Check Samsung for originality by IMEI

Switching on the smartphone

During the power-on, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Slow down the interface;
  • Abrupt transition between desktops;
  • The automatic firmware update is not supported;
  • it takes a long time to activate programs;
  • poor photo quality.

All these signs indicate that the owner is a Chinese fake, not the original Samsung.

How to know phone’s IMEI? To check your phone’s IMEI, dial #06# and the call button on your phone. Phone’s IMEI looks like a 15-digit numeric code. IMEI code is duplicated under your phone’s battery, on its packaging and in your warranty card.

To check the correspondence it is necessary to dial the combination of digits #06#.Check by IMEI

  • The first 6 digits indicate the batch number;
  • The next 2 are the country code of the manufacturer;
  • Next 6 digits show the serial number of your smartphone;
  • The last digit is the main number that allows you to check the phone for originality.

All without an exception and even fake phones have unique serial number and IMEI identifier that can be found by dialing the combination #06# on the keypad. Enter serial number or IMEI at SNDeepInfo to check your phone for authenticity.

Use the serial numbers, IMEI on the case, on the SIM card tray and on the box. they all have to match. To check if your phone has been repaired, please visit official Apple website, and check the IMEI number.

How to distinguish the original from the fake

Fake Samsung smartphones are manufactured in a large number of factories in China and Taiwan. All products are different and have their own specific features. Clearly recognize the signs of counterfeiting is difficult enough, but some of the most important nuances are worth paying special attention.

Translation of menu items

The software of the original smartphones is designed in such a way that you can switch to the desired language at any time. Localization is done with high quality and attention to detail. Suppliers of counterfeit devices do not really care about user comfort, so you can often find a model with no Russian language or incomplete translation. Errors, typos, and other unwanted elements clearly indicate a fake smartphone.

Create and add a Samsung account

Before you buy a device it is advisable to create a Samsung account in advance, and then check if you can log in with your smartphone. Replicas often do not allow you to enter your personal cabinet easily or do not have this feature at all.

Comparison of the phone in several stores

The optimal solution is to compare identical devices from different stores. It makes sense to inspect both the visual component, and the software part. Special attention should be paid to the cameras. After using the original Samsung smartphone it will not be difficult for a person to detect a fake.

Checking by IMEI

Checking your Samsung via IMEI or serial number can not boast with the efficiency, but it will not be superfluous to carry it out. Usually only the laziest counterfeiters don’t copy the code from another device using special equipment.

check, samsung, originality, imei

The first step of the procedure involves obtaining the appropriate code from the phone. In the dialer you need to enter the combination #06#, which will activate the window with the specified IMEI code. It can also be seen on the package. The numbers must match.

Next, you need to open the official website of Samsung and enter the IMEI in the corresponding window. This way you can check the IMEI of all Samsung models after the Galaxy S7. If the model is older, the system will inform you about the error. You can check such a model via the online service, in which a code is also entered. After pressing the “Check” button the user will be able to see the full information about the device.

Important! Many modern fraudsters easily bypass the protection code, copying it from a fully original device to a Chinese copy. As a result, you will not be able to check Samsung via IMEI. Services will show that the smartphone is real.

Study the characteristics of the desired smartphone or tablet

If you study in advance the specifications of the desired smartphone or tablet, it will help to distinguish the original from the fake. The fact is that the copies have significantly better specifications, so it is not very difficult to see the difference.

Ask the seller to test the device in popular benchmarks such as Antutu, Geekbench and GFXBench and then send you screenshots. Most likely, it will refuse to do so, which is a good confirmation that the device is not original. We also recommend you to install AIDA64 program on your phone, which displays a full list of specs.

Copies, for example, use different screens, processors, memory, flash storage, as well as cameras.

How to check if your Samsung phone is original or cloned: 5 signs

How to know if my Samsung smartphone is original or fake?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked by people who are going to buy a refurbished or used phone. Read the following article to learn how to tell if your Samsung device is an original or a fake!

Undoubtedly, Samsung. One of the best manufacturers when it comes to producing high-end smartphones.The company never stops incorporating the latest technology into each new model, but over time the price also increases. This is where people want to explore the market to see if they can get the same specs for a much lower price.

Because of the lack of customer awareness, sellers deceive customers by producing fake phones at lower prices. But don’t worry, at Systweak we are always ready to help you with any problems with your smartphone. In this article, we’ll discuss common signs you can use to check if your Samsung smartphone is original or not!

How to check if your Samsung phone is original or fake

Honestly, illegally cloned smartphones can look just like the original ones, and they can’t simply be identified at a glance.Pay attention to the following signs to check if your Samsung device is a cloned or fake one.

Catch 1. Verify the authenticity of your device using Samsung secret codes

Using these Samsung special codes, you can accurately check the hardware of your device. All of the code below should work on your device, as they are only available on original Samsung phones. If your smartphone doesn’t have these secret codes on it, you’re probably using a fake Samsung device.

To check these Android secret codes, all you need to do is go to your phone’s dialer and enter the following code.Once you do this, your device will automatically go into a secret diagnostic mode, which will display all the necessary information.

1) # [Displays current device firmware]

4) # # # [Diagnostic & General Settings Mode]

12) # (Information about the software and hardware of the device)

13) # (View software version of PDA, CSC, MODEM)

Catch 2. Signs to look for physical attributes

Unlike older smartphones, manufacturers are getting smarter and producing better quality.So, checking the appearance of your phone can help more than just that, but checking these signs should be the first step to recognizing the originality of your Samsung phone.

  • Check the brightness of the screen and the brightness. The original device will offer a vibrant set of colors, while the fake smartphones. dim.
  • Pay attention to the space from the screen to the edges. Clone smartphones usually have a large gap from the edge of the screen to the edge of the device.
  • The power button is separated from the volume button by a reasonable distance in the original Samsung phone. While clone devices have both buttons with abnormal gaps.
  • Don’t forget to check your device’s screen glass material. Run your fingers over the display, and if it looks more like plastic than glass, it’s probably a cloned product.
  • Focus also on your smartphone’s sensor These sensors are usually missing on fake Samsung phones.

If you can’t verify the authenticity of your Samsung device using the aforementioned tricks, move on to the following signs.

Gimmick 3. Check the specs out of the box

Well, it’s important that the product specifications on the back of the box match those in your smartphone settings. Go to Phone Settings About Your Phone. Now just compare the details with the data on the headset box. If it doesn’t match, you may be using a fake Samsung product.

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Catch 4. Check the Samsung IMEI number

IMEI ( I nternational M obile E quipment I dentity). is a unique set of identification codes assigned to each device, and two phones can never use the same IMEI. Often fake phones do not have a valid IMEI number or use a fake digit. To check the 15-digit IMEI number on your Samsung, all you have to do is:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Scroll down the Settings window and look for “About Phone”.
  • The “About Phone” window shows the IMEI code, model number, and serial number.

There are a few alternative ways to check your Samsung IMEI number.These methods can be used for cell phones and tablets with non-removable batteries.

  • To check this, just look at the back of the phone to find the IMEI and serial number.
  • Another way to find the original Samsung control code. See it under the battery. However, this method can only be used for mobile devices with removable batteries.

IMEI Check : How To Check Original /Duplicate/Clone Samsung Android Phone. Helping Mind

Having an IMEI can help you determine the model associated with your device, its network compatibility, and you can even find out if your phone was stolen and then sold to you.

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Catch 5. Perform a performance test

Performing the following performance tests will basically show whether your Samsung phone is fake or original. Follow the steps one by one:

This is one of the most common ways to check the originality of your Samsung phone. You can’t expect low resolution or poor quality photos with a genuine device.

If you’re using a fake Samsung phone, it won’t be able to strain your phone’s resources to run high-end games like Vice City, Grand Theft Auto, Star Wars or The Dark Knight Rises.

Fake Samsung phones take quite a long time to turn off or turn on.

Well, when you go from one app to another, you need to carefully observe how your device reacts to each action. If it takes time or is slow to respond, chances are you’re using a fake Samsung smartphone.

Samsung: How to check, if your Phone is Original or Fake?. 2 Codes to check, if it is real or not

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1 sq.Why it is easy to copy Samsung phones?

Samsung makes cell phones based on the Android operating system, which is an open-source platform. Since everyone can use it, it becomes easier for companies to counterfeit the original device.

So, if you’re planning to buy a new Samsung phone and don’t know how to check if it’s an original Samsung phone or not, this article will be a big help to you.

2 sq. How to check if your phone is new or refurbished?

You recently bought a Samsung device but aren’t sure if it’s new or just refurbished? Follow the instructions carefully:

  • Navigate to the dialer on your device.
  • Type ##
  • Of the two command buttons you received: View Reset. Click on the first one!
  • Your device’s screen will be packed with all the information related to your phone.
  • Look up the words “Restored Status.”.
  • If “No” is displayed, don’t worry, you are using a new Samsung device.

3Q. What tips to keep in mind to avoid buying a fake Samsung phone?

Keep these factors in mind so you don’t buy a fake smartphone:

  • Make purchases from a registered manufacturer or verified seller.
  • When buying a phone online, be sure to contact a seller with a good
  • Don’t forget to check product reviews and ratings. Refer to this guide to learn how to spot fake reviews on Amazon?
  • Never expect big discounts on a newly released smartphone.
  • Each original cell phone manufacturer offers a time-limited warranty.

If you or someone you know is planning to buy a new phone but are worried about how to check if your Samsung phone is original, read this article to quickly check authenticity and not let your hard earned money go to wasteI hope you were able to learn how to check Samsung IMEI and use Android secret codes. Share this article with someone who you think might need it!

You can check IMEI of Samsung phone and tablet on official site. You will need to provide IMEI and email address.

An important note from the manufacturer states that IMEI verification does not guarantee originality, as this number can be tied to a counterfeit device.

But if the IMEI check fails then the device is guaranteed to be a fake.

Samsung IMEI Check Service by IMEI. Check Carrier, Warranty, Model, SIMLock Instantly FREE

Help to identify the phone model. Samsung i9300 inscription when checking by name, the following result is given: 35 Group/indication: Comreg; Origin: Ireland 35616205 SierraWireless, SierraWireless_MC7800, CDMA2000_CDMA2000BC0_CDMA2000BC1_CDMA2000BC10_LTEFDDBAND13_LTEFDDBAND4_LTEFDDBand25, OS: Android, launch: 17-Jan-13, LTE: Yes 35616205 SierraWireless SierraWireless_MC7800 35616205 Sierra Wireless Airprime MC7350

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How to check the originality of your Samsung phone

This applies to any product and does not depend on the complexity of the repair. As an example, your tablet’s screen doesn’t work and your TV doesn’t receive satellite channels. In both cases, the repair will be made within the same period. As soon as the service workers have repaired the equipment, they must notify the customer within one day that it can be picked up.

Upon receipt, the consumer has the right to demand that the present master demonstrates the result of the master’s work, and thus make sure that the product works and the quality of the repair. Reasons for denial of service under warranty And yet some Samsung products are not covered under warranty.

To find out the complete list of items that are not covered by the warranty and cannot be exchanged, ask the sales consultants when purchasing your product.

The law of the Russian Federation On the Protection of Consumer Rights stipulates the right of customers to obtain a warranty from the manufacturers of goods for the products purchased. During the period, which is established by the manufacturer, customers have the right to ask the seller to repair the goods provided for long-term use, in case of detection of defects in them, which are factory. Confirms the right to have service performed free of charge, the warranty card, and the receipt.

What a serial number consists of

Pay attention to the box of your smartphone. In the barcode area the serial number must be.

Genuine Samsungs at the time of purchase already have brand-name services installed in their system. This includes Play Market, the popular services of Google, and the unique Samsung Pay.

For the convenience of customers Samsung has developed an electronic warranty, which allows you to give the goods for repair, even if lost or damaged all delivery documents, including the receipt, receipt and manufacturer’s coupon. It is recommended to check the warranty card immediately after the purchase of goods.

Genuine Samsungs are assembled from the highest quality components available on the market at the time of manufacture. All components, including processors, memory modules, displays and cameras, are developed in-house or are strictly selected from well-known suppliers.