How can I check the iPhone original or not

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How to check the iPhone for authenticity

Unfortunately, not many can afford to purchase a new iPhone due to high price tags due to an increased ruble exchange rate. That is why the iPhone is often acquired, for example, through ads on Avito and other sites. Only now, as a rule, not all customers are lucky, and some people simply acquire high.Quality fakes that look like an original iPhone, but they are not inside. What to do in this case, you ask? How to check the phone for originality? In fact, a large number of ways are provided, which will be discussed in this article.

And it doesn’t even matter if you acquire a new iPhone or with your hands, there is always a chance to “run into” fraudsters who were packed in a box or a restored device, or a used smartphone.

What to take with you

During the first inspection, some tools will come in handy to determine the fake and performance of the modules:

  • SIM card slot. Original accessories are very rarely included in the backup device, more often they all lose them in the first months, it will not be superfluous to capture with them.
  • SIM card of any Nano-SIM format communication operator.
  • Be sure to grab your charger cable with the Lightning plug and do not forget to take the external Power Bank battery, if there is no other power supply or other power supply at the place where the transaction is carried out.
  • Take the headphones also, you can both wired and wireless Bluetooth.
  • To fully check the screen of the particular oleophobic coating, be sure to take a water.Based marker. Not permanent!
  • If desired, you can take a magnifying glass to check the connectors to look for dirt under the speakers, in nets, in the vibro switch, in general, it will be useful.
  • I extremely recommend taking another smartphone with a working Internet and the ability to unfold your access point to the Internet. This will come in handy to check IMEI addresses on the official website of Apple. In addition, you will not have to take a flashlight with you since you can use the flash of another apparatus.
  • If possible to capture a laptop or a tablet computer on Windows will not be superfluous.
check, iphone, original

Apple will remove key information from serial numbers

Very soon to determine where the iPhone is made by serial number it will be impossible. Since 2021, Apple has been switching to randomly generated numbers.

In April, card owners will be able to tie them to the Apple Pay mobile wallet, RBC reports. Even employees of budget organizations receiving wages on the Mir payroll will be able to bind the card.

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Useful tips

Serial numbers Airpods

Airpods wireless headphones from Apple are now a cherished dream of almost every music love. However, along with popularity, a huge number of fakes always come to the market. There are several ways to distinguish AirPods fake headphones from a real Apple device. One of them. Air pods check for originality by serial number. To begin with, we find a serial.

Fraudsters on Avito

There can be not only sellers on Avito fraudsters. We will tell you about the cunning method of extortion, which customers use. This deception scheme will be interesting to those who sell their smartphone on Avito. Everything that will be written further is based on real events after contacting the Support of the Lostolen service.


Let’s imagine a situation when you need to transfer or leave the iPhone to another person or child for a while. But at the same time, you want to limit the capabilities of the smartphone, for example, allow using only one application or prohibit random presses. For such cases, there is a function of a guide access.

How to find out the year of release iPhone

Apple must be approached extremely responsibly to the purchase of a new mobile device from Apple. In addition to checking the quality of the purchased device, you need to know how to check what year iPhone. First of all, this is necessary in order not to purchase an expensive device from scammers. From hand or in a store, t.To. Not all sellers are conscientious and there are times when used phones are issued for new.

How much memory in iPhone

One of the main technical characteristics of any smartphone is its memory. The amount of memory in the phone is directly responsible for how many files will fit on the device. Whether it be music, video, photo or application. This article provides detailed instructions on how to find out how much memory on iPhone.

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Check the serial number on Apple website

The most accurate way to determine whether you have an original iPhone 13 Pro or fake. This is to check its serial number on Apple website. A set of numbers unique for each smartphone is an analogue of the “digital signature”, with which to determine its originality and further get a free guarantee and support from the manufacturer. The serial number indicated on the label should coincide with the ID specified in the operating system itself. It is not difficult to find it. For this you should cross the “Settings” menu items. “Basic”. “About this device” (“Information”).

Having copied the unique set of numbers, go to the official website of Apple at https: // Checkcoverage.Apple.Com/ru/ru/and enter it in the corresponding field. After filling Kapchi, click “Continue”. If the iPhone 13 Pro is checking the right to maintain and support, then do not hesitate. It is genuine. If, instead of the transition to information about the guarantee, a message about incorrect data appears on the site, then most likely you are dealing with a clone.

General recommendations


  • The first thing to pay attention to before buying a new iPhone is the case. It should not have unnecessary gaps, crackling and crunch are also not allowed.
  • In addition, the device button (if it is in the model) should not “play”.
  • The paint on the device without divorces is not erased, and leaves no traces on the hands.
  • Most fake manufacturers install a plastic case instead of aluminum. You can distinguish them by texture and characteristic sound, if you knock on it with a fingernail.
  • The inscriptions on the back cover deserve special attention. In original models, they are applied evenly, clearly, the inscriptions are made without errors. The inscription reads the following: iPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China.

Compliance with all of the above factors with the greatest degree of probability indicates that you have an original model.

Checking iPhone 11 before buying

Before buying or ordering IPhone 11 delivery, try to get more initial data from the seller. Even according to the information indicated on the box, you can learn a lot. In which country the smartphone was released, whether the device was activated, etc. D.

To check the iPhone by the model, just enter the number indicated on the box in a special field on one of the specialized sites (for example, iPhonefrom.Com). In addition to information about the country of manufacture, you will see whether the code corresponds to the name and color of the test apparatus. If these data do not coincide with reality (color, modification, etc. Differs. D.), that means you have a high.Quality fake iPhone 11 in your hands. In addition, you can check the country of production yourself, according to the letter combinations indicated after the numbers. Thus, you will not only find out where the iPhone was released, but you can also determine if it was “flooded” under a particular operator.

check, iphone, original

How to check the iPhone 12 when buying from hand

Of course, when buying an iPhone check on the Apple website, there will be insufficient. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that there are no software locks and serviceability of all its functions.

“Broken” iPhone or “Neverlock”?

Since there are many devices tied to a particular communication operator on the market, there is a risk of “run into” the contract apparatus. It’s good if it is the “gray” iPhone 12, bought abroad and “broken” before sale. In this case, you buy the same new smartphone, only with an activation previously produced. Checking the IPhone serial number on the official website will show how many days you have left, so you can immediately decide whether to buy this device or not.

If the contract device was not subjected to a software “scrap”, then they could use it using a special adapter for SIM cards. Since such a method is not very convenient and does not guarantee stable work, such iPhone 12 are sold cheaper than Neverlock. In order to make sure that there is a binding to a specific cellular network, you need to install your “SIM card” in the slot and see in order to “set up” in the menu. “Basic”. “The Operator’s Operator (Operator” line) was indicated about this device).

To prevent a leakage of personal data when the smartphone is stolen or lost, all the latest generation iPhones are tied to Apple ID. Having connected to the iCloud service, the owner can remotely block the phone’s work, delete all the information or find out geolocation data. To use the device without restrictions, you must have access to the account of the previous owner. Otherwise, the iPhone 12 can be blocked at any time and after that it will be made only on spare parts.

So, if you see on the display the inscription “activation blocking”, and the seller cannot correctly fill the lines “Apple ID” and “password”, then consider that you spent time in vain. If the device turned on, without requiring identification and checking the iPhone by number was successful, then go to the “Settings” menu. “Apple ID”. “ICLOUD”. It should be checked here whether the “Find iPhone” feature is worth. If this mode is activated, ask the seller to turn it off. To turn off the search function, it will have to enter the password for Apple ID. Be sure to check for the search to be deactivated. There have been cases that after some time after the purchase, the seller blocked the device and demanded money in exchange for a password to the account.

It is best not to take risks and immediately drop the software to factory settings, and then perform a new activation with identification of the personal Apple ID and password. To do this, ask the seller to enter the password in the menu that appears when opening “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset” and click the “Wipe the Settings and Data” button.

check, iphone, original

Of course, when buying iPhone 12 in the secondary market, it is necessary to check the performance of all functions and the serviceability of the “iron”. About how to do this, read in other articles on our website.

Iphone check when buying from hand

I myself had to buy and sell such smartphones. Therefore, for myself, I have determined the following rules for checking the iPhone, in decreasing order of importance.

How to Check if iPhone is REAL!

  • We look at the seller. If a person is externally sane, then we communicate further. We determine whether it is a real iPhone or fake. Here is an article how to distinguish an iPhone fake.
  • We look at whether the function “Find iPhone” (Find My iPhone) in iCloud is included. Icloud. Find iPhone “. Please turn off. Or at least turn off and turn on again. It is important to make sure that the phone is not stolen.
  • We do an external inspection for scratches, chips. We examine the screws. Whether the case was opened. The heads of the screws at the lower end should not be damaged. The charging port and headphone nest should be in color with the phone.
  • We twist the case slightly. Nothing should creak. If the case is creaking, then the phone fell well.
  • Click on all buttons. There should not be any backlash and work through time. In the iPhone 5, the Power button had many with a factory defect and the repair cost a decent amount.
  • We insert your SIM card. If the phone is unbridled, then the iPhone should connect to your network. It happens that you have to wait a bit, or even overload the device.
  • We call someone. We check how the subscriber is audible, and vice versa, as he hears you.
  • Bring the sound to a speakerphone. We check how the speakers work.
  • Check the accelerometer. Turn the iPhone. The screen should turn after the device.
  • We open a white page in Safari. We carefully look at the screen of the screen. The light should be uniform. If the edge of the brightness is larger, the backlight will soon have to replace.
  • Check how the camera works. We take a few pictures in the machine and with manual focusing. We look at what happened. Here IPhone check for the quality of the received images.
  • Check the work of the GPS module. We launch the maps, determine our position.
  • If the seller claims that his phone is new and even a fly has not yet sat, check the serial number for the Apple warranty. Here is Checkcoverage.Apple.COM/ru/ru/enter the IMEI number (on the back panel of the smartphone below. 14 digits). If the iPhone is really new, then the inscription “must activate the iPhone” or the warranty period close to 365 days.

I do not recommend buying an apparatus older than two years. Iphone batteries are not eternal.