Clean WhatsApp on Android remotely. “Android”

Active Watsap users often face the problem of completed phone memory. Due to the large number of received messages, photos and videos of the application, the application is overwhelmed, which prevents the opening and downloading files. In sorting, removing messages and files to the user can help the storage of WhatsApp.

The vault is a cache of the messenger located in the phone’s memory. It stores all text, voice messages, photos, GIF, video and so on. Users should know how to remove WhatsApp files from the storage facility, since its overflow gives a violation of the functioning of the messenger.

How to open a cache

Many users are concerned about how to look at the WhatsApp storage, since not everyone knows where it is located. It can be found in it with the total weight of files, statistics on the use of the network, as well as configure the media auto loading.

To check whether WhatsApp occupies a lot of memory in the iPhone or Android, you need to go into the messenger settings, go to “Data and Storage”. “Storage Management”.

There is all the statistics of the amount of used and free space. In management, you can view all objects of a certain chat, the most frequently sent messages and individual files weighing more than 5 MB.

How to clean WhatsApp

Messenger monitors the amount of free space in the accounts of its users. When the memory in the cache ends, a notification comes that it must be cleaned for stable operation of the application. The number of free space is worth taking care in advance, since when overflowing, the user can skip important messages. You should figure out how to clean the storage in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android.

On Android

How to clean whatsApp vaults on Android:

  • Go to the messenger, go to the control of the cache.
  • Before deleting files, they need to be sorted in size. Since cleaning WhatsApp on Android, when the storage is filled, it will turn out much faster if you start with the largest objects.
  • Mark all unnecessary pictures, videos and so on and click “Delete”. “Delete from me”.
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You can free up space without going to the cache as follows:

On the iPhone

Peel WhatsApp on the iPhone, if the storage is filled, you can go into the control or using the search line in the Chat tab tab. You can delete objects with a cache as follows:

  • Through the WhatsApp settings open the “Data” section. “Control”.
  • Select one or more objects for deleting. As well as on Android, objects can be sorted by the size and frequency of obtaining.
  • Click “Delete”. The user can clean the cache completely, delete objects with copies, leave only selected messages.
  • Go into the “chat” tab and draw a finger down to open the search.
  • Select one of the types of files under the search line. Click on the desired object. Select “Delete”, “Delete from me”.

Removing photos in WhatsApp from the recipient

The method of deinstaling of images of the addressee depends on the operating system of the gadget (Android or iPhone).

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On the iPhone

To delete unnecessary files sent to the dialogue, perform the following actions:

  • Launch the VOTSAP program on the phone. After that they open the list of chats.
  • Messages are found and highlighted in the dialogue. For this, a long press is chosen by the corresponding area of ​​the screen. As a result, a tool for working with messages should appear.
  • Find the “” key. In the list that opens, select the “Remove” item and activate the “Delete from everyone” option ”. The photo will be removed from the dialogue.

On Android

For the complete elimination of erroneously sent images, such steps are performed:

  • Open the WhatsApp application. After that they go to the Chat tab, where there is a list of active users and dialogs.
  • In the group dialogue, posts from the photo are posted. Long pressing to the desired area will launch the tool for working with the sent files.
  • A basket icon is found in the corner of the page. Pressing on the icon will lead to the opening of the auxiliary menu. Next, choose the option “Delete from everyone”.

After performing such actions, instead of the information sent, the inscription “The message was deleted by the user” will be displayed ”.

How to delete media files from WhatsApp?

To delete video and audio files, follow the instructions:

Go to the program settings, but instead of the “chat” option, select “Data and Storage” item.

In the menu that appears, click on the Options option (this item is available only if the application has media files that can be deleted).

In the current tab, select the required chat.

To continue the operation, click “Manage messages”.

Next, put a check box near the desired option, and then click “Delete messages”.

At the end, confirm the removal by clicking on the point “Delete all messages”. After that, the storage of media files will be cleaned.

How to delete media files from WhatsApp?

To delete video and audio files, follow the instructions:

Go to the program settings, but instead of the “chat” option, select “Data and Storage” item.

In the menu that appears, click on the Options option (this item is available only if the application has media files that can be deleted).

In the current tab, select the required chat.

To continue the operation, click “Manage messages”.

Next, put a check box near the desired option, and then click “Delete messages”.

At the end, confirm the removal by clicking on the point “Delete all messages”. After that, the storage of media files will be cleaned.

How to block the conservation of WhatsApp in the system memory of files?

To prevent downloading various garbage from WhatsApp to the internal phone memory, create a special file.nomedia. This is done as follows:

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer and go to the system memory.
  • Find the folder in which the WhatsApp messenger is saved. WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp/Images.
  • Next, open a notebook on the computer and create an empty file: during the conservation, specify a special name for the file. nomedia (be sure to put the point before the name), and in the category of “type of files”, indicate the item “All”.
  • Now transfer the created file to the smartphone to the WhatsApp folder.

After the operation, WhatsApp will no longer be able to save multimedia files on the gadget. Also a folder.nomedia can be created through any conductor. the algorithm of actions is identical.

How to remove WhatsApp chats?

To remove WhatsApp chats, use the following action algorithm:

Go to the application and press the option button located in the upper right corner of the screen (three points are depicted on it).

In the menu that appears, select “Settings”. “Chats”. “Chat History”.

At the end, install the flag near the option “Delete media files from your phone” and click “Delete”. After the completion of the WhatsApp process will be cleansed of unnecessary backup copies of correspondence.

Sometimes our interlocutors simply fill us with memes, postcards, jokes and video recordings. Not only are there such messages not always funny, but they also occupy the memory of the smartphone.

�� Как ЧИТАТЬ удаленные сообщения в ВОТСАП, ВАЙБЕР, В КОНТАКТЕ. Удаленные сообщения WhatsApp, Viber

If the messenger cache is swollen so that it does not fit into system memory, it’s time to clean it.

Sometimes our interlocutors simply fill us with memes, postcards, jokes and video recordings. Not only are there such messages not always funny, but they also occupy the memory of the smartphone.

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WhatsApp preserves the obtained multimedia files in the internal storage. Over time, the program folder absorbs too much space. Here’s how to clean it.

Open the WhatsApp application and click on the icon with three points on the right. Open the “settings”, and then select “Data and Storage”.

Here you will see the “Storage” section, which indicates how much space the WhatsApp files take in the memory of the smartphone. When you click the inscription “Storage”, the list of chats in WhatsApp will open, sorted by the space occupied by them.

Click on the most “heavy” and select “free up”, then “remove objects”. In a pop.up window, tape the inscription “Delete messages”.

Go through all your chats and choose that you are ready to remove completely and irrevocably. This will allow you to free several hundred megabytes of the smartphone memory.

How to delete data from the storage in the WhatsApp application itself?

If you do not want the data to be saved, the backup is canceled.

In the votsap of the history of correspondence, you can erase as one at a time, all at once.

To clean the group chat, you need to perform the following actions:

In order to erase the history of messages of one person, do the following:

You can clean all the chats in the application as follows:

  • Open the WhatsApp menu and go to “Settings”.
  • You need a point “Chats and calls”.
  • Touch the inscription “Delete all chats”. The storage is removed.

How to clean the chat in WhatsApp and remove the cache?

It’s time to talk about how to clean the chat in WhatsApp and get rid of cash information. if you have been using a messenger for a long time, you just need to do it? Why? In order not to clutter up memory with unnecessary messages and data that can be removed.

We will talk in detail about how to clean WhatsApp on different devices. you can remove the contents of the chats (all or one at a time), get rid of the dialogs completely or clean the storage. Media data are stored there. photo, video, voice messages and documents, stickers.

Let’s start with dialogs. If you want to clean the chat in WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android, only one! You can do the following:

  • Open the corresponding section and find an unnecessary chat;
  • Squeeze it with your finger until a small menu appears;
  • Click on the purification button to remove the contents;
  • Or click “Delete”. If you want to remove completely.

Now let’s try to clean whatsApp on Android or iPhone from all chats. this is easy! You can remove the contents of at least hundreds of correspondence with one click:

Clear cache

We figured out how to clean WhatsApp on the iPhone and Android from unnecessary messages. the entire chat history, including loaded media files, will be completely removed. The next step is to work with a cache!

  • A full list of dialogs on the device will open;
  • Choose unnecessary and press. on the contrary, there is a figure indicating its “weight”;
  • At the very bottom there is a button “free up”;

Ready. if you return to the chat, you will see. it is empty! Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove all cchasted data at once. you will have to act sequentially. There is a little trick, but about it later.

For now, let’s talk about how to clean calls in WhatsApp:

  • Open the corresponding section in the messenger;
  • Click on the “IM.”Or” rule “;
  • Or just with a long press, select an unnecessary challenge and continue to mark (a checkbox will appear);

You have to wash one call. the ability to highlight the entire journal is not provided for. And we move on to the small tricks indicated above: you can clean whatsApp on Android, if the storage is filled through the smartphone settings:

  • Enter the settings;
  • Find a section with applications and go to the messenger;
  • Click on the “Memory” button;
  • Click on the “Cache” section and click “Delete”.

Please note: the names of the menu items may vary depending on the brand and model of the device.

Apple does not have a similar possibility. therefore, there is no answer to the question of how to clean the cache in WhatsApp on iPhone with regular means. But you can see how much space the application takes:

  • Enter the settings;
  • Find the “Basic” icon;
  • Go to the section “IPhone storage”;
  • Find the name of the messenger in the list;
  • You will see how much space the contents occupy, in lines E “Documents and data”.

There is a “unload” button here. It is not intended for cleaning the cache! If you press this icon, the messenger will be removed. and the data is saved on the device.

This is interesting: the iPhone cache storage is cleaned independently when rebooting.

Together we were able to clean the WhatsApp memory on the iPhone and Android. do not forget to periodically delete unnecessary materials. If you clean the storage, the performance of the smartphone, the speed of work and the duration of the battery will increase.

How often they need to be deleted

There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Text information itself takes up much space. But, video, audio and images can decently score the memory of the device. If the user loves to send pictures to his contacts almost every day or, if among your friends you have someone who also sends them to you, then you will have to clean the phone almost every month. Those who send photos, videos and audio are not so often, may well afford cleaning less often.

The instructions for removing dialogs from Watsap on the iPhone is slightly different from erasing the archive on Android. The difference concerns the integration integration.

Removing several or all SMS in dialogue

Textual information, as already mentioned, does not take up much space. However, the whole problem is the amount of data. Over time, the memory is clogged and the information is simply nowhere to store information.

To erase the dialogue with the interlocutor on the iPhone, follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the program and open the tab with dialogs.
  • Go to the desired dialogue. Squeeze the text of the letter and hold it until additional settings appear.
  • In the right corner of the panel, click on the basket and on the “Delete Message” button.

Important! The function of removal from the interlocutor will work only if after sending the message no more than one hour has passed.

Removing the entire correspondence in chat

The above instruction is suitable for those who want to erase messages selectively. However, there is an opportunity to delete history in one click.

  • Go to the dialogue with a specific user and click on his avatar.
  • In the list that appears, click on the “Clean Chat”.

To erase the dialogue completely, do this:

  • Open the application and swipe to the left on the desired chat, causing additional settings.
  • Find the item “Clean the chat”. This will help to erase all the correspondence with the chosen contact. The “Delete Chat” action will remove the dialogue title and will forever erase from the memory the received and sent media files.

If you need to erase all the archives from the application, then do the following:

  • Launch the messenger and go to the “Settings” tab.
  • Go to the Chat block.
  • Remove or clean all the dialogs using the corresponding buttons.

How to delete android correspondence. instructions

In phones based on the operating system (OS) Android, the procedure is easier. Wash correspondence selectively and completely can be in one click.

Cleaning from individual messages

If you need to leave some messages, the messenger has an option to select SMS. This will save important information. At the same time you get rid of unnecessary text.

To remove a separate letter, follow the following steps.

  • Open WhatsApp and tab “Chats”.
  • Go to the dialogue with the right user.
  • Find the message you want to erase and press it for a long time.

The removal of the dialogue is completely

Android has a function cleaning in WhatsApp in one click. This allows you to get rid of the whole chat with one person.

  • In the application, select the desired dialogue and click on it.
  • In the correspondence with the user, press the button with three vertical points at the top.
  • Choose “more” from the list.

Empty chat will remain in the tape. And to remove it completely, click on it and hold it until additional settings appear, and then slip to the image of a basket. It is also easy to remove several correspondence. it is enough to highlight them, as described in the previous section. Just select not messages, but specific chats.

Attention! If you want to completely clean the Chat tab, go to “Settings”. “Chats”. “Chat History”. Here you choose to remove or clean all available chats.

How to delete a backup of WhatsApp from phone

It is very simple to erase an unnecessary archive. this technique works both on iPhones and on androids. Go to the messenger’s directory through the conductor and find a file called Backups. it is we who have to destroy it.

How to send a WhatsApp PDF file for Android or iPhone

Rise to one position and send a backup pack to the basket. This is where your torment is over. However, do not forget about iPhone smartphones. There is its own atmosphere. information can be copied to the cloud service iCloud. Act like this:

  • Through telephone settings, move to icloud.
  • Enter the cloud.
  • Find the WhatsApp daddy.
  • Emerate everything.
  • Enjoy the result.

On Android

You cannot delete a backup of WhatsApp from a Google disk? Perhaps your phone has not copied him there. Check the presence of the Backups file in the messenger folder. This is done through the conductor. Having discovered the desired file, send it to the basket.

On the iPhone

Many iPhone owners retain their correspondence in iCloud. To get rid of the file, act as follows:

  • Move to the smartphone settings menu.
  • Find iCloud.
  • Now you are interested in the section “Storage”. slip through it.
  • Go to the Watsap folder.
  • Tap the “Remove All” button ”.

Mode “Invisible” in WhatsApp: how to enable or disable mode

Delete old backups of iCloud and applications on iPhone and iPad

Apple offers a storage control tool for iCloud, a similar tool for checking the local storage on your iPhone and iPad. Using it, you can see how much space is occupied by backups as a whole and individual applications in particular.

Open the “Settings” application on your device, and then click on your profile at the top of the menu.

Click on the “Driving Management” button.

In the list “ICLOD storage”, select “backup”.

You will see all the iPhone and iPad related to your iCloud account, and the volume of memory they occupy. Click on the device to see further breakdown.

Now you will see detailed information about the time of the last backup and the list of applications for which it is performed in ICLUD, as well as the volume of the place they occupy. If you find programs that take up too much space, you can click on the switch next to the application to remove and disable backup for it.

To confirm, click on “disable and remove” in a pop.up menu.

Do this for a pair of applications and see if you can return a significant amount of memory.

We recommend turning on backup for such important applications such as WhatsApp, Messages and so on. But for multimedia or podcast programs it would be better to turn off this function, especially if you have an empty space.

Disconnect and delete the entire ICLOUD backup for the device you can run the page with your finger and click “Delete a backup”.

In a pop.up window → “turn off and delete” to confirm.

Disconnect the iCloud Backup on iPhone and iPad

If you just want to disable the icloud backup function without monitoring the storage.

After clicking on the profile in the “Settings” application → “icloud”.

Spend your finger down → “backup icloud”.

Here, just click on the switch next to the ICLOUD backup option.

Your current backup will be removed from iCloud, and the icloud backup function will be disabled for the device.

If you want to turn on this function again, return to this screen and click on the switch next to the ICLOUD backup option.

How to disable the creation of a backup copy in “WhatsApp”

Using these steps, saving data on Google will stop. But if you want to start the process again, perform similar actions by choosing a period if desired, for example, every day or a week.

In the iPhone, copying is performed in iCloud, you can stop the synchronization process in 3 ways.

  • Launch the messenger and enter the “Settings” tab in the lower right corner.
  • Touch the point “Chats”.
  • Click on “automatic backup” and select “Off.”

Data from this moment will cease to be automatically transferred to the “cloud”. But you can resume synchronization at any time.

  • Open “Settings” and select your account at the top of the page.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Get down until you see WhatsApp. Switch it to the “Off.”
  • Why failed to create a backup in WhatsApp
  • Open the application on your device and click on a three.line icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Select backups from various available options.
  • In the next step, press the icon with 3 points.
  • Select “Disable backup”.

Cleaning messages, in detail

When the chat is deleted according to the previously described instructions, the correspondence disappears from the tab of the same name. But there is also the function “Cleaning”. She erases all the contents of the chat, but the record about it still remains. To call it on Android in the conversation window, select: “The menu. also. clean the chat”.

And on the iPhone, slip through the title or user’s name in the upper part of the screen, and then select the corresponding item.

You can also erase separate messages by alternately highlighting them, and then selecting the removal function. Two modes are available:

  • My message disappears only in your copy of the messenger, while others have it.
  • For everyone, the message disappears with all participants in the conversation, but instead of it there is a notification “This message is deleted”.

In addition, the “everyone” mode is available only within 60 minutes from the date of sending the message and not in all situations. That is, often he will simply not work.

Admin rights when removing chat

If you delete group chat, you automatically come out of it. And the user with the status of the administrator, leaving the group chat, automatically loses this status. Accordingly, if you delete a conversation from several people, then immediately stop being her admin. But other participants remain in it.

If you delete the correspondence whole or clean its contents, then for other interlocutors it will be imperceptibly. All messages and media files will remain with them. If we are talking about a group conversation, then upon removal you leave it, then a corresponding notice appears. Other participants will see it.

And if you are erased by the recently sent message with the “at all” mode, then the text of the message disappears, but notification appears on the site of it too.

So, how to clean whatsApp on Android

Since there are a lot of versions of OS “Android” for different devices and many of them can still work with WhatsApp (models of smartphones that will be disconnected from WhatsApp in 2020), we do not see the meaning of the meaning of screenshots of screenshots. After all, different models of smartphones can not only differ the location of the buttons, menu and substitution, but even the names of these very menu. Therefore, in this case, we will confine ourselves to the general instruction.

You can detect the storage control tool in the settings section. Open the WhatsApp application on your Android Smartphone and click on the menu button. Standard these are three vertical points on the toolbar.

Click the settings here

Now select the list of data and storage (Data and Storage usage)

Here you will see the storage section. Click. He will show you how many WhatsApp storage space is used on your Android Smartphone.

Here you will see a list of all the conversations in WhatsApp, sorted in volume, from more to small. Click on any of the presented chats.

Now you will see how many text messages, images, videos and GIF files are tied to the chat and the total number of occupied memory. Click on the Free Up Space button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now click on a checkmark next to the type of carrier that you want to remove. Then click on the Delete Message button.

(On some devices, the algorithm may differ slightly. After pressing the button to manage messages, in front of all the files will be automatically displayed, and in order not to clean important correspondence, them (checkmarks, you will need to remove it).

In a pop.up window, click on the option to delete messages or a button similar in name at the bottom of the screen.

Messages and media files will be removed from the WhatsApp storage. Here it is. Free space “from the air”!

Clean the WhatsApp chats for iPhone chats

The process of remembering for storing WhatsApp messages on the iPhone is slightly different.

clean, whatsapp, android

Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone and go to the settings tab. Here slip through the data button and storage.

Now draw a finger down and press the storage button.

Now you will see a list of all WhatsApp chats sorted in volume. As well as on Android from more to small. Click on dialogue to see detailed information about the use of memory. In the lower part of the screen, click on the control button.

Now mark the types of files that you want to delete. By default, all of them are marked with ticks for removal.

Unit тестирование в Android c Clean architecture

Click on the Clean button. It is located below.

Click the button again in a pop.up message again to confirm the removal.

Now the relevant data will be deleted from the WhatsApp storage, and you will get a place on the SSD of your smartphone back. You can go to the settings of the main iPhone storage to check the available place. Depending on the number of deleted data, you can see a serious difference.