Forgot your password on your Android Honor phone

Forgot your password and can’t unlock your Huawei? Problem solved

Smart phones have been a part of modern life for a long time now. Their memory stores not only memorable pictures and dates, but also a lot of other necessary information. To keep it out of the public domain, developers have invented and created a lot of ways to protect. One of the strongest security methods is the graphics key. It will help keep your information safe even if your gadget was taken by intruders. The developers of Huawei phones have created a serious protection to keep your personal information in any situation.

However sometimes in life unforeseen situations happen, when even the owner of a smartphone for one reason or another can not unlock his gadget. What to do in this case? Is it possible to disable the password, preserving all the important information stored on the smartphone. How to unlock your Huawei phone if you forgot the password or the pattern key?

When it may be necessary?

Of course, you can get the password from the Wi-Fi network with the help of a computer, which is connected to the router with one wire. But often it is too long. You’ll spend some time to boot up the operating system, and then you’ll need to deal with logging into your personal cabinet And not everyone remembers the password for this cabinet! In short, it’s easier to find out the password from Wi-Fi on Android.

forgot, your, password, android

Most often a solution to such a problem is required in the case when friends come to you. Some of them may want to connect to home Wi-Fi network in order not to consume their traffic, but at the same time to get a higher speed of data transmission. If you remember your password, that’s very good. But more often we don’t keep such things in mind, which is why we have to try to find out the password of the saved WI-FI network. And suddenly it turns out that it’s not as easy as it seemed.

This method is not suitable for everyone. If your smartphone was released before 2014-2015. you can try to unlock Huawei using your Google account. Devices running Android 9 do not have this option. If incorrect password is entered incorrectly several times, device will be locked for 1 minute. Further, if the attempts are unsuccessful, the blocking time will increase.

This method is not suitable for everyone. If your smartphone was released before 2014-2015. you can try to unlock Huawei using your Google account. Devices running Android 9 do not have this option. If incorrect password is entered incorrectly several times, device will be blocked for 1 minute. Then the lock time will increase with unsuccessful attempts.

In this case, only the emergency call service is available. On older smartphones the situation is a little different and the algorithm for unlocking is as follows:

  • Enter wrong code several times.
  • In addition to the “Emergency Call” button, you should see “Forgot password?”. Click on it.
  • Next, you will need to enter your Google account information. If you’ve managed to forget your Google password too. you can try to recover it on your PC.
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Of course for such unlocking your smartphone must be connected to the Internet. It could be Wi-Fi network or mobile data enabled. Otherwise it won’t work.

You’ve got an Honor smartphone. Have you gone for a barbeque somewhere far away from the city, taking with you, let’s say, a laptop. How to do so, having at hand a smartphone and a laptop, so that the latter receives the Internet? Yes very simply. give mobile Internet via Wi-Fi from your smartphone. And here’s how to do it, you’ll learn from our instructions.

Let’s say at once that the system interface in your case may be slightly different, but it does not change the essence of the process in any way. Let’s go.

Forgot Password. How to Unlock Honor 10i, Honor 8X, Honor View20 or ANY Honor Smartphones

Call up the curtain and enable data transfer, i.e. mobile Internet.

After that you can open “Settings” on your smartphone.

First you need to configure the access point.

Specify the name of the network (device), the type of encryption (could be WPA2 PSK), as well as the mandatory password. Remember it, you will need it soon. Then click on the “Save” button.

After that you go one step back. And now you can turn on the access point.

The access point is working, as indicated by the icon.

As an example, we decided to connect from another smartphone. the network is visible.

Connect to it with the password.

You can do it the same way with a laptop or any other Wi-Fi capable device.

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forgot, your, password, android
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If you don’t have a Xiaomi and you don’t know how to scan the code from another Android smartphone or iPhone, I recommend reading another instruction on this site. By the way, recently the function of encrypting any text into a QR code appeared in the VK app. it is also described in our article.

forgot, your, password, android

Use your Google Account

This method will work if you want to unlock an older smartphone from before and including 2014. If so, you probably have an Android version lower than 5.0. In this case, you can bypass the protection with your Google Account. Another prerequisite. the phone must be able to connect to the Internet (for example, it automatically connects to your home Wi-Fi point).

  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.
  • At the password or picture key entry screen, enter any combination of symbols/gestures five times.
  • After the fifth attempt to enter an incorrect password, the message “Forgot password” should appear on the smartphone screen?” or something similar.
  • Tap this and in the window that appears, type in the username and password for the Google account your smartphone is tethered to. Unlock Android via Google account
  • If you don’t remember your Google Account password, visit the Google Account Recovery page from another device, such as a computer.
  • Try to recover your account password in one of the five suggested ways (except on the phone). If you have succeeded, enter the login and new password on your smartphone.
  • Android will be unlocked. You can set a new lock screen password for your Android, or choose a different screen saver.
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If you have a newer device,

How to unlock Honor password if you forgot it on your smartphone?

If you have forgotten your phone password, there are several ways to proceed. Although there are many solutions on the Internet on how to unlock the Honor password, only a few of them really work. Some of the suggested solutions require you to download apps and install them on your Android phone. Other ways require you to log in to your playmarket account, and finally, the most radical way resets and erases all your data from your Android phone, returning it to factory settings.

We will tell you how to unlock your Honor password if you forget it. Depending on your specific situation, you can choose a certain way to bypass the password. If you’ve just bought an Android phone and haven’t had time to save any information on it, deleting all your data certainly won’t be a problem.

But if you would have had an Android phone for a long time and had a lot of contacts and personal information, you can try other ways. Especially if you haven’t saved your information anywhere.Here are three simple solutions for unlocking Android phones that will work for most brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG as well as Chinese brands such as ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, ThL and others:

Smart Look app

If you are wondering how to unlock your Honor phone without a password, you can use the modern Smart Look software. It provides access to the device through a variety of smart tools, including a fingerprint scanner and facial photo. The program is suitable for Honor Lite, Pro, 10i smartphones and other models equipped with appropriate scanners.

Device will do all manipulations for you. You can set up the “smart” unlock in the general privacy settings (section “Fingerprint”). Operation requires entering a backup PIN code, to protect against failures and access to the gadget by third parties. On the phone, you need to specify the key after reloading the device, regardless of the available locking options.

What to do if you forgot your Private Space password? In this case, you need to answer the questions that have been set when setting up Android. Private Space will not save the situation if there were no questions for the account. The only way is to do a factory reset.

Important information when unlocking your Honor 9

We want to mention that in the majority of cases it’s impossible to unlock your Honor 9 without losing the data you have on it. Existing unlock methods reset your phone to factory settings, which will delete all user data you have on it.

This applies to your photos and videos in the smartphone memory (the data is usually saved on the SD card), the applications you installed, phone book numbers and other user data. All this data will be irretrievably deleted and you won’t be able to restore it from the phone (unless you made a backup beforehand).

Since Honor 9 phone belongs to the modern devices, the popular way to restore access to your smartphone via “forgot password” option doesn’t work here.

Let’s look at effective ways to unlock your Honor 9 phone in a situation where you forgot your password.

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What to do if I forgot the password on my Honor phone

Owners of Honor smartphones and other popular manufacturers often set a special password on their cell phone, so that outsiders can not use the gadget. Sometimes there are situations when people forget this combination of numbers. It is necessary to figure out in advance how to unlock your Honor phone if you forget the password to quickly solve this problem.

Unlocking a smartphone is a problem that people often encounter when using modern phones

Factory reset or Hard reset

This option works flawlessly, as resetting to factory settings resets all passwords, deletes user data, as well as the apps you’ve installed. In general the smartphone returns to the state out of the box.

Forgot Password. How to Unlock Huawei Y8p, Y7p, Y6p or ANY Huawei Smartphone

To unlock Huawei (Honor) this way, do the following:

  • Turn off your smartphone by pressing the Power/Lock key for a few seconds.
  • After that you need to press and hold the Power Increase volume key. On older smartphones with a mechanical button you should also hold it.
  • Press and hold it until the phone enters Recovery mode. It usually has only 3 items we are interested in Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Select it and confirm by pressing Yes. In older smartphones the menu items are switched with volume knobs, and the choice is confirmed with the lock button. On newer models in Recovery mode, the sensor is active and you can select menu items with a normal screen tap.
  • After the completion of the process the smartphone may return to Recovery mode instead of booting the system. In this case we just press Reboot System.

Done. The smartphone returns to the working state and all passwords will be reset.

What to do if I have entered a wrong PIN code on the phone

PIN-code. Is the password to protect the SIM card. It is issued when you connect to the cellular operator’s network. Your telephone requires PIN-code every time you switch on your telephone. Optionally, the user can disable PUK code checking by himself/herself via the phone settings. In “SIM Lock/Security” (or any other item with the acronym SIM), you must choose “Request PIN/Password” and deactivate the option.

After three unsuccessful attempts to enter PIN, phone will be blocked. What to do if I forgot the password on my phone? Use PUK code. It is indicated on the starting package of the SIM card. If plastic card is lost, you can restore the password by one of the following ways:

  • Send an SMS to 9999 with the text: 375 ХХ ХХ ХХ ХХ ХХ code word. The user specifies it when signing a contract for communication services.
  • Through the Internet-assistant of the cellular operator.
  • At the contact center of the operator (in the presence of the passport).

To unlock the phone with PUK-code 10 attempts are allocated. If all of them are unsuccessful, the SIM card will be blocked. In this case, the user will have to change it in the Contact Center.