Fast transfer from iPhone to iPhone

iPhone 12 data transfer hangs with about 1 minute left in time? Quick fix here

Case study: transferring data to a new iPhone 12 pro. Looks like it’s done, but the old phone seems to hang for another 1 minute before it’s done. If I try to exit, a message appears asking me to stop streaming”

Use Quick Start to Transfer Data to a New iPhone

The recently released iPhone 12 has gained significant popularity due to its many unique features. Soon after purchase, users have to transfer data from their old iPhone to the new iPhone 12. But it can be very frustrating if the iPhone data transfer hangs on the remaining time of about 1 minute. This problem is already annoying many users who are looking for simple solutions to get rid of it.

That’s why we’ve done extensive research and developed a number of methods to help iPhone 12 users troubleshoot. Let’s find out.

How to move photos from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud

Transferring photos via iCloud is the most advanced and promising way. All you need for this. just two iPhones and a stable Internet connection (cell phone will do).

Go to the settings of your smartphone and open the item with iCloud. In newer versions of iOS you need to find the item with your name or the name of your smartphone, where the iCloud menu will already be.

In this menu, turn on the synchronization of photos with cloud storage. You can also check the “download and save originals” box. After that, all your photos will be automatically synced with iCloud.

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In the application itself, open the folder with your photos. Now you can share the photos you want to transfer to another iPhone. Also, all the photos will be automatically available for viewing and downloading on another iPhone, if it is used with your same Apple ID. That is, tied to an account.

The disadvantage of this method is the need for Internet connection. As well as the complexity of transferring large amounts of data via iCloud on a mobile network. For example, on Android you can both set such restrictions and remove them. But, it is not possible to transfer the archive of photos of several gigabytes to the iPhone.

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The iCloud service itself is fully official. And at the moment Apple provides up to 5 GB of space on the cloud server for free. In the future, the free space will be expanded depending on the company’s policy. The service has a Russian-language version, and is characterized by security, as well as protection of the data from unauthorized access, as well as loss. So your photos will be safe and sound.

An important advantage is the possibility to copy photos from iPhone to Android smartphone.

How to transfer data to a new iPhone using iTunes

You’ll need a Lightning cable or 30-pin cable (if it’s an iPhone 4S or older model).

How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

2: Connect your old iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer.

4: Click on the iPhone icon in the menu term.

5: Select encrypt local copy and add password.

6: If a question appears about backing up apps, click skip. (They’ll install either way)

7: Wait for the backup to complete.

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

8: Unplug your old iPhone from the computer, turn it off, and remove the SIM card from it.

9: Insert the SIM card into your new iPhone and turn it on.

10: Connect your new iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer.

11: Start setting it up, choose a language, connect to the Wi-FI network.

12: On the iPhone Setup page, select Restore from iTunes copy

13: In iTunes on your Mac or Windows, select restore from backup

14: Choose the latest backup from the list and enter the password.

Depending on the size of your backup, apps, and music, you may have to wait a while for it all to download. Don’t disconnect your iPhone until the restore from backup is complete. Once the process is complete, the device can be used.

Synchronize devices near each other

Place the smartphones in close proximity and then open the Quick Start app on the current phone. To transfer data to the new iPhone, use the recommendations.

  • Connect Bluetooth on the phones and perform pairing. Your smartphone prompts you to use your current Apple ID to transfer information. Make sure you’re using the correct user ID.
  • The smartphone you bought displays an animation, position the current device over the one you bought so that the picture is in the middle of the viewfinder. Wait for the termination message to appear on the purchased phone. If the camera module of the current unit does not work, select the manual authentication method.
  • Confirm the action by entering the actual numeric display lock code if needed.
  • Set up facial or fingerprint identification on your purchased smartphone. iPhone kindly offers instructions.
  • When prompted, enter the numeric code.
  • The purchased smartphone will offer to restore the settings, apps and files taken from the last iCloud backup. The user chooses which settings and files are worth transferring.
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If your current smartphone is synchronized with the Apple Watch, then confirm the pairing request with the new smartphone.

How to transfer notes from iPhone X / 8/7 / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5/4 to your computer

Conclusion : Want to know how to transfer notes from iPhone to computer? In this post, you’ll find 4 easy ways to transfer notes from iPhone to PC / Mac using iTunes, iCloud, Email or iOS Transfer.

How to transfer notes from iPhone to computer

Notes app is a great and popular thing among iPhone users. No need for pen or paper, now you can easily open notes on your iPhone to set reminders for your shopping list, business plan or quickly jot down notes on whatever just pops into your head. It’s very convenient for you.

However, at the same time, there are some risks when you keep important notes on your iPhone, as you can lose them due to many unexpected reasons, such as stealing or losing your iPhone, or breaking during an iOS update, etc. Д. To better protect your notes, we highly recommend that you transfer your iPhone notes to your computer for backup. How you can do it? Read this post, and you’ll learn 4 easy and quick methods for transferring notes from your iPhone to your computer.

Transferring data from iPhone to iPhone

Buying a new device forces the owner to think about how to transfer data from the old smartphone, so that they don’t lose anything important. neither personal files, nor downloaded content. Apple has provided several options that allow you to transfer data from one iPhone to another:

  • Automatic setup is available if the latest version of the operating system is installed. In this case, you need to use the setup function via Apple ID.
  • The old device can be connected to a personal computer or Mac, where a special program iTunes is installed. It is necessary to perform a backup, connect the new gadget and select “Restore from backup”.
  • Another way is to refer to iCloud. In this case, too, you’ll need to copy your data to the cloud storage, and then set up your new Apple device by selecting “Restore from”.

If you are worried about making a mistake, ask the professionals at Pedant Service Center for help.Ru! We’ll not only transfer all the data you need, but also give you advice on any questions you may have.

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Ways to transfer data from iPhone

The owner of an iPhone has three methods of moving information:

The iCloud service is based on synchronization with proprietary cloud storage. This method allows you to simply and quickly copy basic file types with minimal effort. The convenience lies in the absence of a wired connection to the computer. Thus it is necessary to connect the old and new device to Wi-Fi point with unlimited traffic if it is required to transfer a considerable volume of data. It is also worth noting that the free storage capacity is 5 GB. If there is more information, some data will have to be transferred by other means or additional space will have to be purchased.

Desktop programs for data synchronization are useful in the absence of Wi-Fi point with unlimited traffic, or when you want to copy a large amount of information. To copy the information, you should use the official iTunes client or third-party analogues: iFunBox, iTools, DiskAid, CopyTrans or iExplorer. The principle of operation of the above programs is the same. The differences lie in the interface and ease of navigation, as well as in the distribution model. paid or free.

Desktop data recovery software also allows you to make a copy of your existing data. to a computer or to a new device. Such programs are indispensable if you need to restore or urgently retrieve data from a damaged iPhone.

For any photo or video from your iPhone, you can see detailed information such as the extension, file size, aspect ratio, geolocation data, and more. All you need to do is to double-click the item, or select it and press the spacebar.

With iMazing, you have access to all your photos, including the ones you wouldn’t normally see. In addition to the usual Smart albums (such as Favorites, Selfies, or Slow Down), iMazing shows:

The easiest and fastest way is to transfer via iCloud Media Library. To do this on both devices, you need to enable this option via Settings. iCloud- iCloud Media Library. Of course, you must have the same Apple ID on both devices.

At the device setup prompt (which will appear after deleting content and settings), select “Set up as a new iPhone“. Next, you need to skip logging into your Apple ID to avoid transferring your iCloud service settings to your device.