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Listening to your favorite music on your smartphone is convenient and easy. You can do it on the road, on the street, doing household chores.

We offer you a useful selection of applications for Android, which will interest every music lover. Mobile music download apps will make downloading files much easier. There are also quite a few apps that don’t require you to download music to your device and stream music online, we’ll take a look at them as well.

You need a good audio player to play your tracks. You can find an overview of the top players here. They all support major Android music formats, as well as lossless, including FLAC.

If you don’t like listening to music online, download your favorite songs to your cell phone in MP3 format and listen to them offline thanks to this selection of music download apps for Android

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Download games and apps

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Downloading games or apps from our standard app store is easy. However, you need to know what preliminary step you need to go through in order to be able to search and download games and install them on your touch device easily in the future.

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So, this step is registration. In order to register, you should visit the “Settings” section, where you should open the “Accounts and Synchronization” item. There you can see the button “Add”, by pressing it you start the registration process and, after passing all the steps required to give you full access to the largest information system of the world, you will be notified by the system about the completion of the process. The whole world of Google is now open to you! Sign in with your own username/password. But above all, make sure you don’t share your data with anyone.

Store apps for tablets, smartphones

If you already had an account before. do not create a new one (for the tablet)! Log in using your old username/password. This is a peculiarity of Google Accounts, because you only have one (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).).

Note that in the case of 3G (third-generation network), you will incur additional costs for traffic! Use (if possible) Wi-Fi if you’re at home, or at a cafe where it’s free.

This protocol differs from its counterpart if your downloaded game or app has a large volume. Costs for 3G can be very high, and many users have a Wi-Fi at home, router has now become a common thing for many, and through him you can download your game or program. for free (wired home Internet, as a rule, and already paid, as “unlimited”).

So, check if the Internet on your tablet is activated. To do so, pay attention to the white semicircles in the lower right corner of the screen. They indicate the availability of the network at that time.

Going to the online store

After the first step (registration), you should move on to the next stage. search and download games or applications. The standard method of searching and downloading will be described below. It is suitable for any games/software located on Google Play.

So, go to a special program pre-installed on all Android tablets, it is called “Google Play”. You can find it either on one of your desktops or in the list of applications. As for this list, it opens by clicking on the “squares” (a special icon that you can see on your desktop), and displays the available games/software of your handheld device.

When you find the program. run it with a single click. In the search box, type what you would like to download. The search, it should be noted, goes pretty quickly, it is similar to Google search, and takes about 1-3 seconds. When you see your application/game, its description, screenshot, “Download” button. click on “Download”, and you confirm that you agree with the terms of a game or program, the download will start. You will be notified about the completion of this process. The installation will go automatically, after which your application will appear in the list of applications, which has already been mentioned above.

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The nuances of the download process

How long the download process takes? Many people are interested in this question. It depends on factors such as:

  • What kind of internet you use (different speed, quality, etc.)?)
  • The size of the downloaded application (the file can be big or small, including games and some software)
  • The signal strength with your ISP can also be different
  • Availability of cache (applies to games only)
  • An expensive or cheap device you use (tablets can be Chinese, and sometimes. and more expensive, may vary download speed).

What unforeseen problems may arise during the described process? As a rule, it freezes in the middle, or a strong slowdown. What to do in this case? You need to reboot! Sometimes it happens that a particular application you have open in the background slows down the system and the system needs to be rebooted. There are other reasons that can not be described with simple words. but the way out is similar. restarting!

Launch the app

If you successfully completed the download and installation process. start searching for your application. Find it in the list of applications, and, if desired (and necessary), copy the shortcut to the desktop. To do this, click on the program button and do not release. Desktop thumbnails will open, where you can drag.

How to download using alternative methods

The store described above, although it is the most common method of downloading today, nevertheless this method is not the only one possible. You can search and download your Android applications at alternative stores and. Not bad resources, where you can find Android programs. Android-corp.Go to

These sites, in particular, provide APK files, downloading which you can install on your portable device, and the application will also install and also appear in the “list”, which has already been mentioned before.

Download Android OS for your touch screen device

If you want to download Android for your device, follow this link:

and download by clicking on the “Download” button. On this site you can download the version of the OS Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. You can also download Android from here:

including a large archive of Android versions for download, for many types of touch devices. If you have a Samsung tablet, download the program Samsung Kies, which allows you to install firmware updates.

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VSO Downloader Ultimate

A small utility that allows you to download videos from online resources. Available transfer files of very high quality, separation of the sound track, as well as conversion of downloaded data into any format.

The program automatically finds links to videos and then offers to download them directly from your browser. Works with all popular browsers: Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera and others.

  • Advanced page scanning system in your browser
  • Option to download whole playlists at once
  • Available through VPN


Free software to download or watch movies and TV series. Detailed directory includes thousands of files, including new movies. A torrent client that supports multiple trackers.

In addition to movies, music from social network and computer games are also available. It’s worth noting the easy viewing of movies online, which sometimes allows you not to download files to your computer.

  • Advanced file directory
  • TV or radio broadcasting
  • Built-in player for viewing
  • High quality video
  • Transmission is possible even from blocked resources
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General information

To date, the vast expanse of the World Wide Web is filled with a variety of video content. Many of us watch our favorite movies and TV shows daily on certain online resources. However, online viewing has some disadvantages, such as: poor image quality, constant freezes and lags, failure to connect to the network and so on. Modern tools allowing you to download video to your hard drive help you.

Want to quickly and easily download videos or music from a social network or any site? SaveFrom.Net can help to quickly and comfortably meet this need. Application can be easily integrated into web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. It’s enough to find videos in the search box, point the mouse cursor on the clip or track you are interested in and press the “save” button. The free YouTube Video Downloader also works according to a similar scheme. Both tools, like most of the presented in our review software, can download videos from YouTube Vimeo, Rutube, Google and Yahoo Video, Veoh, MySpace, DailyMotion and many other popular services. For many, the browser extension is the best option, providing a convenient and easy system for downloading videos and music.

It is worth noting that the YouTube Video Downloader allows you to convert videos into the format you want for mobile devices. There is a useful option to extract the audio track from the movie. Has its own player to play content. You will be able to choose the quality of the video, and it is important for the demanding user, because watching in FullHD and 4K will bring much more pleasure, than a normal resolution. For example, Ummy Video Downloader and SaveFrom.Net allow you to adjust this parameter, but only up to 1080p. For those who can’t get enough of FullHD streaming, you should consider the latest versions of VDownloader and VSO Downloader Ultimate. In both utilities, you can adjust the resolution to 2048 x 1080 and even 4096 x 2160 (Ultra HD).

TubeX: Fast YouTube Downloader for Android

Pretty interesting program to download videos from YouTube for Android phones and tablets. With this program opens the mobile version of YouTube, you find the video you need and click the arrow to download, it’s also possible to select the quality of video

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