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Cell phone technology is firmly entrenched in our lives. Today it is hard to imagine your life without the familiar “handset”. The gadget plays the role of an intercom, alarm clock, timer, camera, video camera and a dozen of other various devices. That is why the loss or breakage of a faithful friend is perceived as a real tragedy: without the telephone a person is practically outside society. However, serviceability of the phone is not the only factor that affects our communication skills. Wanting to stay in touch at all times, we prefer to use the services of mobile operators that provide the highest quality signal. Wherever we are, we can be sure that friends and relatives can reach us without any difficulty. And if earlier you could get rare minutes of “privacy” in the subway or in nature, but now signal transmitters are installed almost everywhere. even in the most secluded settlements you can be sure: “there is a signal”. And few of us think about what exactly are the cherished communication antennas on the gadget monitor, and what their number depends on. Without going into technical details, the principle of the mobile network can be safely compared to traditional radio. As different radio stations broadcast on a particular “wave”, as well as mobile operators choose specific frequency ranges, within which to broadcast their signal. In large cities and densely populated regions the entire permissible range of waves can be clogged with representatives of various radio stations (cellular companies), while in some republics and regions barely half the frequencies are occupied. Communications antennas tell us how well the gadget “sees” the nearest repeater signal. Mobile towers in different cities and regions are distributed unevenly, in addition, their signal can be interrupted by interference of natural or artificial origin. The signal quality is also significantly affected by various installations that use electromagnetic radiation in their work. You can be hundred meters away from the nearest communication station and the phone will only have one antenna, or you can roast barbecue on the nature and enjoy the charms of 4G.

location by phone number on the om-tel service

Poor signal quality rarely affects your ability to make a call. even a single band on the antenna icon is enough to take a call or dial a number. You’ll only have trouble with mobile Internet. a weak signal slows down the speed of your data transfer significantly. However, the phone itself seeks to improve the quality of the connection. it sends requests to the nearest repeater station with enviable regularity to improve traffic or establish a better connection. Most importantly. signal search is performed by the device in the background. It does not matter if you talk on the phone or sit on the VK, listen to music or work: the gadget lives its own life, of which you know nothing. The point is that your phone wants to always be “on”, so you don’t miss a call or a message. So it sets up a connection with just about every cell tower you see along the way. On the one hand, it is a significant bonus for you personally. you will not miss a single call. On the other hand, you are not the only one who sees the station. it also “sees” you perfectly well. And if you do not know anything about the location of the nearest towers, the telecom operator monitors all movements of the receiving devices (phones) and displays them on their local maps of work. Like any innovation, mobile telephony has a downside. The subscriber loses a huge amount of privacy. With the phone in his. he can no longer keep his movements a secret. anyone can determine the location of his phone by its mobile number through the operator.


Specialized software for determining the location of the phone was created on the basis of advanced computing platforms. The service is based on automatic software that duplicates the signal on the selected frequency. With the help of unique equipment the service connects to the wave on which the operator of interest broadcasts and enters the system of the nearest active communication station. Thanks to the high-precision frequency duplication, the repeater station perceives OM-TEL as a part of the operator’s common hardware network. By masquerading as part of the system, OM-TEL absolutely legally gains access to the monitoring system of active communication devices and you can find the subscriber location of any given network. The main task of the service is not just to connect you to the tracking systems, but to subtly extract the information you need from the enormous flow of data. Because duplication of a full-scale movement map of all system users in case of accidental detection can be regarded as an administrative offence and will certainly cause the strengthening of security systems, while a short-term readout of the route of one of the subscribers across the system is guaranteed to remain unnoticed. We know exactly how to find out a person’s location by his mobile number, and our method can be used repeatedly, as opposed to brute force hacking.

Application for remote location control works without restrictions. Log into OM-TEL. the service of tracking a person by phone number. you can do it from anywhere in the world. Company servers are located in several regions of the world providing security of anonymous connection with your IP. Multiple call forwarding ensures that no one can be tracked back to the user. With OM-TEL, you can track a person through your phone without fear of being caught in the act. OM-TEL’s loyalty program regularly features promotions and sweepstakes. Regular customers can count on nice bonuses and special offers from the service. We also offer you to participate in our partnership program. Our offer will certainly be of interest to active users of the service. You can not only locate a person by his phone number, but also build a career with a young and developing company. This is your chance to get invaluable marketing experience based on a modern product in demand. To learn more about the conditions of cooperation with OM-TEL, please see the “Affiliate Program” section. To learn more about our product, with the opinions of our customers in the “Testimonials” section. If you are interested in our offer, after registration on the service you just need to propose yourself as a partner in the “Affiliate Program” menu. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you still have questions, on OM-TEL service, you can always visit the frequently asked questions section.

Subscriber’s consent to search

Searching someone else’s device always requires the consent of the owner, without his presence phone can’t be found. What is the reasoning behind this:

  • Searching is done via Google Maps, iCloud, and Apple ID. only the owner of the phone has access to the device’s credentials and it is illegal to obtain such information without their knowledge;
  • searching the device by IMEI. requires the intervention of the operator and often law enforcement agencies, only the owner of the number can initiate the operation.

Searching someone else’s phone number in any situation requires the consent of the owner. Otherwise, it is illegal and will be prosecuted under the legislation.

“Beacon” from Kyivstar

In Ukraine you can find out person’s location without special applications, but only by phone number. This is the service that “Kyivstar” offers to its subscribers.

To activate Beacon it’s necessary to dial a combination of digits with the number of a subscriber whose location you want to find out. But the person must allow you to watch him: he receives an SMS and agrees that you can report his location. “Kyivstar” connects four free requests per day. Their cost is included in the subscription fee. 53 cop/day. The fifth and subsequent requests cost more.

“Beacon” from “Kyivstar

In Ukraine you can find out location of the person without special applications, but only by phone number. This is a service that “Kyivstar” offers to its customers.

To activate Beacon it is necessary to dial the combination of digits with the number of subscriber whose location you want to know. But the person must give you permission to track him: he gets an SMS, and he agrees that you can be notified of his whereabouts. “Kyivstar” connects four free requests per day. Their cost is included in the subscription fee. 53 kop/day. Fifth and subsequent requests cost more.

Find iPhone by IMEI

We provide a new service. Find the location of your iOS phone through the IMEI, nb.

How to track a phone by IMEI

Every mobile communication device. cell phone or smartphone. Has its own unique identifier in the form of a 15-digit code. In English technical nomenclature it is called International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI for short. Even if SIM-card is changed, it is impossible to change IMEI, which is implanted in the phone’s built-in software.

You can learn this code by dialing sequence of characters #06#.

In this article we will look at the practical value of IMEI and some aspects of how to find a phone by IMEI.

Why does the phone need a unique identifier??

Speaking of IMEI. We should say a few words about what information it carries:

  • The first 6 digits identify the model of the phone and the very first 2 of them indicate the country of origin;
  • 7 and 8 digits. country of assembly code;
  • 9. 14 digits. serial number;
  • Last digit is a control number.

The unique IMEI identifier is needed in order to track counterfeit and stolen phones. But its greatest value is that knowing this code, mobile operators can calculate the location of the phone (and most often the user) within a few hundred meters. At the same time there is a technical possibility to block the phone.

It would seem that if you can find a stolen or lost phone by its IMEI, only noble intentions can be seen. But if it’s technically possible to find a stolen phone, then not stolen phones are detected in the same way. This reveals a controversial ethical aspect: how to get people to voluntarily consent to surveillance? You just need to sell them an expensive toy, without which they will feel as if they have no hands!

In this regard, many people (including some who are not registered) will not be able to register their phones.ч. malefactors) try to change IMEI with the help of software, which is fraught with negative consequences. In some countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan), this is a criminal offence. When you enter some countries the phone won’t get registered, in some places it will be blocked by operators depending on the decision of the authorities, dictated by fiscal policy, the fight against smuggling or electronics theft.

This state of affairs leads to an “arms race” between cell phone manufacturers and programmers who try to bypass the security system blocking attempts to change the IMEI. There is a legal way to change the code. in an authorized service center of the manufacturer, when the phone repair involves replacement of the appropriate firmware. But in this case changes of identifier are registered.

You should know that there is also IMSI. international code of subscriber identification by SIM-card. But unlike the IMEI it is attached to the map, not to the phone.

Is it possible to find the phone by IMEI on the Internet?

When a phone is lost or stolen, many people try to locate it with the help of Internet services. But technically only the operator can do this.к. Its base station does not place data on the network that a particular number has entered. And the operator can’t search by IMEI alone. You also need a signal from the SIM card.

In fact, on their own initiative, the operator has no right to search for phones. This requires the necessary legal grounds. a request from the investigating authorities with a reference to the number of the criminal or operational case on which the phone is held. And the police in turn do not like to make such requests, unless we are talking about crimes of significant public danger: robbery, terrorist attacks, drug trafficking, etc.д. It is useless to go to the police with a simple lost phone report: this body is not a lost and found office. Without a request from the police, the operator will not look for anything either.

In this regard it is useless to torment the search engine with requests like “find IMEI on the Internet”, “search IMEI via satellite” or “find by IMEI online. In the best case you’ll come across the fraudulent services, which will ask you to pay in advance for the service with one predictable result: you won’t be able to find the phone. Access to the database of mobile operators is not open and you can’t locate your phone without their knowledge.

Can the operator always locate the phone?

As mentioned above, technically the operator can find the phone, but it needs a signal from the SIM card. What does a thief do when he gets hold of someone else’s phone? Throws the SIM card into the nearest trash can and shuts down the phone. The myths about being able to locate a turned off phone are alive because even then certain systems are still active in the phone: static memory, battery power management, etc.д. But it’s definitely not enough. Disconnected phone (and even without a SIM-card) can not find the satellite by IMEI, as long as it is not turned on and the SIM-card is not inserted into it.

But if an intruder changes the SIM-card, it is thanks to the IMEI that an attempt to register it in the network can lead to the phone being blocked (as it happens in some countries) and its location being established. Thanks to this method of general prevention it is possible to prevent theft of equipment: what is the use if the stolen phone is blocked?

So, the phone can be found if it is, firstly, turned on, and secondly. has a SIM card.

What to do if your phone is lost or stolen?

Cell phone providers do not officially provide a phone finder service. The police don’t go to them, either, unless there is a particular need. There are no effective Internet services for this yet. But what to do if the missing phone or the subscriber’s location still need to be found?

Few people know that detective agencies are something in this case, depending on the degree of their location to the mobile operator. If technically he is able to provide a service to the police, unofficially he can help anyone, as long as he can find an approach to the operator.

Detective Agency HACRON is just the right entity to provide such a service. Let’s say right away that finding the phone by IMEI for free will not work: this delicate matter requires expenditure of administrative and material resources, while respecting all the requirements regarding privacy. That means the service is on a paid basis.

Thuraya SatSleeve. Turn your smartphone into a satellite phone.

Turn your smartphone into a satellite phone.

Important note: Thuraya SatSleeve AC charger recall.Click here to learn more.

Turn your smartphone into a satellite phone! The next generation of adapters for your smartphone has arrived. The SatSleeve, available in 2 different models depending on how you use your phone out of cellular coverage, allows you to make voice calls and SMS when you’re off the grid.

  • Use your smartphone in satellite mode when you’re out of cell phone range.
  • SatSleeve and SatSleeve hotspots are easy to use, just connect your smartphone and SatSleeve via Wi-Fi through the SatSleeve Hotspot app to stay connected.Download the free SatSleeve Hotspot app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • The SatSleeve and SatSleeve access point have a special SOS button that works even if your smartphone isn’t connected. Function
  • High Penetration Alerting (HPA) allows you to receive calls even if the satellite dish is retracted.

Designed for users who prefer to use their smartphone separately from their satellite device, the SatSleeve access point gives you range and room to move when you’re using your phone.The SatSleeve access point is in direct line of sight with the satellite (outdoors), while you can make calls and send and receive SMS inside.

Use your smartphone when it’s connected to the SatSleeve with the SatSleeve This SatSleeve is similar to the previous SatSleeve for iPhone and SatSleeve for Android, but its universal adapter fits virtually any recent smartphone model from 58mm to 85mm wide.

Please note: Use of satellite telecommunications services and devices may be prohibited or restricted in some countries.

Important note about incoming calls using the Thuraya SatSleeve Recent updates to iOS and Android operating systems have changed the way alerts work on smartphones when apps are running in the background or the screen is locked. If the SatSleeve app is running in the background or your screen is locked, you may not receive an incoming call alert on your smartphone when someone calls you. This will be your user experience if your smartphone is running iOS 13 or Android 10.This will affect iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20 users and can affect any iPhone newer than the iPhone 6s and any Samsung Galaxy S series newer than the Galaxy S9 if you’ve updated the OS on your phone. When your SatSleeve is connected to the satellite network, make sure the SatSleeve app is open in the foreground and the screen lock is off.