Headphones do not work when connecting to a laptop

Why is there no sound in headphones on a computer with Windows 10

If headphones do not work on a computer with Windows 10, it is necessary to primarily exclude mechanical damage to the device. In case of their absence, it will be necessary to make changes to the system configuration: install drivers, adjust the parameters of the audio, restart the relevant services.

If Windows 10 does not find a connected device or nothing is heard in the headphones after playing the sound, you must do the following:

  • Exclude mechanical damage.
  • Check the correct connection.
  • Activate the headset in the system parameters.
  • Take advantage of a preinstalled tool to eliminate problems.
  • Perform sound setting.
  • Restore the Windows Audio service.
  • Update audio card drivers.
  • Delete viruses on a computer.

Important! The effectiveness of each method directly depends on the cause of the problem. It is recommended to use each listed method alternately until the desired result is achieved.

Inappropriate connection

The sound card on the motherboard is equipped with several connectors for connecting audio storage. In the case of using headphones, it is necessary to focus on the color or symbolic designation of the entrance (often used in laptops).

The linear firing output with the set is green. If all connectors are plain, you need to pay attention to the icon icon, depicted nearby.

Important! In the absence of identification marks, you will need to use the manual that comes with the motherboard.

Mechanical damage

Sound may be absent due to mechanical damage to the device. Each element of the headphones should be carefully examined: the base of the plug, the wires next to the entrance to the speakers. For reliability, it is recommended to connect the headset to another computer or smartphone.

Turning on the device

If the reason that there is no sound on a computer with Windows 10 in the headphones is an incorrectly specified system configuration, it is necessary to clarify the device in the settings.

  • Go to the “playback” tab and call the context menu in the free area. Install the flag next to the option “Show the disabled devices”.

Note! If the headset does not display in the list, it means that a wrong connection is performed or there are mechanical damage to the equipment.

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The system has a special tool for eliminating malfunctions that can help in solving the problem with the sound. To use it, you need to:

headphones, work, connecting, laptop
  • Wait for the end of the analysis of audio devices.
  • If necessary, indicate the name of the headset, click on.
  • Follow the recommended actions that will be proposed by the utility.

Sound settings

The cause of the problem can be incorrectly specified sound parameters. You must go to the corresponding menu and check the configuration:

Note! All changes in the parameters come into force immediately, you do not need to restart the computer.

Restarting Windows Audio Service

During the operation of the computer, Windows Audio service may occur, which is responsible for the sound. It is necessary to restart. Step.By.Step guide:

Updating the drivers

Without the presence of a sound card drivers, the equipment can work incorrectly. Update the components by means of a built.In utility should be performed. Step.By.Step guide:

After a short scan of the Microsoft database, if the suitable component is detected, new software will be installed.

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Removing viruses

Virus. The cause of many malfunctions in the operating system. When problems appear with sound, it is recommended to check the computer with an antivirus program. DR will be used as an example.Web Cureit!

How to connect a Bluetooth nashens to a laptop?

Not every laptop model is equipped with a built.In wireless module. This problem is solved using an external Bluetooth module with drivers installed on it.

How to connect headphones to a laptop with Windows 10?

Do not worry, you can connect wireless headphones to the Windows 7.8 laptop and other versions. It is enough to use the instructions located below. The creators of the most common operating room in the world made sure that users did not have difficulty connecting Bluetooth headset.

How to connect headphones to a Windows laptop: step.By.Step instructions

  • Turn on Bluetooth on a laptop.
  • We turn on the headphones and convert them to the accessibility mode for search. Sometimes for this it is necessary to specifically switch the device, but most often after turning on they are available for conjugation.
  • Open the panel on the Bluetooth device management laptop, click “Add the device”, and then select the desired type of device (Bluetooth item).
  • Launch the search for a new device.
  • At the end of the search, select our model from the proposed list. After the mating, the headphones will be automatically configured to work with your laptop.
  • In Windows 10. Using a combination of hot keys or in the tender near the watch.
  • In Windows 10, the Bluetooth icon is bred in a common tray to the left of the clock.

How to connect TWS headphones to a laptop?

You are wondering how to connect AirPods headphones (or their analogues) to a laptop? In any devices with two completely wireless headphones, the process is slightly different from the method described above. For them, you need to create two separate connections.

  • We act according to the algorithm described above.
  • We create a connection for a leading headphone (usually the right one).
  • We remove the headphones in the charging case.
  • We take out the left (unknown) headphone from it and repeat the interfacing procedure.
  • The laptop defines it in the same way as the leading headphone. For convenience, it is recommended to rename the second connection so as not to confuse devices.

What to do if the headphones connected by TWS do not work?

Even if you clearly follow the instructions, headphones can work incorrectly or not work at all. In this case, you can try to eliminate the problem with the following ways:

  • Check the sound settings, if it is completely turned off.
  • Reboot the laptop (some errors in the work can fix even such a simple way).
  • If the reboot did not help, open the device manager.
  • Looking for a Bluetooth item and update the driver if necessary.
  • Reload the laptop again.

“Cunning” connectors in new laptops / PC

Further, what should be paid attention to (as said above) is at that time that many users confuse headset connectors with classic. Distinguishing them is quite simple:

  • The headphone icon with a microphone is drawn on a headset connector, and it is one;
  • There are two classic audio connectors: opposite one, headphones are drawn, opposite the other. A microphone (see. Photo below).

Audio-parties on laptops (headset and classic)

Also pay attention to the plug from the headphones: from the headset there will be a plug with 4 contacts (on the usual, as a rule, 2 plugs and each of them are 3 contacts). The difference is shown in the photo below.

If you have a headset and classic headphones (or vice versa), then you need to use special adapters !

To help!

You can purchase such adapters in Chinese online stores (this is for example).

Without adapters. The presence of sound in both headphones is not guaranteed (although many users, connecting ordinary headphones to the headset connector, have sound. But this does not always happen!).

To help!

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Other possible reasons

However, the breakdown of headphones and the connector is not the only reasons. Then why are the headphones on the computer do not work yet? There are many nuances that need to be taken into account, check. Here are the main of them.

Incompatibility with the combo-separation on new laptops and PC

Sometimes, especially in new laptops, there are two exits. For headphones, for the headset. At the same time, there is a chance that you just inserted the accessory in the wrong place. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check whether it is a nest. But most often two nests are used in computers, not laptops.

The system did not correctly determine the audio device

The second important problem of lack of sounds in headphones may be that the laptop sees the accessory incorrectly. To correct the situation, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the “start”, go to the “control panel” tab.
  • Next, select the section “Equipment and sound”.
  • Click on the “Sound” tab.
  • Find the icon with the headset icon, click on it, install a device for playing sound by default.

Absent or incorrectly installed driver

Drivers. The main component in reproduction of sound. It is clear that without them, neither music nor any other sound will play. Sometimes drivers are obsolete and you just need to update them. But most often they are updated on their own.

A slightly different situation is more possible when, with an independent reinstalling of the system or other influences of the driver, they fly or set incorrectly. Then you need to install them again.

To reinstall the drivers, do the following:

  • Click “Start”. Then click on the “my computer” with the right mouse button, find the “Properties” section. Go there.
  • In the window that appears, find the “Equipment” tab, go from there to the “Device Manager”.
  • Go to the audio tab and click on the speakers with the right mouse button.
  • Next, click “Select the update”.
  • All. The system itself will find the desired driver, reinstall it.

When using wireless headphones, you may have to install special drivers. To do this, go to the website of the official accessory manufacturer and find them there.

The sound is disconnected in BIOS

Another reason why the headphones do not work on a laptop can be the downed bios settings. This usually happens when these settings recently changed or after turning off the sound card. Here’s what you need to do to fix the problem:

  • Go to BIOS. To cross the transition, the computer and during inclusion press F2.
  • Find the Advanced tab and go to it.
  • Go to Devices Configuration.
  • At this section, check the state of the sound card. You will find it quickly, because, unlike others, it consists of a sentence with the word “audio”.
  • Turn on the sound card and do not forget to save the changes.
  • Reload the laptop again and check the work of the headphones.

The sound card is faulty

Sometimes a sound card that works with interruptions or completely knocked down is faulty. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust it again. To do this, do the following:

  • Click on the “Start” and go to the “device management” section.
  • Find the “services” in the left menu and click there.
  • A large list of all services of your Windows operating system will appear in front of you. Find “Windows Audio”, click on it and open “Properties”.
  • A window will appear. Go to the “General” tab. Stop the service and then re.Run it.
  • From the column “Type of launch”, select “automatically”.
  • Save the settings and reboot the system.
headphones, work, connecting, laptop

Here are all the main problems that you may not hear the sound in the headphones when connecting them through a laptop. I hope that such a analysis of the reasons has helped you. And you had such situations? Where was the problem, and how they solved it? If you only encounter this and want to figure it out, be sure to unsubscribe whether you succeed in returning the sound with our advice.

Sound setting

One of the reasons why the laptop does not see Windows 10 headphones. Settings error. To switch to another device playback, press the sound icon, switch to the desired speaker or headset.

But that if one of the devices is simply disabled. To find out follow the following actions:

In this situation, it is quite difficult to decide on Bluetooth headphones. They will either be on the list of detachable, or they will not be on the list. Then we will analyze the case when the system does not find Bluetooth headphones in Windows 10.

The computer does not see the headphones: what to do?

Below I cited several ways that helped to eliminate the problem of detecting headphones on a laptop and PC. Most likely, you will not need to experience every option. Just go in order until you can find a headset.

If the headphones are disabled on a laptop or PC, it is logical that you cannot use them. Checking the correctness of the work is very simple:

Connection via Bluetooth

If the Windows 10 computer does not see Bluetooth headphones, then you need to help him in this. For this you need:

If the search did not give results, then try the search through the control panel, sometimes it can detect more equipment.

But if after all the actions performed, the headphones of Windows 10 are still not displayed, try other quick actions.

To further prevent problems with the operation of sound on the computer, it is recommended to use only proven drivers from the official website of the manufacturer, it is necessary to update the OS in time and start diagnostics with the help of antivirus, especially when visiting unreliable Internet resources.

Should be careful about the headset. Sound equipment unstable to mechanical damage. In warranty cases, you will need to contact the place of purchase or the service center indicated on the check.