Error reading or writing on iPhone


If there is no problem with support of different formats in what program, it is TotalReader from LTD DevelSoftware. The app is free and knows how to work with all popular formats of e-books, office documents, comics, sourcebooks, archives. Even audio book playback is supported!

TotalReader requires iOS 10 to download.0 or later version. Several million books are available at once in the library. The application can be used for free, but to fully work you will need to buy the Pro version. TotalReader offers:

  • Access to cloud and network services.
  • Built-in browser.
  • Menu with lots of settings for easy reading.
  • Brightness control with gestures.

The Pro version costs about 500, but if you read books on your iPhone all the time, this will be one of the best investments of your life. However, even in the free version of the program you can read books.

Recording a conversation on iPhone with the bot app

As we mentioned above, the conversation can be recorded if you connect a third party to the conversation. This third party can be a bot that records your dialog.

To connect this bot to the conversation, you need to install a special program on your phone, which can be downloaded directly from the AppStore. You also need permission from your cell phone carrier for three-way communication.

  • TapeACall is one of the most popular applications of this kind. It can record both outgoing and incoming calls, and also transcribe the recording into text. However, the app is paid, although it has a 7-day trial.
  • REKK is a good alternative for recording calls. Here also the recording is built on the principle of connection to a third line, so you cannot avoid paying for the call at the “conference call” tariff. Application is available only for iOS 13.0 or newer.
  • ACR. another similar app that focuses on sound quality and therefore charges more for that quality. After recording a conversation in the application you can edit the audio track and cut the most important fragments. Available for iOS 13.0 or higher.
  • IntCall is an app available for iOS from version 12. Conditionally free, but you must purchase a subscription for the phone recording feature.
  • MTS Connect. handy application for managing your calls in the MTS digital system. If you have access to the Internet, you can record conversations and even make calls without using paid minutes from the tariff. The only limitation. so far this application does not work in all regions of Russia.
  • eMotion by Megafon is a utility not only for call recording, but also for anti-spam protection. over, even the owners of iPhone on iOS 11 can use this application. In this regard, Megafon has soundly beaten its competitors Beeline and Tele2.

How to fix “PDP authentication error” on iPhone (iPad)?

Victor iPad Air 2 gives out “PDP authentication error” when trying to access the internet via cellular. How to overcome?

The error your iOS device is giving you is due to the lack of connection and the inability to authorize the iPhone or iPad on the cellular service provider’s side.

To be sure, try connecting to a working Wi-Fi network. When trying to open a web page or use any service that requires an internet connection, there will be no error.

If an error occurs, you can do the following.

First of all, call the hotline of your operator and report the problem. You will probably get confirmation from customer service that the network is indeed experiencing difficulties at the moment.

You can try to restore connection until the operator clarifies the situation. To do this, open: Settings. Cellular. Data Settings. Cellular Data Network.

In the menu that opens delete all APNs, user names and passwords completely. Note that it is advisable to know the original settings before performing the cleanup. you will need to re-specify them.

Reboot the device (on an unlocked device, hold down the Power Home key until the Apple logo appears).

After your device has rebooted, try to perform any Internet request (open a web page in Safari, go to messenger).

If connection is not restored, re-enter APN data and reboot your device.

In case the problem is still not fixed and the PDP error does not go away, demand a solution from the operator.

How to fix iOS screen recorder not working on your iPhone or iPad (bundled with iOS 14)

With the release of iOS 11, screen recording was introduced as a new built-in feature in iOS 11. And iOS 12, iOS 13, even iOS 14 keep this feature. It is very useful for users to record screen activities such as gameplay, learning, etc. Д. However, some iOS users are experiencing screen recording problems. There are three main problems: the screen recording feature does not work, the screen recording program crashes after an iOS update, and recorded videos have no sound. If you are worried about iOS Screen Recording not working problem, you can try the following solutions in this article.

Recommended: the best screen recorder for Windows and Mac

  • 1. Capture an on-screen demonstration of any activity on your Windows PC or Mac screen.
  • 2. Record high quality video.
  • 3. Record music, radio, VoIP phone calls, voice memos, and any other sound.
  • 4. Support for real-time editing during transcoding, e.g. callouts, captions, highlighting, etc. Д.

Turn on screen recording in Control Center

If you want to use the screen recorder to record your iPhone or iPad screen, you need to make sure you have enabled screen recording on your device. You can go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Select Control Center. And then scroll down to Screen Recording. Click the icon. to add it.

Check the repository.

If your iPhone or iPad storage is limited, it may cause screen recording to not work in iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, or iOS 14. Open “Settings” “Basic” “iPhone Storage” to check. If there is not enough storage space, clear your iPhone or iPad to free up storage space.

Reset all settings

Resetting all settings on your iPhone / iPad can be very effective in many situations. Head to Settings General Reset All Settings. This will not clear the data from your iPhone or iPad, but will reset the general settings for notifications, Touch ID, brightness and some other features.

Restore your iPhone / iPad.

If the above methods don’t work, you can try to restore your device using iTunes. Note that restoring your device will erase all data on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer via USB cable.

Step 2 Open iTunes on your computer and click the device icon in the upper left corner of iTunes.

Step 3 Click Restore Backup. You can then select the latest iTunes backup and click “Restore”. If you have encrypted your iTunes backup, you must enter a password to unlock the backup.

Update to the latest version of iOS.

If iOS 13/12/11 screen recording is still not working, try updating your iOS device to the latest iOS 14 version. Usually an iOS update offers some bug fixes and improvements.

How to fix iOS screen recording without sound

What to do if there is no sound in the recorded video? Only when you turn on the microphone will the sound be saved in the video. To fix this, simply locate the 3D Touch Screen Recording icon in the Control Center and tap on the Microphone icon to turn on the sound in red.

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Frequently Asked Questions about iOS 14/13/12/11 Screen recording doesn’t work

How to fix that iOS 11 screen recording is not saved in the Photos app?

error, reading, writing, iphone

If you’re having trouble saving your screen recording, there may be a memory issue. To check, go to Settings, General, iPhone Storage. If your memory is full, you need to clear your iOS device to free up more memory.

How to fix iPhone overheating while recording screen?

You can stop Bluetooth, games, video, GPS service, or other heating applications. If your iPhone is charging while the screen is recording, you can turn off your iPhone.

Why can’t I upload recorded videos to YouTube?

Large size or long length of video will cause failure to load.

These are simple solutions to help you get rid of your iOS screen recording problem. Hopefully one of these techniques will help you. If you have any questions, contact us.

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Do you want to capture your screen while you are using it. Right? Maybe you want to save your avatar? Or maybe you want to record someone else’s stories on ? In this post, we’ll tell you about easy ways to take a screenshot on

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Have you encountered that when capturing images, you don’t see photos or all photos on your iPhone? This post will show you the complete solutions for fixing the image capture not recognizing iPhone problem.

How to fix the 3194 error when updating or restoring your iPhone

Error 3194 always happens when you update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version. In addition, it also happens during iPhone or iPad restore.

A pop-up message appears saying iPhone cannot be restored, unknown error (3194) has occurred, There seems to be nothing you can do except hit “OK” to accept iTunes 3194 error.

This article introduces the causes and solutions to error 3194. So you can avoid this iTunes 3194 error and know how to fix the 3194 error successfully.

First, you need to first check your internet connection and iTunes version. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is working properly and you’ve updated iTunes to the latest version. These are the two main reasons that cause all sorts of problems with iTunes and iPhone. If these two methods don’t work, then you can skip to the following paragraphs to learn about the iPhone 3194 error.

Error 54 happens during data synchronization between your iOS device and iTunes. The most common cause is a locked file on your computer or iPhone/iPad. Usually when the “Failed to sync iPhone” message pops up, the user can simply click the “OK” button to continue the synchronization process. An unknown error occurred (-54)” the user can simply press the “OK” button and the synchronization process will continue. But it does not always help. If the problem is still there, then you can use the suggested ways to solve it.

iTunes errors. Troubleshooting iTunes Errors

A long time ago I wrote an article about iTunes errors. Today I did a more global job. For several hours in a row (about 8-9 hours) I have collected and systematized the iTunes errors and their solutions into a separate summary table. To do that I checked several sites where these errors have already been collected as well as checked information on almost every error in English-language blogs. The result is a large table that summarizes all of the errors I found that occur with iTunes.

On iPadstory.In this article I am pasting the table itself which has three columns: error, cause, solution. Below the table, I am placing a PDF file, which contains the 4th column of the link. For some errors (about 20%) there are quite intelligible Apple instructions in Russian.

Among other things, I provide a couple of useful links to solving the most common bugs. Instructions in Russian.

Resolving Device Update and Recovery Errors in iTunes This instruction explains in general terms what to do if an unknown error occurs. For average users, this is a good place to start.

  • Update iTunes
  • Update your operating system
  • Check your security software on your computer (temporarily disable antivirus software)
  • Disconnect all additional USB devices
  • Reboot your iPad (iPhone, iPod)
  • Try again to update or restore

This should be enough for many people to solve the problem.

Troubleshooting Certain Update and Recovery Errors The second article covers a wide range of errors. I recommend you to read it if you have one of the following errors:

  • Troubleshooting Communication Problems (3014, 3194, 3000-3999)
  • Security software setup (2, 4, 6, 9, 1000, 1611, 9006, 9807, 9844)
  • Checking USB connections (13, 14, 1600-1629, 1643-1650, 2000-2009, 4000-4016)
  • Checking for hardware malfunctions (1, 10-47, 1000-1020)

If neither the first nor the second article helped, you can go to the table (you can start with the table).

iTunes Errors and Solutions

b) Failure when transferring data from iDevice to computer. Often occurs when transferring hacked programs to unauthorized computers

b) Try to deauthorize and authorize your computer

b) Try other USB ports. Try another cable.

b) Apple ID information contains outdated payment information

b) Check if the payment information is correct and up to date

P.S.Happy March 8 to all the girls, girls, women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers!

Titanic work done. Thank you, very helpful article.

Very time consuming work and extremely useful article/table.

What a tome! Now you can no longer ask Google iTunes error so-and-so, but go straight to ipadstory, hooray!

Thank you for the first warm words. In fact, during check I tried to find at least one intelligible manual analogue, but I found neither in runet, nor in englishnet. In all that I found, sooner or later found critical errors in the description of errors iTunes, not to mention the descriptions that sites have borrowed from each other. The article is not perfect, but at least after writing it, I realized the meaning of the expression Trust Only Yourself 🙂

Thank you very much, the article is very helpful, it’s like you read my mind.

It’s a slogan in a good way

And there’s a description of this problem ? The free space in my 64 GB IPAD is 10. and movies don’t load. Not enough disk space. I downloaded only 5GB.

I would have tried synchronization. Usually after this operation iTunes shows real free space.

Both the work and the result are commendable. Thanks.

Thanks for the work done. Now it’s a little more clear in my head.

Thank you for your hard work. Recently purchased this computer, but with interest and study and review everything about Apple.

Thank you very much. And for the titanic work and for thinking of us!

Good day! I could not find a description of my problem. Apple support was not helpful either. The essence of the problem: when syncing the iPad Air 128gb with iTunes the last few versions, syncing stops at the last step (5 or 6) Waiting for the changes. Last step of synchronization is not ending: tried for 24 hours. No errors, but synchronization does not end! You can fight this?

Try to go to the iTunes settings. There, select the Advanced tab. Reset warnings and cache. Next, go to the devices tab and delete the backups. Then restart the synchronization and backup process.

Did it exactly three times. Last night twice and left the computer on until morning: synchronization is not finished. Today I unplugged all the devices, deleted all the backups of all the devices. Cleared alerts and cache, deleted backups of all devices, started the synchronization process. It’s been almost two hours, synchronization does not end. Everything remains the same.

Vladimir, I had no connection to the device at all. No tips and tables did not help, all this dancing with tambourines, calling to the electronic spirits and installing / removing folders / files open and hidden, updating everything and everything, reloading, etc.д. etc.п. Ended up failing. Gaudin and programs only clean, by the way americans like to check the equipment at airports for pirated software, such cases have happened. Only got out of the habit of creating a working PC image (I do it with Acronis), restored a working image, sacrificing some new programs, and found corrupted program files that had NOTHING to do with iPad, iTunes, or even the glorious Kaspersky virus! Wondrous things micro circuits do! Everything worked fine after restoring these files. The only right solution here is to spend a little money on Acronis / Paragon or stock up on tambourine mushrooms. Good luck

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Can you tell me what to do if when you launch any video file from the computer in iTunes you get an error 0x5b83349a Memory accessed address 0x00000000. The memory can not be Read iTunes reinstalled previously killed all the related services and programs, cleaned the registry, installed the latest version of iTunes. Thank you in advance for your reply.

iPad 3 doesn’t work after updating by. Trying to update it gives error 3. helpeeeeeeeeeee.

Hello. Sorry to bother you again, but I had this problem trying to update ipad2 to 7.1.1 iTunes displays error 3014. I tried to check the hosts file, but there is no record at all This is all there is # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp. # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name. # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one # space. # Additionally, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and opinions from owners (such as these) may be inserted on individual # lines or following the machine name denoted by a # symbol. # For example: # # # source server # # x client host

How to Fix iTunes Could Not Backup iPhone Because An Error Occurred

P. S. tried to fix the file with the fix from microsoft web site, maybe that’s why.

Hello. Excuse me, but could you tell me if you encountered the unknown error 0x80092013 and if so, how did you fix it?? I can’t connect to the iTunes store.

error, reading, writing, iphone

Hello, could you please advise me, I have an iPhone 4 s, does not start, when you turn it on it requires a connection to iTunes. I connect, it is impossible to update, you can only restore, I restore, and when 3/4 of the restoration passes, it gives out: error (3) when restoring. Please advise what to do

Hello, could you please tell me if you were able to solve your problem? I have a similar problem If so, how did you solve it??

2021work 100% to Fixed. Itunes cannot read the contents of the All iphone /All ipad/ ipod touch

Please help me with error 32 I can’t find it anywhere?

My friends! Read my comment, carefully read the table on this page, paying tribute to the work of the compiler, surf the net, but I’m not sure that someone can give you the solution right away, even if there is a number. I have not found my number ANYWHERE. In the words of comrade. Sukhov, electronics is a very delicate matter. I found the solution to my problem completely by accident, where I did not expect and there seems to be no connection with the programs that are responsible for the operation of devices.

When I connect my iPad mini iTunes gives me an error 0xE8000068

iTunes could not restore the iphone An unknown error occurred (0xE800000A)

Writes that (Installations found an error before iTunes configuration, During the installation errors occurred, your system has not been changed) What should I do under these circumstances ? Please help me

When I try to install iTunes, it gives me this error ! Help

My phone error 4005, tried everything that is written, tried to restore the phone via another computer, still error 4005, what should I do?? The apple blinks when I connect the phone to PC, but no reaction

I get unknown error 3 I’m trying to repair my iPhone 5! what to do. help

I need help very much. I got iPad 3 gsm, trying to update my iPhone with iTunes and it gives out error 75% error 1. I already tried to clean hosts, it does not help, I even do not know what to do. Please help me.

Good day. Error 21. b) Error DFU mode when jailbreaking my phone. That’s right, but could you please advise how to solve the problem? iPhone 4s

I have a problem: I press sync my iPhone 6 and at the sixth step of synchronization (waiting for changes to apply or waiting for objects to copy) it just stops, ie it says that the sixth step is running and moving the sync icon on the phone itself.In this position everything happens for hours and nothing changes. What can it be caused by?

Same thing happened to me. Didn’t happen to find you the answer?

when upgrading iOS 7 to iOS 8.1 on 5 iPhone via computer error number 6 occurred and written here exit (try another port did not help)

Thanks! Fixed error 54 by deleting the specified files through iTools.

Please tell me!what to do?Updated iTunes now it does not sync with iPhone 4.Says iTunes failed to back up iPhoneiPhone Admin,t.к. The backup session crashed.

Check to see if your hard drive has enough free space? Do you have access to the drive where you store the backups?

Did not find a solution to my problem. Please help me ! The problem is the following: when synchronizing iPhone 4s with my laptop pops up failed to synchronize iPhone because this computer is no longer authorized to play acquisitions. I have backups stored on this iPhone. Thanks for your help! (went to the store and authorized it does not work)

Hi all. Please help me. Started updating iPhone 5 32gb on the phone itself. it was doing something there long time rebooted then at the end of the boot just hung up and a message appeared on the screen connect iTunes. Well I installed the program after connecting the message again connect iTunes came out a message that it needs to update or restore well I clicked on the restore the program downloaded file 1.55 GB Started to install, then checked and threw error 48. I searched the sites no such error. Thank you in advance.

error 46! I think I did as I was told, but it still gives out! what to do please help!

iPhone 5S A1533, iOS 8.4 : Three days after replacing the battery, the screen went out, when I updated in the recovery and DFU, it gave error 4005. It turned out in the service, I put the battery from the iPhone 5, the battery of the 5S it differs from the number of contacts on the connector. Replaced with the original and everything worked.

Tell me, first I got an error 1671 and then later today I got error the stage of restoration of the firmware.

Actually forgot about the question) how to fix it? help(

I will describe my error. Started with an iTunes update but the computer gives me an error 998 and iTunes won’t start. All attempts to uninstall and install it again did not lead to anything. Attempting to do a system restore to a point before the iTunes update caused the OS to freeze. Had to reinstall Win7. But even after that iTunes did not want to go down, exactly the same error. I searched all over internet, I tried all possible ways. As a result, I combined some tips with my own practical knowledge and the following results were obtained. First of all you need to uninstall the crooked iTuns 1.Start Control Panel Programs and Features: Uninstall programs: iTunes, Apple mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update, Bonjour, Apple Software Support, Bonjour Printing Services, and also, oddly enough, I had to uninstall my installed programs AirVideo Server and CyberLink Power2Go 2. Restart my PC 3. 3 Go in as described in p.1 and see if any of the deleted programs are still there. I will delete them if there are any. If not, I will go on to 4. Open C:\ProgrammFiles 5. Delete folders: iTunes, Apple Software, Bonjour, and in my case, AirVideo Server and CyberLink Power2Go 6. Start searching for regedit and run regedit.exe as an administrator 7. Open HKEY\Current_User\Software 8. Delete iTunes, Apple (AirVideo Server and CyberLink Power2Go) 9. Open HKEY\Local machine\Software 10. Delete folders as in p.8 11,Now you need to clear the Recycle Bin and you can reboot the PC 12.Find on the internet and install (run as an administrator) an old version of iTunes 12.2.2.I had to reboot my PC after the installation (probably just to be on the safe side)! I hope this article will be helpful to someone!

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Good afternoon! Please help me, the problem is: I’m trying to update my iPhone 6 software and it says software update failure. iOS 9 LOADING ERROR BACKGROUND.е. there is no error code, NO ERROR, NOTHING. What to do in these cases? Thank you in advance!

Thank you! Huge. With the help of your labors I overcame the error and iPhone 6 started working as before. Yay!

Procedure entry point not found in the dll cormedia library.dll. iTunes is not installed correctly, please reinstall. Error 7 (fault 127) Has anyone solved this problem. I can’t find anywhere how to fix it, what’s causing it. Reinstalled a hundred times, doesn’t help.

iPad had unknown error (-12894) when trying to switch to trace. muse. the file keeps popping up how to fix it? help)

I have an unknown error 0xe8000015. For the third day, the phone gives a failure in activation, or by wi-fi, or by cellular phone is not activated, and when you connect to iTunes gives this error. help)

First uninstall through the control panel iTunes, then install iTunes again. Then connect the usb cable to the iPhone. There you go. I had this problem. Found the answer on the Chinese site.

Sorry,did you find a solution to this problem ??Please help me, I am in desperate need of help !! Thanks in advance

Same error now! Help! How did you deal with it?

Sorry, did you find a solution to the problem ??Please answer the question, I really need it !! thanks in advance

Hello! Same thing, can’t find a solution, maybe you managed to do something?

Afternoon! I need help. I have an iPhone 5s. Today I updated iOS, then it turned off, and when I turn it on, the white screen glows with a black apple (as usual when you turn it on), and then the black screen shows an iTunes icon and a cable with an arrow on iTunes. What is it? I have never had this problem. How to fix it?

Nastya, updated my neighbor’s iPad2 to the latest version today without reading anything or making a backup beforehand. Well what can I say the life of this iPad is now from a white sheet )))) At first, as you have popped up apple and cable it meant that should be plugged into iTunes M popped up, but it did not end with hangs, error 6, then 3 2 (which, incidentally, nowhere described) and everything )))) Just reset to factory settings and ciao))))

Error 51 when upgrading or restoring iPhone 4c 16gbnihere is nothing about this errorkto know what this error is.

If after activating the program an error occurs on the screen, there can be several reasons. It is worth considering in more detail why the video does not start or does not save on the iPhone:

  • There is not enough memory on the cell phone;
  • The function has not been activated in the iPhone settings;
  • it is impossible to make a recording because an application failure has occurred;
  • an error has occurred in the operating system;
  • The browser cache is full;
  • The power saving mode is activated on the smartphone.

It is worth considering in detail how to solve each of these problems. The customer should also know what to do if the recording doesn’t go for other reasons.

The solution to the “Error occurred while reading from device” in iTunes

Categorical and flaming hello to all! Just yesterday I told you about how I managed to restore the completely erased activation code from the Windows sticker. So this post is a direct continuation of that story. In which Windows was successfully activated, and immediately after I thought:

I didn’t have internet, but I had my “D:\” drive, which holds the once long downloaded installation file of Apple’s media commons. I find the file, I open it boldly and resolutely, iTunes installs perfectly, I take the cable, with a polished motion I connect my iPhone and

iTunes failed to connect to the iPhone, because there was an error when reading from the device.

After a long and thoughtful analysis of the problem (swearing at Apple and Microsoft) I concluded that there was some kind of connection problem.

  • Checking the USB ports (the laptop is old and I had to clean them of dust).
  • Checking the Lighting connector (also dusted it off just in case, this is always helpful!).
  • I disable integrated anti-virus and firewall.
  • I went to my friend’s house to get another wire (we chatted at the same time).

None of this helped (even “chatting” with my friend) “error when reading from device” and no matter what!

I think I’m gonna have to reinstall Windows again? Just like in the days of good old Windows XP?

But, fortunately, it did not come to this, everything turned out a little bit easier.

After all, the reason for the error “Tunes is unable to connect to the iPhone, because there was an error when reading from the device” is the fact that the old versions of iTunes simply do not know how to work with the iPhone running new versions of iOS.

They just don’t understand each other and that’s it!

Which, in principle, is easy to explain, because my version of iTunes was downloaded at the time of iOS 12. And then no one thought of iOS 13 and even more so iOS 14. That’s why iTunes and iPhone have a read error from the device. Driver incompatibility, what’s up with them!

It’s all right to update iTunes. And even better, do a complete reinstallation (to, as they say, for sure).

Everything. After these manipulations the driver was updated, iTunes started accepting the iPhone, and the slightly annoying “error when reading from device” disappeared completely. Victory!

Conclusion. Most malfunctions are the fault of older versions of the software. In fact, if I had “new” iTunes I wouldn’t even know that the “read from device error” existed at all. So I had to run around a bit. Well, never mind, but the instruction written, which, I believe, someone will be useful:)

P.S. The article was useful? Tell me about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (you can also “like” it)! It didn’t work? All the more write (any way I can help)!

Hello all! My name is Mikhail and this is my blog. Welcome! P.S. Sometimes you can catch me live. Come on in, let’s chat!;) At the moment OFFLINE!

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THE SOLUTION. Searched a lot on the web while searching for a solution to this problem, but had to find a solution myself, just by watching the behavior of the ITunes and the computer on which the recovery was made. When restoring inevitably came up with the error iTunes could not restore iPhone because there was an error when reading from or writing from iPhone. BUT, I noticed that it comes up at different points in the recovery. and then I looked at the C: drive (where the system, iTunes and backup are). And there was zero bytes on the drive! even though I had 20 gigs of it before I started the restore. Concluded that when restoring iTunes backups somehow multiply/pack according to their system. (itself a backup of 32gb and on the phone the same place took up). So: It is necessary that the disk had free space at least as much as you have an iPhone/iPad that is 16, 32, 64, 128, 256.I’ll say goodbye to free! that is, count so that iTunes and backup fits and on top of free 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 gigabytes I had a drive C: 120gb, where the system has already grown to 60gb had to tear down everything you can until released 65 gigabytes. And it went away! I thought I’d said goodbye to everything. and wizards at the repair shop said that all is lost, however, I defeated the error !)

Many thanks to both the author and you! Just to add that when you restore from backup, iTunes will copy your existing backup for some reason, so you need as much space as you have already backed up. You can find it in C:\Users\user name\Apple\MobileSync\Backup

Fedor, the problem was really that iTunes was eating up the backup space, that’s why I got this error