Clean WhatsApp on Android as. Conclusion

WhatsApp is a popular social messenger. He also takes up a lot of space on Adroide, which is why everyone does not like him-he takes up too much memory in the device, which is why it buggles.

In fact, it is the cache that consists of messages that consists of a lot of space. As a rule, only cleaning old correspondence is more capable of more. less correct the situation, while returning it to the normal direction.

clean, whatsapp, android

How to Clear WhatsApp Storage Space in 2022 | Free Up Space on your iPhone or Android

You can delete both individual correspondence and whole chats. You can do this on different operating systems, which is worth talking about in more detail. The user cannot delete messages if he is not registered and did not enter WhatsApp. You can watch in this video in more detail about how to register in WhatsApp

On Android to hide chats or delete individual messages is very simple. The user can delete both SMS and dialogs, group chats. If you clean everything out with high quality, then you can easily return the megabytes that the user has lost earlier.

Removal of individual messages

The very first stage is the removal of individual messages. It should be understood that if the message is deleted, then it is deleted from another user. This function can be configured. To remove certain SMS, the user needs:

  • First you should open the application and go to the dialog in which I would like to clean some messages;
  • Then you need to clamp with your finger the message that must be removed. If everything is done correctly, then the user will automatically see that it is highlighted;
  • Now it is worth slipping on a garbage tank, which is located in the upper line. At this stage, the user can choose two options: removal only with me or deletion from all users. In the second option, the message is removed from the person with whom the correspondence is coming, while it will be highlighted that the message is deleted;
  • We agree and end the removal.

STOP force-closing your apps! Here’s why

As you can see, Android can simply delete individual messages. In general, a similar situation is in the complete removal of dialogs.

Removing dialogs and group chats

When the user enters the group chat, then a huge number of messages that need to be deleted automatically come. The user can use as well as the removal of dialogs or group correspondence, also delete each message separately. The second option is long, so it is necessary to use the removal of certain dialogs. This is necessary:

  • Go to the messenger and log in if the user did not do this earlier;
  • After that, it is worth opening the correspondence panel and squeeze the dialogue that I would later like to remove;
  • The user will immediately see that the chat has been highlighted if he did everything right;
  • After that, you need to slip on a garbage tank and choose a removal option.

note! You can also remove all the media.given ones that were sent by this user. After a person will not be able to restore them, so you need to be careful.

As you can see, deleting group chats and individual correspondence is not so difficult. If the user deleys a group chat, then the system will warn him that he leaves the chat. Other users will reflect that a friend simply decided to leave the chat, while no one can return it, only the user himself.

The iPhone system works almost exactly the same algorithm. The only difference may be that in general, the iOS system is arranged differently, so there may be some differences in the distance, which will be seen later than you can see.

Removal of individual messages

Removing specific correspondence on the iPhone is quite simple if you know in general where this or that panel is located, or a whole chat. To do this, the user must first log in in the system, while checking the presence of the Internet:

  • First you need to open WhatsApp and go to a certain section where all chats are located. The user needs to slip into the dialog in which he would like to delete specific messages;
  • Now you need to slip and squeeze the message that I would like to get rid of. Tap on the item “Delete”, which will appear in the window;
  • Now, opposite each message, a checkmark will appear. We slip into those correspondence that are subject to removal;
  • Now you need to slip on the trash and confirm the necessary removal.

Removing dialogs and group chats

With the removal of complete dialogs or group chats, things are just like that:

  • First you need to go to that dialogue or group correspondence in which cleaning will subsequently be carried out;
  • Now it is worth slipping to the top, in the name of the person with whom the user had a correspondence;
  • Next, the user can open a point with chat cleaning. If such a item is not there, then it is necessary to scroll down a little. Tap on it and delete all messages.

Windows Phone

If we consider a separate system that is not so popular, then the user can use the algorithm that is offered for Android, since in general they are similar. However, there are some subtleties and nuances in removing messages from Windows phone.

Separate messages

In order to delete individual messages, the user must have an installed application in advance. If the application is installed, then you can proceed to the algorithm:

  • First you should open WhatsApp and activate the chat whose messages will be deleted;
  • Next, it is necessary to hold the message that is subject to removal until the moment the user sees that it has been highlighted;
  • Now it is worth selecting the “Delete” item in the menu;
  • We agree with the removal.

Removing dialogs and group chats

In the case of group chats, everything is exactly the same. It is necessary to clamp the chat that I would like to clean, and then slip onto the basket. After that, it is worth confirming the action and saying goodbye to chat or group correspondence.

How to remove WhatsApp chats?

To remove WhatsApp chats, use the following action algorithm:

Go to the application and press the option button located in the upper right corner of the screen (three points are depicted on it).

In the menu that appears, select “Settings”. “Chats”. “Chat History”.

At the end, install the flag near the option “Delete media files from your phone” and click “Delete”. After the completion of the WhatsApp process will be cleansed of unnecessary backup copies of correspondence.

How to delete media files from WhatsApp?

To delete video and audio files, follow the instructions:

Go to the program settings, but instead of the “chat” option, select “Data and Storage” item.

In the menu that appears, click on the Options option (this item is available only if the application has media files that can be deleted).

In the current tab, select the required chat.

To continue the operation, click “Manage messages”.

Next, put a check box near the desired option, and then click “Delete messages”.

At the end, confirm the removal by clicking on the point “Delete all messages”. After that, the storage of media files will be cleaned.

How to remove chat in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is used to communicate with various people and organizations. With some contacts, the user constantly maintains communication, with others the communication ends after the resolution of the issue. The easiest way is to clean the application memory by deleting unnecessary chats. Do this as follows:

  • Open the application;
  • In the list of chats, select unnecessary;
  • Click on the chat icon and hold it pressed for two seconds;
  • A menu line will appear at the top of the screen;
  • Click on a picture with a garbage bucket;
  • In a pop.up window, confirm that you really want to delete all files and correspondence with the contact.

After confirmation of correspondence, media files and documents will be deleted.

Important! With subsequent communication with contact, the information will not be restored, the correspondence will begin from scratch.

How to clean all the chats in WhatsApp

Когда нужно очистить память приложения, но сохранять данные чатов не нужно, проще всего почистить их одновременно. The account data will be saved, and all messages will disappear. Cleaning is carried out in the application settings:

  • Open the Mesenger;
  • Enter the overall settings menu;
  • Click on the tab. chats;
  • Open the field. the history of chats;
  • Click on the field. clean all the chats;
  • In a sailing window, select the cleaning method and confirm the action.

Immediately after removal, it may not be visible that the message was erased, the full deletion will occur after the reboot.

The settings not only clean all the chats from unnecessary messages, but also remove all the chats at once. After removal in the appendix, only the data account data is preserved.

Removing the resulting pictures

All photos and videos you received are stored in a separate folder in the gallery. This is very convenient in case you need to view files after a while. You can erase them pointwise from the folder or the entire folder as a whole through the phone’s conductor. Squeeze the folder and click on the “Delete” icon. You can also find images in the Watsap folder itself, it is called whatsApp media, is removed in a similar way.

The cache files are preserved on mobile devices for the fastest application of applications and, for example, accelerating the loading of the pages often in the browser. These include various temporary files that are stored in the system, including the data not up to the end from the Internet or cookies.

clean, whatsapp, android

From time to time it is required to clean the cache on the iPhone so as not to lose in vain precious free space on the device. Temporary files can occupy a few gigabytes on a smartphone or tablet, if you do not clean them for a long time. In addition, storage of a large amount of cache on the device will reduce its speed as a whole at the level of the system.

All stored cache on Apple devices can be divided into browser and software. At the same time, browser is understood only temporary files that relate to the “native” browser for iPhone and iPad. Safari, while many can use solutions. Depending on where the cache is necessary, the procedure for performing this action is changing.

To remove the cache from Safari on the iOS device, you need:

  • Go to the “settings”;
  • Scroll the menu to the “Safari” item and choose it;
  • Among the available options, click “Clean the history and data of sites”, and then confirm the deletion of Cookie and other cache files.

Clients of social networks, music services, reading applications and many others store a lot of temporary files. Because of this, priceless megabytes or even gigabytes of memory may disappear on the device. You can delete temporary files from the memory of applications in two ways.

The first way. It consists in using the application settings. Programs that involve the storage of the cache most often contain a setting that allows it to remove it. Depending on the application, it can be called differently, but it can be found in the main settings of the program.

Please note: most applications that keep the cache also have an option that allows you to disable this functionality. That is, temporary files will not be stored in a specific program or will be saved in a minimum number.

The second method. The second method is to reinstall the application. That is, it is necessary to remove the program first, and after that, install it again. Since it is difficult to do such actions with all applications, you can see in advance which of them contain the maximum number of temporary files that occupy the space on the iOS device. For this:

  • Go to the “Settings”;
  • Select the points “Basic”. “Statistics”. “Using the Repository and ICLOUD”;
  • Next, they will offer to select the control of the storage or cloud icloud service, you must click on the first version;
  • After a short load, a list of applications will appear and next to each of them will indicate how much memory it takes. this is the total value of the cachy data and the weight of the program itself. By clicking on applications, you can find out the details and delete them.

Separately, you should mention the removal of the cache from the IOS of the iOS operating system IMessage, which is a service for customer exchange between users. Often users often send each other not only the text, but also various photos or audio recordings. This is partially preserved in the Imessage cache. To clean it, it is necessary to completely remove the dialogue.

You can erase the dialogue in iMessage by making a swipe to the left, after which an appropriate proposal will appear to delete the correspondence. You can also select the “Change” item on top and then press for correspondence, which must be removed and selected in the lower right corner of the list of dialogs button “Delete” the “Delete” button.

There are several applications for Windows and MacOS operating systems that can be used to remove cache from mobile devices running iOS. Among the most famous programs that clean the iPhone or iPad cache, you can call Phoneclean.

This application is interesting in that it allows not only to delete all temporary files from the iOS device, but also to choose what exactly will be deleted: Cookie files, application cache, temporary files, and so on. Using the program is extremely simple. you need to click “Start Scan” (noting in advance the necessary points). She will scan, which will take some time, after which the final result of the released memory will be shown.

Every minute of your work for the iPhone clogs the memory of the device with various data and temporary files that are absolutely not needed. As a result, this garbage, when it becomes a lot, interferes with the stable functioning of the smartphone. Brakes, glitches, freezing, etc. appear. What is the way out? Just from time to time you need to clean the cache on the iPhone.

What is a cache?

Cache is an intermediate buffer with quick access. The system specifically puts some files here, then to quickly use them during operations in applications or when loading pages in a browser. This reduces the costs of the required resources, increases the speed of the device, opening pages and programs. After all, access to the cache is made much faster than a sample of the necessary data from memory or a remote source. In this way, network traffic is also saved.

Still not too clear? Let’s look at the example. You installed on the iPhone Se Instagram or Go to this application and start leafing through the update wall, simultaneously opening the photo, listening to music, watching the video and other entertainment and informational content. At the same time, most of these data remain in the cache.

Ask why? So that the next time you turn to the same media files, they could be loaded much faster. not from the server, but from an intermediate buffer. Only now you will need these data more? Probably not. But regardless of this, such information in the cache has already taken a certain amount of memory.

What other programs are clogged with an intermediate buffer? There are quite a lot of them:

  • Messengers. WhatsApp, Telegram, Weiber, etc. These are mainly pictures and videos that many users actively send each other using similar programs.
  • Browsers (Safari, opera, Google chrome, Mozilla, etc.). The information buffer is quickly “clogged” with the data of their web pages.
  • Various applications. These are YouTube, mail, maps, all sorts of games and many. etc. From here it comes to the cache of a different “rubbish”, which the system does not need in any way. However, he captures his space in the buffer.

How to clean a specific chat in WhatsApp

You can delete the conversation completely or clean it from messages. The function is used if necessary to stop communication or delete individual data.

clean, whatsapp, android
  • Launch the application “WhatsApp”. Open the section “Chats”.
  • Find the desired conversation. Enter the chat, delete messages alternately. To do this, select the necessary areas of the screen, holding them with a finger for 2 seconds. Then press on the basket icon in the upper part of the screen.
  • In the menu opened, select the “Delete” item. After confirmation of the action, unnecessary information will disappear. To completely erase the data, use the “Clean Chat” option: in the settings section, find the “Conversations” menu, choose the desired item.

How to clean WhatsApp on the phone

With frequent receipt of messages and media files, the memory quickly clogs, the speed of the smartphone is reduced. To get rid of unnecessary files, you need to clean the cache (cache).

On Android

To cleanse the cache of the program on the Android smartphone, find the settings section, select the “Applications” item. In the list that opens, they find “VOTSAP”, open it. Click on the inscription “Clean cache”. After the process is completed, the device is rebooted. If the information is saved on an external drive, you will have to look for the necessary folders through the “file manager”. Here you can safely wash any data.

On the iPhone

Memory cleansing in phones on the basis of iOS is performed in a different way.

To delete messages and files from Vatsap, the following actions are performed:

  • Find the settings icon on the iPhone screen, go to the “Basic” section, point “Storage”.
  • The desired application is found in the list that opens. In this case, it is WhatsApp.
  • Open the context menu. Choose the item “Delete the application”. Do not worry about the safety of files: copies are in the “cloud” storage. After the procedure is completed, the application is again installed from the program catalog.

iPhone Clean the chat in WhatsApp

H2 Rice. four. We find that chat in WhatsApp on the iPhone, which needs to be unloaded from messages.

1) We are looking for a group or individual chat in WhatsApp, which has to be exempt from all messages then this chat must be browned from right to left.

2) the menu “” will appear. Taping it.

3) it remains only to click “Clean the chat”

Why do you need to clean WhatsApp

You need to clean the phone memory regularly. The performance, the speed of application of applications depends on this. Glots often appear in a smartphone with a crowded memory, the phone freezes and, in general, behaves inadequately. This problem can be solved by thoroughly deleting tons of media data, which “carefully” wares your WhatsApp every time you look at a picture, photo, gif, audio message or video file. All this good is stored in the memory of a smartphone and over time can occupy several gigabytes of useful space.

Faced with overflowing memory, users often wonder how to clean whatsApp. In fact, the procedure is incredibly simple.

There are several ways, such as:

  • Cleaning media through the application settings;
  • removal of media data through the conductor.
  • Removing messages and pictures or photographs of “Plowing” directly from the chats.

For Android

If you do not know how to clean WhatsApp on the phone with Android through the application parameters, follow the further instructions:

  • Run the messenger on the smartphone and move to the menu (button in the form of three points in the upper right corner).
  • Here we select “Settings”.
  • Then we move to the section “Data and the storage”/”Zavatya”.
  • We go into a chat whose honey needs to be cleaned.
  • Click “Freeze” and mark the checkboxes of those points that need to be removed.

Note: files in all marked points will be irrevocably deleted. Previously save on a removable media or in a cloud of photos or other media that you do not want to lose.

WhatsApp cleaning procedure for iPhone is similar as in Android.

  • We go into parameters (gear in the lower right corner).
  • Further “Data and Storage”/”Storage”.
  • In the same way, we choose a chat, media, which we are going to delete and mark with checkmarks the necessary points. After click “Clear”.

WHATSAPP cleaning through the conductor

Many smartphones running Android have a function of a conductor, or file manager. If not, then a suitable functional application can be downloaded from Google Play to access the system files. Due to the fact that WhatsApp is installed precisely in the memory of the smartphone in order to clean the folders stored in them with media.given files.

  • Open the “conductor” and go to the internal storage section.
  • Here at the end of the list of system folders, find a folder named WhatsApp.
  • It has a few more folders. All media data are stored in the Media folder.
  • And also in it the data is distributed into categories. Feel free to clean the contents of these folders.

Before deleting the media files from WhatsApp, some files can be transferred to a removable drive or if you wish to save to the cloud.

You will be surprised, but several gigabytes of garbage can be stored in these folders. Cleaning WhatsApp and other messengers will significantly unload the phone memory. It is especially important to delete a video from Watsap, as they take place most.

We release the memory!

Select the “Settings” tab in the lower line and go to the “Data and Storage” section:

At the very end of the “Storage and Data” screen, select the “Storage” item:

All contacts and groups (chats) will be displayed on the “Storage” screen. The most voracious will be displayed at the beginning of the list. The calculation of the occupied place takes some time, so do not press immediately on the top of the upper chat: perhaps it is not the most gluttonous. Wait for the end of the calculations and start cleaning from one of the first chats. Just click on it.

When pressing a certain chat (group or personal), expanded statistics of the occupied memory will be displayed. Here you can see that the memory is most selected. If you are ready to remove something unnecessary from this chat, click the “Manage” button:

A checkbox with a checkmark will appear near each item. By default, WhatsApp offers to delete all the data from the group generally. You can leave a box only on video files (they usually occupy the most memory in the smartphone) and remove from the text to maintain the history of correspondence. After choosing the desired elements, press the “Clean” item and wait for the completion of the process.

So simply and quickly you can free several gigabytes of memory on a smartphone, not really sacrificing important photos.

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Photos, videos and animation take place in the phone’s storehouse, so from time to time they must be deleted. Do it manually, sending every picture to the basket for quite some time. The easiest way is to destroy all the dialogs. but then the correspondence will disappear. To clean the unnecessary, and at the same time stop the automatic preservation of all sent and obtained media files on the “Data and Storage” tab.

Data deletion methods

The function of cleaning messages and other information is built into the application. This does not require separate programs, just go to WatsApp settings. All media files are displayed in the memory of the smartphone by default, if desired, this function can be turned off, and then the images will not persist. From what is already stored on the device, you can get rid of several ways:


Changing the file display parameter begins to act only for new shipments that will be obtained after it is turned on or disconnected.

WhatsApp Shared

This folder stores files that could not be sent through the messenger, for example, due to problems with the Internet connection. Even if the user deleted the unsuccessfully sent file in WhatsApp, he stayed in the Shared folder. The contents of the folder can be safely removed if it takes too much memory.

This folder is not always present, but if it is, then encrypted information about files removed from the messenger is stored in it. It can be removed, and if necessary, WhatsApp will create it again automatically.

WhatsApp Backups

This is a small folder that contains backup copies of chat settings and some other data. Since it can contain important data and occupies a small part of the phone memory (less than megabyte), it is not recommended to delete it.

Most of this folder is empty or completely absent. However, if you use a application to recording calls in WhatsApp, data about the call may appear in this folder. You can remove its contents, but it is better to leave the folder itself.

Attention! Detailed instructions for cleaning WhatsApp and phone memory are on our website.