Fitness bracelet 115 plus how to charge

Features of the DOITOP 115 PLUS Smartband

In addition to a good design, the 115 PLUS is equipped with powerful hardware. Under the hood, the ST-17H25 Bluetooth 4 processor.0. Powered by a 90 mAh lithium polymer battery, one charge lasts for about 10 days of use. Like most of the latest activity trackers, the 115 PLUS Smartband charges via a USB plug that’s “hidden” in the strap.

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All main features of this bracelet are shown schematically in the picture below. But in general, it has the same features as most fitness bracelets on the market.

How to charge a fitness bracelet: different ways with and without wire

Fitness bracelets have made their way into the lives of active people. They help to count the steps taken, monitor your heart rate, the number of calories burned, etc. д. One of the main advantages of these devices is the ability to work in standalone mode for a long time. But after a few days, any bracelet will need recharging. So when using this modern and useful device, it is important to know how to charge it correctly and what to do if the original charger is not around.

Ways to connect the charger

The design of some models may vary, so their way of connecting to the mains also changes. First, it is worth noting that you can charge the battery with a low-current power supply or via a USB connector on a computer. You can also use portable batteries for charging (Power Banks), but the charging current must comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations (often 1-1.5A).

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To charge most modern models, you need to remove the capsule with the screen itself, and then connect it through the wire. Often the connector is located on the side of the capsule. Expensive models of bracelets are more like a Smart Watch, so you can not separate the capsule from the strap. Often the connector on these models is on the back side. Some devices provide an opportunity to remove only one strap to connect the USB-port to the power supply or computer.

Original ID115Plus Color HR Smart Bracelet Color Display Sports Activity Tracker Heart Rate

Check the integrity of the contacts

The first thing to check is whether the power supply, to which you connect the capsule, is functioning properly. Try plugging something else, like a cell phone, into a socket or plugging it in. If charging went, look for the reasons in the bracelet, namely, in the contacts.

Due to the fact that the owners of bracelets engaged in sports and constantly worn on the hand, the external elements can oxidize. This may be caused by excessive sweating or the ingress of moisture from outside the body.

The capsule may be loose in the strap. In this case, the instructions for the bracelet states that it is waterproof. But do not swim in it in the pool for more than 30 minutes.

When moisture enters the body of the bracelet Xiaomi causes a chemical reaction. As a result the contacts will oxidize and the unit will malfunction when connected to the power supply. You may even notice a distinctive orange residue on the contacts.

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If such a situation occurs, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the contacts yourself. Do it with care and gently. Do not use harsh materials or chemical solutions to remove oxidation from the cells.

It is best to take a piece of soft cloth, moistening it with alcohol beforehand. Once the procedure is completed thoroughly dry the contacts and try charging it again. If cleaning does not produce the desired results, try the following method.

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Important to know! Damage to the contacts can also cause a fall or a hard blow to the bracelet. After that, it can sit down faster and does not turn on after a successful charge.

How to charge a fitness bracelet

Fitness tracker. a modern device equipped with a large set of functions that allow you to monitor your health at any time of day. Faulty and stable operation of the device is possible with proper care. To increase battery life you need to follow the rules below.

First, let’s look at what types of chargers Smarterra products are available:

  • Built-in USB: Color, Aura, FM4, FM5, Pulsar.
  • USB built-in: Color, Aura, FM4, FM5, Pulsar.
  • Magnetic: Thor, Atlas, Onyx (exclusive to DNS).
  • Clip: Vega, UNO, Aura Pro.
  • Bath clip: ALCOR.
  • MicroUSB (included): X, R, NEO, Zen.

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What to charge from and what

before charging the bracelet, it is important to know what to charge the battery with and from what (this should be specified in the user manual). Depending on the design and technology that manufacturers used in the models, battery chargers for them may differ in principle of connection or attachment. As a rule, smart bracelets are charged through:

Given the type of charger, it is important to understand what power source you can connect the gadget:

What is included with the device

The miniature fitness bracelet resembles a wristwatch. It is equipped with charging cables, basic and additional wrist straps and removable capsules, which are equipped with sensors for reading information (heart rate, number of steps taken, kilometers, etc.).). Most devices do not contain connectors for attaching chargers. The capsules are separated from the housing and placed in the special socket of the USB cord that comes with the.

For charging, the free ends of the cord are connected to a computer, outlet, power bank, laptop. Power comes from contacts located on the capsule body and power supply devices. In order for the bracelet to serve properly and for a long time, it is necessary to treat carefully its elements. Remove the capsule from the charger and USB wire must be carefully, holding the socket.

How to set up a Jet Sport FT 4 fitness bracelet: how to charge, turn on, connect to your phone via Bluetooth, set the time and date on your watch and manage settings

A fitness bracelet is a gadget that uses special sensors to track and monitor physical activity, compare results and achievements.Trackers are a smart gadget with pedometer, alarm clock, heart rate monitor that can track sleep quality.

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Smart bracelets are advanced models of trackers. In addition to fitness functions, they include indication of calls and messages, activity reminders, GPS, COMPASS. Mostly equipped with a display and resembles a smart watch. The most popular manufacturers: Jawbone, Polar, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi.

The time to a full charge of the battery depends on the battery capacity, the charging voltage and the specific model of the device. The average time of the first charge fitness bracelet after purchase. 2. 3 year. It takes up to 4 years for charging.

Exact information on the duration and frequency of charging can be found in the documentation of the purchased device. It is recommended to read this information to avoid overcharging and charging the equipment.

from the socket

Charging from the socket. easiest and most accessible way of charging, because the laptop or tablet PC may not always be at hand. Charging time in this case is usually fast, but sometimes bracelet manufacturers do not recommend using this method. Wristbands are designed for charging from a weak battery (up to 5 volts), more powerful batteries can lead to loss of power.

Power Bank

In today’s world, almost every third user has his own Powerbank. Charging from a portable battery. The best way to renew the smart watch. These batteries give a weak stream, so they are not ideal for the battery of the year or the bracelet.