Clean the tablet from viruses and garbage. Reset

Many people begin to clean the smartphone only at the first bells. But this is wrong. It requires regular care. In what cases it is necessary to clean the smartphone? Obviously, when the virus is on the phone or malicious code. Situations are also common when the phone slows down. Programs for cleaning the smartphone based on Android will solve these problems, and are also useful in that they increase the stability and speed of the phone. After all, there is nothing eternal, and Android is strongly polluted over time, accumulates garbage, temporary files and contents of the exchange buffer. Therefore, you need to clean your smartphone. The utility will help optimize the work of the phone, as well as clean the RAM, cache, delete outdated and unnecessary files from the phone memory. And do not underestimate the cleanliness and order in the smartphone. This can really extend the service life of your device.

It is still difficult to find a worthy attention application. They give a lot of promises, but in fact turn out to be dummies. In the best case, the application will take a place on the computer, in the worst. infect viruses, delete personal data and fill you with advertising spam.

The article will consider a selection of applications for cleaning the smartphone and the best options are selected in summarizing the results.

Read more about each of the participants in the rating

Clean Master-a Buster program for removing viruses, garbage and advertising files, old applications and cache. With the help of the utility, the user will protect himself from leakage of personal information, as well as increase the performance of the smartphone, strengthening background processes in the system.

  • Cleaning the memory of OS and SD card;
  • deleting unnecessary and residual files, including calls, SMS, accounting data;
  • processor cooling;
  • maintaining the battery;
  • antivirus protection online;
  • traffic savings;
  • Application management;
  • Smartphone acceleration.

In addition to Clean, Master provides free access to a cloud disk for 2 GB, Internet games, allows you to configure the built-in weather widget for the region of residence.

The installation of the program is provided on Android The integration is Russian.speaking, represented by the tabs convenient for perception located on the 1st page. Options management is set in the section with tools. To start the task, it is enough to include one of the functions on the main page of quick access. Full cleansing of the smartphone takes no more than 5 minutes.

  • High speed of work
  • Minimalistic design
  • Huge set of additional tools
  • Optimization of applications for extending the battery life
  • Removal of garbage and advertising
  • Fast purification of internal and RAM

360 Security comprehensively protects the smartphone from external threats online. In terms of functional capabilities, the program is not inferior to antiviruses such as Avast Mobile, Kaspersky, Norton, etc. The software shell of the utility is equipped with 3 modules to maintain the performance of the smartphone, as well as the blocking calls and the remote control manager.

  • removal of malicious files from the RAM of the device, Microsd card, other disk spaces of the smartphone;
  • File scanning before installation;
  • cleaning unused, temporary files;
  • protection of a smartphone from phishing and viral sites online;
  • stopping applications consuming a battery charge;
  • optimization of the work of the processor and OS smartphone;
  • blocking unnecessary calls and SMS;
  • Search for a smartphone on the map when it was lost;
  • data encryption;
  • Internet traffic management.

360 Security. free universal smartphone protection tool. The program constantly updates the viral base. Device protection is carried out continuously. Installation of the utility is designed for smartphones of Android 2 versions.2.

  • The possibility of fully cleaning the cache
  • Great antivirus
  • Calling and SMS blocking
  • Options for accelerating the work of OS
  • Monitoring the activity of energy.intensive applications

CCleaner is a popular mobile application that allows you to quickly clean your smartphone and tablet from garbage files and free the cache. The operation of your device is optimized and the speed of work will increase several times. The program also eliminates the garbage files that remains after deleting other applications, and cleans the downloaded files, the contents of the cache, as well as call history and SMS messages. You can configure selective deletion or all files at once. By performing these manipulations, the program increases the free memory of the device and unloads the RAM, which increases the performance of the phone many times.

Application manager is built into the program, through it you can delete unnecessary and not used in work. Another necessary function is the monitoring of the system that monitors the charge level of the smartphone and the temperature of the battery, the percentage of the processor load, the state of the and RAM, the version of the operating system, the model of the mobile device and its serial number.

The CCleaner program is produced in Russian, it is a MAST-HEV program for owners of smartphones, as it has a simple and understandable menu. A pleasant plus is the complete lack of advertising in the application.

  • Advanced analysis algorithms
  • Full set of tools for cleaning OS
  • The program is completely free
  • A thoughtful integration
  • Monitoring the activity of background applications

Some android fans believe that their favorite is an omnipotent monster who is not afraid of any difficulties and any tasks are possible. But basically there are few such people. Everyone understands that for effective work it is necessary to clean the RAM and cache of the smartphone, as well as protect its processor from overheating. This will help the useful utility Power Clean, which is designed specifically to optimize the operation of the device: garbage collection, accelerating the operation of RAM. The program can also be a good file manager.

When starting the Power Clean program, the user will form a report on the problem areas of his smartphone. Problems can be solved immediately, on the bottom of the display, the utility will offer way out.

The characteristics of the smartphone are highlighted in a convenient section that contains a lot of useful information: the frequency of central and graphic processors, the total and current power of the battery, its temperature, voltage and much more. If the indicators are high, the Power Clean program makes it possible to lower them right away.

After the above, we can conclude that the application copes well with its work and to maintain its device in good shape to the user a few presses and a pair of three seconds.

  • Easy to use
  • Booster in memory. accelerator that helps quickly free the memory of the device
  • Easy to install
  • Similar photos. independently finds similar photos, chooses the best from them, and deleys the rest
  • App Manager. backup, removal and joint use by applications
  • Monitoring the state of the phone
  • Applock. You can set the password on applications to which you want to limit access
  • Eliminates unnecessary notifications
  • Accelerates the operation of the device

Go Speed ​​is an accelerator of the smartphone based on Android. In the process of work, the phone may suffer from garbage, which worsens the quality of his work. As a result, it can be very slow and heat. Therefore, there should always be a useful utility at hand that can solve this problem.

Automatic movement of information in the device

The operating system itself, when receiving information from various applications, conducts its sorting according to certain folders. An exception can be called a situation where files are stored manually. Also, do not forget that you need to delete only those files that you know. If you do not have an Android device, download the Android emulator on our portal.

Android is an open mobile operating system that gives access to internal files. Removing some may cause the operating system will not work.

  • Media. a folder containing various media files. Quite often, files are sent here that the system has not identified or has an unusual expansion.
  • The Music folder is devoted to music, which is loaded from the Internet and many other sources
  • Movies is used by a video system. At the same time, shot videos may be stored in the same folder.
  • Sounds can also be used to save sound files that can be used by a system for working various functions.
  • Bluetooth. a folder in which the downloaded information is maintained through the transmission method under consideration.
  • DCMI can be used by the system in various cases.
  • Download is a folder in which all uploaded files from the network or through other sources are saved. In some cases, there is a chance that the file will not get into this folder after loading, but will be redirected to another. It all depends on the features of the operating system and the installed system settings.

We clean the computer

First, we note that you can remove most of the information from the device without a computer. To do this, it is enough to download a special program that works as a file manager.

In this article, consider how to clean your phone from a computer.

The process of removing information is presented as follows. First you should connect the device to the computer, for which a regular cable is used. Quite often, the device will require the installation of drivers, but to open the internal memory they are not needed. At the same time, we note the need for an antivirus program, since the virus can move from one device to another.

After connecting, all folders become open. Note that the computer may not see some folders due to their mark as hidden catalogs. Therefore, on the computer, you should set an indicator of the show of hidden folders.

How to remove a virus from an Android smartphone or tablet

Let’s look at all the methods of removing the virus starting from the simplest

Using an antivirus application

If there is an opportunity to launch an antivirus, we will first use it. Fortunately, many smartphone manufacturers add antivirus software to smartphone firmware. For example, for Samsung, it is on the path of configuration = device service = safety

Click “scan” and wait for the operation

Antivirus will scan all installed applications and, if the virus is found, will inform you of this and offer options for actions with it.

See the same function on your phone model. If you haven’t found it, then try downloading antivirus from Play Market:

Or any other for your choice. Install antivirus, scan the system and at the end restart the smartphone.

Removing the virus in safe mode

If you can’t delete the virus in normal mode, let’s try to do it in safe mode.

After you go into safe mode, open the settings and select the “Safety” section

Open the “Device Administrators” tab and remove the checkmarks from all applications. The virus may interfere with the removal of the box, if this happened, an attempt should be repeated. If the administrators had a suspicious application, try to remove it through the application manager.

The virus can be disguised as a standard application, such as “messages” or “contacts”, feel free to delete them. If this is a system application, the “delete” buttons will not, so you cannot harm the phone.

Once again, pass the system with antivirus and reboot the smartphone.

Restoring settings to factory

Not the best option, since with it you can delete not only the virus, but all the user data. With this method, the phone will return to the state in which he was when buying. Thus, the chances of getting rid of the malicious application strive for 100%.

  • Open the smartphone settings and find the section with the words “Restoration and reset
  • Select the “Database Reset” parameter to fully clean the internal memory of the phone. If you have a memory card installed, remove it and, using Micro SD adapter. Check for viruses on a computer. If the viruses are not found, save all important files and format the memory asset.
  • Data reset will take some time. The phone will reboot and turn on at the stage of initial activation
  • Activate the phone and check its performance.

Re.flashing the smartphone

In rare cases, it is not even possible to remove the virus on Android, since the virus penetrates the operating system very deeply. In such a situation, only firmware of the smartphone remains. If you use the Samsung smartphone, the site has a detailed instructions for flashing the phones of this brand. For other models, look for instructions on our website or on a 4pda forum.

How to prevent an infection of the phone

In one of my articles, I already considered the question whether it was worth using antivirus on Android and came to the following conclusions:

If you do not want to catch the virus, follow some rules:

  • Give up the use of hacking programs.
  • Download applications only from proven sources such as Play Market or
  • Timely install the updates of the system that, in addition to external changes, carry security patches that close the vulnerabilities of the system
  • Periodically use software to scan the system for viruses

Following these simple rules will make the use of a smartphone comfortable and as safe as possible.

Hello friends! Your tablet began to slow down and load for a long time? Tired of constantly pop.up advertising? Money from electronic accounts began to disappear? I must upset you. almost certainly your portable device is infected with viruses. Hence the logical question arises. how to clean a tablet from viruses? What to do? I would like to do this on my own, without resorting to the services of programmers taking a lot of money for small services. Let’s read, think and correct the unpleasant situation together. In the end, there are no hopeless provisions. We will act!

How to remove viruses? We treat the tablet through the computer

Checked. the tablet caught the virus. It is necessary to urgently treat. The fastest and easiest way to do it is free. through a computer.

Act in accordance with this algorithm:

  • Using a USB cable, implement a portable and home computer connection
  • In the menu of the “Settings” tablet, activate the item “Use as a multimedia device”
  • In the home PC “My Computer” menu, find the tablet and click on it twice with the left mouse button
  • Launch the operation of the antivirus program on the computer. To scan, specify an additional disk as an object of verification
  • Wait for the end of the diagnosis and detection of malicious files
  • Try file treatment. If it fails, remove ruthlessly.

Attention! Antivirus service on a personal computer should contain current antivirus bases. Otherwise, the diagnosis and treatment of an infected tablet through USB will be simply useless.

How to delete cache data manually

Cache is an intermediate buffer in the internal memory of the device in which temporary files (including multimedia) and data are stored. Most often, they are loaded at the first launch of the application or by a special user request (for example, caching online music, videos).

Using the cache data, the device gets access to the necessary information faster, thereby accelerating the operation of some applications or loading pages in the Internet browser. Over time, too many unnecessary files accumulate in the intermediate buffer. Follow the following actions to clean the cache on a tablet or smartphone:

Open the “Settings” menu and select the “Storage” or “Memory” item (the name may differ depending on the Android version), which is located in the “device” section.

A page with detailed statistics of free and busy memory will appear. Click on the line “internal common drive”.

Sprinkle the page down and click on the “Kesha Data” item to remove the data of all cash applications. Confirm the action by pressing the “OK” button.

After that, all the temporary data of the applications, including cached music, videos and photos will be removed from the device. Other files necessary for faster operation of the programs will be uploaded, so you may not be afraid that delete something important.

Smartphone cleaning apps

In addition to the contents of the cache, other “garbage” data are stored in the internal memory of the device. For example, system files of already deleted applications or old conservations from games. Unfortunately, it will not work to clean Android from garbage (only by looking at each folder individually), so it is best to use special applications.

Clean Master

Average rating in Play Market: 4.7

Clean Master is a free application with antivirus to optimize mobile devices based on Android. Suitable for removing the cache and “garbage” files. Additional functionality:

The application spreads free and perfectly combines the functions for cleaning memory and antivirus protection of the smartphone.


Average rating in Play Market: 4.5

CCleaner is a multi.platform program for removing unnecessary files and monitoring the system. Allows you to optimize the operation of the device, clean the cache, and also get rid of other temporary data.

  • Task Killer to manage tasks;
  • The function “Gibernation of Programs” to turn off applications operating in the background;
  • Analysis of the load on the processor and the search for energy.consuming programs.

In addition, the application is suitable for monitoring the main indicators of the system of the system and safe Internet set.

SD Maid

Average rating in Play Market: 4.5

SD MAID is a set of tools to control applications and files. Using SD Maid, you can delete “garbage”, clean the cache, manage installed system and applications. Additional functionality:

  • Database optimization and internal memory management;
  • search for files (including duplicates) by name, date or other parameters;
  • Task planner for launching applications on schedule.

The program is distributed on a parole and is suitable for optimizing Android devices based.

The applications described above are given exclusively as examples. If for some reason they do not suit you or simply do not like it, then in the Play market you will easily find another software with similar functionality.

Popular antiviruses for Android in Russian. The best antivirus applications on Android phone, tablet, TV download APK files for free which can be without registration. Our resource contains applications for protecting Android devices from malicious sites and applications, passwords and bank cards, such as: Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, DR antivirus antivirus.Web, 360 Security and many others.

Mobile antivirus with support for cloud technologies, with a scanner of background applications and a garbage collector.

Mobile antivirus, which can work both in cloud and local mode, cleansing the system from viruses and trash.

Antivirus for a phone with a number of checks that checks the system for viruses, sends suspicious files to quarantine.

Antivirus to protect the phone from viruses, spam and hacker attacks by checking all applications, messages and calls.

Mobile antivirus application for protecting the phone from Internet threat, with a minimum load on the resources of the device.

Free antivirus to protect the phone from malicious, fraudulent and spy software, with the function “Camera-Lovushka”.

Universal antivirus for Android devices that provide safe work on the Internet and with Internet payments.

Antivirus application to protect the phone from viral software and theft of personal data, with the function of protecting the hacking account.

Antivirus application to protect the phone from all types of threats in real time and optimizing its work.

Antivirus to protect against viruses and spienia programs with a set of tools to protect personal data when you lose the phone.


Having downloaded and installed a memory cleaner on the phone, the user will be able to evaluate the main features of the program:

  • Boost mode. The program automatically scans, deleys files, optimizes the work of memory and background processes. Cleaning the phone from garbage takes from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the amount of information.
  • Definition of energy.intensive applications. Closing processes for cooling the CPU, releasing RAM and accelerating games in order to save battery charge.
  • Checking safety parameters. Protection is evaluated in real time, the contents of the history of the browser, the confidentiality of programs.
  • Search for duplicates of large files, photos and other materials. The program finds the same data and provides the ability to delete.
  • Notification management. The application sends alerts about extra files, threats and background processes even without connecting to the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Negative point. a version without advertising is available only after registration of a monthly subscription.

“Memory Cleaner: Antivirus, Garbage Cleaning” is activated on Android shaking, if you enable this option in the settings.


Avast Cleanup is an application for increasing Android performance. Any phone starts to work slower over time.

Cleaning the phone memory of garbage. a program for checking the storage and deleting extra data from the drive. Able to find

CCleaner is a program that allows you to quickly clean the memory on the internal and external drives of your smartphone or tablet on

Android Assistant. This is one of the most multifunctional and powerful tools to increase speed and performance

“Cooling Master Clicking Phone” is a mobile application for Android, which lowers the temperature of the gadget. Interacts with

All-In-One Toolbox-application for cleaning the place in Android memory. Designed to optimize large and unnecessary files, for

Cleanervk. an application in which users can manage their own page in Makes it possible to be complex

Total Commander is a program for phones and tablets on Android, which allows you to simplify work with all files. The

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Clean Master. This is a program for cleaning Android from unnecessary files, as well as unused applications. It greatly simplifies

Clean Master for X86 CPU is an application for Android, its main purpose is to clean the accumulated garbage, traces of

Clean Master Lite (Boost) will clean Android of excess “garbage”, free his memory and help the smartphone hold the charge longer

Clean Master 2020. an application for optimizing the battery, applications, processes and internal storage of the phone. Allows you to clean

“Memory Cleaner: Antivirus, Garbage Cleaning”. an application for deleting temporary files and optimizing the work of the phone.

Go Speed ​​is a free accelerator for Android. Due to the active use of different applications and tasks, the smartphone has the property

Turbo Cleaner optimizes processes and accelerate the operation of the mobile device on Android. In addition, it implements a function

Power Clean for Android. a modern application that can significantly increase the performance of the gadget. Slow down work

Here you can download Android cleaning programs for free without registration and SMS. With their help, you can clean the cache, RAM, delete unnecessary and outdated files from the phone’s memory. From time to time it is necessary to clean Android to maintain the performance of the system as a whole.

How to clean a tablet from garbage and unnecessary files

Manually, without special programs, you can do not so little. Often this is enough to slightly speed up the work for a while. But the fact is that these actions take a lot of time and it can be difficult to perform novice users. This is what can help:

On the other hand, all the same and much more you can do literally a pair of clicks in special programs for cleaning the tablet. With their help, you can reliably wash personal information, make backups, restore the system, easily find garbage and duplicates. They are able to clear almost a third of memory!

CCleaner. if it slows down the tablet on Android

One of the most popular free applications in the world for cleaning PC, phones and tablets. Deleys unnecessary files, cleans the RAM, cleans the cache of all applications, optimizes the device. It also offers simple monitoring of the system, tells how much space it is available, provide information about the battery charge level and the current battery temperature.

AVG Cleaner for Android tablet

The application allows you to get more space, a higher speed and a longer battery life for your tablet. Automatically discovers blurry, poorly lit or almost identical photos and offers to delete them to save space. Deleys unused applications, cleans history, large files, allows you to optimize the work by controlling flexible settings.

IMYFONE UMATE. if I began to slow down the iPad tablet

Multifunctional program, especially in the paid version of Pro. Qualitatively frees a place on iOS tablets. Deleys unnecessary and temporary files, compresses photos without losses, delete and archives large files, delete unnecessary applications and can massively erase unwanted photos. As soon as the program scans your phone, it will show what exactly can be deleted to make room.

Before downloading the program for cleaning the tablet, read reviews, and choose reliable solutions to effectively optimize the device and save your security data.

Android cleaning apps

Popular Android cleaning programs in Russian. The best applications cleaners on Android phone, tablet, TV download APK files for free which can be without registration. Our resource contains applications for cleaning android from garbage and its acceleration, such as: Clean Master, CCleaner, Avast Cleanup and many others.

Application for cleaning the device from unnecessary programs and residues of files that occupy free space and inhibiting the work.

A multifunctional optimizer for Android, which not only cleanses the memory of the phone, but also optimizes its work.

Application for memory cleaning, increasing performance, protection against malicious programs and optimizing the work of the phone.

Appendix for optimizing and accelerating the phone, cleaning memory from system garbage, protecting against viruses and charge saving.

Application to increase the performance of the phone, cleaning the system from garbage, extra files and protection against advertising.

Application for cleaning the device from extra data and files, increasing its performance, saving and traffic.

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Application for cleaning the device’s memory from files, monitoring the state of the phone, optimizing the operation of the system and applications.

clean, tablet, viruses, garbage, reset

Application for removing unwanted files and optimizing the phone, with a wide set of additional functions.

Application for cleaning the phone from unused files, applications, photos and videos, saving traffic and battery charge.

Application for working with files, optimizing free space on the phone, increasing the performance of the device.

Programs and games on Android phone, tablet, TV. Android applications download APK for free in Russian without registration.