Default printer settings change. How to install a default printer using “parameters”

How to configure a print printer from a personal computer? Obviously, it will be necessary to physically connect the device to PC and to the mains. Connection is carried out in 95% of cases through a special USB cable. When buying a new product, this cable is not included. Acquired separately.

Follow the instructions. Connect a small square plug to the device, and a rectangular flat USB-stroke to a computer. Only after that connect the power cord. Press the button on the printer body.

Installation of drivers

The physical connection between the PC and the printer has not yet been completed. The second step is to install the necessary software from the CD. These drivers act as intermediaries between Office or other programs and the printer itself. It is recommended to install a driver from a special disk that comes with the printer. Contains a complete set of everything you need to configure the printer for the correct printing from your computer.

What to do when there is no disk

When dealing with an old device, the required disk may not be at hand. In this case, there is also a way out:

  • Installation of the driver from the base of the Windows operating system.
  • Download the necessary software from the site of the manufacturer of the device or from our drivers catalog.
  • Use the Windows Update Service.

All these and some other non.standard methods are described in our separate article “How to install drivers on a printer”.

Default installation in Windows 10

The simplest option is the context menu of the printer.

First we go to the “Devices and Printers” section.

Click the Winr key combination and in the “Expand” window Enter the “Control Printers” command. The method works on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

In the window that opens, we find the desired printer, click on it with the right mouse button and put “use by default”.

How to change default printing preferences in Windows 10

A check with a green background should appear on the image of the device.

It will not work to remove the checkmark in the same way. The only way is to appoint another apparatus the main.

You can go to the section through the control panel. In the 10th version of Windows in the search, which is next to the “launch”, start entering the “panel” and run it.

Depending on the sorting, go to the desired point:

The second method is through the “Parameters” menu in Windows 10. Located in “start” and indicated by the gear icon.

In the parameters window, cross the points “Devices”, “Printering and scanners”. On the right, select the desired apparatus, click on it and go to “management”, where there will be a similar function.

The third way is the command line.

  • Winr. “Perform”. “CMD” (or through the search).
  • To view the names of all devices, we copy and insert into the line “WMIC Printer get name, Default”.
  • Opposite the current printer, which is given the main one, the inscription “True” will be. From here we rewrite the name of the desired device for further adjustment.
  • We perform the following command “WMIC Printer What Name Call SetdefaultPrinter”. Replaced with red in the name of new technology and press “Enter”.
  • You can check the result of the work by prescribing the team from the second paragraph. When successful, you will see the word “true” opposite the desired name.

Settings in Windows 7, 8

  • If the menu on the click of PKM does not open, click twice on the printer. The window of viewing the Printing Queen will open. In the “Printer” menu you can put the flag.
  • The instruction may not work if during the action the device is disconnected from the computer.
  • You can put the default flag during the installation of the driver from the CD or downloaded from the official website of the developer.
  • If a lot of unused and unnecessary devices is displayed in the operating room, they can be removed.

Set the default printer in parameters

Open the Start menu, go to “Settings”.

Go to the “Devices”, select “Printers and Scanners” on the left side, Remove the “Allow Windows Drive the default printer” on the right side ”. “Click on the printer you want to choose by default and select” Management “in the emerging menu”.

The selected printer is set by default, close the settings window.

The destination of the default printer in Windows 10

Sometimes users at home have several printing devices. So, when preparing a document for printing, you need to indicate an active printer. However, if in most cases the whole process passes through the same equipment, it is better to install it by default and free yourself from unnecessary steps.

If you turn on this function, Windows by default will use the last printer used in the current network. That is, even if you constantly use the printer, you send a one.time imprint to another printer. it is immediately set by default, and to return to the previous one you need to choose it from the list the next printing.

Open the Start menu, go to “Settings“.

Go to the “Devices”, select “Printers and Scanners” on the left side, install the “Allow Windows to Manage the Printing Default” checkbox on the right side ”.

How to install a default printer on the command line

You can also install the default printer using the command line.

To perform further actions, you need to disable the parameter “Allow Windows to control the printer used by default”. This can be done in the integration of the parameters application or open the command line on behalf of the administrator, follow the following command:

Reg Add “Hkcu \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows NT \\ Currentversion \\ Windows” /V LegacydefaultPrintermode /T Reg_DWORD /D 1 /D 1 /D 1 /D 1 /D 1 /D

Now we display the list of printers and find out which printer is set by default, for this, follow the following command on the command line:

The default printer at the moment will have the value of True, which is displayed in the Default column to the left of the printer.

To set the printer by default, perform the command of the following type:

WMIC Printer Where Name = “Name of the_printer” Call SetdefaultPrinter

Replace the name_printer in the actual name of the printer shown above with the team that you want to install as a default printer.

In this example, the team is as follows:

WMIC Printer Where Name = “Canon MP280 Series Printer” Call SetdefaultPrinter

Using the above actions, you can set the default printer in the Windows 10 operating system.

How to install?

Most computers work on the Windows operating system, so the instructions are given specifically for such a technique. So, in order to make a default printer, you need to perform a number of certain actions.

  • Press the “Start” button, go to the “Settings” menu and select the tab called the “control panel” there. Even for the novice PC user there is nothing complicated in these actions.

After the actions done, the seal from this computer will be displayed exclusively on the selected printer.

If Windows 7 is installed on the computer, then you will also need to do these actions. The only difference is that here the names of the tabs can be different. So, in the section “Equipment and sound” you need to find a tab called “View devices and printers”.

There you need to select the “Printer” tab and install the corresponding box “Use by default” on it.

In the relatively new Windows 10 OS, you can also appoint the printer the main.

  • In the “Parameters” section there is a tab “Printers and scanners”. There you need to select the desired printer model, and then click “Management”.
  • In the window that opens, you need to choose “use by default“.

Also nothing complicated. In order to put the printer, it will take only 2-3 minutes.

How to change?

If the default printer is already installed on the personal computer, it can also be changed if necessary. To do this, you need to go to the control menu in the above ways, remove the “use by default” from the selected printer and install it on the desired device.

Set the Default Print Driver in Windows 10, 11 | HP Printers | HP

Change one printing device for another will not be difficult. The whole procedure will take no more than 5 minutes even with a beginner. It should be remembered that for one computer only one printer can make the main one.

Changing the printing device is most often required when devices with black and white and color printing are connected to the computer. If the change of printers is required constantly, then it is better to choose a printer each time than to install 2 devices by default several times a day.

Using the control panel

The next method is work through the block control panel. You can configure the necessary characteristics as follows:

  • In the Printers subsection, press the right mouse key according to the name of the peripheral device to cause the context menu of the object;
  • From the presented list, select the “use by default” mode setting.

If the “Allow Windows Printing Printer” value is activated, then a separate window will appear on the monitor of a personal computer, in which you need to confirm the installation of the device. If the restriction is not removed, the confirmation panel will not appear on the screen.

Command line

Command Line is a tool built into the operating system, with which the user can independently change the values ​​of various blocks and characteristics of PC. For example, manage through special commands the work of peripheral devices. The stages of user actions:

  • Disconnect the prohibition of printer control. remove the flag opposite the line “Allow Windows to control the printer installed by default”;
  • Run the command line (find the “Start” button through the search or menu line). Attention! It is important to launch the Command Line window on behalf of and with the rights of the administrator, otherwise the changes made will not be saved. In addition, you need to carefully enter commands. incorrect data input can provoke an operating room;
  • Install the cursor in the window and enter the “Reg add” hkcu \\ software \\ microsoft \\ Windows NT \\ Currentversion \\ Windows ” /V LegacydefaultPrinTermode /T REDWORD /D 1 /F, confirm the keyboards of“ Enter ”;
  • A list of available devices will be displayed on the monitor, as well as information about which printer is installed by default at the current moment (“True” will be written to the right of the equipment);

Then the command is confirmed in a standard way. and the printer is set in the right mode.

Shutdown of the automatic shift of the main printer

Windows 10 has a system function responsible for automatic switching the printer used by default. According to the instrument algorithm, the device that was involved in the last. Sometimes this interferes with normal work with printed equipment, so we decided to demonstrate how to disconnect this function on our own:

On this, our article is approaching a logical conclusion. As you can see, the default printer in Windows 10 can even an inexperienced user one of the three options to choose from. We hope our instructions were useful and you did not have problems with the performance of the task.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Installation of drivers

The next stage, which cannot be dispensed with, is the installation of drivers. With their help, not only the seal is implemented, but the printer parameters are also performed in the future. On our site there are materials devoted to the installation of drivers for different models of printers from HP, and you can use the search by introducing the name of the model into the line. If the instructions could not be found, pay attention to the general management.

Default printer appointment

One of the stages of configuration is the appointment of the printer as a default device, which will immediately print documents, and when choosing a specific model, if several of them are connected at the same time, it will always be displayed at the top.

If necessary, return to the same menu and assign another device with the main printer. in this regard there are no restrictions and tuning is available at any time.

How to install a default printer in Windows 10

Everything that you print is printed on the printer of your system by default. If many printers are installed on your device, you can choose the one you need, every time you print, and you can also choose the one on which everything will be printed by default. In today’s article, we will consider how to install a default printer in Windows 10.

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Status: “Printer is disconnected”. How to enable (“Windows 7”, device parameters)?

But most often problems are related to software failures or irregular settings. To begin with, understanding the question of how to change the status of the printer “disconnected” (how to turn on the device), it is necessary to study its status and set the parameters.

In the standard “control panel” you need to go to the section of printers and faxes, where you must first find the desired printer and make sure that the printing device is installed by default.

Then, in the window of the device, you need to use the Printer menu and cancel the selection of lines to suspend print (deferred printing) and the use of an autonomous mode, if any. Theoretically, the status will change to “ready”. Sometimes it helps to clean the print line.