Connected without internet access Xiaomi

Internet does not work on Mi Box S or TV Stick: without access to the Internet

After successfully connecting to the Wi-Fi router, next to the network we see the message: “Connected, no Internet access”. Consequently, the Internet on the device doesn’t work, there is no access to the Internet in the applications, YouTube doesn’t work (no connection to the network).

Sometimes there are no messages and errors in the Android TV settings (as in the photo above). But the Internet still does not work.

  • Reboot the set-top box and router.
  • Make sure that other devices from this Wi-Fi network have internet working. This is very important to find out, as the problem is often on the router or internet service provider side.
  • Try to “delete this network” by selecting this Wi-Fi network in settings and reconnect to it.
  • Check the proxy server settings. It should be set to “Do not use proxy server.
  • Change DNS to / In the settings of a particular network you need to select “IP address settings”. Next, the IP settings do not change (skip). Also skip the gateway and network prefix length settings. Change DNS 1 to and DNS 2 to
  • Check the date and time settings on your set-top box. Because of this you can also have problems with Internet access in applications like YouTube, Google Play.

How To Fix WiFi Problem ( Connected, No Internet ) wifi connected but no internet access android

Please note: if you are distributing the Internet on Smart set-top box from your phone via Wi-Fi, then the lack of Internet connection can be due to the fact that the operator blocks the distribution of Internet on your tariff plan.

Wi-Fi problems with the new MIUI 12

Usually when a new update is available, users of selected models will update as soon as the notification appears. However, Xiaomi forums are filled with users who report frequent failures in many terminals, which have problems with Wi-Fi when upgrading to MIUI 12. These failures have the same symptoms, whether caused by the Redman Note 7 or Poco F2 Pro. After the update, Wi-Fi works fine until after a few minutes of intermittent connections with Wi-Fi networks that it had previously connected to without problems. In some cases, the user needs to restart the router and phone for the Wi-Fi to work properly again. However, the problem reappears after a few minutes or when the screen is locked.

You bought a Xiaomi router: we tell you how to configure and connect the router to the network

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Xiaomi is famous for its Wi-Fi routers. Their price, functionality, design take pride of place in the world rating of routers. However, the configuration of these devices can sometimes cause some difficulties for ordinary users. In this guide, we will clearly show how to quickly configure and start using a router Xiaomi.

  • After that, the router will start distributing open WI-FI with the name Xiaomi and additional symbols, depending on the router model. Connect to this network.
  • After a successful connection, open any browser and enter the IP-address in the search field Some routers have a preset IP-address of or
  • The following window invites you to choose the mode of the router. We need the top option, which is responsible for configuring the device as a router. The lower option allows using the device as a repeater, that is a WI-FI signal booster.
  • Moving on to configuring the access point. In this window, we can assign a name to our WI-FI network, as well as set a password to connect to it. The settings apply simultaneously for 2.4 and 5 GHz.
  • The next step is to choose the location of the router, for example: Home, Bedroom or Corridor and the administrator password. It is necessary for further access to the router settings.
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Xiaomi router interface is in Chinese, in some cases in English if you update the firmware. Panel language does not depend on what address or how to enter it. However, if the Internet in the router works, you can translate the interface into Russian with the translator built into the browser of Google Chrome or Yandex.Browser.

Also Xiaomi router internet can be translated through the browser plugin RUMIFIWI. It works in Google Chrome and Yandex.Browser. After installing the extension, the plugin automatically translates Xiaomi router interface into Russian.

Xiaomi router interfaces are divided into: Status, Settings, and Advanced.

In the upper right corner is the name of the router. Clicking on it brings up a context menu, where you can change the router’s name, update the firmware, download an application, restart the router, and log out of your account.

The status tab shows information about the router: model, firmware version, MAC-address and serial number; at the bottom you can see the network status, connected devices and traffic, CPU load and how much RAM is used.

The Settings tab is divided into categories: Wi-Fi Settings, Internet, Security, Local Area Network and Status.

This tab is responsible for the dual Wi-Fi function and access point settings. If the router is running on frequency 2.4Hz and 5Hz, then the dual Wi-Fi function will combine these frequencies under one network name. They will automatically switch depending on the signal or type of device.

Then there are two subsections 2.4G Wi-Fi and 5G Wi-Fi. If the router works in one frequency, only 2 will be available.4G Wi-Fi In these subsections you set up the access point: network name, password, encryption method, what radio channel to use and at what power to operate the router.

Connection type, IP address, subnet masks, default gateway, and DNS are displayed in this category. Also here you can change the connection type, WAN port speed and MAC address.

In the security category you can add the devices connected to the router to the black and white list. Also in this category is the wireless network control switch.

Local network category

In this category is the DHCP server switch. The protocol responsible for dynamically assigning IP addresses to devices on the network. In this category you select the starting and ending IP addresses and choose the IP address of the router.

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In this category, you can update your router firmware, download a log to Xiaomi servers, restore router settings, create or restore a router backup, and change the date and time.

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This is the easiest way to create an access point, all we need:

  • Enable Mobile Internet on our device go to Smartphone Settings and open “Wi-Fi hotspot” And enable the feature “Wi-Fi hotspot”
  • In the same menu we can go to Setting up the access point to select the name of our network and to create a password which will be needed to connect to it.

When configuring the router writes No access to the Internet, or Limited and no connection to the Internet

Hi! Not long ago, I wrote articles about the error “No internet access”, which can be seen on a Windows 7 computer, and “Limited”. In Windows 10 and Windows 8. These are the same errors that appear very often. When they appear, the result is the same. Internet does not work, sites do not open, etc. д. People encounter these problems most often when configuring the router. In articles, links to which above, I mainly wrote about the solution of these errors on the computer itself. That is, described those cases when the culprit is a computer or laptop.

But according to my observations, more often the problem with the Internet to blame the Wi-Fi router. Errors “No access to the Internet” and the connection “Restricted”. is not an exception. Check this is very simple. If you encounter such a problem, then simply connect another device to your router. If it will not work the Internet. So it’s a problem with your router or your internet service provider. Call the support of the provider, and find out if they have no problems, and whether you have paid for the Internet. If it’s ok, then the culprit is definitely the router.

And if there is no connection to the Internet when setting up a router, then I can say for sure that the problem is exactly in the wrong settings, incorrectly connected cables, or the router is simply faulty (this also happens).

Now we’ll go over the settings you need to check first.

If you’ve also encountered a problem where Wi-Fi isn’t working properly, our guide will tell you a workable solution.

Then reboot the router and see if the problem goes away.

If unsuccessful, continue looking for a solution.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is working. Get another phone and connect it to the Wi-Fi network. See if the device works on it. If it’s okay, then the problem is with your router or connection.
  • Make sure the signal strength is good enough (at least three vertical lines) where you are trying to connect your Xiaomi Mi A1 to Wi-Fi.
  • Remember, you may have recently changed your router’s WI-FI password.

Reset your password

Very often, resetting the security password to connect to the network helps to resolve Wi-Fi issues. To do this, simply delete the information about the current WLAN and reconnect, duplicating the security key.

Smart Wi-Fi Switch

You may have your smartphone’s default setting set to “Smart Wi-Fi Switch”. If this option is turned on, then the smartphone will be constantly searching for better alternatives to the current Wi-Fi connection and will try to connect to a new network.

Enough to disable the option of intelligent switching in the settings of “Wi-Fi” (the icon in the upper right corner).

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Make sure Wi-Fi is always on

Some Android firmware has a feature that automatically disables Wi-Fi to increase battery life and save the battery if it is not used for a certain period of time.

On the Xiaomi Mi A1, go into the “Wi-Fi” settings, look for the Advanced tab and select “Always” in the pop-up menu.

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Internet Wi-Fi status may not be available on Android

On Android smartphones and tablets there is a problem when after connecting to a Wi-Fi network you get a message that says “Internet may not be available. Connect to another network. As far as I understand, this message appears on mobile devices from Samsung. I checked it on a Samsung Galaxy J5. But the S7, S8, A5 and other models also suffer from this problem.

Also next to the Wi-Fi network you have connected the error “Internet may not be available” appears, and next to the Wi-Fi icon you can see a small exclamation mark. It looks like this:

Of course, Internet via Wi-Fi does not work. Wi-Fi connection is there, but no internet access.

This error can occur on a wide variety of devices. And not only on Android, and not only on mobile devices. Just depending on the device manufacturer, operating system, version, etc. д., the message may be different. That is, just change the wording. On computers, for example, it is “No access to the Internet”, or “Limited”.

Now I will try to explain why this happens, and what you can do to solve this problem on Android devices. Including Samsung smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and Mi Box S does not see the WI-FI network

These were general recommendations. Now on to more specific examples. Let’s start with the situation when the Xiaomi Mi Box S (Mi TV Stick) TV set-top box does not see any WI-FI network at all. Do not forget that you can forcibly disable the wireless module in Android. So before you take any action, make sure that WI-FI is enabled on your set-top box in the settings.

If you rule out a broken device, then try resetting it to factory settings again.

Xiaomi TV without Internet access: how to solve the problem

Xiaomi company produces a wide range of different equipment and gadgets that have gained popularity around the world and their TVs are no exception. Mi TV lineup is available in Russia and has long conquered the public with its high quality image and build quality. Another big plus of Xiaomi smart TVs is their relatively low price and functional “Smart” component. Xiaomi TVs work on Android OS, because of this there is a problem with Internet connection in the Crimea. This is due to the U.S. sanctions. In this article we will review the main ways of fixing the error of connecting Mi TV to wireless networks.