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From time to time there may be problems with connecting to PlayStation 4. Sometimes the problem can come from the console itself, and in other cases. outside it. In most cases, simple steps to eliminate problems, such as checking network cables or restarting the console, eliminate connection problems, but in other cases the reason is deeper. This leadership will show you possible solutions that you can try if you have problems with connecting during playing PlayStation 4.

There are a number of possible factors that can cause problems with connecting to PlayStation 4. Let’s discuss each of them below.

PlayStation network services do not work.

If you have problems connecting to an online game, for example, when you cannot join a multi-user session or cannot access game servers at all, the problem is most likely related to the PlayStation Network servers. At the time of writing this article, many PlayStation 4 gamers may find that their downloads are slower than usual, or are delayed due to the fact that Sony deliberately slowed down their services, since they work with Internet providers to reduce Internet traffic. Problems with PSN servers can be for various reasons, although the most common of them are malfunctions or maintenance.

Errors with home network equipment.

Modems or routers can detect errors due to time from time to time, which can lead to a decrease in performance or problems with the connection. You may have to work with your Internet provider or replace network equipment if your home Internet connection does not improve at all.

The network cable is faulty.

If your PlayStation 4 uses a wired connection, one of the possible causes of problems with the connection may be the Ethernet cable. Make sure you checked network cables when eliminating the problem.

The problem associated with the Internet provider.

If you cannot connect to the Internet on your PlayStation 4, one of the factors that you must check is a connection from your Internet provider. If all your devices cannot connect to the Internet at the same time, you may have to contact your Internet provider about possible problems on their part.

Conflict IP.

A modem or router assigns an IP address to each device connected to it. Sometimes two devices on a home network can use the same local IP address. This can lead to connection problems for affected devices, since only one device can use the local IP address at the same time.

What to do if your PlayStation 4 has problems with the connection or it does not connect to the Internet

Below are steps to eliminate the problems that you can take to determine the source of the problem you have encountered.

    Carry out a quick check of cables.

If you use wired settings, you need to make sure that you have dealt with network cables at an early stage of searching and eliminating faults. Try to disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router and PlayStation 4, and then make sure that both ends are correctly connected. If nothing changes, try using the second Ethernet cable or another Ethernet port in your router.

If you do not use a wired connection, but instead use Wi-Fi, be sure to eliminate possible problems with Wi-Fi on PlayStation 4. These two articles can help you in this regard:-How to fix the problem with the Wi-Fi non-working PlayStation 4 | It does not connect-simple ways to fix the slow work of Wi-Fi on PlayStation 4 | Loading or loading is slowly

Another important step to eliminate the problems that will help to solve any problem with the connection on the PlayStation 4 is to check the status of the PlayStation Network services status. The problem may be caused by the server disconnection, maintenance or problem.

Make sure you rebooted PlayStation 4 and modem/router. Turn off the PlayStation 4, disconnect the power cable from the rear panel and wait 30 seconds. Do the same for your modem or router. After turning off the devices, first turn on the modem or router, but not PlayStation 4. You will have to wait until the router completely starts. When the indicators on your router again become stable, it’s time to turn on the PlayStation 4 and see if the problem has disappeared.

If you are connected to your own home network, try to check if you have other devices the same problem as your PlayStation 4. If your network has several other devices with the same connection problem, perhaps the problem is related to the modem/router or with your Internet connection in general. You may have to turn to your Internet provider for help after turning off and turn off the modem or router again.

If you have a problem with the game in the online game, connecting to the network multiplayer game or connecting to the PlayStation network you may have a problem with the port. The router must provide access to the next ports for your PlayStation 4 for connecting to the PlayStation network:.TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480.UDP: 3478, 3479 If you do not know how to check if these ports are open on the router, contact your Internet provider or read the documentation attached to it.

Contact Support PlayStation

If you are sure that your router or your Internet provider has no problems, we recommend that you contact the Support Sony PlayStation so that they can help you in the future in checking the possible problem with the network port on your console.

How to enter the PlayStation Network?

As you can see, setting up and connecting to the network is quite simple. However, many PlayStation 4 owners are faced with problems and cannot connect.

It is not possible to connect to the PlayStation Network?

Even if you are sure that your Internet connection is actively and you entered the right password, you can still have problems with the network.

Here are some of the most common errors that indicate the main problem with the configuration of your network:

  • There was an error of connecting PlayStation Network, error code NW-102311-8.
  • PlayStation NP connection error, error code 31730-4
  • Failed to connect to the PlayStation network
  • Failed to connect to the server, the error code WS-37469-9.

If you receive such or similar messages, be sure to read the recommendations below. The following instructions were tested and checked to finally connect you to the PlayStation Network.

How to fix the errors of connection and disconnecting to PlayStation 4?

There are several possible things that can lead to this error. PlayStation users report problems with their PSN account, outdated firmware and other similar problems.

We have found the easiest way to fix these main problems. The following corrections work regardless of whether you have problems with entering the system or you cannot leave it properly.

Setting a static IP on the PS3 console

Turn on the PlayStation 3 and go to the settings in the main menu.

Scroll down the list before the network settings. Most often he is at the very bottom of the settings list.

After choosing the network settings section, move to the menu to the right and select the list of network connections.

Write down the specified IP address, subnet mask and router name. This data will be useful to you a little later. Return to the network settings section.

Put on the menu to the right and in the list that appears, select the interior settings item with the Internet.

In the emerging window that appears, click OK and continue the setting.

From the proposed setting methods, select special.

How to Fix PSN Sign In Failed on The PS4 | Playstation Network Sign In Failed

From the proposed connection methods, select the one to which your console is connected to the network. wire connection or wireless.

For our configuration, you will need to make some parameters manually. Select the corresponding item in the next PlayStation settings menu.

The choice of high.speed and duplex modes must be left in automatic condition.

On the IP address settings page, select the option manually.

Enter the IP address that you want to assign the console, and it will be assigned to it on an ongoing basis. It is very important that this address is outside the DHCP address of your router. You can find out the values ​​of this range by opening the router settings page and finding the DHCP or LAN section. Or just set the IP address as far from the one you recorded on one of the previous steps. For example. if your console currently uses address and it was it that you rewritten in the settings a little earlier, then it will be best to set about such a new address. If in the list of network connections PS3 you saw something like, it is best to now set, for example, Change the value of only the last group of numbers, without affecting the first three. The value of the last group can fluctuate between 2 and 254. Think about it and choose a specific number.

The gateway and the mask of the subnet should be indicated in the corresponding fields. Use exactly the values ​​that you recorded on one of the previous steps.

You also need to specify the DNS servers that your PS3 should use. This is necessary in cases where your network router does not receive information about them automatically. First you need to find out exactly which servers you should configure on your PS3. The easiest way is to call your Internet provider at Support and ask the corresponding question. Most likely, you will be asked why you needed this information. Tell me, as it is. it is required to configure your PS3. The operator will give you two IP addresses. One of them is the main DNS server, the second is an additional.

In MTU parameters, indicate the mode automatically.

In the settings of the proxy server, be sure to choose the item “Do not use”. Use proxy and set up it in your console only in cases where your entire connection with the network occurs using a proxy server. In order to carry out such a setting if necessary, you should get specific network settings from your Internet provider, which must be made on this step manually.

UPNP technology is sure to turn off.

At this stage, you will be shown all the settings that you made. Check their correctness and confirm the changes by pressing the key x.

Include the connection on the next menu page.

All stages of testing should be successful, except for UPNP technology, as we turned it off earlier. The setting is completed on this.

Here you are trying to connect to Wi-Fi from a phone or tablet. But you see the “IP configuration error” when the endless receipt of the IP address occurs or the address is not available at all. often such problems can be seen on the Android operating system. And I will immediately answer why this is happening. The smartphone sends a request to the router to provide it with IP, Mask and DNS. The router works. Without the set address, the router will not know where to send information packages.

It’s how to live in a deaf forest and order parcels. The postman simply will not know where to deliver them. By default, all Internet centers include DHCP function. That’s just she distributes all these addresses. But sometimes it happens that the function is disabled or it is broken. And android in the network settings has an autonomous receipt of IP addresses.

In such cases, we have three options if we could not connect to the router:

  • Go and reboot your router. just pull it out of the outlet and insert it back after 2 minutes. If it does not help, and read the instructions below.
  • Prescribe the IP address manually on the phone;
  • Turn on the DHCP on a router.

We will talk about this today. I will tell you in detail about everything, with pictures and explanations. But let’s start, probably from the phone.

Installing network settings on a smartphone or tablet

The disadvantage of this method is that, by registering a manually settings on one phone. it will work. But if you try to connect other devices, they will also have to prescribe IP, mask, etc.D.

This is the most reliable way, since after that any device can easily work on a wireless network. First we need to connect to the router through the wire. How to do this I already wrote above. Next, open the browser on a computer or laptop and write an IP or DNS address of the router in the address bar.

Let me remind you that it is located under the router case on the label. You will be asked to introduce a login and password from the “admin”, it is in the same place. Further, the instructions will be slightly different from the company that released the Internet center.


I’ll tell you from my own experience. I had such a problem when I reviewed my router. At the same time, the Internet on the PC, which was connected by the wire was. But to connect to the wireless network, I never managed. I climbed into the settings, downloaded a new firmware, and she also did not work. Although I installed it from the official site.

So if you previously updated the firmware manually or through the system of the Web-Intease of the device, then you should drop the settings to factory. Just clamp the “Reset” button for 15 seconds. We wait five minutes and set it up again. Not all firmware stands on the router exactly.

Problems of entering the “Network” with the router TP-Link

Some users are faced with the problems of entering the “non-welfare” due to the fact that the connection to the router was done incorrectly. Most often, such a problem happens for users who work with TP-Link technique.

  • Check whether to go to the PlayStation of a non-wagon, if the connection is not carried out through Wi-Fi, but using a direct connection via cable. If the connection passes without problems, the problem is that the connection through the wireless network is incorrectly configured.
  • To solve this problem, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, select the “Network” section and find the “WAN” tab. Additional settings on this tab allow to set the value of MTU on 1480. as a rule, the issue is solved by this change.
  • If the problem was incorrect connection, the following inputs should be made without problems. After such actions, you can easily go to the PlayStation 4 account.

Problems with DNS

Also, the problems with connecting to the system can be due to incorrect settings of DNS servers. In order to solve such a problem, you need to go into the settings of the parameter and select the desired DNS: 8 parameters.eight.eight.8 and 8.eight.four.four.

In addition to user problems, there are also difficulties with connection, which can be caused by difficulties on the side of the system. However, the company carefully monitor users in time about problems, so you will easily find the necessary section on the site and check if technical work is carried out on any section of the site. If you have problems with the entrance to the PlayStation Network account, the official site will help in this.

If there is no problem on the side of the system, however, the entrance to the PlayStation Network account is impossible, you need to understand the problem. If there are problems with the account, the system may also not connect to it. As a rule, it helps to go to your account from a personal computer.

If the site shows you the error code, you need to write it down and enter it on the desired section of the site. you will easily find it and understand what the problem is the problem.

Also follow how many devices are connected to the router. if there are many of them, the system shows the error “Network connection with PSN is interrupted.Make sure the Internet connection is actively “. In this case, you need to turn off two or three of the active devices from the router. This, as a rule, helps to solve the problem, and you can enter the PSN account.

Reset your router

Sometimes even the method of restarting or turning on and off does not work properly. In this case, the reboot of the router or modem Wi-Fi can simply delete all temporary files or cache.

  • Check your Wi-Fi router, which has a reset button or a dumping button on the back of the device.
  • If your Wi-Fi router has a reset button, press and hold it for about 10 seconds, until the LED indicators start flashing.
  • If your router has a dumping hole, use a pin or stationery to insert in the hole, and hold the inner button for about 10 seconds, until the LEDs start flashing.

Check the PS5 network settings

Incorrect network settings or PS5 configurations can cause many problems. Therefore, checking network settings on the console is useful.

  • Make sure your console is turned on.
  • Now go to the main menu go to the menu settings from your controller.
  • Select the network select configure the Internet connection.
  • Then select Wi-Fi or LAN cable according to your active network.
  • Choose the custom to choose automatic for setting up IP addresses.
  • Choose not to indicate for the name DHCP host.
  • Choose the operating manual for setting DNS Enter 8.eight.eight.8 for primary DNS as well as 8.eight.four.4 for secondary DNS.
  • Select OK and go to the next parameter do not use to use MTU proxy server for configuration.
  • As soon as everything is ready, restart the console from the main menu.

Check the PlayStation 4 network settings

It is unnecessary to say that the improper setting or configuration of the PlayStation 4 network can also conflict with the network connection, as well as with the server connection. For this:

  • Make sure your PlayStation 4 console is enabled.
  • Now go to the main menu to go to the settings on your controller.
  • Select the network select configure the Internet connection.
  • Then select Wi-Fi or LAN cable according to your active network.
  • Choose the custom to choose automatic for setting up IP addresses.
  • Choose not to indicate for the name DHCP host.
  • Choose the operating manual for setting DNS Enter 8.eight.eight.8 for primary DNS as well as 8.eight.four.4 for secondary DNS.
  • Select OK and go to the next parameter, do not use the MTU proxy server for configuration.
  • After that, reboot the console and again check the presence of the PlayStation 4 Cannot Sign in error.

Check the PlayStation 4 system update

We strongly recommend that you check the availability of PlayStation 4 firmware update if you haven’t done this for some time. If the update is available, just install it to correct several problems. For this:

  • Make sure your console is connected to the Internet.
  • Go to the settings select the system select software.
  • Select the update and settings of system software.
  • Choose a system.based update by.
  • If the update is available, it will automatically load and install the latest firmware update.

The reasons why your PS5 does not connect to PSN

If your PS5 problems with the connection to the PlayStation Network can be caused by one of the following factors:

Problems with the server.

The most common reason why many people get a mistake due to which their PS5 cannot connect to the PSN is the downtime of the server. Sony PSN may encounter errors or may be temporarily disconnected for important maintenance. Иногда PSN просто отключается из-за непредвиденных обстоятельств, таких как перегрузка сервера.

Local network does not work.

For others, the main reason why the PSN may not be available on their PS5 not because of the problems with the server, but because of the problems in their home network.

If your router has stopped responding or a problem arose with the end of your Internet provider, it can also lead to problems with connecting to PlayStation servers.

A common problem. The problem of the house is low throughput or slow connection. You can run the speed test on your PS5 to see which part of the connection does not work, or if the download speed is not optimal for connecting to PSN.

Accounting problems.

A certain number of people will not be able to connect to the PSN on your PS5 due to the fact that their account is suspended or locked. Be sure to check the e-mail associated with your PSN account to find out if there are any messages from Sony regarding the status of your account.

If you can connect to the PlayStation Network, but you can’t play online in any multiplayer game, most likely this is caused by the expired membership in PSN. Be sure to check the status of your PSN subscription to find out, the reason is.

Wi-Fi signal interference.

For those who play online using home wi-fi. Another possible reason why the connection of your PS5 does not work properly, may be interference of the signal. To find out if this is so, try connecting PS5 directly to the router using the Ethernet cable. If you can connect to PSN and it works fine, you need to eliminate problems in the wireless network.

How to fix the problem when the PS5 cannot connect to PSN?

If you are interested in why your PS5 may not connect to the PSN, or if you get an error message when trying to access the PSN, these are solutions that you can try.

Fix: manually check the availability of system updates.

First, make sure your PS5 is connected to the Internet, and that you check the availability of system updates. This is the easiest and easiest way to fix known mistakes.

Follow the following renewal actions PS5:

  • Make sure your PS5 is connected to the Internet.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the system.
  • Go to system software.
  • Go to the update and settings of system.
  • Go to the update of the system for.

Wait until your PS5 checks if there is an affordable update for the system. After starting starting, do not turn off the system.

Correction: Check the condition of the server PSN.

If your system has already been updated, the next step in eliminating problems will be a check of current problems with the server. Visit the official PSN status page here: https: //

This page should appear instructions if any interruptions constantly occur in any of the PSN services.

Sony immediately solves problems with the server, so everything you need to do is wait until the problem is solved.

How to fix the impossibility of creating a PSN account on PS5

Correction: Launch a network connection test.

If there are no messages about the problems on the server side, the next thing you can do is check your Internet connection to find out where there may be a refusal point.

To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the network.
  • Go to the connection state.
  • Select check the Internet connection.

After completing the speed test, try checking before the failure occurs. You will see three points of failures: PSN, Internet, and IP.

Correction: check your account twice PSN.

If your PS5 has a good IP address and can connect to the Internet, try again checking the availability of system updates, as described above. If the console update does not allow you to connect to PSN, make sure you check the correct email address and your account password. You can do this by leaving your PSN account and entering it again.

If you have a problem with your PSN account, try to sign it using a smartphone or computer. If the problem is related to your email address or password, you first need to correct this.

Correction: try another PSN account.

If your PS5 is currently not able to connect to PSN, try to find out if this is connected with the suspension or blocking your account. If you have another PlayStation account, try using it to connect to PSN. If the second PSN account is working, you need to contact Sony for help regarding your main account.

Correction: Elimination of problems in the network.

The condition of your own homework to the Internet can affect PS5 connection to PSN.

Turn off and turn on the router again.

Sometimes everything that is required is to correct a small problem with the connection to PS5 is to update the router. Like any other electronic device, the router may stop responding if it is left on for a long time. Make sure you turned off the router for 30 seconds and disconnected it from the power source. This will allow the system to completely restart.

When the 30-second timer expires, connect it again and see if the problem is solved by PSN.

Check for a slow connection or low throughput.

If your Internet connection works, but it becomes very slow, it can also lead to the fact that your PS5 will not be able to maintain a good connection with servers. When starting the network speed test (as shown above), be sure to pay attention to the speed of loading and unloading.


If the load speed fell below 3 Mbps, your network may not be stable enough for your PS5 for connecting to PSN servers.

If you have other devices using your Internet at the same time, try to turn them off from the network. If your PS5 begins to connect normally to PSN, when your other devices do not use your Internet, this means that you have low throughput. This just means that your network cannot process all requests for connecting devices.

Correction: Use wired connection.

If you want to play online on your PS5, the perfect connection setup you want to use is Ethernet connection with the router.

If this is impossible for you. To connect the PS5 using the LAN cable to the router, then try to move it closer to the router to check if there are problems with a good Wi-Fi signal.

Correction: Open PSN ports to your router.

Simply put, the ports belong to the software end points of two connections. If your router does not support the required PSN ports, your PS5 will not be able to interact with PSN servers.

The specific ports are listed below, which must be opened on your router:

TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480

If you do not know how to open the port (also known as the redirection of the ports), and then make sure that you received help from your Internet provider.

If you use your own router (and it is not provided by your Internet provider), you can try to get help from the manufacturer of the router).

Enter PlayStation Etwork

To enter the PSN network, select “Settings”, “PlayStation Etwork/Account Management”, “Enter the Network/Release”. Select your account and enter the password if the entrance is not executed earlier.

Connection check is performed by PlayStation 4

That’s all, when connecting to the network, an entry error into the PSN should disappear. If it helped you, comment, share info on social networks.

Error entry into the PlayStation Network (PSN) Error correction


Many players cannot enter their PlayStation Network network, get an error message and look for a decision. This problem is most often found in players PlayStation 4, but some PS5 players also face this problem. This problem may arise for several reasons, but, fortunately, there are ways to solve it. So, in this guide, let’s see how to correct the entry error to the PlayStation Network (PSN) network with an error.

How to fix the entry error into the PlayStation Network (PSN) failed

There is no official correction for this as such, but you can try the following workarounds to solve this problem.

    Check your Internet: since you are trying to enter the system, it is important that your Internet works correctly to connect to servers. You can check your Internet by launching a speed test.

  • Update your Internet: if your Internet works incorrectly, you need to update it. If you use a wireless connection, reboot the router. As for the wired connection, disconnect the Ethernet cable, wait a bit and connect it again.
  • Check the entered accounts: the most common mistake that almost everyone has ever made is entering the wrong password. Most likely, you even introduced the wrong user name or, possibly, both. Check the correct name of the user and password to make sure that you have successfully entered the system.
  • Check the server condition: Go to the official PlayStation Network page. To check if servers work. If they do not work, wait until they return before trying again.
  • Update the system software: you may face this problem if you use the older version of system software.
  • For PlayStation 4, go to the settings and select a system software update, the system will check if any update is available. If any, follow the instructions on the screen and update the console.
  • PS5 players can check the same by going into settings and choosing a system. Then select System software, and then update system software and configuration. Finally, select “Update System Software” here. The system will again check the presence of updates of the If there is an update, follow the instructions on the screen and update the console.

This leadership describes how to fix the error “failed to enter the PlayStation Network (PSN) network”. If you get other errors for your PlayStation, check out our guidelines for eliminating the error code SU-30746-0 or the Error of the PS NP-34957-8 network error. P