Connect a laptop to a computer via Wi-Fi router

Creating a local network-setting up through a Wi-Fi router, cable connection and overall access to the Windows 10 and 7 folders

Hello! Today we will analyze in detail how to create a local network via Wi-Fi router. We will configure the connection to the local network of computers and laptops with Windows 7 or 10 Cable or Wi-Fi operating systems. The local network is convenient in that with its help you can open overall access and shake the folders, and then exchange files between computers and laptops, transfer the screen of one device for another, control the video surveillance system, for online games and much more than more.

Actually, the concept of “local network” means that all computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, TV settings and other devices that are connected to one Wi-Fi router will see each other and you can exchange data between them. This is based on technologies for creating a FTP server, a DLNA media server, access to a common printer, a video surveillance system, and so on.

The main task is to understand the principle of how to create communication between computers and open overall access to folders, files and other network resources. It doesn’t matter how you connected the computer to the router-via Wi-Fi or by cable.

In fact, to install a local network, you just need to perform the simplest setup of the Wi-Fi router for the distribution of a winning signal. If you haven’t done this yet, then be sure to read the installation guide, otherwise you will not understand anything.

We connect a laptop to a router without a wire

There is nothing complicated about it. It’s just not rare that Wi-Fi is not tuned on a laptop. Most often, the driver is not installed, which is needed for the Wi-Fi module, or the adapter itself is disabled.

First, I will show how to install a wireless network connection, and after that we will consider possible problems. I will leave links to instructions with decisions.

On the example of Windows 10. Click on the connection icon, which is located on the notification panel. Select your network and click “Connect”.

If there is protected, then you need to enter a password. If you have not changed the password yet, set up a new router, then the password is most likely indicated on the sticker from the bottom of the router itself. Can be signed as PIN, or Password. Enter the password and connect.

If the password is entered correctly, and everything is fine, then the laptop will be connected to the router via Wi-Fi Network.

How to connect to Wi-Fi in Windows 7, and solve some connection problems, I wrote here.

The most popular problems and mistakes:

  • Most often, there is no wireless network on the laptop at all. No settings, adapter, buttons, etc. D. About solving this problem in Windows 7, I wrote in the article on the laptop there is no wireless network connection Wi-Fi (there is also a link to the instructions for installing the driver). And if you have Windows 10, then mock the article How to enable Wi-Fi in Windows 10 when there is no Wi-Fi button.
  • If there is a Wi-Fi network, but the computer does not see the network, and the red icon near the icon of the wireless network, then see the Windows 10 article does not see the Wi-Fi network. As a rule, in other versions of Windows, the solution is the same. You need to start the WLAN auto.Building service.
  • In some cases, after connecting to the network, the status “without access to the Internet” (limited). I wrote about solving a problem in Windows 10 Correct the problem with DNS.
  • And the solution when sites in the browser do not open. At the same time, the Internet seems to work (normal connection status).

How to connect without cables, we figured out. If any points regarding the connection to the router via a wireless network are incomprehensible, then ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to connect a computer and laptop through a router

In the situation when you have a computer and laptop at your disposal, it is recommended to create a combined local network. For this purpose, you will need a Wi-Fi router (router).

Select a suitable Wi-Fi router. To do this, find out the characteristics of the wireless adapter of your laptop. In the event that you do not have an instruction for the laptop, see the necessary information on the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop or this network adapter.

Pay special attention to security protocols and types of radio signal transmission, with which the acquired router and a wireless laptop adapter work.

Connect Wi-Fi router to AC network. Turn on the equipment. Find the Wan channel (DSL, Internet) on the case. Connect the connection cable to it.

Find the port Ethernet (LAN). Connect it with the network adapter of a stationary computer. Turn on this PC and run the browser. Open the user guide for Wi-Fi router. Find out the standard IP address of this device. Enter this value into the address bar of the browser.

On the monitor screen will display the web-integer settings of equipment. Open the menu “Network” (Wan, Internet Setup). Visit your provider’s forum preliminary or contact technical support. Find out the values ​​of the parameters of this menu. Enter these values.

Go to the Wi-Fi Setting menu (Wireless Setup, Wi-Fi Settings). Create a wireless access point. Do not forget to indicate the security protocol and the type of radio signal corresponding to the wireless laptop adapter.

Save the settings. Reload Wi-Fi router. Connect the laptop to the newly created Wi-Fi network.

Open the network connection settings on the computer. Ask a static IP address for this device.

Carry a similar setup of the wireless network adapter. To access one device to another, press the combination of Win R keys and enter a computer or laptop in the emerging field of the IP address of a computer or laptop that appears, and first put two reverse towers “\\”.

Instructions for setting up a local network in Windows 7

Let me remind you that the computers that you want to combine into the network should be connected to one router, or connected by the cable directly. Also, all the actions that I will show in this section must be performed on both computers.

An important point! If you want to configure the network through a Wi-Fi router, to which some third-party bonds are connected (for example, your neighbor), then after setting up, it will be able to access those folders on your computer, to which you will set up common access. Install a good password on your Wi-Fi network to protect your network. If you still need to connect third.Party devices to your router, but you want to set up a home network, then you can create a “guest network” for guests, as we did on a zyxel router in this article.

Another moment. If you set up the network when connecting computers directly, without a router, you will still need to set static IP addresses, in the properties of the connection on the local network. If you have a connection through a router, then you do not need to do anything additionally, continue to follow the instructions.

1 first of all, we need to check that all computers work in one working group. This must be checked on all computers that will be connected to the local network.

We do this: click the combination of Winr keys, and in the window that appears, indicate the SYSDM command.CPL. Click OK.

On the contrary, the working group, most likely will be written by WorkGroup. You can leave it. The main thing is that on other computers the working group was also WorkGroup.

If you go to change it, for example, on Mshome, then click the button, and specify the new group. Save the changes and reboot the computer.

2 second step, this is a change in general access settings. We also perform these settings on all computers on the network. Now I will show you to turn on.

Press with the right mouse button on the Internet connection icon on the notification panel, and open the networks of networks and overall access. In the new window, select change the additional parameters of the total access.

There will be two profiles. Home or worker, and general. We change the one whose whose is the current profile. You can make such settings for both profiles.

First of all, we put the switch near to enable network detection. Also, turn on the overall access to files and printers, and turn on the overall access to folders. See the screenshot below.

Use Your Computer As WiFi Router Without Any Software

Scroll through the settings page, find and open the tab all networks, or general, and be sure to turn off the overall access with password protection.

After these actions, it is advisable to restart the computer. These are actually all the settings, the local network should already work. To check, you need to go to the conductor on one of the computers (my computer). And on the left open the network tab. All computers on the network will be displayed there. In the screenshot, you can see my computer, and one more from the network.

We can already go to the computer in our home network, there will be access to common folders.

How to Share Internet from PC to PC via Ethernet

If you do not have computers on the network or not access to the computer, then see the solutions at the end of this article.

Way how to connect a laptop to a laptop: 52 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Hello. I set up everything in the first method and at first everything worked fine. But after a couple of minutes I am the second laptop (not the one on which I created the network, but the one on which I connected to the first) switched to a regular Wi-Fi from the router (to which it was connected earlier, because the current method of the Internet did not give) and took The next room. But when I again wanted the second laptop to the first to the first, he no longer connected (I do not remember literally that he wrote, something like “impossible to connect”). At the same time, not one of the laptops was rebooted.

Hello. It’s hard to say without seeing both cars. Most often, problems are related to the failure of the ICS Windows service.

Brother, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I reviewed a bunch of vidos, re.Read. 0 effect! I connected the laptops via Wi-Fi exactly as it is written in your first version, and, lohered!, Everything worked! Respect!!

Hello, please tell me how to disable ? For example, but my laptop was connected at a different laptop and they go in and read all the information how to disable it?

How was it connected to you. Through what equipment?

Hey! I have one beech without a monitorw8, full.Fledgedw7 go for a cable? How to connect? And the third W10

You connect them by Wi-Fi. Once distributes, the rest are like customers.

There is no Internet in it. There is a network on my laptop. There is no connected.Where to look ? Thanks in advance.

How do you have the Internet on the first laptop for the second?

Greetings! Did everything as painted in the first version. It seems that everything worked out, after which he opened the “network” (in the left column of the window below) and saw the name of both laptops. Clicking on the one I want to connect, a window appeared where you need to enter a password. I entered the laptop password, which I want to connect and after 15 seconds, the same window appears, and the inscription below: “The entrance to the system is not produced: the user name or password is not identified”. I score several times. I could not make a mistake with a password, t.To. I enter it daily, including a laptop. What password does he need.

Try the password on Wi-Fi on this laptop to make digital, that is, without letters and special systems.

Great article. I connected via Lan Cabble. Everything is working. Even such a kettle as I did it. Thanks a lot?

How to connect a computer to a computer-via a network, via Wi-Fi and via USB. : 17 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Adsl-Modem TD-8616 and Wi-Fi-Router DIR-615, the problem is that on the TD-8616 LAN bulb is only when this modem is connected to the built-in computer network card (ATHEROS). When I try to connect it to the sweatshirt (acorp) or to another network card or to DIR-615, this LAN light refuses to light up. Although I calmly connected this modem (TD8616) to the sweater and everything worked for a long time, but now it is “friends” only with the built.In computer network map.

I connected computers via Wi-Fi, but I always show (limited), and during network games there are many glitches, how to fix it !

And in the second method of connecting the Internet is needed or simply set up the distribution connected and can be in the counter as a current of a current without wires?

Yes, you can and so. The presence of Internet connection is not necessarily.

On the laptop (Windows 8.1) I set everything up, the second computer (Windows 7) sees this network, but when trying to connect, it writes that it was not possible to connect. Tell me, please, what’s the problem?

Dazhe’s uncle. Miracle INFA. I on the All.In 100% Prazuych))) Dazh Dovgo is not Mig Nalastuvati. Ale PISLLE BUT THE VINDOVS I GEVEAKI VITH WITH WITH WITH!))

USB cable with a chip is no longer a cable, but a whole device. So it was necessary to write.

Cool. Thanks! Through the second way to allow access to the Internet?

I don’t understand how to create a local network

I connect the two PC in the first way, and the problem is that on one of them there is no Internet version 4. Maybe it is simply called differently. How to be?

Useful article. I will take into account for the future that it is possible. Thanks

Good afternoon, I connected a laptop and PC via Wi-Fi, everything is ok. But the next day, I will have to be tormented again by the command line, I would like to set up once and next time to connect immediately?

You can put the network launch command in BAT FAIL and hang in a bus load or use the OSTOTO HOTSPOT program.

Tell me how to configure ftp connection Golden Interstar HD FTA with a computer

Hello! At the dawn of my computer illiteracy, I watched the guys install the system from the computer to the computer. Combining them with a cable. I suppose that with LAN-boux. Is this option possible? And how to do it? One of my old computer began to buggy. When reinstalling the system, when everything is spharge and there is a need to see the carrier (disk, flash drive). He does not see the carrier! In services it is. Naturally, they do not fix, but they do not explain how to get around it! And it is somehow easy to manage this problem (for me 🙂 maybe you have such a lot as to do it (install the system. From computer to computer) or you can. Once, put the brains of a hard disk? Thank you for your patience!

Hello. Apparently it was an installation on the network. And you tried to put from what carrier?

connect, laptop, computer, wi-fi, router

How to connect a tp-link router to a laptop via Wi-Fi?

Often, it is not possible to connect the router to the laptop through the cable, since the latter does not have the corresponding connector on the case. But this is not a problem, since all modern TP-Link routers have the opportunity to do this by Wi-Fi. As soon as you include it in the network, it will begin to distribute a wireless network with a name type “TP-LINK_XXX”, which is open to Connect.

I recommend that before connecting, the TP-Link router is reset so that all the settings return to the default default. This is done by the “Reset” button.

But for starters, you also need, as in the first case, go into the “Change of Adapter Parameters”, only this time select for editing “Wireless network connection”

After that, we connect to this wireless TP-Link network. In newer modifications, it happens that it is nevertheless protected by a password (PIN). If so, then you can find it on the sticker on the case.

Setting up a virtual access point in Windows 10

Settings through a graphic intese

If any of the laptops is already connected to the Internet (for example, through the network cable), then you can configure the virtual point of access to Windows 10 in the parameters panel of the system parameters. But this is provided for by the developers primarily for the distribution of the Internet to other Wi-Fi devices.

Setting through the command line

In our case, when the laptops are not connected to any network, the graphic parameter integration is inaccessible and the access point is possible only using the command line.

Run the command line with the rights of the administrator. To do this, click “Start”, in the list of programs, find the “Office. Windows” section, expand it, find the “command line” application, click on it with the right mouse button and select the subparagraph of the contextual menu “Additionally launched on behalf of the administrator”.

Support for support for the seated network

And press the Enter key. In the response of the command, find the line “Support for the located network”, on the contrary, it should be the value “yes”.

connect, laptop, computer, wi-fi, router

If the value is “no”, starting the virtual point of access will not work. Check the support of the seated network on the second laptop if there is failure there, try updating the drivers of the wireless network card of the first or second laptop, downloading them from the official website of the laptop or network card. It can also help not updating the driver, but rather, installing a more old or a rollback to the previous driver through the device manager (if it is previously updated, the button will be active).

Configuration configuration

If the mode of the network is supported by a wireless laptop adapter, follow the next command to configure the wireless network:

Launch of a virtual access point

Launch the newly created network using the team:

All. Now you can find this network on the second laptop and connect to it using the early installed password. You just have to configure overall access to folders and files for data exchange between laptops.

Stopping virtual point of access

To stop the working network, use the following command:

Or reboot the computer. To start the network again after rebooting the computer or turning it off with the previous command, again fulfill the team you already know: