Create iCloud on iPhone from your computer

Create iCloud on iPhone 4 from a computer

Keep in mind that you will also be asked to enter a secret question when you create an email, as well as an additional. Try to answer the question in a way that you won’t forget it in the future. After all, the secret question is often forgotten by users and difficult to remember, if not forgotten at all. So a simple word is enough.

How to create Apple ID on PC without credit cards.

The procedure for creating an account in the iCloud storage on your computer is similar to the handheld version. Only you need to initially install iCloud on your computer, and then connect your device and do the storage installation through your computer. The menu of the computer version is quite small and you’ll quickly find your email in the list.

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How to create a new iCloud on iPhone 4

The easiest way to create iCloud on MAC beacons is to use Apple’s built-in system, which communicates directly with the iCloud and allows you to quickly perform data backup and storage editing operations. In any case, the above instructions are enough to achieve the goal of creating an account and getting a unique AppleID.

Do not forget that your data can be used by intruders to steal data from storage. So be sure to put protection on the use of your backups so that you don’t repeat the history of stealing photos and documents like today’s celebrities. The likelihood of hacking is not great, unless you are being hunted by crooks.

In order to understand how to create iCloud on iPhone 4, just use this material. It provides a complete instruction including all the necessary actions, gives additional recommendations and discusses how to secure a personal account.

You can create a profile in iCloud without using an iOS device. it’s enough to have a Windows or macOS computer.


The instructions for creating a new account from a Windows computer are as follows:

  • Go to the official site of the cloud storage and click on “Create Apple ID” located in the bottom menu.
  • Enter all the information requested by the service. To create a new Apple ID, you will have to specify:
  • name and surname;
  • country and region, date of birth;
  • email, which will become your own Apple ID;
  • password with re-confirmation (you must use upper and lower case letters with numbers);
  • Three control questions with answers. these will be used to verify your identity when you try to recover your password;
  • The need to subscribe to the newsletter;
  • captcha.

How to Create Apple ID On Windows

  • Click on “Continue”.

All the necessary operations are performed. Key iCloud services will be accessible once you sign into your registered account from iOS or macOS devices.

The point of registering an account through your computer is simple. it is much more convenient to fill in a lot of information on your PC.


MacOS users can also quickly and easily register a new account in iCloud from their computer. To do this, you need to follow the paragraphs of the instructions below:

Top 3 questions from users

Go to settings, then to the cloud. After scrolling down the page, you will see: Exit. Boldly click on this button (in some versions of iOS you need to click on Delete account).

How to sign up for iCloud from a Mac desktop computer?

For this device, the instructions are identical to those described above. To do this on a PC, go to System Preferences and then to iCloud.

How To Create icloud Account On Your Computer 2017 | Make apple id on your PC

The resource is only available for branded products. So you can’t install iCloud on a Windows computer. But you can do it, for example, from your iPhone, and then through a standard browser on a PC go to the site of the Internet service. There you will find an application where you can open the iCloud account you previously registered.

The cloud provides users with various additional features:

  • Backup. All data stored in the iPhone 5S, 5, 4, 4S, 6, 7 are subjected to an automatic copying process to the storage. By default, 5 GB of free space is available to user. If necessary, it can increase the volume or clear the existing one.
  • Access from all devices. Connected to the same Apple ID devices get access to the service at any time. This is very convenient for those who take a lot of photos, but do not like to copy them. Once a picture is taken on the iPhone 5S, it will appear on any other iPhone 5, for example.
  • Lost gadget search. A special function “Find My Phone” lets you lock your device and locate it on the map in case of loss.

Advantages of the service over similar programs

  • iCloud storage was developed specifically for iOS 4 and was improved along with it. Thanks to what, it is fully automated for iOS operation;
  • You can create iCloud on iPhone absolutely free;
  • there is no advertising and banner mailing;
  • it is possible to authorize an individual mailbox.

Thus, the use of iCloud can greatly simplify the life of smartphone users. It remains to understand how to create a new iCloud on the iPhone.

Through Apple’s website

You can create iCloud on the Apple ID site ( one account fits all the services, even on iPhone 4, and it’s free and available from any computer.

But it’s much more convenient to create iCloud on the service site and then work with it on your iPhone 7 or other device. In your browser, go to and click on the link in the bottom of the page.

And if your account heroically died on iPhone 6 or you need a new iCloud for some other reason, here’s how to create it.

You will first need to identify yourself, your region and date of birth. It is better to write honestly, so that the tech support will help you if necessary. If the data does not match, they have the right to refuse to restore access to the account.

Fill in a valid address (if you registered in the previous point, that’s the address) and password.

Your password must have at least 8 characters, and you must include lowercase and uppercase letters, and at least one number (or Apple will complain).

Next, choose your security questions and fill in the answers, any combination of characters is fine. The main thing to remember is what corresponds to what. Apple asks for 2 out of 3 responses in random order during account transactions.

Check the box if you want to receive emails.

All you need to do is prove to the soulless program that you are not a piece of metal. Bravely press “New Code” if you can’t read the characters.

If you’ve entered everything correctly, you’ll be prompted for a code when you click on continue.

Look for it in the letter, which will instantly arrive in the specified mail.

Keep in mind that you must enter it 3 hours in advance.

Then you will have to agree with the rules of use.

A quick setup page will open. you can specify your preferred language and insert a photo. Or go straight to the point.

The iCloud interface will load. The account is ready to work, you can enter it on the smartphone.

At the same time you will receive an email with the Apple ID.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is the largest cloud storage environment, which has the functions of an email client.

The site was launched in 2011 and was developed as a more advanced replacement for MobileMe.

In addition to storing information and messages, using iCloud, owners of Apple devices can store backups of gadget settings in the environment, synchronize data with other devices, work with the Find My Phone function (quick search and locking of a lost phone).

How to create iCloud on iPhone

Automatic backup of the personal data starts after registering the e-mail “” or Apple ID.

The stages of registering an Apple ID to access the cloud storage:

  • Connect your phone to the Internet.
  • Go to the device settings menu.
  • Select “Mail, Addresses” section.
  • Check to add a new account.
  • From the proposed list specify iCloud storage.
  • Click “Create Apple ID”.
  • Check to receive a free box.
  • Find a new e-mail address.
  • Create complex password. This data will be used to log into the storage on all Apple devices (iPhone 4S, 6, 7).
  • Record three questions and answers to recover lost or forgotten data.
  • Specify additional data:
  • Backup email address;
  • Whether automatic updates are necessary;
  • Read and accept the user agreement.

This completes the process of registering iCloud on iPhone 7 Plus or any other. To enable it to work, just go to the storage settings section and move the slider to the “Enabled” mode.

Creating an account on a Mac

Create iCloud accounts on your Mac using OS X. Let’s figure out how to create an email and activate your Apple ID account:

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Go to “iCloud.”. Click “Create Apple ID.”.
  • Enter your country of residence and date of birth. No one will check the data, but it is recommended to enter real information, or remember the information. it will come in handy when recovering your password.
  • Choose to get a free iCloud address. Enter your mailbox name, first name, last name and password twice.
  • Choose 3 questions and give the answers. Make sure you have a backup email address.
  • Confirm your backup email.

So you can use the accounts you create on your Mac as your Apple ID, plug them into the “iCloud” menu in your Mac’s system settings.

How to create mail

Access to mail is officially open to owners of Apple (the iPhone, iPad, or iPod will also work) and MacOS. You can create iCloud mail in a few minutes, the main thing is to repeat the following set of actions (the instructions are performed on the smartphone):

When you’ve done this, incoming messages will appear in the cloud storage and you’ll be able to interact with your messages from multiple devices, including your browser.We should also mention an interesting fact. the mail created via iCloud completely replaces (or rather repeats) the capabilities of the Apple ID. from now on it will be possible to enter any services like iTunes, App Store and FaceTime via