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→ “Settings”. Go to the “Protection” section. In the field of “Login”, click “Saved Logins”. Highlight the desired username and click “Delete”.

In the list of auto-filling of the web form, opposite the paragraph “Names and Passwords of Users”, you need to click the “Edit” button. In the window that opens with a list of logins, it is possible to remove both individual logins with passwords (“Delete” button), and all at once (“Delete everything” button).

How to remove login from auto.filling?

Open the “Settings” menu, select “Show additional settings” and find the “Password and Forms” section there. Opposite the line “Save passwords using Google Smart Lock” click on the “Reference” button. Select the resources from the list that appears on which you want to remove the auto.filling function.

In the browser settings window, you need to go to the “Protection” tab and click the “Saved” button in the password section. The window with the list of logins and the corresponding to them will open. Select the desired username and click the “Delete” button.

Change of password c

Consider the option when the old password from your mailbox is not forgotten. We go to the main page. enter the following address in the address bar of your browser: After that, find the fields for authorization on the main page of the resource, enter your username, and in the line your password, which you want to change. Press the mouse on the “Enter” button. Everyone is familiar with the above actions, but there are people who are poorly versed in the computer, and therefore spoke about such primitive actions.

After we went into the mailbox, find and click on the “” tab in the left corner.

In the submenu opened, find and click on: “Settings”.

In the opening page on the left, click “Password and Security”.

If everything was done correctly, a window will appear to change the password to the mailbox. At the top of the page, click the “Change password” button.

In this window in the “current password” field, enter your password. In the field “New Password” and “Repeat of the new password” enter a new password.

In “Indicate the code”, which is located just below, you need to enter the code from the picture. If the code is not displayed, click on the link “I do not see the code”.

And the latter, having produced all these simple manipulations, click on the “Change” button. After which your old password should be replaced by a new.

How to change your password in Mile if you forgot it? This topic also applies to this article, and therefore I decided to touch on this issue. I already wrote about this on the blog: “How to restore the password from the mail”.

How to restore a forgotten password in

If you forgot your password from Mile, then you need to do a little.another. First follow the link “Forgot the password?””.

Then, in the new window that opens, enter your mail, to which you need to restore the password.

In the appropriate field, enter the answer to the secret question that you should have come up with when registering.

If in the post settings you indicated your additional mailing address, you will also be available to the field, option 2. in my case.

How not to save a password in the mail

When creating your electronic box, you can greatly simplify the entrance to the mail if you use the password saving function. In this case, you will not need to enter a password and login every time when checking mail. But if other people work on the computer, it is better not to save the password.

All postal services for the convenience of customers provide the ability to save password and login used to enter an electronic box. Of course, this function is very convenient if one person uses the computer. But if several users have access to it, it is best to protect your data and disable the password saving service.

To do this, you need to go to your electronic box from the main page of the mail service. Yandex, Mile.RU “,” RAMBLER “, and T.D. Then, in the postal window, where accounting is indicated for entering the e-mail, leave an empty rectangle next to the inscription “Save password”. However, you can make changes to this section at any time. To do this, it will be enough to visit the “Settings” menu of your e-mail and go to the “Safety” section.

In “”, you can change the access settings by pressing the “more” button on the top panel of the mail, and find the “Settings” item in the drop.down window, from which it will be necessary to go to the “Safety” section. Once on the page of changes in security parameters, put a ban on preserving the e-mail login. Enter the current password and save changes.

Yandex also has the opportunity to save a password, which is also quite easy to turn off. To do this, just go to access settings on the Yandex page. The passport”. Put a mark in the second paragraph. opposite the line “Never recognize me”. and enter the current password from the mail. Click “save” to make changes. After this step to enter e.mail, you will have to enter your data each time. login and password.

Similar functions of saving passwords support all postal services. Please note that the browser also has a function of saving passwords and other data. Put a ban for this option and from time to time clean the browser memory. Especially if your data appeared in the field for authorization.

How to remove your username and password out of the computer‘s memory?

Google Chrome is looking for the “Password and Forms” section, just below “Password Management” in the early versions of the browser or “Configure” next to “Offer to save passwords for sites” in new versions. A window with a list of sites and logins will open. Choose the desired site and click on the cross next to it, after which the login will be removed.

Having got into the settings, find the “passwords and shapes” subsections and remove the checkboxes from the point “Turn on the auto replenishment of the forms with one click” and “offer to save passwords for sites”. Now the browser will not offer you to remember passwords.

How to delete a name in the mail

The login of the mailbox and password is the necessary information for entering the mail. If you work at a computer that many people use, then, of course, it is better to delete your entered data from PC memory. How can you delete the name in the mail? Consider the procedure for certain actions to remove logins based on different browsers.

In Opera, click “Tools”, then the item “Delete personal data”. A window will appear in front of you, in which you need to click on the arrow next to the “detailed settings” button. Next, click the “Password Management” link. In the window that appears, you will find a list of websites and accounts for them. You need to press the left mouse button on the required mail resource. A certain list of names that you apply to successfully log in on this resource will open. You have to choose and erase the corresponding login of the mail. Click the button with the name “Delete“, which is located in the upper right corner of the window.

In the Internet Explorer browser, open that mail service, the name for the entrance to which you will delete. Go to the authorization page. You need to click twice with the left button in the proposed field for entering the name of the box. A window will appear in which a list of all accounts that you use to authorize on the server will be presented. Select the desired username, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

In Mozilla Firefox, click the menu “Tools” = “Settings”. Select the “Protection” item and find the “password” link, then click on the button as “saved passwords”. You will see a list of web resources and logins that are used for authorization. Find the desired service from the specified list and select the required name, click the “Delete” button. If you want to remove all the logins at once, then just click the item “Delete everything”.

In Google Chrome, find the pattern of the wrench, it is located in the right upper part of this browser. If you bring a mouse on it, then the “Settings and Management of Google Chrome” will appear. You must click on this button and in the new menu select the “Parameters” button. In the tab as “Personal Materials” you will find a field with the name “passwords” and click on the “Management of saved passwords” tab. And in the window that appears in the “Saved passwords” list you can find a list of websites, login and password phrases to them. Now delete the mail login by simply clicking on the cross located on the right side of the line.

Removing the password from the “incoming” folder on. If you forgot.

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There is such a function on the service in the mail. Protect the folder with a password. That is, access to any folder in the mail can be protected by entering an additional password, which greatly complicates the task of the attacker to read someone else’s correspondence. But sometimes the password is forgotten or lost and then even the true owner of the account cannot get into his own mail. How to get around this protection, how to get into a constricted folder, how to remove such a password? This is done as follows:

Next, we see the next picture and click on the “Create a new folder” button

We create a folder and call, for example, “incoming 2”

Next, set up the filter. Click “Filters”

Open the “Filters” tab and click “Add the filter” then in the “Size” field, set a value of 20,000 (a limit set to letters of no more than 20MB), put a checkplace “Move a copy of the message to the folder” and indicate our “Including 2” folder 2 ”

Next, enter the current password, click OK and this page opens. Put a checkbox and click OK near the field “apply incoming to the folder.

And all the letters from the “incoming” folder have moved to our created folder “Including 2”

Next, we do everything in accordance with the instructions, we need any 5-10 letters. We write a letter from the administration with a request to restore the password for the “incoming” folder. Indicate the necessary information, senders, address, topic of writing, time, etc.D. After that, move all the letters to the incoming, and delete the filter. If everything is done correctly, then you will receive a password for the “incoming” folder from support

Note: Check Box (from English. Check Box. flag, switch). an element of a graphic user intese, which allows the user to make the possibility of multiple choice. The BOVE-Box is a square of small sizes, which has two states-☑ inclusive and ☐ turned off. In the included state, a mark is displayed inside the checkbox (a check box ✓ or less often a cross). The BOVE-BOX Changes its condition when you press it with a mouse.

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“Absolutely in a hole” not only than more manipulations with a box you can. The more traces you leave 🙂 Yes, and for one sane person for solid and vital mail, the link to not choose. For this is the same as hanging it on the wall in social networks.

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The link to Next did not miss these?I will not write about private, developing yet.

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View on PC

Having at hand a web browser in which the mail was entered, we can see the password, even if it is forgotten. To do this, you can use a list of saved passwords, which is created in any modern browser, or to extract data for entering from the default data line input.

Saved passwords

Consider viewing through the list of saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox, for this:

Note: you can click the “Copy” button, even when the password is encrypted. It is still correctly copied and when transferring to text fields will be in the same form as if you wanted to display it in the settings.

So you can see the password if you have saved it in the browser’s memory and safely forgot. Keep in mind that the security policy of leading IT companies does not provide automatic preservation of such information. Therefore, if you have not used the mentioned function, then the password from the mail will not be on the list of your browser, but even in this case there is a chance to find out the treasured set of characters.

Information on viewing the password through other popular browsers can be found by clicking one of the links below.


If you, figuratively expressing yourself, have just left your mail account, but the login and password were saved by cookies or site scripts, then not everything is lost and the ability to see the password is still there. To do this, use the advanced browser tools, this way:

This is a universal method for viewing the entered passwords on any sites and in any browser. In some web browsers, the password is written directly in the lines of expanded tools, removing the need to convert the password format to the text.

delete, password, computer, change, mail

View on a smartphone

Password, if it is saved in the phone’s memory, you can look at the smartphone. To do this, open the right browser, we will take as an example Google Chrome, and perform the following actions:

    Tap three vertical points in the upper right corner.

delete, password, computer, change, mail

After confirmation, your password will be displayed in the form of text. Unfortunately, Google Chrome did not allow us to capture the final result of manipulations, but it is approximately the same as in the case of operation on PC.

Similarly, passwords are viewed in products from Apple, which is distinguished in a special article.

Finally, I want to remind you: to remove the password from the computer only if there is confidence that the attackers will not penetrate your system and do not cause any harm. If you removed the password, but then decided to return it, with the corresponding article on our website.

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Yandex.The browser is no less often used, so it is important to mention its. Here you can control passwords more flexible than in competitive Google chrome. Thus, it is allowed to simply edit it if it was introduced incorrectly or changed, in addition, you can only erase the password and save the login, which adds privacy when using one browser by several people, but still removes the need for a constant input of a long login. Naturally, you can remove all the passwords at once or mark the unnecessary checks and quickly clean only them. We also dismantled all this in another material.

In Opera, the process of removing one or more passwords is no different from how it is done in Google Chrome. Other here is only a couple of buttons and the location of the menu elements, but still we will talk about available options expanded.

Password deletion on the site

In a situation where you left the site account and plan to delete the saved password, you can do this without going into settings. In the presence of automatically filled forms of the login and password, you just need to find the icon in the form of a key on the left side of the address line and click on it.

In the window that appears, click on the button in the form of a basket.

Removing passwords selectively

To erase one or more keys in this way, you will need to go to the corresponding section.

We immediately want to remind you of the possibility of turning off the authorship to sites by switching the status of the “automatic entrance” parameter. For some users, this will be a convenient alternative to removing password.

Removing all passwords

Unfortunately, the previous option cannot be removed all passwords instantly. The performance of routine actions with each stored line may not arrange those who want to completely clear their web browser. In this regard, it is better to use another settings item.

While in additional settings, find the block “Privacy and safety”. Here you are interested in the item “Clean the history of visits”, click on it.

In the window that appears, switch to the “Additionally” tab, set the temporary range (usually “all the time”), put a checkplace opposite the “passwords and other data for the entrance” (T.e. Logins). Do not forget to remove the checkmarks from those points that you do not plan to remove! This applies to the current tab and the “Basic” tab. When everything is ready, click “Delete data”. Upon completion, the window will close automatically.

Mozilla Firefox

The settings and the principle of using the Mozilla Firefox browser are not like all previous options, however, to complete the task is no more difficult.

Immediately, you should pay attention to the fact that there are no options for removing the password here: a separate section of the menu is responsible for them, and even when the history is completely cleaned, they will not be deleted. This should be taken into account by those who are used to cleaning the web browser, including passwords, on the Chromium engine and its forks.

delete, password, computer, change, mail

This is the only currently available method for cleaning the web brown-breaster from passwords. To advise completely strange ways such as deleting a file stored on a hard drive and responsible for passwords, we have not become, especially in Firefox, this file is parallel for storage and other information.

In addition to everything, instead of radical removal or in combination with it, you can resort to other options: turning off the preservation of passwords in the future and creating a “master-paralle”, which protects the rest of the users to freely view your passwords. These parameters change in the “settings”, in the “Privacy and Protection” section.

Mac Mail. Change Account Password

From this leadership you learned how to remove passwords from popular browsers. Now it remains to use the option convenient for your case.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

How to remove Outlook saved Email Password from System Registry

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