Google won’t open on your computer

What to do if Google Chrome won’t open

Sometimes Google Chrome has bugs: it freezes, doesn’t open, or doesn’t start. What to do? There are several ways to solve the problem, depending on the cause.

Browser problems often take you by surprise. In the middle of active work the program window can freeze or completely close, not responding to any action. Why does it happen? Causes can range from harmless and easily fixable to more serious types of viruses or driver problems. The most common causes of problems are:

  • accidental failure of settings;
  • System overloads;
  • Corruption of executable files;
  • Problems with the registers of the operating system;
  • viruses.

In most cases, the problem can be solved by any user, it does not need to be a big computer ace and dig into the depths of service settings.

What to do if Chrome stops starting

One of the most effective ways to get your browser and system back to normal is to try to roll it back (if you can find a checkpoint, of course).

How to see what dates you have checkpoints on your system:

    Press WinR key combination and use rstrui command in “Run” window (after that window with a choice of control points should appear, if there are any);

Viewing the list of checkpoints. rstrui command

In fact, this is a simple way to solve the problem. However, I want to mention that in general in modern versions of Windows 10/11 the automatic creation of control points is disabled for some reason.

Why won’t Google Chrome open on your computer?

Google Chrome is considered one of the best browsers today. Its main advantages are high speed (if there are problems with the speed of the browser, then clearing the Google Chrome cache will help), convenient search. the request can be entered directly into the address bar, trendy minimalistic design, fast translation of foreign pages and convenient display of frequently visited resources. they are displayed in the start window of the program.

However all these advantages do not prevent the browser from time to time “glitchy” and refusing to work for the benefit of the user. However, in very rare cases these very glitches are the fault of Google Chrome itself, as a rule, the cause is in conflict with other programs, viruses and other problems in the system. In this article let’s find out why Google Chrome does not open on your computer, who is usually to blame for this problem and, of course, what to do.

Blocked by antivirus

Sometimes in its desire to protect the user, anti-virus software goes a little overboard and blocks things that should not be blocked. Google Chrome is often blacklisted, too. Why? Because this program serves for entering the Internet, which is known to contain countless viruses, and that’s why antivirus automatically adds your browser to the list of potentially dangerous programs.

If you are faced with this particular problem, it is not difficult to diagnose and solve it. How to do it? Let us look at an example of Kaspersky anti-virus:

First thing you have to do is to disable antivirus, so find triangle-shaped button in the bottom right corner of your desktop and left-click on it once.

In the pop-up menu, right-click on the antivirus icon, and then click on “Stop protection”.

A window will appear in front of us, where you can set the parameters of suspension, select the line “Suspend” and click “Suspend protection”.

google, open, your, computer

Certainly after you have pressed this button the antivirus will scare us saying that this action will lower the level of protection of our PC, but we are not going to get scared and will continue to solve the problem, so in the threatening window we safely wait for “Continue”.

So, now our antivirus is off and we can check if it was the problem. run Google Chrome. The browser opens?! It means that the problem is with your antivirus. But we can’t leave our computer unprotected just because Google Chrome won’t open when the antivirus is working. Fortunately, we can find a compromise.

Each antivirus has so called “Exception list”. user can add an application to this list and it will not be blocked by antivirus even if the antivirus suspects the program to be potentially dangerous.

Let’s take Kaspersky antivirus as an example and see how we can add Google Chrome to the list of exceptions:

First of all we need to reactivate anti-virus protection. to do it, follow steps 1-2 of the previous instruction, but this time instead of “Suspend protection” select “Resume protection”.

Then in the lower right corner of your desktop you can find the triangle-shaped button and left-click on it.

Right-click on the antivirus icon in the menu that appears, and then click on “Settings”.

The antivirus settings window appeared in front of us, click first on the “Advanced” item, then “Threats and exceptions”.

Now click the “Select Trusted Programs” link [1], click “Add” [2] in the new window, select Google Chrome [3], and click “Next.

Now check the “Allow interaction with Kaspersky Internet Security” option and press add.

Everyone! Now, even with a working antivirus, Google Chrome should open.

Blocked by the Windows firewall

In addition to antivirus, your computer is protected by so-called Windows firewall, which Microsoft installs in the system by default. The main task of this firewall is to “catch” intruders who try to access someone else’s computer through the Internet. And Windows firewall, as well as antivirus can over-protect and block Google Chrome. So the “firewall overprotection” option could also be the answer to why Google Chrome won’t open on your computer.

How to solve the firewall blocking problem? Follow this instruction:

Go to “Start”, then “Control Panel”, click on “Windows Firewall”.

Click on the line “Turn on or off the Windows firewall”.

google, open, your, computer

Important! If this item is not active. most likely it is blocked by your antivirus, in which case we recommend to temporarily suspend its protection, how to do this, you already know.

In the window that appears, tick the “Turn off Windows Firewall” box and press “OK”.

Check if Google Chrome starts now. Yes?! So, as with the antivirus, it must be enabled and put the browser in the list of exceptions of the Windows firewall, for what:

google, open, your, computer

Problems in the software

In the program Google Chrome developers have a special tool, which helps to calculate some programs that prevent its work. If the browser window opens, but it refuses to work, then in the search box you need to write the following: “chrome://conflicts”. The figure below shows how this setting works. In this case the check uncovered as many as 130 browser related plug-ins. But not a single one of them is in conflict. It means that none of them interferes with the browser.

On the same page, chrome displays conflicts, if any. over, this way you can find hidden viruses. It is very easy to deactivate programs which interfere with the proper functioning of the browser. If detected, they should be removed, completely disabled or just updated. In cases where a virus has been detected in this way, clean the entire computer with a good antivirus program. Chromium always offers the most reasonable action to fix each found problem.