” key twice, which I don’t use anywhere else.

Dictation works in any program, including browsers. You just place the cursor in the text entry area, press the hot keys and start dictating. Typing has never been easier, in any size or complexity. If you type a lot and often, and even on a Mac. That’s good news for you.

One of the most convenient and at the same time underestimated features of the iPhone is dictation. Users can use it to type text messages by voice, making it easier to send messages when you can’t use the keyboard. In this little guide, we’ve explained how to use dictation on the iPhone.

The first is to activate the dictation function on the iPhone. To do this:

Go to “Settings” → “Basic” menu.

At the very bottom of the page, activate the “Dictation” switch.

WeatherTestTask IOS Junior (part 1)/Тестовое задание для IOS Junior (часть 1)

After the activation of dictation, the button appears on the standard iOS keyboard.

To type a text message by voice, you need to press the button for dictation and speak the text. Dictation on the iPhone recognizes punctuation marks, so users have the opportunity to type literate sentences by voice, without the need for further editing.

There are two ways to translate voice (speech) into text on your iPad or iPhone. The first is to call and ask the Apple voice assistant the right question. And if you need to “talk” a lot of text, use the Dictation button on the iOS keyboard.

This feature does exactly what you think. you talk, and the tablet with built-in software “listens” and converts the speech to text. Russian language recognition works fine. But when using itself Dictation sometimes still have difficulties, so before you dictate a voice for the first time, read a few helpful tips.

How to know where and when you bought your iPhone by IMEI (Serial Number)?

Hi all! Finding out where you bought your iPhone from the serial number is useful for several reasons. First, it is always possible to compare this data with your memory and make sure that you are the first owner of the device. Secondly, when buying a device from hand, to check that the seller is not lying and the phone really was bought where the person tells you, for example, in America (although it is not particularly profitable to buy there). And third, perhaps this information will help you create a receipt (which is needed to unlock iCloud).

As you can see there are many serious reasons to determine the place where the purchase was made iPhone, and there are plenty of non-serious ones. for example, just out of curiosity. And that means we have to act quickly and decisively!:)

Updated! Site-checker, which is discussed in the article, safely “lay down”. How much is unknown. However, it is possible that just at the moment when you will read this warning, it will work again. If not, then you can temporarily use another service, which we met when we found out the activation date of the iPhone.

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Follow the link and enter the emei in the special field, then click check.

Here you get the preliminary information about the device:

Find the line Simlock/Carrier, and click on Free Check Now.

After a short wait, much more detailed information about the iPhone opens up, including:

  • Purchase Country (country where the phone was sold).
  • Purchase Date.
  • Sold To (place of purchase).
  • Carrier (the supplier, but at the same time it is almost always the official seller in the country).

Quite another thing is exactly the data about the place and date of sale, which we needed!

As you can see, my iPhone was sold by a company called Haskel LLC (which, to be honest, I was a little confused, because I know for a fact that I am the first owner and I bought it myself at ION). By the way, Haskel LLC is the official distributor that supplies Apple products to many chain stores in. and in such cases you should not be frightened.

However, if this field specifies ATT or some other foreign mobile operator, and the seller tells you tales about the fact that this is a certified and official phone, for example, for Russia, you should think whether you should trust this person because his words blatant deception.

P.S. Managed to find out where the iPhone was sold? Put a “like” on it!:)

Hi there! My name is Mikhail and this is my blog. welcome! P.S. Sometimes you can catch me on the air. Come on over, let’s chat!;) Currently OFFLINE!

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IMEI: 35332107947 Serial:FFNQK7WLG5MR Model Number: A1586 Board ID: n61ap FCC ID: BCG-E2816A Network: Global Manufacture Date: November, 2015 Production Week: 43 Phone Age: 0 Year(s), 2 Month(s), 11 Day(s) Factory: FF / China Introduction Date: September 9, 2014 Discontinue Date: N/A Contract Status: Unknown Find My iPhone: ON SIM Lock: Unknown Blacklist (Lost/Stolen): Free Check Now Model Check: Bought New iPhone 6 at svyaznoy. I suspect he b. Can you find out about this ? Apple’s website imai’s fine. Bought and activated at the same time. But for some reason on the official site the picture of the iPhone is white gold, but they say that the Space Gray. Here, too, shows a picture of a gold iPhone, but writes that the gray. And the factory writes: FF China. And nothing more, what factory is unknown. Another site even shows factory: (refurbished?). What do you mean?? Refurbished or something? Although everything matches the serial numbers and imai

Also took a look, somehow strange. Although there is no point in trusting all online checking services 100%, the possibility of an error is always. Call or write to tech. Apple support. Surely they can help clear up your doubts.

hello!Same story, bought 26.02.17 6ku, serial FFMT54HMG5MN, and the factory does not show, below.refurbished?,what does it mean. Support said everything is perfect, but why does the factory does not show and this is a B?with a question

Hello. Question mark is because the inspection service can not say for sure if it is rebuilt or not. If the support said all is well, then all is well. To those. more confidence support for sure.

Создание Weather Application с помощью Swift

iPhone 4 16GB Black IMEI: 012844005 Manufacture Date: September, 2011 Production Week: 38 Phone Age: 4 Year(s), 4 Month(s), 12 Day(s) Factory: JR / China. (Possible Refurbished) Introduction Date: June 7, 2010 Discontinue Date: September 10, 2013 Find My iPhone: ON Please tell me, phone was purchased in mid-October 2015, sold in store as new. and it says here that it’s from 2010 at all. Can you please explain what this phone is like according to this data?? Fooled me or not?

The new quadruple is not on sale for quite a long time (Apple just stopped producing them). The only option is if it was in the warehouse for a very long time (3 years) and waited until it was bought. But by the looks of it, it is not your case. It appears to be an old motherboard (used) packed in a new (maybe) case. And yes, if you were told that it is entirely new you were deceived.

The phone is new, and the fact that it says 2010, do not be alarmed, this is the date of manufacture of the phone when it was assembled.

precisely, the date of release of iPhone 4 And it could be assembled from 2010 2013. You have not been deceived.

iPhone 4S iPhone 4S 8GB White IMEI: 013589003079818 Serial: DX3NHGKSFMLD Model Number: A1387 Order Number: MF262 Board ID: n94ap FCC ID: BCG-E2430A Network: Global Manufacture Date: October, 2014 Production Week: 41 Phone Age: 1 Year(s), 6 Month(s), 17 Day(s) Factory: DX / China Introduction Date: October 4, 2011 Discontinue Date: September 9, 2014 Contract Status: Unknown Find My iPhone: OFF SIM Lock: Unlocked Blacklist (Lost/Stolen): Free Check Now Model Check: Free Check Now Bought ON AVITO. SELLER ASSURES THAT THE NEW AND NEVER ACTIVATED. I HAVE NOT BEEN DECEIVED, BECAUSE I BOUGHT IT IN M-VIDEO, AND IT IS STILL THERE A YEAR LATER. BELIEVE, OR IS IT REF?

meru, write, iphone, weather

Of course we can not 100% trust these services, but it is possible that the seller is cheating. By the way, when buying, you can check the number of recharge cycles of the iPhone battery also tells a lot (have you used it or did it really lay in the box).

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iPhone 6 16GB Space Gray North America/Verizon

IMEI: 356990063670717 Serial: DNQNXTB2G5MC Model Number: A1549 Order Number: MG4N2 Board ID: n61ap FCC ID: BCG-E2816A Network: GSM/CDMA(Global) Manufacture Date: December, 2014 Production Week: 53 Phone Age: 1 Year(s), 4 Month(s), 18 Day(s) Factory: DN / China, Chengdu Foxconn Introduction Date: September 9, 2014 Discontinue Date: N/A Contract Status: Unknown Find My iPhone: OFF SIM Lock: Unknown Blacklist (Lost/Stolen): Free Check Now Model Check: Free Check Now I bought it today, it says it is 1.5 years old. And it came with a Chinese earpiece

As I said, one service can not be trusted 100% try to check on the Apple website and other checkers. Although checking errors are quite rare

Afternoon. I can’t find information on this checker about where and when the iPhone was bought. Now there is no way to know?

On my iPhone sound is lost headphones

With the advent of smartphones, many people have forgotten their favorite players. Why carry around extra electronics when iPhone 6 can be used as a portable music player? We use it all day long: on the way to work, at lunch, in traffic, on a walk, jogging. Of course, most of the time we listen to music on our headphones. However, sometimes the sound in the headphones is lost. Sometimes the problem lies in all the headphones. And sometimes the cause is in the smartphone itself.

The causes of malfunctions may be as follows:

  • The most common reason for liquids to get into the case. You don’t have to spill tea on your iPhone. You just need to take it out in the rain or leave it in a wet room. To fix this problem, you may need to replace the socket or cable.
  • Mechanical damage can also cause a problem with the sound in the headphones. It is enough to insert headphone plug to the jack wrongly, the sound will disappear. In order to restore the sound you will need to replace the jack.
  • Maybe a small foreign object got into the headphone jack. You may not have noticed how you got a small pebble in the socket. You should not fix the problem yourself, as you can damage the earphone jack. It’s best to apply to our service center, which has special tools for this.
  • Maybe there is a software malfunction and the problem lies in the application itself. In order to fix such problem you may need to update the firmware on your iPhone 6.

In any case, all of these problems can be easily solved by our service specialists. They will diagnose and repair your iPhone 6 headphone sound in no time.

Smartphones from Apple

Today, a smartphone is not just a phone with a wide range of features, but also an accessory that represents you. For a long time already Apple devices have gained respect and trust of millions of users and secured the leading position on the world market. Buying iPhone is not only getting a reliable means of communication, but also a device with a smart camera, a powerful platform for solving many problems and a real multimedia center. all this on one device.

Enter Online Store is the official distributor of Apple in Moldova. With us you can buy the original iPhones of any generation: from iPhone 7, 8, iPhone X (iPhone 10) or iPhone SE 2020 (Special Edition), iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max and iPhone 11, and ending with the models of the latest generation, such as iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, and the flagships iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max in different colors. In addition, iPhones differ in display diagonals (from 4 to 6.7 inches) and resolution.

With each generation of iPhone performance is getting faster, the speed of operation is increasing manifold, and the protection of personal data reaches a new level.