Connecting the set-top box to an LG TV

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How to connect an old LG TV set to a digital set-top box?

To connect digital TV to an old TV often uses a Scart cable. On the TV side there are also 3 wires yellow, red and white. But on the set-top box side. only one. You should also perform the connection with the equipment turned off.

  • Turn off both devices (unplug the TV cord from the power outlet).
  • Connect the ends of the cable to the appropriate jacks.
  • Switch on the TV and the smartphone.
  • In the TV menu, set the HDMI port as the signal source. After that the phone screen will be displayed on the TV.

The necessary equipment

To watch digital TV on an outdated LG device, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • TV;
  • Tuner T2, to convert a digital signal to analog;
  • RCA cable or tulip cable;
  • Coaxial or antenna cable through which the signal is fed directly;
  • External or internal antenna.

Almost all of the necessary equipment is available in the basic set of digital receiver. And here the antenna will have to buy additionally, or to use for this purpose already available. Both indoor antenna options and external antennas, which have better receiving characteristics, will be suitable for use.

What you need to connect

To connect headphones properly, you need to consider the specifics of the devices, as well as each individual device. If the user has a modern TV that supports the new apps, you don’t need any additional items other than the headset and the device itself. If LG TV is of an old type, you have to buy a special adapter or use a TV set-top box, which is also sold in every electronics store, as well as the adapter itself. New devices. adapters can be easily inserted into the TV. It is enough to take it out, insert it into the appropriate outlet.

After that you can turn on the TV and check if the sound comes. The headset can be connected in different ways.

The TV runs a special operating system WebOS, it is different from the headsets of other manufacturers. Without specialized system the user will not be able to connect a headset, especially if the TV is old.

It is also necessary to activate Bluetooth on both the headphones and the TV in order to connect.

How to connect wireless headphones to LG TV

There are different ways to connect. If the headset is able to play Wi-Fi connection, then it is worth connecting using Bluetooth. If it is impossible to connect a headset because of an old TV, then you can use a specialized adapter or an additional set-top box.

Via Bluetooth

In order to use this method, you must:

  • Start the settings menu. You can do this using the corresponding buttons on the remote control (hereinafter referred to as RC);
  • After that, go to the “Sound” tab;
  • Select the “Wireless Pairing” option;
  • Now turn on the headset. It must function properly in sync mode.

A special port, which is installed in LG televisions, is usually designed to connect proprietary devices and remote controls. When you connect other hardware, such as audio systems, there may be more problems. You have to use an external adapter.

If the TV does not support Bluetooth

If the user’s TV does not support Bluetooth connection, you can use an adapter or a special TV-set-top box. As a rule, all TVs from 2012 can connect to their Bluetooth devices, download them. However, if the TV does not have Smart TV in its functionality, there is no Bluetooth function.

The Bluetooth function itself appeared originally on Samsung devices. Samsung is the company that invented and added to TVs a special function for connecting other devices.

You can also try to connect using a special program from LG. This program can be downloaded through Google Play. The algorithm is as follows:

This is quite a long way to go, but connecting using the software is an option that can be used in the absence of the desired Bluetooth connection.

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Connecting via infrared

If the TV set does not see the stereo headphones, you can try infrared technology. This connection option is common with older devices, where there is not even a modern TV. It is worth noting that those who do not know how to connect via Bluetooth or the Internet like to use it. You need to install the transmitter on the TV or under it, and then make the connection of the wire and the audio output on the back of the device. At the same time the power supply is activated into the socket.

On the body of the device it is necessary to select the necessary Audi feed through the IR port. This is done via channel A or B. We connect the speaker and power it up with the help of thumbtack batteries. After that, it is necessary to arrange all the devices in front of the screen, while eliminating the slightest obstacles in the way beforehand.

It’s a tangled technology, but it’s quite simple if you connect all the wires properly.

Connecting to the TV via Wi-Fi

This is the best way to connect any TV, because the user only needs a TV which is ready to receive Wi-Fi signal. The gadget connects directly to the device to which it transmits the signal. You can listen to a broadcast through two pairs of gadgets at the same time, which means that several people can connect at once.

To get maximum coverage in the connection, it is worth setting up a connection directly or using a special auxiliary router. The price is different and varies depending on what brand and the needs of the consumer. In the high price segment, you can find such devices that will transmit sound as clearly as possible and provide the pleasure of listening.

To connect LG using this technology, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Turn on the wireless headset;
  • After this, turn on Wi-Fi;
  • Hold down the “ON” key, take into account that the connection is made at a certain distance;
  • Now start the TV and tap on “Wireless connection”;
  • Wait for synchronization;
  • Opens the window with the headsets, tap on the desired line;
  • We study the operation of the device and check the sound indicators. Does everything play as it should, are the headphones connected, or are there lags.

With the help of set-top boxes

The final method of connection. using the headset. This method was considered earlier, because it is ideal for cases where the user can not connect via Bluetooth, or the module itself does not work as well as the user would like. Set-top boxes are connected using HDMI. In rare cases, depending on the set-top box, using other connectors. In general, set-top boxes are designed to convert the audio signal into the desired format, which can be understood by the device itself. Other parts also have different functions, such as rewinding and so on. Functionality in general depends on the device to be connected.

There are some more types of set-top boxes, it has a special sensor for transmitting the Bluetooth. signal. The algorithm with them is simple: you need to connect the set-top box with the connector to the TV, then on the TV will appear Bluetooth. Then the connection is performed in the usual way of the user.

Possible problems

If while connected the TV does not see the Internet, then perhaps this model is simply not designed for wireless access. However, all modern LG TVs, one way or another, are equipped with hardware nodes that provide Internet access, so you should just use another way and buy a cable. Sometimes TV set doesn’t connect to the Internet, because it has Smart TV, but doesn’t have a built-in adapter. In this case, again, using a cable can help solve the problem. In the case where it is possible to enter the network is not available, although other devices present in the apartment, successfully connected to the router, it makes sense to restart the latter.

In problem situations it makes sense to change the channel width or frequency. In the case when a router works on the frequency 5 GHz, but the TV does not see it, you need to check with the manufacturer whether such standard of connection is possible at all. If so, you will have to deal with the settings of the router. For example, first you manually select the desired connection channel. 36, 40, 44 or 48, and then the new data is saved and the router is rebooted.

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If the TV set is unable to find the desired network in the list of available networks, reset and then reboot can help.

However, often the cause of such a situation is a hardware failure. If the user, after entering the security key, receives a message that the password is incorrect, he needs to make a few simple steps. The first thing to do is to reboot both the TV and the router. Then you have to enter the password specified in the documentation you received when purchasing and connecting the router. It is necessary to check how successful is the connection of other devices, “tied” to the wireless router, as well as to try to receive the network from your smartphone. If necessary, turn off the WPS feature in the settings, move the TV closer to the router, and be sure to check the router’s security settings.

How to connect Dandy to a modern LG TV: step by step instructions

Dandy is rightly considered one of the legendary consoles. It was at the height of its popularity in the 1990s. Many people still remember games like Mario, Mortal Combat, Contra and others. Children would sit for hours with a joystick in their hands, trying to pass new levels. That’s why even now Dandy is in demand among connoisseurs. Console was introduced on the market for over 20 years ago and was designed for use with kinescope televisions. Older televisions didn’t have HDMI, VGA or DVI ports. That’s why it’s not so easy to connect a Dandy to a modern TV.

There were two ways to connect a Dandy Game console to an old TV:

  • With an AV cable, better known as a “tulip”
  • With an antenna cable, an RF port, but you still had to search for a signal on the TV itself.

RF signal is not recognized by modern TVs, including LG, because they have been broadcasting in digital format for several years. So there’s only one way to go, using the AV port.

Before you start connecting to your new TV, make sure you have a complete set:

  • Game console Dandy
  • Power Supply
  • AV cable
  • Joysticks (a pair or at least one main one that has a “Start” button)
  • The game cartridge

If a modern LG TV is released before 2017, it is equipped with an AV port, it will be quite simple to connect a Dandy to the LCD TV. Connect the Dandy to your TV with an AV cable as follows:

  • Connect your Dandy to the mains using the power adapter, with the “Power” button on the game console turned off.
  • Connect the AV cable to the corresponding connectors of the set-top box and the TV. We will need the white and yellow inputs. The yellow one is used for video transmission, the white one for audio.
  • Turn on the devices: both the TV and the game console.
  • Switching on the “Video” mode on your LG TV (AV/AV1) with the same name button on the remote control.
  • Connect your joysticks. If you have only one, then plug it into the left output.
  • Insert the cartridge with the game in a Dandy and run the selected game.

If you take the models of modern TVs produced after 2017, then to connect the Dandy to the TV, you will need a special adapter. Adapter must have an AV input and output must match the input models on your TV. It can be an adapter with RCA or SCART connector. Be sure to note that the adapter with a SCART connector must be set to transmit the signal type IN. If not, the image may not be transmitted to a modern TV screen.

You can connect a Dandy console to a modern TV using an external converter. The input of such devices. AV, and the output. HDMI, VGA, DVI or DP (DisplayPort). The converter can still convert the signal from analog to digital, unlike the cable. Connection setup will be similar to connections to TV models released before 2017:

  • IMPORTANT! To connect a Dandy to the TV through the converter, you must initially disconnect all devices from power sources. Otherwise, connecting with a converter when at least one of the devices is plugged in can cause the TV’s GPU to fail.
  • After you have connected the game console Dandy and modern TV through the converter, connect the devices to the sockets and turn on the TV and console.
  • Connecting the joysticks (either one, the left one).
  • Insert the cartridge with the game in Dandy and run the game selected.
  • To avoid stretching the image horizontally (Dendi is designed to display images in 4:3 format, but modern TV sets are in 16:9 format), change the TV signal output to 4:3 in the settings. It will have black bands along the sides of the screen, but the game elements won’t be distorted.
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Now you can buy Dandy on the market of technics of modern manufacture, their difference from older models is that they are designed to work with modern televisions. Gaming consoles are already equipped with either HDMI or DVI outputs. To connect a Dandy set-top box to a modern TV in this case is quite simple. Only need to select the correct frequency sweep. It can be either 1080 p 50 Hz, or 720 p 50 Hz.

If you want to connect an old Dendy to an old TV, you will only need an AV cable. Before you connect the set-top box, you need to transfer the TV to the appropriate video input. Depending on the model it can be either the Input button, or the Source button first, and then on the remote control.

If your old TV does not have an AV input, you can connect a Dandy using an antenna cable, or as it is commonly called. RF-cable. Note that the quality of the image displayed on the screen will not be very good: the sharpness will be reduced and the picture will be blurred. To connect you need:

  • Unplug the set-top box and TV.
  • Connect the set-top box and TV with an antenna cable, using the red input on the set-top box.
  • Switch on the set-top box and insert the cartridge.
  • Connect the TV set to the mains, switch on a free channel on the TV set and search for a signal. If from time to time there will be no image on the screen, you should check the reliability of the cable connection to the devices.

If properly connected and set up, you can enjoy games familiar from childhood on a modern TV.

Connect via VGA cable

If your notebook PC has no HDMI, you will almost certainly have a VGA connector which is present in almost all old and new models of laptops. For example on my not so old Lenovo laptop, there was only this connector and with the help of a VGA cable I was able to easily connect my laptop to my TV and use it as a monitor.

However not all LCD TV sets are equipped with this connector and before buying you need to check the availability of VGA on the TV.

Also remember that this cable does not transmit sound, so you will need to output the sound another way or use the laptop speakers. You can also just connect the speakers to your laptop or use headphones.

  • Locate the connector on the back of your TV, usually called PC IN.
  • The cable comes with two screws which must be tightened so that the cable does not fall out.
  • Connect the cable to your laptop and adjust the resolution of the screen.

How to properly connect the speakers to the TV?

To connect your speakers to the TV, you must use a cable with a red and white connection. This is a special color coding: white and red “tulips” are used to connect analog audio (white is for mono or left channel stereo signal, and red is for right channel).

How do you connect speakers to your TV using a stereo or tape recorder? You’ll have a much better sound quality than you would get with a TV or cheap computer speaker.