Enable synchronization of Android Google Play. Smart Switch for synchronization of two smartphones

Most often, the synchronization error of the Google account on Android is short-term-it itself disappears a few minutes after the occurrence. If this does not happen, and you still see a message like “Problems with synchronization. Soon everything will work ”and/or icon (in the synchronization settings, and sometimes in the status bar), it is necessary to look for the cause of the problem and, of course, resort to its elimination. However, before proceeding with active actions, you should check obvious, but important nuances, which we will talk about later.

If you do not have a synchronization of contacts on Android with Google, then most likely it is disabled in the settings, and it just needs to be turned on. To do this, we go to the Android settings and find the “Accounts” section there. This section will display a list of all accounts in various services that you use on your Android smartphone. In this list you need to find the Google account and open it.

After that, there will be a list of data that can be synchronized with the Google account. Here you need to set a mark opposite the “Contacts” item and click on the “Synchronize” button.

After that, Android synchronizes your contacts with Google.

Preparation for the restoration of data synchronization

It is likely that the reason for the synchronization error is dictated not by serious problems, but by user inattention or small failures in the work of the Android OS. It is logical to check and find out before we will begin more decisive action. But first of all, try to reload the device. it is quite possible that this will be enough to restore synchronization.

Internet connection check

It goes without saying that for the synchronization of the Google account with servers you need a stable connection to the Internet-it is desirable that it be Wi-Fi, but also relatively stable 3G or 4G will also be enough. Therefore, first of all, check if you are connected to the Internet and whether it works well (coating quality, data transfer speed, stability). The following articles on our website will help you to do this.

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An attempt to enter the account

Having dealt with the Internet connection, you should determine the “focus” of the problem and understand whether it is associated exclusively with the device used or in general with accounting. So, with an error of synchronization, you will not be able to use any of the Google services, at least on the mobile device. Try to enter, for example, in Gmail mail, a google cloud drive or on a YouTube video hosting via a browser on a computer (using the same account for this). If you manage to do this, go to the next step, but if the authorization ends with failure, immediately go to the step of this part of the article.

Checking the availability of updates

Google often updates its branded products, and manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, if possible, produce updates of the operating system. Often, various problems in Android, including the synchronization error considered by us, may occur due to obsolescence of the software component, and therefore it should be updated, or at least check the presence of such an opportunity. This must be done with the following components:

For the first three positions, you should contact the Play Market, on the fourth. familiarize yourself with the instructions submitted below, and by the latter. go into the “On the phone” subsection, which is located in the “System” section of the settings of your mobile device. Read more: how to update Google Play Market

In more detail, the renewal procedure for both applications and the operating system, we were described in the materials presented from the links below. Read more: How to update android applications update Android OS on a smartphone or tablet

Inclusion of automatic synchronization

After making sure that your mobile device has no problems with the Internet, applications, system and account, you should try to enable data synchronization (even if it was already turned on before) in the corresponding settings section. The guide presented by the link below will help you activate this function. Read more: inclusion of synchronization on a mobile device with Android

Elimination of problems

In the event that an attempt to enter one or more Google services through a browser on a computer was unsuccessful, you should go through the access restoration procedure. After its successful completion, with a high degree of probability, the synchronization error considered today will also be eliminated today. To solve the problem with authorization, go on the link below and try to answer all questions as accurately as possible from the form.Elimination of problems with the Google Account

In addition, if the inability to enter the account is due to such obvious reasons as a forgotten username or password, urgently with individual articles on our website devoted to these problems and their solution. Read more: restoration of password from Google Accounting for access to the Google account

If, after the implementation of all the recommendations proposed above the error of synchronization of the account did not disappear, which is unlikely, proceed to more active actions described later.

Why disconnect backup on Android

How to enable the synchronization of Google account on Android

You can’t unequivocally answer whether it is worth disconnecting backup. Here everyone decides for himself how it will be more convenient for him. Of course, the backup copy allows you to save important information in the case of a phone loss or deleting some data. However, among the most frequent reasons why users turn off copying, select the following points:

  • Large traffic consumption. Each Internet connection will create new copies in the cloud. Because of this, you can observe how the phone slows down or the Internet speed drops. To preserve mobile traffic, in many Android smartphones you can remove the possibility of transmitting data on mobile Internet;
  • When creating copies, the gadget can be discharged faster;
  • No one gives a 100 % guarantee of user data protection. Very often you can observe a lot of “plums” on the Internet, when accounts are hacked in stars, stealing personal data. It is recommended to set double protection, as well as enter complex passwords.

Disconnecting synchronization

What are the problems associated with this function

Building information into a cloud accompanies a sea of ​​problems. Often, they occur in Chinese manufacturers or on flashed smartphones. Among the common cases:

  • Duplication of contacts in the phone book due to errors of the algorithm, when checking the same numbers;
  • Periodic hanging and braking of the device, due to problems with connecting to Google servers. This causes looping and overheating, in some cases critical errors;
  • Fast discharge of the battery.

For information: annoy duplicate numbers in the phone book? Read how to remove them, in the material: “How to delete copies of contacts on Android”

Inclusion of synchronization with a Google account on Android

Provided that the default parameters of the Android operating system did not change, and Google’s account was added to the mobile device, data synchronization with it will be automatically performed. For its forced activation, it will be necessary to perform the following:

    In any convenient way, call the “settings” of the mobile OS, find the “Accounts” section in the list and go to it.

note! If among the available ones you do not see the desired Google account or there are no such at all, use the instructions submitted below to add it.

Read more: how to enter the Google account on Android

Expect, while the data transfer procedure is completed. opposite the records in the list will disappear circular arrows and the current date and time will appear.


When performing the previous instructions, we saw what data is synchronized from the Google account, but this is not the only thing that is possible, but often even need to be saved in it. The content important for most of the content also includes photos and videos, settings and data of applications and operating systems. All this is sent to the cloud by backup, which is performed according to the following algorithm:

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If the device uses more than one Google account, indicate the one in which you want to save the data, or add it if there is no (link to the instruction is given in the previous part of the article).

Click on the “Start Copy” button and expect the procedure to be completed.

This usually takes from several to tens of minutes, which depends on the volume of data transmitted to the cloud.

note! By default, backup data is possible only when connecting to Wi-Fi. If you need to do this when connecting to a mobile network, deactivate the switch located below.

How to enable the synchronization of Google account on Android

Google account synchronization on Android smartphone is a very convenient function. Thanks to it, part of the important information from the smartphone is saved on Google servers and in the case of switching to a new smartphone, this information can be quickly restored.

For example, a list of contacts. If you use an account synchronization, then after switching to a new smartphone, your list of contacts will appear on it literally in a minute and you don’t have to manually enter all the phone numbers again.

In this material, you will learn how to enable and configure the synchronization of the Google account on your Android smartphone or tablet.

To include synchronization of the Google account, you first need to go into the Android settings. After that, pour the settings down to the “Personal Data” settings block and go to the “Accounts” or “Accounts” section.

Then there will be a list of accounts in which you entered your Android device. To enable synchronization, select Google account. If there is no Google account in the list of accounts, then you are not included in it. In this case, you need to click on the “Add account” button, which is located at the bottom of the list, and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. You can read more about this in the article “How to enter the Google account”.

After you have chosen the Google account, synchronization settings will appear in front of you for this account. Here you can enable or disable the synchronization of many services, including the Chrome web browser, Gmail mail, Google Keep notes and much more. In order to enable synchronization, translate the switches opposite the necessary services to the “inclusive” position.

If you want synchronization of the account immediately, you can press the button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the “synchronize” option in the menu that opens.

Thus, you will launch the synchronization of all selected services with Google account. If synchronization still does not work, then you need to check access to the Internet.

How synchronization works

An account is created and configured, where it will store data. For Android Smartphones, this is usually a Google account. You do not need to use third.party applications with it;

Synchronization is launched. The data selected by the user is saved on the service and stored there under protection;

Another device is connected and synchronized with the service. All the information that is in the cloud goes to this gadget;

Unloaded data appear on the apparatus connected to the account.

How to synchronize the account manually

To activate the synchronization of only the required data, it is necessary to perform the following algorithm of actions:

Доступна новая версия Youtube. Не включается Youtube на Android 4

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Find the section “Account”.
  • Select the desired Google account.
  • Put checkmarks opposite information that needs to be regularly synchronized.
enable, synchronization, android, google

If synchronization is already turned on, then under each paragraph the date of the last synchronization will be indicated. Thanks to manual settings, you can activate automatic sending of information, manually update the data and disable individual points.

Manual setting can be carried out at any convenient time. It can also be produced to save important data that were downloaded to the phone (a new contact or note was created). After the information is on the server, it will be possible to download it at any time via the Internet.

How to synchronize two androids among themselves through the Dropsync service

This extension allows you to doublely control files. It is enough just to choose any folder, and then tie it with Dropsync. After that, any change in the folder, for example, on the phone, will automatically apply to files in the service.

  • efficiency. The battery is used to a minimum, which means that the phone will not be discharged so fast;
  • Expansion can calmly function even with an unstable Internet connection;
  • Simple, intuitive intensity.

To install the application, you need:

  • Install it through Play Market. After installation, you must connect.
  • After the entrance is executed, the application will automatically redirect to the starting page. The inscription “Dropsync Account Connected” will display there. Then you need to click on the “master of synchronization”.
  • After you need to select the “Create your synchronization” button.
  • Through the first block, you can go to the file directory, through the second. in the “Local folder” section, the smartphone catalog will open. Here you need to choose a directory of synchronization. Please note that all data will be transferred to the server right away.
  • After the files are selected, you will need to return to the “Parameters” page, and the synchronization method is changed to “bilateral”.

Important! All changes need to be saved, as well as make sure that the synchronization switch is activated.

How to synchronize Android with android through a wireless connection

It is not always convenient to use the data cable for data transmission as it is sometimes inconvenient to download third.party applications. However, this is not a problem at all, since it is possible to transmit any file through a wireless network. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will be an excellent alternative to create backup copies.

The advantage of all androids is the ability to transmit data through Wi-Fi Direct. If you connect two smartphones to this function, then they will be available for synchronization. To do this, it is necessary to include the possibility of data transfer in the settings.


Bluetooth since the first phones is a way to knit two devices. To do this, just turn on Bluetooth on both devices in the settings, then select the file and send it by Bluetooth.

note! Sometimes it may be necessary to confirm the action of the input of a special password.

How to turn it on

We run the function in system settings. To do this, pull the upper curtain of the notifications down twice, after which the expanded menu will open. We find the gear icon in the right lower part and click on it.

The menu will open with all the parameters, scroll it down to the “Accounts” item. Click on him.

The window displays all the application profiles into which the input from the device is executed. By choosing one of the profiles, the user is available with the ability to turn off or remove the account with the ability. Find a line with a Google icon and used by e.mail in the name. Click on it.

The screen with setting and removing the profile will open. Choose a item with the inscription “Synchronization of accounts”.

The menu selectively regulates Google services when they automatically connect with servers and save data on their work. If necessary, we change the sliders opposite the name of the product.

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The article describes in detail what synchronization is on Android phone. This function is useful to maintain important information on remote storage. And in the case of an unforeseen situation, personal data will be easy to restore, for example, the phone number, photos or other data. At the same time, uninterrupted operation requires activation of automatic synchronization and providing access to the Internet.

And you use synchronization or do not trust remote servers? Leave your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the article.

Turn on synchronization

Synchronization works when fulfilling the following conditions:

  • On all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet), Yandex is installed.Browser.
  • All devices use the same account on Yandex.

Enter your username and password or select an account from the list.

Advice. If you are not yet registered on Yandex, press the registration and fill out the account parameters.

To proceed to the list of data that were synchronized, click in more detail.

Why is synchronization on the phone

Synchronization is needed to store important data and files, and have remote access to them. On a synchronized gadget, you can restore the necessary settings and materials in real time mode without losses. Synchronization is needed for several options in the device:

Backup. Copies in the cloud are created due to synchronization of the device with the server on the Internet. Thanks to backup copies, a person will be able to quickly restore the necessary information;

Access to materials from the Internet. For example, you synchronized the list of contacts from the phone and now you can see it in Google Contacts;

Work through a few devices. Convenient for those who use several devices. It is enough to synchronize them, and all information will be available on each device.

How to configure synchronization for Google

Let’s move on to setting the main account Android.

note! For example, Meizu M5 with a Flyme shell was used for example. On other devices, the location of the points may differ.

note! To synchronize photos and videos, use the Google Photo application, and for files. Google Drive.

To turn off, just remove the box in the relevant points.

other methods

It is worth noting that you can copy data on all your devices in other ways.

For a branded shell

Almost all smartphone manufacturers use branded shells (superstructures) Android on their gadgets. Some of them have a synchronization function for their own profile.

note! For example, Meizu with a Flyme shell, which provides a Meizu account, was used. Different manufacturers have their own profiles may differ or at all absent.

Similar actions for the MI account and others.

Third.party applications

In the Play Applications store, you can find many applications that allow you to make a backup copy of the data and synchronize them on another device. Consider the example of one of the most popular programs. G Cloud.

  • Install and run the application.[Appbox GooglePlay Com.Genie9.GCloudBackup]
  • Click “There is no account yet”.

To install data on another phone, it is enough to install the application on the second device → enter the same account.

Synchronization with PC

You will get access to the elements of a smartphone through a computer in the MyphoneExplorer program.