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Telegram is a sensational messenger from Pavel Durov, creator Is the fastest messenger in the market, thanks to which you can exchange messages and files of many formats. The main feature of Telegram is its safety, as the proprietary server part with a closed code is used, which operates at the capacities of foreign companies. Be sure, your data will be intact and safety.

Telegram is the fastest messenger in the market, which unites more than 400 million people around the world through a special distributed network of data processing centers.

Safe and reliable

The application provides maximum safety with your data, but at the same time remains convenient to use. All information is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetrical encryption AES, 2048-bit encryption of RSA and safe exchange of Diffe Hellman. The company takes care of its reputation, respects user confidentiality, therefore it does not provide access to your data to third parties.

Chats can have up to 200,000 participants, you can transfer files of any size and type, create channels, secret private chats and even make bots to automate business processes or simple entertainment! The application is simply perfect for organizing any social activity and coordination of work.

Privacy and safety

Developers position telegram as specializing in the safety of messenger. Indeed, the configurations related to this application are much richer than in other messages to exchange messages. For example, you can configure an auto.reinstalling account if it was not used more than a specific period. from 1 month to a year. An interesting function is to protect the application with a digital password. Now, if you turned the application or left it, at the next opening, it will demand to enter the previously established password. Pay attention. there is no way to restore the forgotten code, so in this case you will have to reinstall the application with the loss of all data.

At the same time, there is an opportunity to view where your Telegram account was still used-for example, through a web client or device on iOS. Hence the opportunity to remotely complete a particular session is available.

Notification settings

Telegram favorably differs from competitors with the possibility of deep setting up the notifications system. The ability to separately configure notifications of messages from users and group chats, the color of LED indication, the melody of sound alerts, the ringtone of the vocal call and much more. Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of prohibiting the unloading of telegrams from the memory for the correct operation of the application push service-this option will be useful to users of devices with a small amount of RAM.

An interesting feature of Telegram is the preliminary processing of the photo that you are going to convey to the interlocutor. The basic functionality of the photo editor is available: text insert, drawing and simple masks. It will come in handy when you send a screenshot or other image, part of the data on which you want to hide or vice versa, select.

Telegram for Android

Telegram is a free android messenger that allows users to exchange instant messages. Telegram takes a high position among similar programs, such as: Vaiber,. WotSAP. The main advantage is a huge set of various stickers for all cases.

The telegram service serves to transmit simple text messages and files (it is important that the size of the transmitted file does not exceed 1GB). Abroad, Telegram won a wide audience of users, so far it is not so famous, but judging by the number of downloads it was not for long. Telegram was originally created for the experiment, Nikolai. brother Pavel Durov.

Today, this messenger on Android has gained very popularity. so you can safely say that the experiment was a success. Telegram is a technologically advanced application where one of the strengths is the confidentiality of personal correspondence. The messenger is synchronized between your devices, so you will not lose correspondence and you can continue communication on another gadget.

Features of Telegram for Android:

Initially, telegram was focused on the Western market, but after scandalous departure from the VK Durov team. the interest has significantly increased in the service in TEELEGRAM today is an advanced messenger for free communication, which can be installed on the phone, computer and tablet. Due to the presence of a large number of servers, the latest version of the application works quickly and efficiently, thereby guaranteeing users the lack of delays when publishing posts in the channels.


Telegram. The cross.platform application that will allow you to communicate with friends, relatives and colleagues, not afraid that your messages will read the third parties.

Telegram will allow you to communicate with friends for free. Change text messages, attach photos, videos, documents and other files in formats to them.doc.Zip.PDF, as well as many others.

Communicate with friends one on one or enter into group chats. Each of these chats, which are called “groups” here, may include up to 200 users, the number of which can be increased to 1000, by improving the conversation to the “supergroup”.

Telegram program has an unusually high speed and messaging. The maximum speed of delivery of messages is achieved due to the presence of an extensive network of data centers around the world and automatic connection of users to the nearest center.

One of the main features of the telegram is reliable protection of user data. The application uses time.tested encryption algorithms that protect the correspondence from access to third parties.

Use Telegram on all your mobile devices and computers. over, thanks to the synchronization of data through the cloud servers of the program, you can get safe access to your data and the history of correspondence from any of your devices.

For users in need of the maximum level of security, Telegram provides a function of secret chats. In addition to encryption, such chats have the function of self.destruction of sent messages from all devices participating in the correspondence. At the same time, not only the text disappears, but also any sent materials: both photos or videos and documents.

Download the safe Telegram messenger for your Android and exchange instant messages with friends for free without fear of interception of your personal data.

Download the Telegram program

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Application. Telegram is free application. Telegram v.9.0.2 Android APK

In order to download telegrams, go to the version of the version of the version on the page and click on the “Download” link. After that you will be redirected to the download page to yourself APK file.

What is the current version of the application ?

Where and how can you download Telegram on PC ?

Not all versions of the application are available for downloading to a computer. You can check on the application download page. If available, you will see the inscription “Download the application on PC” and the download button under it.

Screenshots telegram v. 9.0.2 Under Android

Features of the application description of the characteristics of the telegram application

Telegram is a cross.platform application for instant messaging. Currently, messengers have supplanted traditional means of communication, as mobile technologies have stepped far ahead. Telegram developers set themselves the goal of releasing a simple and at the same time multifunctional utility, which could even figure out an inexperienced user. Now you can create an account on your smartphone and use telegrams on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even computers.

To register in the program, you do not need to come up with a password and enter an email address, as is often the case in other instant messengers. All that is required of you is to wait for an SMS arrival with a secret code, after which you can immediately start using this free and convenient service.

  • Laconic, beautiful and very convenient intenses.
  • The ability to create large chats and groups.
  • Instant delivery of messages and files of various formats.
  • All data is stored in the cloud.
  • You can enter the program at once from several devices.
  • Maximum security level.
  • The ability to use telegrams in Russian.
  • Cross platform.

The main sponsor of the project is Pavel Durov. the creator of the well.known social network Together with his team, he managed to develop a multifunctional and fast messenger, which will not be difficult to understand even an unprepared user.

Despite the fact that telegram on Android has established itself as a quick and not demanding program for the iron, for its correct operation, your device should meet the following characteristics:

  • Android 4 firmware.1 and above. Information about the current version of your operating system is located in the “Settings” section (usually the icon is depicted in the form of a gear), in the “phone information” subsection.
  • 25 MB of free space on a smartphone. This is the minimum memory necessary for installing a messenger on your gadget. This information can be viewed in the section “Settings”. “Storage”. If the space is not enough, then you can manually delete several files or use special programs for cleaning free space.

When fulfilling all the requirements, you can install the program and be sure that telegram in Russian will work quickly and without glitches.

To register in the messenger, it is not necessary to have special knowledge, the whole process will take only a few minutes:

Download Telegram on Android 9.0.2

One of the most popular applications for instant messages between network users. You can download Telegram on Android to get the simplest, but effective application. Change messages with other users, use simple navigation by tabs, get quick access to all categories and feel the safety provided by the application. than a hundred millions of people around the world use this method for communication and are satisfied with the quality and speed of work. This is really one of the fastest applications that allows you to exchange information. You will never lose your text with telegrams, which you could not fully type, because it will be saved and you can calmly continue to write from the computer. If you download Telegram on Android, you can get a service in which there are no restrictions in the amount of information transmitted. So users will be able to exchange any size files between each other. over, the information that will be stored in your message history will not take any space on the device and this is very convenient for storing important documents. Thanks to synchronization, you will never lose the history and information of your account. Telegram users feel greater safety and protection of personal data and transmitted messages.

Download telegrams for free on Android

Telegram (Telegram)- a free application for secure and reliable exchange of instant messages, audio and video calls, photos and other multimedia content.

Only through Google Play, the Telegram application installed more than 500 million users, and more than 400 million active of them. The messenger can rightly be called one of the fastest, simple and safe android gadgets.

You can use a telegram on all your devices, thanks to data synchronization. Install the program on Windows and Mac OS, as well as on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

Telegram can be downloaded to a computer in the form of an exe file, as well as use it online via web without installation on Desktop.

  • the messenger is developed and operates on its own unique engine;
  • simple and laconic user integer;
  • 256-bit encryption AES and 2048-bit RSA;
  • free internal audio calls around the world;
  • posting after sending (there will be a note about this);
  • video exchange, photo, audio, documents and other content;
  • Hundreds of different stickers, mugs, animated applications and emoticons;
  • synchronization of desktop and mobile devices;
  • preservation of all transmitted data in the cloud of Telegram;
  • creation and search for channels on any topic;
  • communication via Web (online) without installation on the system;
  • Using a login instead of a phone number and much more.

Thanks to the smart function of synchronization, you can start printing a message on a laptop or computer, and finish and send it from the phone. There is no need to pump out and save photos or videos, all data are securely stored on the developer servers.

A distinctive feature of Messenger telegrams is to encrypt the entire correspondence and operation of the application as a whole. In addition to the 256-bit AES and 2048-bit RSA encryption, software protects user data with the exchange of security keys according to the Diffe-Hellman algorithm.

Therefore, if you need reliable and safe communication, it is recommended to download telegrams on the phone for free and install as the main software for easy communication with friends and relatives.

  • Creation of group chats up to 200 thousand participants who can exchange any data: photo, video, documents, emoticons, etc.D.
  • Bot tuning to perform any tasks. Especially useful in large chats and channels.
  • The work of the messenger on the weakest phones, smartphones and tablets due to the minimum code volume and data compression when transmitting.
  • Telegrams have a built-in photo and video editor, as well as a platform for creating their own unique stickers / GIF celebrations.
  • Private communication and maximum confidentiality of personal data. The developer has never provided and will not transmit information to third parties.
  • Secret chats with auto programming for removing messages from all users through a certain time interval.

The mobile program for communicating Telegram can be called revolutionary in their field, because many, for example, the WhatsApp application, still have not introduced the correction of the message after sending.

Download the Telegram application on Android phone for free in Russian and get the opportunity to communicate with other users around the world 100% free and without advertising!

Telegram installation on Android

Almost any application on Android devices can be installed in several ways. official and, so to speak, bypass. We will talk more about each of them further.

Play Market on the device

Most smartphones and tablets working under the control of the Android operating system initially contain Play Market in their arsenal. This is an official store from Google, through which the search, download, installation and regular update of applications is carried out. Installing Telegram from Google Play on such devices is quite simple, the main thing is to adhere to the next algorithm:

Play Market on a computer

You can access the Play Market not only from a smartphone or tablet on Android, but also from any computer, using the Browser and web version of the Google service. Directly through it, you can also install the application to the device, even if now you do not have it on hand or access to the Internet is temporarily disconnected.

Note: Before starting the implementation of the method described below, you must log in to the web browser in the same Google account, which is used on the mobile device as the main.

Note: If several mobile devices with Android are tied to your Google account, click on the link “The application is compatible with” and select the one that needs to be installed on the messenger.

At the same time, the application of the application installation will be displayed in the smartphone curtain, and upon its completion, a corresponding notice will appear.

The label for starting the messenger will appear on the main screen and mainly menu.

Note: if on the device on which Telegram is installed, the Internet is disconnected now, the procedure will begin only after its connection to the network.

APK file

At the beginning of the first method, we said that Play Market is preinstalled by most Android devices, but on some it is still absent. This is possible, at least, in two cases. a custom OS is installed on the smartphone without Google services or it is focused on sale in China, where these services are simply not used. On devices of the first type of Play, the market can be installed, on the latter. no, first they will need to be called, which is not always possible. We will not consider the option with intervention in the system software here, since a separate section on our website is devoted to this.

You can install Telegram on devices without Google Play Market using APK. installation file of the application. Find it yourself using the search in the browser, or just follow the link we have provided.

Note: The actions described below are performed from a smartphone. If you wish, you can download the APK file first to the computer, and then move it to the memory of the mobile device using our instructions.

Note: To find out which file is suitable for your device, read its technical characteristics on the manufacturer’s website or use the “Handy FAQ” link located in the description of the table with available versions.

Pressing by the “Settings” inscription will redirect you to the corresponding section of the operating system. Transfer the switch in front of the “Allow installation from this source” to the active position, after which return to the agricultural file and start it again.

We examined in detail three different ways of installing the popular Messenger Telegram on smartphones and tablets with Android OS. The first two are official and most easily implemented, but in cases where there is no Google application store on the mobile device, you have to resort to more non-obvious measures-the use of agricultural files. We hope that this material was useful for you and helped to find the optimal solution to the existing problem.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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