Find out who your cell phone number is registered to

Detective investigation with the phone in hand, or how to find out to whom a cell phone number is registered

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and more often we, the people who live in the world of modern technology, are faced with the disadvantages and imperfections of this very world. Take at least the problem of portable phones. and convenient, and good, but sometimes you need to figure out the name of the owner of the SIM-card from which you call or write, and it’s quite difficult to do. And sometimes it’s not even realistic. But, fortunately, there are really working ways to solve the inconvenience.

So, how do you find out who your cell phone number is registered to?

  • Find on the Internet.
  • Go to a mobile phone shop.
  • With the help of the database.
  • With the help of appeal to law enforcement agencies.

Unofficial ways

The methods described in this section are not lawful. Everyone is responsible for following these instructions. Although some ways are legitimate, even if they do not give the most complete information. let’s call them tips.

Lifehack with online banking

Let’s take Sberbank Online as an example. Banking was created to transfer money, pay for goods and services. It has a mechanism for checking recipients of payments. It will show who the number is registered to, but the information may be incorrect. Most often numbers and cards belong to the same person. Receiving the data will help you make a money transfer to an individual:

As a requisite for the recipient, use the phone number of the owner of which you want to receive information. Specify the charge card and enter an arbitrary amount. The next page will display the cardholder’s data. first name, middle name and the first letter of the last name.

Sberbank Online mobile app will provide similar information. Start transferring and get information about the cardholder.

This method has two disadvantages. First, the owner of the number may not use the services of Sberbank. Second. the phone may be registered to completely different person. The bank does not check data consistency, although there are plans for further development of online banking.

From open sources

Search engines index millions of Internet resources and keep information about them in a database. If the person you are looking for left his or her personal data on the Internet, nothing prevents you from finding them via Yandex or Google. Enter the number in the search field and analyze the results. But the accuracy of matching data may be quite low. Sometimes there are no results at all. people are afraid of disclosing their own data on the web.

With the help of acquaintances at the operators’ offices

This method is illegal, and the responsibility for its use lies with the readers and staff of the operators. Find out if the number belongs to a certain telecom operator, find your friends who work at the required phone shop. Ask for a glimpse of the owner’s data. the office staff have official access to the subscriber database. Whether your acquaintance decides to take this step or not. you can only guess, since the disclosure of subscriber data may have grave consequences (up to and including criminal prosecution).

With the help of specialized services

There are dozens of similar services on the web. They promise to reveal information:

Correspondence of a number to an operator is public information and is good bait for gullible users. But the data about the owner is classified information. That is why 99.9% of such services are fraudulent. They assure that they receive information from cellular operators, but it is not true. You should not trust these services.

With the help of subscriber bases

Subscriber bases are actually posted on the network. But they often hide virus-infected software. It steals bank card data, intercepts keystrokes, and reveals user’s personal data. When searching for the bases, you need to be careful and keep your antivirus turned on. In addition, the information in public databases is often outdated and does not correspond to reality.

How to check the number on the Biline

It’s easy to recognize a subscriber by phone number, if a Beeline SIM card is available to you. To do this, go to your personal account on the company’s website and look at the information about the host and the tariff. You can also use a mobile application called “My Beeline” to view the data of the owner of the SIM card.

The password to enter should be requested by dialing the command in your smartphone 1109# call. How do I know who my SIM card is registered to if I have no access to it?? Try to get the information from the company’s offices. Employees are not allowed to give it, but they can tell you when you pay for services.

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How to view personal SIM card number information?

You can view your number details online, after logging into your Personal profile on the official website of your regional operator. In order to access it, the subscriber needs a login, which is a 10-digit phone number, and a short password. It is obtained on the company’s website or by dialing the USSD command 110 9 #. After authorization you will see not only information on who owns the given cell phone number, but also information about tariff plan, balance and connected options.

You can also see this data in the “My Beeline” mobile application. If it’s not installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can download it for free in the online stores Google Play, Microsoft or App Store.

Ways to find out who the phone is registered to

Yet there are a few ways to find out confidential information about the owner of the cell phone from which you were called, quite legally.

Now, these methods include the following:

  • Find out information about the user at the toll booths.
  • Find data at the cell phone office.
  • Look through a cell phone number directory.
  • Find info on the Internet.
  • Running a cell phone through law enforcement databases.

However, first of all it’s worth mentioning that the mobile operators Beeline, MTS, Megafon and Tele2 allow you to view information about a subscriber through a user’s personal account. But this is only possible if you have the SIM card of the person you want to find out.

Finding out subscriber information at the toll booths

Information that information about the user can be found at any point of payment, providing only a phone number, can be found on the Internet most often. Frankly speaking, these instructions are frankly nonsense, as no employee of payment acceptance point has the right to disclose such data.

Find out the data about the subscriber in the operator’s office

This method is a little closer to reality. After all, employees at service offices at least have access to subscriber bases.

According to the phone number, such an employee can find out the following:

  • Full name or name of legal entity the number was registered to.
  • Passport information.
  • Date of birth.
  • Cost and direction of last outgoing calls.
  • Data on how much money has been charged and written off.
  • Correspondence of IMEI of the device to the last call.

However, still you will unlikely manage to get this information from the consultant at the service department, as this data belongs to the confidential, disclosure of which is illegal.

Find out who the phone is registered to in social networks

This method works best with You just need to log out of your account and enter the number you are interested in instead of your login. After that, you should press the “Forgot your password” button?”You will immediately get the main information from the user’s profile.

With the help of law enforcement

You should use this method only in the most extreme case if you receive threats from unknown number or if you became a victim of fraudster. In this case, it is worth to write a complaint to the police, prosecutor’s office or FSB.

The statement should contain the essence of the offense. After that, a criminal case will be opened against the offender, and the cellular company will provide to the authorities all the necessary data.

Search through the information service

This method is also one of the most difficult in practice, as an employee of inquiry service will never give you information about a subscriber. The reason would be the same as in the case of service office employees. The disclosure of confidential information is illegal.

Searching for information on the Internet

Since the Internet often sells and resells subscriber bases, you can use them to find out to whom the phone number was registered. But the main difficulty is that most of these databases contain outdated information, and their owners can easily profit from your attempt to find out confidential data.

Finding out this information will be very difficult, because all of the information about customers. this is confidential information, which is not easy to find out. But it is possible. First you need to identify the region from which they’re trying to reach you:

  • Highlight the phone number and enter it into the search engine.
  • In the list offered to you, choose one of the free services to determine the region in which the phone number is registered.

Next, you need to try to determine to whom the phone number is registered. There are several quite legitimate ways to do this.

Of course you can, but it’s not easy to do. Each cell phone company has a subscriber database with complete installation information (e.g., passport numbers).

The difficulty is that this information is strictly confidential, and can only be obtained through the court, by request of law enforcement agencies or the subscriber, but only if it concerns calls made from his cell phone.

Cellular subscriber databases. information is classified. You can, of course, find this base in CD-DVD stores. But the information you find will likely be outdated. Among other things, it is worth noting that the SIM card you want to find the number can be, for example, a gift, etc.п. It means that you have registered it on a different, unknown person. All the information about the owner of the phone number you will be able to buy a database of the operator of cellular communication. This base can be obtained at the market, in the subway, and even on the Internet. The cheapest and most convenient way is to buy the database via the Internet. You can pay via Web Wallet or by sending an SMS from your cell phone.

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Download the “Mobile Operators” utility for free over the Internet. This application does not need to be installed on your computer. Just launch the program, enter the telephone number of the desired subscriber, and you will get brief information about the cellular company, date of number registration and the area of registration. Most likely, this information is quite enough.

If you have the sim card in your hands, but you don’t remember who is its legal owner (in whose name it is registered), then the information can be obtained using the personal account. When entering the Personal Area, Beeline asks to enter the phone number and password (you can find it out with the help of the recovery system by sending an SMS to the necessary number). In the Personal Cabinet the information submitted by a subscriber for conclusion of an agreement is available: full name, address of registration, etc.д.

The information about the owner will help the user to re-register all the documents signed with the telecom company MTS. This knowledge is also often needed, if it is difficult to find out in which name the phone number is registered to which particular person. Fortunately, the mobile network operator MTS has several legal ways to determine the real owner of the phone of interest:

  • via a personal account on the official website or in the company’s mobile application;
  • By personal visit to one of the many offices of the MTS mobile operator.

These two methods are fundamentally different in the way they are implemented, so it is worth to separate them from each other.

Via Internet

The easiest way to find out the data of an individual, to whom the agreement on the provision of cellular services is registered, is to enter the personal account of an MTS subscriber from this mobile number. To begin with, you need to insert the SIM card into any mobile device, and then log into the account.

How to Find Your Phone Number on Android

  • Visit the official website of the cellular operator MTS.
  • Go to “Login to personal cabinet” tab.
  • Enter the phone number you are interested in and click on “Get password by SMS”.
  • Enter the data sent by the operator via SMS and enter your personal account.
  • Go to “Profile settings” where the name of the subscriber to whom the given SIM-card is registered will be written.

The only problem with this method of obtaining information about the person to whom the SIM-card is registered is that he/she does not know the telephone number himself/herself.

If the user does not know the phone number, this information can be obtained from the mobile company itself. To do this, use a special USSD command “1110887#”. After you dial this number, you will receive a text message containing the necessary information.

Request in the company office

One more available way for MTS subscribers to find out about the owner of a certain number is a personal appeal to a representative of the telecom company.

But this process is not that easy to accomplish. The thing is that each contract for communication services is concluded with a specific person, and all actions connected with this document can be performed only with the permission of the person named as a subscriber of the mobile operator.

In order to take any actions with your mobile number you need to obtain a written authorization from the owner of the MTS SIM card to transfer your rights and obligations as a subscriber. According to the rules this document must be officially certified by a notary, however many representatives of the MTS telecom company disregard this fact.

To avoid any other cases of applying to an MTS cellular communications shop and having problems with getting a permission from a different individual the user has the right to have the contract reissued in his/her own name.

However, to do this you need to get some documents. The most important of these is the very permission from the real owner, without which no action with the tariff plan takes place.

In addition to the written permission, MTS subscribers can come to the office together. In this case, the individual in whose name the number was registered will independently transfer all rights to the new owner.

After obtaining the necessary permission, the user who wants to have the number registered to him/herself must visit any of the operator’s mobile network salons with the following list of documents

  • Passports of the new and previous SIM-card holders;
  • Agreement on rendering cellular communication services;
  • Power of attorney for the transfer of rights and obligations of the subscriber.

In case of death of a natural person, to whom cellular services have been provided, the contract can be reissued to the nearest relative of the subscriber. A document on the provision of telecommunications services and a death certificate of the former owner must be brought to a mobile operator’s shop.

Re-registration takes place immediately in the company’s branch.

Other ways

Officially it is possible to find out the owner of someone else’s SIM-card without access to it only with the permission of the MTS cellular network operator. You can write an e-mail to the company (only MTS in Belarus provides this opportunity).

For this purpose it is necessary to go by the direct link. Fill in all the required fields, and send additional documents if required.

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E-mail messages are processed in two weeks to one month.

The statement should be in Belarusian or Russian.

However, the MTS telecom company has the right to refuse to provide the user with such corporate information.

Find out who your cell phone number (SIM card) is registered to

over, it’s not uncommon for them to be sold without identity documents, i.e.е. passports.

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Among our readers, there are likely those who, on the one hand, do not know and, on the other hand, do not remember to whom their mobile number is registered. They’ve been using it for a long time, they don’t plan to change it and at the same time they understand that the SIM card belongs by right to a person they don’t even know, well, if it belongs to the closest relatives.

How do you find a person’s name by their cell phone number?2022

Are there any inconveniences in this regard?? Undoubtedly!

find, your, cell, phone, number

The mobile operator has no right to tell the personal information (by phone) about the formal owner, the transfer to another tariff is possible only with the use of commands. In general, quite a lot of unpleasant moments.

What to do? The way out may be quite simple: the largest telecom operators have official sites, through them you can get access to a personal cabinet (Megafon’s is Service Guide), and it is in the personal cabinet all the confidential information about the registration of the SIM card is indicated.

Another story: you call a citizen and would like to know his personal data. In such case the operators do not give the information, unless it makes sense to address in office of the company and to tell about the telephone hooligan. Or to change the phone number.

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If you do not know who is the registered owner of the SIM card you use and want to transfer it to your name, you must go to the office of your operator, and write an application explaining the situation as it is. In your application, you need to indicate at least 10 phone numbers that call you most often and you will answer calls from this number. This is proof that the number works and you really use it and want to own the number officially. In a month, after the inspection you may be allowed to register it in your name. I did so. And got a number after 5 years of using it.

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