Check Samsung for originality by serial number

How to check the Samsung smartphone for originality

Samsung smartphones are popular all over the world. Users managed to evaluate the reliability, durability and functionality of the devices. However, this applies only to the original brand products.

Widespread fakes, unfortunately, not only cannot boast of high assembly quality, but often even in terms of characteristics do not correspond to the originals. It is advisable to figure out in advance how to check Samsung for originality so that the purchase of a replica (especially on credit or leasing) does not bring inconvenience.

Why Shall I Use Samsung Checker?

As You COULD NOTICE ABOVE, OUR Checkers Allow You to Reach An Impressive Amount of Information. You Probably Didn’s Know ABOUT SOME of Them, Others are Quite Obvious. Nevertheless, It’s Worth Knowing How to Check Each of Them Becake You Never Know When Might Come in Handy! Carrier. Origin County. Product Code. Production Date. And location. As Well as Warranty Date. Are Available Here. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEND-HAND SAMSUNG Those Details Are Priceless. You can doble-check if the Information That The Seller Passes You is Exactly the Same as Our System Holds. IF the Information Is Totly Different, You May Be Sure that Seller is unfair and the offered product is fake. ALSO, YOU CAN ALSO Check Important Data ABOUT YOUR Current Phone. For Example, The Expiry Warranty Date. Which Usually Eludes Us, Yet Offten is a Lifesaver!

Over, Itlly Is Impressive that All You Need To Have to Find All Those Data, Is Your Imei Number. And Right Below Young Learn ABOUT All Possible Ways to Discover Imei On Your Samsung.

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How to check your Samsung TV model number and serial number

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Turning on the smartphone

During inclusion, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Slow operation of the Inte Wee;
  • A sharp transition between desktops;
  • Automatic update of firmware is not supported;
  • Activation of programs takes a lot of time;
  • Poor quality of photos.

All these signs indicate that the owner of the Chinese fake, and not the original Samsung.

How to identify a forgery: a few simple ways

Buying an inexpensive Samsung phone, you should not worry. Most likely, you will have an original in your hands. But with the devices of the flagship series Galaxy S and Note, you should be on the alert. They are faked most often. And if in the old years the quality of copies was frankly weak, which made it possible to easily identify the forgery, then recently it can be very difficult to do without certain knowledge. Often, the falsifier is how skillfully copies the brand device, that problems with it are detected only during operation. Some applications are not placed on such a smartphone, even with a slight load, it begins to hang and “bug”, which requires constantly cleaning its memory, reloading, etc. D. If you decide to buy samsung Galaxy Note 10, S Plus and T. D. Offline or in the online store, then check it according to several criteria.

  • Carefully inspect how well the smartphone is assembled. Even cheap Korean.Made apparatuses have no creaks and crackling when pressing, not to mention models of expensive series. The latter are made of premium materials and look appropriate.
  • Test the work of built.In software. Find in the Samsung Garexi settings the information about the apparatus and compare the version of Android and firmware with information from various sources, including specialized forums. On fake phones, it is often installed with “sewn” viruses that can transmit confidential information to third parties: online passwords, numbers and secret codes of bank cards and accounts, etc. D. Remember that the manufacturer constantly improves its firmware and releases updates to optimize processes and safety. If such updates are not available, then this situation is an occasion to think about whether the phone is genuine.
  • See if there are company branded programs among the installed applications (for example, Samsung Pay). The manufacturer introduces them directly into the OS, therefore, on the falsified devices of such programs, it cannot be.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the translation of individual points and words in the menu. There will be no inaccuracies, errors and non.Transmitted words and phrases in the genuine device.
  • When activating the device, try to go to the pre.Created Samsung account. If this is not possible to do this, then taking such a device is definitely not worth.
  • Check the quality of the main and front cameras, inspect the display for the presence of “broken” and “hot” pixels, evaluate the sound quality and make several trial calls.
  • When making a decision to choose something from the latest Samsung Galaxy models, be sure to “try on” the apparatus in a company store (unfortunately, only residents of large cities have such an opportunity). Evaluate the speed of the sensor, image quality, inspect the menu and settings, make a couple of photos and videos. Holding the original in your hands, you will easily identify a fake when buying a cheaper version of the Galaxy S9, S10 or Note 9 (10) at any outlet or online store.
  • Go to the service menu and test the performance of individual components of the device and its functioning. This can be done using a combination #7353 #or #0 #, which is entered in the open window of the “Phone” application. You can find access code to the engineering menu of older models on thematic forums. It should be noted that the lack of access to such a menu is a direct occasion to refuse to buy.
  • Check if Samsung Galaxy has a manufacturer’s guarantee. Often, sellers offer “gray” devices that are imported to Russia unofficially and at the same time give a guarantee from the outlet. It is clear that if such a store closes, then there will be no one to ask with. The official service in the free repair of such a device will refuse. Therefore, it is best to purchase Samsung products, which enters our country in an official way. By the way, you can buy Samsung Galaxy Note or S Rostest in our online store. In this case, your purchase will be protected “100%”.
  • Finally, IMEI should be applied on the packaging, the device itself and the official website. Of course, for modern craftsmen there are no difficulties to fake the code of the original apparatus, but the features are not joking. Suddenly even such an elementary check will reveal a discrepancy and refuse to buy in time.

As you can see, identifying a fake Samsung Galesx is not so difficult. However, you can avoid the need for such a check by buying electronic equipment in trusted online stores-they include Best-Magazin.Com on which you are now. We offer only certified Samsung Galaxy smartphones, S and A with the sign of the PCT (Rostest) and give a warranty card from the manufacturer. As the proposed products and the high level of the Best-Magazin service.COM can be seen by watching the reviews of our customers.

When the use of NFC is impossible

If the work of NFC technology is stated in your smartphone, then activate this option in the phone settings, and experience the possibilities of this technology in the case. Problems in her work or the absence of NFC can talk about the fake character of the phone.

If the battery specification does not match the stated for this phone, then in front of you is a fake. An indirect feature can serve as a quick discharge of your gadget during operation.

Tips for checking equipment in stores

You can buy the original Samsung phone here

How to Check if Your Samsung Phone is Refurbished or NEW

Fakes are made at different Chinese and Taiwanese factories, so they all differ among themselves. There are no guaranteed signs by which you can visually distinguish a fake from the original device: some fakes may differ in housing elements, others with a display, and others-the way of applying inscriptions.

The main difference is in the filling that is difficult to evaluate an unprepared person. You need to know well how the original device works: to understand versions and manufacturers of processors, screens, shells, benchmarks, etc.P.

Therefore, the only way to distinguish a fake from the original is a visual inspection of the device with a competent specialist. For example, it can be an engineer in a company service center.

However, despite all the difficulties with fakes, there are some tips that can help you when buying.

Menu items

If you decide to purchase a gadget in a random store or still want to play it safe, you can conduct a few simple checks. First, it is recommended to compare and information on several sites. Already in the store you can check the device for IMEI and through the Samsung account account.

Pay attention to the quality of the translation of menu items. On original devices, the translation is made qualitatively, without errors, inscriptions only in English and Russian.

On fake devices in the menu items, Chinese hieroglyphs can be used, the translation itself can be striking, phrases look illogical. For example, on the lock screen there may be an inscription: “drag to defame”.

Adding an account “Samsung

Create the Samsung account in advance. You can register in the system through a computer. Already in the store, ask the seller to bind the created account to the device. In original gadgets, this can be done through the settings. There you need to select the item “Accounts and Archives” or “Cloud and Accounts”. After that, click on “Add account” and select “Samsung Account”.

Create the Samsung account and tie it to the device.

If there is no such point, either an imitation is before you, or an account is already tied to the device. You can check this when moving to the list of accounts assigned to the gadget.

Comparison in several stores

You can buy the original Samsung phone here

Before buying, be sure to go to the official store. Check out the configuration and characteristics of the device, remember the appearance. It is advisable to view several reviews. Thus, you can even see a box and additional accessories. When choosing, it is recommended to visit several stores and compare devices. It is desirable that the gadgets of one model do not differ from each other. If the results are different everywhere, choose the one that corresponds to the original appearance and components.

Saving only within reasonable limits

Avoid too low for devices. Sometimes large discounts can be associated with a markdown, a window or last sample, damaged packaging, etc. D. However, more problematic defects or imitation are more often found. It is strongly recommended to buy devices from hand. Their performance cannot be guaranteed. In case of breakdown, even a warranty card will not help you, t. To. Under the case can identify, for example, moisture traces.

IMEI check at the purchase site

At the purchase site, you can immediately conduct an IMEI check. They will not let you open the body, but in viewing information in the settings the seller cannot refuse. It also applies to the sticker on the box. First of all, check whether IMEI coincides. Additionally enter it in the search for databases. However, this method cannot guarantee the authenticity of the smartphone: checking components is more reliable.

With cheap fakes, scammers, most likely, will not do this. Use this testing method exclusively as insurance.

You can buy the original Samsung phone here

How to find IMEI number on Samsung?

On your Samsung smartphone, there are several opportunities to get a unique identification number at once. These include:

Secret code

The easiest method to find the IMEI number is to use the secret code.

Method through settings

The most universal method is suitable for any Samsung model.

  • First, open the settings.
  • After find and enter the phone menu.
  • Then select the status and find your IMEI number here.

Google Dashboard

This function is available only for Android users, in addition, only for those who have Google account.

  • To get started, open the browser and go to Google.COM/Settings.
  • After that, enter your Google account.
  • Here expand the Android bookmark.
  • On this page you will find all your devices and their IMEI numbers.

The device itself

Your IMEI number can also be found on the right device. There are two options.

  • A tray for SIM / under the battery printed IMEI number can be found on a tray from a SIM card or at the top of the SIM slot, as well as under the battery.
  • On most of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, IMEI number is located on the rear panel. Just turn your device to see it!

Original box

Take the original packaging from the device and find the IMEI number on one of the walls. There is nothing easier!